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Aeolus and I have completed our assessment of the voting paragraph submissions for Stage 3-5. We have sufficiently filled our pool with 21 voters from the 37 or so who were on our list of voters who had: played enough on the Standard Ladder in the first three months of this year but not met the requirements for either of the previous two Suspect Tests; applied for special permission to submit a paragraph for Stage 3-5; or voted under the pretense of being a Tiering Contributor. Here is the final tally:

13 Uber – Jimbo, reachzero, panamaxis, Kevin Garrett, Bloo, Scofield, Eo Ut Mortus, Fireburn, LoveDestiny, Philip7086, Loki, Aldaron, SilentEcho

8 OU – Haunter, Nachos, El Blecko, Setsuna, capefeather, Twist of Fate, Darkmalice, zerowing

This works out to 62% Uber, which, coupled with Stage 3-4's 60.6% Uber vote for Latias, indicates to as reassuring a degree as we are able to enjoy that we're making the right decision to remove Latias from the Standard metagame. Again, Aeolus and I sought to canvass the opinion of those who had demonstrated excellence in Standard over a long period of time, in addition to that of our Stage 3-4 voters. We believe we've reached the right conclusion for competitive Pokémon.

As always, we appreciate your patience with this latest iteration of the Suspect Test, and extend our thanks to all who participated regardless of being selected.
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