Stall Bluff (OU RMT)

This is my attempt at a stall team:

I used to use an Electrode for the swift Taunt, and a boltbeam. Now I use a

Swampert @ Leftovers
Relaxed, Torrent
252 HP/Defence, 4 Spc. Attack
Stealth Rock
Ice Beam

Roar is for phazing - my only phazer. Stealth Rock punishes the flyers, Ice Beam and Waterfall are simply for damage. Waterfall is STAB, Ice Beam punishes grass types. Unfortunately, I likely need to catch them on the switch. Luckily, the Dragons are also punished by Ice Beam.

Salamence @ Leftovers
Timid, Intimidate
252 HP, 180 Defence, 76 Speed
Toxic EDIT: Hydro Pump EDIT: Dragon Dance
Flamethrower EDIT: Earthquake
Draco Meteor EDIT: Outrage

Mence Toxistalls and can bluff a Specs, until he attacks. The attacks are finishers, mostly. Toxistalling all the way! Mence was originally a Metagross, but I was too weak to Fire. Often, I already paralyzed the opponent, though. I originally used Metagross, but discovered the hard way that I was vulnerable to Fire attacks. So, I switched to Mence, who leave me with a Tyranitar weakness. Toxic and Roost let me toxistall to slowly KO opponents. Draco Meteor and Flamethrower provide me with useful type coverage. Flamethrower is quite uesefull against the Steel Types that block Toxic. Draco Meteor sometimes allows me to bluff a different set, because usualaly I have not yet revealed the rest of my stall team.

EDIT: I now run Hydro Pump over Toxic. This may be subject to further change, but I have enough status, apparently. Hydro Pump allows me to be a bulky special attacker. I'm considering Salamence and a finisher, now.

EDIT: I now use a bulky Mence for durability and a physical attacker. It can act as the finisher. It takes advantage of my stall, then smashes the stallbreaking opponent when they are unprepared, hopefully. If not, it still likely will work well.

EDIT: I used to use a Forretress (Rapid Spin, Gyro Ball, RestTalk) I have replaced it with
Rotom-h @ Leftovers
252 HP, 120 Defence, 136 Speed
Bold, Levitate
Shadowball EDIT: Rest
Overheat EDIT: Sleep Talk

EDIT: This guy is a spinblocker with decent attacking abilities. Will-O-Wisp helps blissy against Tyranitar, Thunderbolt is good for STAB and against Gyarados. Shadowball is STAB, and Overheat is for terminating Breloom, etc, though I have yet to use it for such.

EDIT: Rest and Sleep Talk helps me stall. The added bonus is that it helps my spinblocker block another day.

Porygon2 @ Leftovers
Modest, Trace
252 HP, 120 Defence, 132 Spc. Attack, 4 Spc. Defence
Zap Cannon

I use gravity to boost the accuracy of Zap Cannon and Blizzard, but Zap Cannon has missed a bit too much for my taste. I'm considering Thunder instead of Zap Cannon because the prior is almost as powerfull, more accurate, and less likely to block Toxistall, though I have somethimes found the paralysis useful. Recover is for durability, always useful for stalling.

Skarmory @ Shed Shell
Impish, Keen Eye
252 HP, 72 Defence, 184 Speed EDIT: 252 HP, 48 Attack, 188 Defense, 20 Speed
EDIT AGAIN: 252 HP, 224 Defense, 32 Speed
Toxic EDIT: Brave Bird
Spikes EDIT: Stealth Rock EDIT: Spikes again

I chose Skarmory for Taunt to shut down stat uppers, Toxic and Roost to stall my opponents out, and Spikes for entry hazards. Lately, Spikes have been less than useful, same as Taunt. I'm considering a Bronzong here for walling, or just a different moveset (one that can attack to finish off the enemy, or perhaps a whirlwinder, or both). Untill then, Skarmory is useful, but not useful enough.

EDIT: I run the new set to be able to damage opponents (Brave Bird), and Stealth rock because it is way more useful. The previous one was working not too well.

EDIT: I now run Spikes because I will soon be updating with a Swampert lead (using Stealth Rock). Spikes are to wear down the non-flyers.

Blissey @ Leftovers
Calm, Natural Cure
252 Defense, 80 Spc. Attack, 176 Spc. Defense

Ah, the infamous SkarmBliss. What stall team is complete without Blissey? Blissey's Wish and Softboiled seem redundant and have been less thatn usefull together. Protect should replace one, but I'm not sure which (likely Softboiled). However, I'm also considering Ice Beam or Thunderbolt instead of one of the recovery moves or instead of Flamethrower, or both. I need advice on this one.
First off, you have WAY too much toxic on your team. I suggest dropping it on Salamence because you can utilize the "Skarmbliis" toxic spread against your opponent. With that in mind, Skarmory acts as your physical walll, meaning you don't need Forretress andymore. I suggest replacing it with:

Rotom-h @ Leftovers
EV's: 252HP/168DEF/88SPEED
Nature: Bold
Shadow Ball

This set will provide you with a fine spin blocker. The most common Rapid Spinners are Starmie (Shadow Ball), Claydol, (Shadow Ball), Tentacruel (Thunderbolt), and Donphan (Will-o-Wisp). With only two weaknesses, ghost and dark, Rotom-h will not hurt your team's synergy. Also, It provides you with one less grounded pokemon.
You need to have Stealth Rock Somewhere on your team. I suggest you change Skarmory's set to:

Skarmory @ Shed Shell
EV's: 252HP/188DEF/48ATK/20SPEED
Nature: Impish
Stealth Rock
Brave Bird

The extra speed will allow you to beat most other "Taunt Skarmory" to the taunt.

Good luck with your team!
A small tip for your Electrode (if you really want to use him), replace Hidden Power Ice for Hidden Power Grass. This way the common Swampert leads won't force you to switch, while you sets up some free Stealth Rocks
@ bluewooper: I have changed Skarmory's moveset, but what about Salamenc'e Toxic? After that, I would be lacking in Toxic (though I guess Will-O-Wisp would sub for it). I will be updating soon.

A small tip for your Electrode (if you really want to use him), replace Hidden Power Ice for Hidden Power Grass. This way the common Swampert leads won't force you to switch, while you sets up some free Stealth Rocks

I have replaced HP Ice with HP Grass, but I don't get what you mean by "while you sets up some free Stealth Rocks" because Electrode doesn't use Stealth Rocks. I shall update the original post soon.


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EDIT: It seems as if you've made the addition of Rotom-H before I posted! Oh well, take what I said about Rotom-H as more reason to use it then.

You're team has great difficulty switching-in against Choice Band Stone Edge's from Tyranitar; this is mainly because you lack a Rock resist, meaning a Tyranitar can simply switch-in on Porygon-2 and fire off strong Stone Edge's to severely damage your team. Your entire team is 2HKOed by a Choice Band Stone Edge coming from 252 Adamant natured Tyranitar - Blissey takes 83.56% - 98.62% from CB Stone Edge, a 75% chance to OHKO with SR in play - Skarmory takes 48.80% - 57.78% from CB Stone Edge, a 2HKO with SR in play (it can't switch-in and live the next hit; your current spread speed ties with Tar's that run 92 Speed EVs, so you're still at risk of getting hit by SE before you can Roost - Salamence takes 91.37% - 108.12%, an obvious OHKO while it cannot KO Tyranitar with its attacks in return - Porygon-2 takes 62.83% - 74.06%, a sure 2HKO, while you cannot highly damage Tyranitar. I shouldn't have to calculate a Stone Edge against your Electrode because its defensive capabilities aren't great and cannot withstand the pure strength of Tar's Stone Edge. Lastly, Forry takes 46.61% - 55.08%, which is a good chance to 2HKO with Stealth Rock in play. Now that you've seen all of that, I hope that you're aware of how much of a threat Tyranitar is to this team.

Now in order to alleviate this problem, I recommend ditching Electrode for Swampert. To be honest, Electrode doesn't seem to fit on this team and seems to be thrown on there. Common leads such as Heatran, Metagross, Gliscor, Hippowdon, and so on defeat that Electrode with ease, so Electrode won't be performing to swell against them. Additionally, the rest of your team is tailored towards the defensive side, which Electrode doesn't reflect at all. Electrode's slot could be used much more productively by Swampert for various reasons besides the fact that it can take on Tyranitar somewhat reliably. Swampert gives you a an excellent pHazer, allowing you to rack up consistent residual damage with Stealth Rock from Skarmory. Furthermore, Swampert gives your team a nice check to Salamence, as it's capable of taking it down with Ice Beam. Swampert's Fire resistance will also come in handy on various occasions. Swampert is one of the best Stealth Rock users to exist in the OU metagame, which will be greatly appreciated on a team such as this. With Swampert using Stealth Rock, you can then take it off Skarmory and use Spikes to further increase the amount of entry hazards your team has -- with more entry hazards located on this team, you'll be able to wear down your opponent much faster, softening them up during late-game conditions. here's the set I recommend using:

Swampert @ Leftovers | Torrent
Relaxed | 252 HP | 252 Defense | 6 SpA
Earthquake | Roar | Ice Beam | Stealth Rock

I've explained Swampert above so I don't need to go over it once more. Use this over Electrode and as a lead as mentioned before. To further help with Tyranitar, I'd like to make some small adjustments to your set - change your current EV spread to 252 HP | 32 Speed | 224 Defense. With 32 Speed Evs, you are able to outrun most Choice Band Tyranitar, allowing you to outpace them. By outpacing Tyranitar, you are able to Roost before they Stone Edge. By Roosting, Skarmory becomes only a Steel-type for the turn it Roost', meaning Stone Edge becomes not very effective. You can then proceed to out stall Tyranitar's Stone Edge. You might also want to consider Whirlwind over Taunt; this will allow you to force Pokemon out of the field, causing them to switch and take damage from Spikes + Stealth Rock.

Now with Swampert having Stealth Rock, you're free to use Spikes in place of SR on your Skarmory. As stated previously, by having more entry hazards added to this team, you'll be able to wear your opponent down much more easily, softening them up during the duration of a game. With more entry hazards, your opponent will also have a harder time switching around, giving you some sort of an advantage. Now, I don't see why Forretress and Skarmory are needed on this team. The only thing Forretress is doing on this team as of now is ResTalking, a role which can be filled much better with the addition of a Rotom-A. A Ghost-type is obligatory when utilizing entry hazards on a team, as you want to prevent a Rapid Spinner from coming along and blowing them off the field and Rotom-A does just that. With excellent resistances and durability, Rotom-A is capable of lasting on the field for quite a while, making it a rather efficient spin blocker; with ResTalk, it can survive for even longer periods of time due to it replenishing its health. Forretress is surely outclassed as a ResTalker by Rotom-A

@ Leftovers | Levitate
Bold | 252 HP / 120 Def / 136 SpD
Thunderbolt | Will-O-Wisp | Rest | Sleep Talk

Thunderbolt gives you a nice line of defense against Gyarados and various other bulky Water-types that reside in OU. Will-O-Wisp allows you to burn incoming Tyranitar. By reducing their Attack with Will-O-Wisp, Tyranitar becomes much more manageable, meaning your team will have an easier time fending it off. Rest enables Rotom-H to rejuvinate its health, allowing it to stick around for a rather long period of time, allowing you to use it for your spin blocking | Metagross + Scizor + Gyarados countering needs. Sleep Talks allows Rotom-A to defend itself while sleeping so it isn't a sitting duck. The Evs allow for general durability the majority of your EVs are invested into HP and Defense to maximize Rotom-H's ability to deal with the aforementioned threats of Gyarados, Metagross, and so on.

Happy holidays!


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With Forretress gone, you need a Spinner to keep Spikes and Stealth Rock in play. I suggest you replace Porygon2 (which sucks and has NO synergy with the purpose of the team) for aDefensive Rapid Spinner Starmie. Starmie is an excellent spinner in today's metagame and it will give you an effective check to Dragon Dance Gyarados. Use 136 HP / 156 Def / 216 Spe, Timid, Leftovers and the moves: Rapid Spin, Surf, Thunderbolt, Recover. This set helps you check countless other stuff also, such as Heatran and Infernape with a STAB Surf.

I'd like you to use a
Bulky DD-Mence over your current one. Toxic Stalling Salamence is a waste of the potential Salamence has, and you might as well be defensive and try to get a sweep out of him. Your current set is very flawed, only being able to hit once with a weak Draco Meteor then needing to switch out, not to mention you get completely walled by Heatran as it resists all of your attacking moves, and is immune to Poison type moves like Toxic. Try out either the "Specially Bulky" or "Physically Bulky" sets listed here. You can effectively counter Lucario, set up on Scizor, as well as take on the many fighters and other physical attackers. You can set up with Dragon Dance, and hopefully you can pull of a sweep once your opponent gets weakened enough through Stealth Rock, Spikes, and other damage. Overall, having a set up Salamence over your current one lets it use its better base stats in the long run, and it does more for the team as well.

Use Protect over Softboiled on Blissey. With Protect and Wish, you basically get instant recovery, only with a two-turn effect. You also get to scout things like Scizor that may want to Superpower you, and play accordingly. Also, try out Ice Beam over Flamethrower so you can catch a Salamence trying to set up on you or beat you (mixmence), and OHKO it.

The rest was covered by Bloo. Good Luck.
I guess I'm not going to be bluffing a rain team anymore. I will be updating soon. I have considered the Wish Protect, but I tried Wish before (not with protect), and I think Softboiled Aromatherapy (I added the Aromatherapy already, and forgot to update, will do so soon) is slightly better, if only because I do not use Wish for support due to my lack of experience on Shoddy (1st day). If I learn the fine arts of wish, I might use it, though.

EDIT: Thank you all for the suggestions.

EDIT: I appear to have a weakness to Heavy Offence. I need a way to beat Swords Dance Scissor EDIT: and CMrachi

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