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Ancient Mafia

The sun beats down in Egypt. It is hot and the sand gets everywhere, however many of you fail to notice these small details. This is due to the riot where rival groups are arguing in the town square.

Rules(stolen from minor character Mafia and modified)

1. Whilst you are alive you can talk to anyone about the game. Once you are dead you cannot talk to anyone about the game, unless you are mafia and on the same team, in which case you may talk with members of your team only, and only for strategy purposes. Knowledge acquired after death cannot be transferred from a dead player to a living player.

2. Every user has a role PM. Role PMs may not be shown to other users on Night 0, but starting from Day 1 onwards they may be freely distributed. Screen-shotting of all forms is banned. If anyone finds a person encouraging others to take screenshots or taking screenshots and showing other people, please be sure to report it.

3. You can paste things told to you by the host. You may fake logs. Do not take pasting of a host conversation as definite proof, these can be faked. If you want to fake a log, feel free to PM one of the hosts for assistance. Impersonation of a host or another user however, is banned at all points. Please do not attempt to impersonate in any way.

4. Each day will have a deadline of 48 hours. You may vote to lynch users during the day by posting "lynch USER" in bold, or "No lynch" if you don't want to lynch anyone (yes you can create custom lynch votes provided they are noticeable/readable) , and if you change your vote, you MUST edit the bolded text out of the old post if you post with a new vote. Once there is a majority as determined by the host, there will be a grace period of 2-3 hours, and if the majority is still in place after said grace period, the day will end. Please don't ask about when a majority is reached - once it's time for the day to end, it'll end (provided a host is there to update). The game will start on Night 0, and there will be NO kills Night 0. In addition Role PMs cannot be distributed during N0.

5. If there is a tie no-one will be killed.

6. Each night will have a deadline of 48 hours. This gives you 48 hours to send your night action. Please state what you are doing in the PM title, it makes it MUCH easier to handle. Remember to send your PMs to BOTH ginganinja and loudkirbyking.

7. If you're not going to do anything at night, send a PM titled "Night X - Idling". This makes keeping track of things easier and informs me that you're still playing the game.

8. There are Items in this game. If you wish to send an item you must PM both ginganinja and loudkirbyking titled “Night X - Sending Item to <User>”. Items are moved at the end of the night. If an item is held at the time of death it is randomly redistributed.

9. Priorities have been set and will be kept a secret. Do not bother asking about them

10. There is a mole in this game. Also since this is mafia be careful of whom you trust.

11. You MUST have IRC. I also want to see you guys being active on there.

12. BE active. Seriously guys I cannot stress this enough. if you will be inactive then do not sign up! Idlers (in my humble opinion) ruin Mafia games so I will sub you out without hesitation if I suspect you are idle. I might nudge you first. (no guarantee's though).

13. I am from New Zealand. Thus I realise that timezones might get awkward especially when people want to be around deadline. I will try to schedule deadlines around convenient times for you but I have work and thus it might not be possible. I will give a warning though if deadline might be late.

14. I don’t want to tag this as [Experimental] but there are new concepts in this game. Do not assume something to be too ‘out there” to be true.

15. You can target dead people with abilities. I cannot promise anything will happen though.

16. Items do not show up on inspection.

17. I am Human! Therefore I can make mistakes. Also since me and loudkirbyking spilt the Role PMs it is likely that there may be differences and/or grammar mistakes in the Role PMs despite the Role PMs being proof read multiple times. Therefore don’t take a spelling error as definite proof that a Role PM has been faked.

18. No stealth Lynching. vonFiedler and polelover used this rule in Metroidvania Mafia and its being used in this mafia. If we see it, we will try to prevent it to the best of our abilities, but please don’t.

19. If you break a posting restriction, post in the thread when silenced etc then you will be godkilled. Please don’t do this :(

20. Please notify me and loudkirbyking with any spreadsheets and IRC channels you guys create for this game.

21. TALK to me (screw loudkirbyking). I am hosting this game so the least you guys can do is talk to the host. Give me reasons for your actions, updates, plans etc etc. Trust me, it makes for a better postgame. Also please don’t make me PM you asking for you to talk to me. Makes me feel mean, desperate for attention and hints at a lack of social life.

Also, before anyone asks, ginganinja wrote these rules, not me. So, when it says "me" or "I", it refers to him.

Sign ups (25 spots)
Reserved people (Bolded is confirmed reserve)
Aura Guardian
Captain Bagman
Game Freak201
King Emerald

All with reserves, please confirm them.

And finally, if ginganinja tells me to edit something in here, I'll change it up. So, rules might change after a while, or something new may be said. I'll try to let you all know if it does. If something fails that I put, I blame him. Anywho, sign-ups last 48 hours.

Which means that the deadline is November 23rd 5:57 PM CST
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