[Standard] Ender's Second Game - Game Over! Lots of people won!

Approved by Earthworm. Player list randomized by Mekkah.

In a far distant future, when humanity reached the stars and even further, a time of unprecedented peace came to be. However, weep, for it could not last. The corruption of Starways Congress was exposed on Lusitania and on Path. So great was the evil of Starways Congressmen that even the dead as of three thousand years ago returned. Now, the three sentient races face each other in battle.

1) If you have a power, send a PM to Aura Guardian with either your action or "Day/Night x - Idling."

2) While you are alive or not playing, you may talk to anyone about the game. While you are dead, you may not talk to anyone except as outlined in 2a). After death, you may not transfer knowledge to a living player.
2a) You may help your team strategize after you are dead.
2b) There may be a role that can talk to the dead. You may not claim that ability, unless you have that role, if it exists.

3) There are no items in this game.

4) Days and Nights will last 48 hours, or until majority/all PMs are in.
4a) The game begins on Night 0. Kills are valid on Night 0.

5) Lynch votes should be in bold, and if you have two bolded votes, then your vote is null.
5a) In the event of a tie in the lynch votes, neither candidate will be lynched.

6) You may fake logs, even with the host. PM Aura Guardian for assistance if you want help faking them.
6a) Impersonation of another user is banned at all points.

7) Do not take errors or mistakes in a PM as proof of it being a fake. I'm human, and I can make errors.

8) You may not target dead users, unless your role PM declares that you may.

9) Priorities are set and will be kept secret.

11) Aura Guardian may be found on IRC on both #fluodome and #warau

12) You must be active. You are not required to have IRC, but I strongly advise you to have it.

13) Role PMs take precedence over the rules.

14) I should be informed of all spreadsheets/pastebins/googledocs/IRC channels you create and given access.

15) I advise you not false claim an alliance with the Hive Queen or the Lusitania Fleet.

16) The game will have 25 players.


Alive (14)

VonFiedler - ???
Team Aether - ???
unsdiput3d - ???
Thoughts/(GoldenKnight) subbed in Night 3

Dead (11)
User - Role Name - Role - alliance

dogfish44 - Olhado - Killfinder - Lusitanians
LonelyNess - Emperor Snow Tiger of China - 2/3 kill - "Wolf" "Alliance"
Rodan. - Achilles (pronounced AH-SHEEL) Flanders - 2/3 kill - "Wolf" "Alliance"
Slim Guldo - Peter Wiggin II - hooker - Lusitanians
Raito (formerly Raito Light) - First Secretary of the Starfleet Admiralty - persuader - Starways Congress
Bunnymaster - the Ansible - lynchpin/inspector/one-time BPV/mayor - Nuetral
TanzAufDemVulkan - Starways Congress - killer - Starways Congress
Class - Gobuwa Ekumbo - Inspector - Starways Congress
Exarius/(Nook) (former gene swapped in Day 1) - worker - killer/hooker/meatshield - Hive Queen
Wooooood - Bonzo Madrid -2/3 kill - "Wolf" "Alliance"
Phantasia - First Speaker of Starways Congress - hooker - Starways Congress


It seems I'm forced to repost my role:
Aura Guardian, you are the descolada. You are the virus that nearly destroyed life on Lusitania, then gave the pequininos the Third Life. Your ability is "Day/Night x - Gene Swap USER1 for USER2." Your first target will be subbed out for your second target. Your other ability is "Day/Night x - infect USER." Your target will die. You win if the pequininos wins.
Some users will have more in the abilities section. The factions are: the Hive Queen, the Lusitanians, the pequininos, the Lusitania Fleet, Starways Congress, and possibly some neutrals.
A_G got lazy with these PMs unlike in Lynchpin.
My excuse: it was late night and I was pressed for time.
EDIT: excuse 2: I wanted these to be more easily faked.

I have received multiple questions about the faction/village/mafia. There is no village, and there is no mafia. The factions principle comes most directly from Exarius's/Accent's MGS tactical game. However, as some of you suspect, there is a secret twist on it. By "if FACTION wins", I mean "if FACTION eliminates all hostile threats." I can't say too much more without spoiling it, though.


Chwa for no reason!
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I think someone should step up to lead the Pequininos, the faction I am a part of. If no one else will, I will, I just don't find that my role is best for a leading position. If no one steps up in 24 hours, I will use the last 24 hours of the extended deadline to go hunting for claims.
I'm missing 6 PMs. Please get those in...

EDIT: I have sent PMs to those 6 requesting their actions. If you have an ability N0 and don't even send in an action, I'll be most alert this next day for inactivity. And I already have a few people willing to sub in.

Ender's Second Game - Day 1


You all get up to survey the carnage. Th only thing you notice is the corpse of dogfish44. It appears that he has been stabbed in the eye. His mechanical eyes then exploded, taking his head with him. Or so you deduce.
dogfish44, you are Olhado. You have mechanical eyes because of a laser accident years ago. Your ability is "Night x - Watch USER." If your target kills someone that night, you will lose your ability and find your target's full role PM. If your target was killed, you will lose your ability and find your target's killer's full role PM. You win if the Lusitanians win.

Result PMs are going out. Don't start the lynch until I finish sending them.

EDIT: All PMs sent.

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Well, no offense, but I feel like randlynching CHANGE VOTE. He's been lying to me about his faction, making me suspect him being wolf(he could be another faction, who knows). I'm not saying anything definite here, just throwing that out.

EDIT: Well, Slim has fessed up.
dogfish44, you are Olhado. You have mechanical eyes because of a laser accident years ago. Your ability is "Night x - Watch USER." If your target kills someone that night, you will lose your ability and find your target's full role PM. If your target was killed, you will lose your ability and find your target's killer's full role PM. You win if the Lusitanians win.
Am I seeing it right???
OK, I admit it, I have been lying about my faction to both HFB and zorbees, there's no real way of denying that since they've had me inspected.

However, I deny that I am a wolf. I lied because I wanted information on the game and while I didn't get too much (apparently everyone needs their name and role to be kept secret from the other members of their faction,) I did still get quite a lot of information that could help.

I am a member of the Lusitanians, the same faction which the late Dogfish44 belonged to, and while zorbees' faction would probably want to lynch me after my moling of them, there is a faction out there who can ally with us among the three remaining factions, and so I would recommend for all three of you (Hive Queen, Starways Congress and Lusitania Fleet) to not vote for me in the event that zorbees does not change the target like he is saying he will if I claim as I am the only member of my faction currently standing up and even trying to organise us, and we could easily be the faction that can ally with you

I am not going to post my claim here, despite the fact that I am blatantly asking for claims from both all of my faction and whoever it is that can link us with the our potential ally, as I do not believe in claiming without seeing a PM first, however if you contact me in private this may change (as long as you don't use some silly excuse like 'I accidently deleted the PM')

TL;DR, I am posting this in the thread so that the Lusitanians + whoever can link us with our allies (whether you are a Lusitanian or otherwise) contact me


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Slim, I'll be sparing you, I've got bigger fish to fry, namely a wolf.

Aura Guardian said:
You found LonelyNess to be:
LonelyNess, you are Emperor Snow Tiger of China. You are a wolf. The other wolves are <snip>. Your ability is "Night x - send the army to kill USER." Your target will die. You may not do this on nights that are one less than a multiple of 3. You win if you are the last man standing or if you and exactly one of the other wolves are the last two standing.
An inspector contacted me with this, I'm thinking so he could stay hidden while I lead the lynch. The way the PM is worded makes me think there are three wolves, which is odd because there was only one kill; even if one was unable to kill on Night 0 there should have been two kills. Anyways, Lynch LonelyNess.

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