[Standard] Mafia Rising - Game over, the Second Mafia wins - Postgame

Mafia Rising
Approved by LightWolf
1. In this game, the boundary between life and death is porous. All deadtalking is allowed. In this game, role PMs of dead users are not available immediately upon death. Instead, they are delayed one cycle before being revealed. When users die, the announcements of death are not delayed.

2. The game will begin on Cycle 0. There will be no kills and no lynch on Cycle 0. During Cycle 0, no one may paste the entirety of his or her role PM. Role PMs may be freely distributed starting from Cycle 1. PM Staraptor Call or Lady Salamence for help in faking a role PM. However, the hosts will not actually help you with the role PM, they will simply provide pointers for consistency with the model of the game.

3. Do not take grammatical errors in PMs as proof of faking. We are human and can make mistakes. This is an OPEN THEMED GAME. Role flavor has nothing to do with alliance - Darth Vader could be village and Mario could be mafia. Don’t expect the role PMs to have a consistent theme or even a consistent writing style. There are two hosts in this game, and we will most likely have different ways of writing.

4. You can paste things told to you by the hosts. You may fake logs. Do not take pasting of a host conversation as definite proof, these can be faked. If you want to fake a log, feel free to PM Staraptor Call or Lady Salamence for assistance. However, as said before, the hosts will not actually help, they will simply provide pointers for consistency. Impersonation of a host or another user however, is banned at all points. Please do not attempt to impersonate in any way. You also may not screenshot anything related to the game.

5. Each Cycle period will last 48 hours or until a majority is reached AND all necessary Action PMs are in. A grace period of two to three hours will be allowed in the latter case.

5.1 First rule about majority, don’t ask about majority. Majority is not dependant on the number of players, but the number of votes, which you don’t know, due to different factors affecting votes. So don’t ask when majority is gonna be, or how many votes until majority, and if you think it is majority do not tell me. We’d really rather it isn’t discussed at all.

5.2 No stealth lynching. The whole concept behind the lynch is a democratic process where people use discussion to defeat their enemies. Stealth lynching is metagaming, and the hosts will not tolerate it. We will prevent it at our discretion.

6. When lynching you must bold your vote and use Any Word <User>. To change your vote, you must edit your original post with your new vote. You may choose to No Lynch as well, and any votes towards a dead user (if he or she has been godkilled) will count as No Lynch. A tie in the vote will cause neither user to be lynched.

7. You may target dead users with your abilities. We cannot promise that anything will happen.

8. Priorities are set and will be kept secret. Don't even ask about them.

9. There are no items in this game. We will not prevent you from claiming thief/scavenger, but we do not recommend that you do so.

10. Staraptor Call and Lady Salamence MUST be informed of any IRC channels or spreadsheet/whatever else you create for this game.

11. IRC is compulsory for this game. To show that you have IRC and have read the rules, please include your usual IRC nick in your sign-up post. We reserve the right to sub out users without IRC.

11.1 Staraptor Call can usually be found on #fluodome, #warau, and #smogon. #mafiarising is the game’s official channel.

11.2 Lady Salamence can usually be found on #user and #capasb .

12. If you have any questions about the game, you can find Staraptor Call and Lady Salamence on Smogon, ready to be contacted by PM.

13. Send all PMs to Staraptor Call and Lady Salamence, and if you decide not to use an ability on a given cycle, don't forget to PM the hosts "Cycle X - Idling."

13.1 If you have a kill, you do not have to PM the hosts on the cycles during which this kill is not active.

14. You HAVE to be active, if you are caught inactive you will be sent a warning PM. If you keep being inactive, you will be subbed out without hesitation, please don't make the hosts do this. The consequences of inactivity will be especially bad in this game, for reasons the hosts will not disclose right now.

15. If a role PM and the rules clash in something, the role PM takes precedence. You may not target yourself unless your role PM explicitly says you can.

16. Please talk to us during the game, we get very lonely it will make for a better postgame! Please give reasons for your actions, this will also help.

17. If you are willing to be a sub for the game in case you do not get selected, you may mention that in your sign-up post.

18. If you post in the thread when silenced, break a posting restriction, or fail to vote for the person you were persuaded to vote for, you will be godkilled without hesitation, or a warning.

19. If you have a non-information role, you will not receive a result regardless of whether it succeeds or fails. If you think you should have received a cycle result but did not, you should contact Staraptor Call or Lady Salamence.

20. Do not believe that anything is too unbelievable to be true! In a similar vein, do not use past games which one of us have hosted as a method for disproving a claim. We may not use the same/similar roles.

The attendees entered the theater one by one, each taking a seat in the front row. They waited for what seemed like hours, but finally the grandfather clock in the corner struck midnight. It was finally time for them to fulfill their purpose in coming to the old theater: to summon the dead.

This theater had been popular seventy years ago, but there was little sign of its former glory now. The beige paint along the walls was yellowing and peeling with age; the hinges of wooden seats had rusted shut. The floor was stained red in one spot from where water dripped through a hole in the ceiling, and nails had been pushed up everywhere on the floor. But somehow, the old clock was still in perfect condition. No one knew who owned the building, or why it had not been torn down.

Seventy years ago, someone had been murdered at the theater. A stage technician had dropped a sandbag from the stage’s counterweight system onto an actor, from high enough above the stage that it killed him. The murderer was convicted and sent to prison for life. The costs associated with the trial and the conflicts between staff members drove the theater out of business.

Now, seventy years later, the seance attendees were trying to summon the ghost of the murdered actor. They had all the necessary supplies - a bell, a Ouija board, a tablet with chalk, and so on. People started setting up a complicated arrangement with everything they brought, and then extinguished the only light source in the building, an electric lantern sitting on the stage.

Almost immediately, a glowing white orb rose to the center of the stage and formed itself into a human shape. The ghost was of a short man holding his hands over his face, although not as if he were crying. The ghost then began to speak.

“Finally, someone’s here! I know you were looking for the ghost of the actor, and I’m sorry you can’t get through to him, but this is much more important. You see, the spirit world is in a predicament, and I thought you might be able to help. God is dead. He has been for quite some time now. And since He’s dead, there’s nobody to say what happens to the spirits of the dead. Everyone just turns into a ghost now, and wanders around with nothing to do. We need a new God to send people to heaven and hell - if that’s even where they’re supposed to go in the first place. You seem like a rather capable lot - some among you might be able to become the new ruler of the spirit world. But first, let me tell you a little about myself.”

Dear Staraptor Call,
You are the world’s ugliest man.

You murdered God, probably by letting him look at you. For this, and for your extreme ugliness, you were banished to the desert. But now you’ve died and become a ghost, waiting to appoint the new God.

At any time, you may send the hosts a PM entitled “Cycle X - Look at USER.” You will let that user see your face, making him die instantly from shock. It doesn’t really make sense to send a PM to yourself, but that doesn’t matter. You may also PM the hosts “Cycle X - Switch USER’s spirit for USER’s.” You will switch out the second user’s spirit and put the second user’s spirit in their role’s body instead.

You are allied with the Hosts.
“Oh, and there’s another ghost here too,” said Staraptor Call. A second ball of light materialized and shaped itself into human form.
Dear Lady Salamence,
You are Lyra.

You come from a world where people have souls split into two parts, one of which is an animal-like being called a daemon. You were kidnapped and taken to the Arctic, then sent to a parallel dimension with a soul-powered machine. From there, you went on a series of adventures with a dimension-warping knife and finally ended up helping to kill God.

Whenever necessary, you may PM the hosts “Cycle X - Cut USER with the Subtle Knife.” You will instantly kill your target with a knife that can cut through anything. You may also send the hosts a PM entitled “Cycle X - Use a dimensional portal to switch USER1 and USER2.” You will open a dimensional portal with the Subtle Knife, through which you will sub in USER2 in USER1’s place.

You are allied with the Hosts.
Fairly quickly, the seance attendees organized themselves into a few different groups. There wasn’t any apparent reason behind the formation of these groups. Their members had no common goals or unifying factors, but they banded together. When you have the opportunity to become a god, who cares about reason. The alliances reminded one attendee of a party game he had played once, so he started calling them the Village, the First Mafia, and the Second Mafia. With nothing better to call the teams, the names stuck. The members of each team went off to their own corners of the theater to plan what to do next.
Da Letter El



theangryscientist -> zorbees - Killed Cycle 1 - Gustav Mahler - Ability resurrector - Village
Blue Tornado - Killed Cycle 1 - Nostradamus - Question asker - Village
Steven Snype - Godkilled Cycle 2 - Anthony Wiener - Hooker/announcer - Second Mafia
General Spoon - Lynched Cycle 2 - Mr. Cobb - Inspector/low priority hooker - First Mafia
Ditto - Killed Cycle 2 - Neo - Killer - Village
Paperblade - Killed Cycle 2 - Fred Phelps - Vote resurrector - Village
kingofkongs - Killed Cycle 3 - Harry Houdini - Bodyguard - Village
Aura Guardian - Lynched Cycle 3 - Kurtz - Glass cannon infinite voter - First Mafia
Darkpenguin67 - Lynched Cycle 3 - John cage - Silencer - First Mafia
LifeAdmiral - Killed Cycle 4 - Bicycle - Hooker - Village
Fox McCloud - Killed Cycle 4 - The Chameleon - Anonymous alias - Village
Tsuk -> LevitatingLamprey - Killed Cycle 5 - Dr. John Hammond - Copier - Village
Walrein - Killed Cycle 5 - Ridley - Backup killer - Village
Acklow - Killed Cycle 5 - Anonymous - Split, randomized inspector - Village
the sea prince - Godkilled Cycle 5 - Harry Potter - Reflexive redirecting safeguard - Village
Cereza - Lynched Cycle 5 - Sigmund Freud - Flavor checker - Village
dak -> Earthworm -> HD - Godkilled Cycle 6
Bob Squob - Killed Cycle 6 - Marcel Duchamp - Split silencer - Village
Quagsires - Lynched Cycle 6 - ???
imperfectluck -> Shining Latios - Godkilled Cycle 7
billymills - Killed Cycle 7
HSA - Lynched Cycle 7

Role PMs are going out. Don't post until all PMs are out.
All PMs are out; you may now post. It is now Night 0, which ends 48 hours from now. There are no kills on N0, and no lynch either.

I will be needing a sub. Contact me or Lady Salamence if you're interested in subbing in.

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<somerandomuser> also for the love of god
<somerandomuser> cycles or days and nights
<somerandomuser> make up your minds
<somerandomuser> the topic title says one thing
<somerandomuser> role PMs say another
<somerandomuser> pick one and stick with it


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Staraptor Call said:
Finally, someone’s here! I know you were looking for the ghost of the actor, and I’m sorry you can’t get through to him, but this is much more important.
I swear, if Maya Fey is to be re-used in this game...something will happen...

Oh and break a leg you fools. We are in a theater after all.
Staraptor Call reaches into theangryscientist's body, takes out his soul, and puts in another one. zorbees has subbed in for theangryscientist.

"Night 0" was a mistake, it's supposed to be cycles. I also need one more sub.

After hours of wandering around the building, looking for clues, talking to each other, helping friends and sabotaging enemies, everyone meets in the main room. You look around and see that, to your relief, everyone is still there. But it appears there is one more person than before. Fox McCloud has joined the game. Also, you find three messages nailed near the stage:
There is more than one neutral in this game. Better run for the hills!
the_sea_prince has the right idea guys.
Steven Snype here stepping up to lead village. all claim. bg prot. that good shit.
It is now Cycle 1. Results are going out. Don't post until all results are out.

Edit: all results are out. You may now post, make lynch votes, and share role PMs. Deadline is in 48 hours.


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General Spoon said:
So which one of them is leading? the_sea_prince or Steven Snype?
Steven Snype here stepping up to lead village. all claim. bg prot. that good shit.
the_sea_prince was joking (I think)

I'd like to thank the academy for no reason whatsoever.
I'd like to thank Will Ferrel for Talladega Nights.
And finally, I'd like to thank everyone here for not strangling me yet.

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