[Standard] Metroid Prime Mafia-GAME OVER: Space Pirates Win! Postgame Up!


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The three candidates look up, expectantly.

The verdict is...reyscarface.

He appears startled, although slightly less so than when Mexico got assraped by Argentina on his little mini television. In surprise he spits out some nachos he is eating, and begins to mumble to himself.


The lazers that emitted from the statues were horribly strong. reyscarface was struck back, to the edge of the cliff, and then...suddenly, nothing was seen of him. The crowd began to cheer, when, suddenly, the crowd saw reyscarface, clearly harmed but nonetheless alive, jumping up the face of the structure enclosing him.

"Wow you guys suck" muttered zorbees, as he and THE_IRON_KENYAN got up and walked away, unphased by the proceedings.

It is now Night 3. Send all PMs within 47 hours, or by 9:00 PM GMT-5 on Tuesday, October 26th.


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It is deadline and I am missing 9 Night Actions...are you guys serious?

I am extending the deadline to 3:00 PM tomorrow GMT-5, or about 20 hours from now. This idling shit is really starting to annoy me and is slowing the game down.


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Sorry to double post but people need to notice this.

I need ANOTHER sub. PM me if interested. This one is on request.

Edit: Also I am still missing like three Night Actions...

Quagsires has been subbed in for Sledge.


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Yea I'm gonna call deadline now only missing one action and that person wants to be subbed out.

Contact me if you want to sub...we may get the record (probably already have it tbh)!

bunnymaster has been subbed in for Thorns. (Request).


It was a dark night with scary noises blah blah blah.

reyscarface comes running through the area, an area with a large tree for a centerpiece. Suddenly, the lights go dim.

"Not this again. I just finished watching Mexico get anally rended by Argentinian chainsaws then our flag set was on fire then we were blaming the refs but the refs took out AK-47s (gmax style) and started killing our fans then they raped our women and children and oh my god I have never been so embarrassed."

Yea then he was struck by an energy bolt from behind.

As he turned around to face his attacker, confident, it suddenly occurred to him that his energy tank was not quite as full as it once was. His visors blaring red, he began to jump frantically around and up the tree, until finally another energy bolt hit him (or her), he/she screamed, and it was all over.
Dear reyscarface, you are Samus Aran, or ”The Hunter”

You are a Bounty Hunter for the Galactic Federation, having been raised by the Chozo race on Tallon IV after your parents were murdered by Space Pirates. You have an amazing arsenal of weapons at your beck and call, but a horde of enemies as well.

Your abilities are based on an Ammo system. For now, you gain 5 Ammo at the beginning of every night cycle. You may use this Ammo to perform certain abilities. As certain users die, you may gain new abilities as well. You may use each of these abilities as many times as you like each night. You currently have an Ammo capacity of 30. You will have 5 Ammo to start Night 0.

For 5 Ammo, you may send a PM stating “NX-Super Missile <user>”. You will launch a gigantic missile at your target, killing him/her. You may not use this ability on Night 0.

For 2 Ammo, you may send a PM stating “NX-Ice Beam <user>”. You will use your Ice Beam to freeze <user>, stopping <user> from performing any Night actions.

For 2 Ammo, you may send a PM stating “NX-Charge Beam <user>”. Should <user> attempt to kill you, you will fend <user> off with a barrage of beam fire, gaining any items <user> possesses in the process. Should you manage this successfully once, you may also gain a new ability.

For 12 Ammo, you may send a PM stating “NX-Boost Ball away”. That Night, you will go into Morph Ball mode and survive any attempts on your life.

For 2 Ammo, you may send a PM stating “NX-Plasma Beam <user>”. That Night, you will use your Plasma Beam to burn <user> horribly, ensuring they spend the next Day recovering, rather than talking in the thread.

For 1 Ammo, you may send a PM stating “NX-Scan Visor <user>”. You will use your Scan Visor to Scan <user>, determining his/her Role Name.

For 1 Ammo, you may send a PM stating “NX-Thermal Visor <user>”. You will use your Thermal Visor to Scan <user>, determining the approximate species (alliance) of <user>.

For 3 Ammo, you may send a PM stating “NX-X-Ray Visor <user>”. You will use your X-Ray Visor to Scan <user>, determining everything about them, and thus their entire Role PM.

Additionally, once per Night you may send a PM stating “NX-Track <user>”. That Night, you will use your Gunship’s tracking capabilities to discover the current Location of <user>.

Each of these powers is immune to absorption.

Again, should certain users die, you will gain new abilities.

You have an extra Energy Tank, which will protect you from one death of any kind. Should this be used up, you may gain some new abilities. This is not an item.

Due to your Space Jump Boots, during the day, should someone holding an item be lynched, you will make it to that person first, thus obtaining any items that person held.

Should you be lynched, this is what will happen to you, in order: Lynched, None, None.

Your starting Location is the Tallon Overworld.

Your Safe Claim is the War Wasp, starting in the Chozo Ruins.

You also have the Artifact of Chozo. Should you use this on the Role Name Chozo Ghost Troop, it will convert this Role to your Alliance. You may use this item every Night by sending a PM stating “NX-Use Artifact of Chozo on <user>”. You will still be able to use this item to vote should you use it successfully.

You are also searching for the Missile Stations that line the surface of Tallon IV. Should you visit every Location, you may just find additional ways to replenish your Ammo supply.

You are a part of the Hunter Alliance. You win if you eliminate the Space Pirates, The Worm, and the Indigenous.

Also, he received the Missile Launcher, giving him unblockable kills for one Night for one ammo, and...
<snip> Secondly, you lost your Energy Tank in the lynch. You will die should you lose another life. With this loss, however, you have gained several powers.

Firstly, you now receive 10 ammo/Night, due to being more desperate.

Secondly, you may send a PM stating "NX-Collect". This costs 30 ammo. You will go out that Night and kill small creatures, collecting their energy drops until you refill your energy tank. You will also be immune to all Night Actions when this is used, due to being away.
With his death, the Hunter Alliance has been eliminated.

Elsewhere, there was a terrible scream, as zorbees was struck by an energy wave. At least reyscarface will rest in peace...

Dear zorbees, you are Metroid Prime, or “The Worm”

You are a highly evolved Metroid, demonstrating the ability to assimilate any weapons you find into your exoskeleton for use on-demand. The Space Pirates thought they could control you, but they were wrong, and you escaped their holding cell. Now, you have heard rumblings of a “Hunter” on Tallon IV who destroys the Phazon you worked so hard to inundate the planet with, and you will not let this stand.

Every Night except for Night 0, you may send a PM stating “NX-Multi-Missile <user>”. You will launch a series of missiles at <user>, killing him/her from the repeated concussive blasts.

Also, every Night you may send a PM stating “NX-Phazon Blast <user>”. If <user> is a Metroid, <user> will be converted to your Alliance.

Additionally, every Night you may send a PM stating “NX-Tentacle Grab <user>”. You will grab <user> with a massive tentacle, taking any weapons they may have. As a result, you will copy all abilities of <user>. You may keep two users’ abilities at a time, since your Outer Shell has limited weapons space, and should you decide to absorb a third, will have to send a PM stating which user’s weapons (abilities) to unequip, like “NX-Unequip <user>’s Weapons”. You may use any abilities you absorb for as long as you have them, but you may not use any abilities on the Night you are unequipping them. Should you unequip an ability, you may not reequip it unless you absorb it again. Some users may be immune to your absorption, and you will not get any unequipped abilities back should you fail in absorbing another ability that night.

Every Day, you will automatically create a chunk of Phazon. This acts as an item. You may pass this Phazon come nighttime. You know that this item kills most users should they hold it for three half-cycles, and that even if another user gave it away, their Phazon counter does not get reset. You currently have a chunk of Phazon, and may pass it during Night 0.

You have an Outer Shell hiding your true form. Should you ever be killed, your Outer Shell will be destroyed, but you will survive. You will lose any abilities you had absorbed up to that point, but you will still be able to absorb new abilities. Also, since you are so deep underground and your shell is so hard, you will be immune to any deaths until Day 2.

Should you be Lynched, this is what will happen to you, in order: Lynched, None, None.

Your starting Location is the Impact Crater.

Your Safe Claim is the Plated Puffer, starting in the Chozo Ruins.

You also have the Artifact of Newborn. This renders you immune to all Night actions other than Kills, Thiefs, and Kidnaps. Your kills may still be blocked through various means, however.

You also know that the Indigenous Alliance does not know they have to eliminate you to win.

Upon being defeated you will drop a Missile-30. You are not sure what this does, who can use it, or who it goes to should you die. It cannot be removed from you by any methods other than your death, and you may not pass it like you would an item.

You are immune to the effects of Phazon, and are also immune to the effects of Poison.

You are a part of the Worm Alliance. You win if you eliminate the Hunter, the Space Pirates, and the Indigenous.

I will send personal results in about two hours, spruce up this update, etc. Don't vote until that time.



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question is the worm alliance dead forever :x
I will announce when alliances are eliminated.

With this in mind, the Chozo Ghost Troop alliance has been eliminated!

Also, with the deaths of the Hunter and Worm, all Indigenous are now immune to the effects of Poison and Phazon, respectively.

Also, with the death of the Hunter, scavenging is now available for all users! Rather than sending in an action, one may send in a PM stating "NX-Scavenge <user>", where <user> is dead. If <user> had an item and died in your Location or an adjacent Location, you will scavenge it. Note that if two users scavenge the same item and have the same scavenging priority, neither will get it. However, thieves have a higher priority than this action and may still steal from bodies, AND, should you hold an Artifact, your priority will be lowered.

I have now sent out all results. It is now Day 4-Nominations Stage. If you feel you should have gotten something but didn't, contact me immediately. This stage will end in 48 hours as of this post, or a little less, depending on the RNG.

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