[Standard] Redwall Mafia Signups

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I am always tired. Don't bother me.
In as P2. LotF just ended. Slim's Mafia is still going...etc.

Sub me if needed (if I don't get in, I want to be your top notch priority sub =))


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I'd like to play with two other friends who will be making accounts soon (before this closes). If I can't get in with both, I'd rather someone else take my place so we can wait for the next game. DudePal and icecoolblue will be their names.

OTHER complication, I'm actually on vacation at DudePal's right now (who lives 3 hours away) and I'll be at icecoolblue's (3 more hours away) tomorrow. I won't be back home until Thursday, so I'll have logged into both IP addresses. Hope that doesn't complicate things, but we don't all even live in the same state so it should be pretty obvious that we're different people. Well, that and when we get on IRC we'll be in different states.

EDIT: Dudepal has dropped out, so it's just icecoolblue and I.
I wish I could join, but I'm going to be on a month long vacation soon. Oh well, I guess I'll just check out the games going on in Circus from time to time in the limited amount of time I could use the computer.
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