[Standard] Time Traveling Viking Mafia - Won by Vikings


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that is so gay

i was trying to post a rebuttal to tsuk to get fathead daenym to change his vote
comcast crashes for an hour+


at least we killed sam.


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Calling it

That night, two factions united to kill loudkirbyking and his alias, LastStrike.

Dear <user>
You are Ragnar Lodbrok,

You are the mythical king of the Vikings that is probably one of their strongest leaders of all time, competing with the Gods themselves in fame for your achievements. There is no mortal that was surpassing your accomplishments in going as far as to raid Paris. You attribute your skills due to your "father" Odin, and few, save maybe yours sons, have came close to matching the fear and terror of you as a true Viking. So naturally, when you have an extremely large conflict brewing for your people, to see you not join would be a surprise.

At night you may pm Quagsires and Polelover44 with the following, "Night x- Rush after <user>'s possessions!" You will take all of what <user> has and only give it back when they agree to say something of your choice the next day, to be included in the body of this pm. Note that you are not allowed to have them post and exact message and only that message, and, if you never find them due to someone else restricting them first, they will not be restricted by you.

You are currently holding the viper that killed you, now tamed and brought to serve you now in this conflict. Thus, once per game if you or your alias is targeted with a kill, the viper will turn around and bite whoever tried to kill you, killing their alias or smogon name instead.

When you post, you must state how you are the rightful king of England, in honor of your friend who really does own England. If you fail to do this or something obviously similar in any of your posts, we have the right to godkill you.

You are allied with the Vikings. You win if you eliminate all threats.
However, Andreaea (King Emerald's alias) was killed in the battle.

The Vikings took total control of the lynch, allowing them to finish off the Time Travelers by lynching Tsuk and his alias fluffy.

Dear <user>
You are Darth Vader.

The dark side of the force. The Chosen One. The ruler of the Empire. These are but some of the many names for your many talents, but you surpass all of them with ease. And now that your many talents can be used to your advantage, your want to save your wife may be able to be realized through this conflict, since she had died so much earlier, and maybe you'll be able to get your own flesh and blood back.

At night you may pm Quagsires and Polelover44 with the following, "Night x- look at the imperial files on <user>." You will look at whatever you can find in your massive empire databases, and you will be able to find <user>'s full role pm.

In addition, once per game if you are ever targeted with the lynch, you will simply send your stormtroopers to disperse whatever uprising has formed, causing there to be no lynch that day.

When you post, you must at least mention logic in every post, since you have a friend who talks about it all the time, as if it's his catchphrase. If you fail to do this or something obviously similar in any of your posts, we have the right to godkill you.

Your faction details are in a separate pm

You are allied with the Time Travelers. You win if you eliminate all threats.
The Time Travelers have been eliminated.

That night the two remaining factions traded blows. Mogilalia was killed, but so was Kingofkongs (Whose alias had been Human After All).

Dear <user>
You are the swallow guys,


You are two guys. With swallows. You release Swallows. With coconuts. And fragmented sentences. You are the thing that keeps many theorists of your time up at night, wondering who lets coconuts on swallows and how they are able to carry them. You joined the rest of your characters, since apparently you have a talent with swallows that can assist everyone else.

At night you may pm Quagsires and Polelover44 with the following, "Night x- Send swallows to help <user>." The swallows are so quick at doing small tasks they can make <user>'s action go faster than all others,

Alternatively, at night you may pm Quagsires and Polelover44 with the following, "Night x- send swallows with coconuts after <user>." Swallows with coconuts will attack <user>, and they will barely have time to finish their action, having it be performed after everyone else.

When you post, you must taunt others like the French who taught you everything about swallows, and include one of their infamous taunts in every post (use Google for a list). If you fail to do this in any posts, we have the right to godkill you.

You are allied with the Monty Python and the Holy Grail Characters. You win if you eliminate all threats.
But the next day, Parkeriaceae, the alias of Aura Guardian was lynched.

Daenym, the last man standing, held up the Secret of Time Travel to claim victory for the Vikings.

Dear <user>
You are Beowulf,

Probably the most Epic Viking of all time, You're one of a select few in that most people actually remember your exploits in saving your people from Grendel and the dragon. However, despite all of this, you were forced to join with people as a common man in order to protect them over all the ages, not just the one that you lived in.

At night you may pm Quagsires and Polelover44 with the following, "Night x- Inspire <user>." You will inspire <user> to do their action above everyone else that night by simply talking to them, although your influence only last for one night.

Alternatively, at night you may pm Quagsires and Polelover44 with the following, "Night x- Obstruct <user>'s way." You will make sure that <user> is blocked from doing their action by having to duel them, although they'll still find time to do it, after everyone else, including yourself, has done their actions.

When you post, you must state your excitement your friend gave you about this "New World" he has found and begun to inhabit. If you fail to do this or something obviously similar in any of your posts, we have the right to godkill you.

You are allied with the Vikings. You win if you eliminate all threats.
The Vikings win Time Traveling Viking Mafia!
vonFiedler said:



It feels good to be all that's left in this exciting new land. To everyone in the game, thanks for making it so exciting and confusing. It was a very enjoyable first mafia for me ^^

Thanks to vonFiedler, Quag, and pole (not necessarily in that order) hosting this. And Quagsires, for the love of God, clean out your inbox.

I found and arrested Saddam Hussein.


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Worst Mistake: Me, just now.

Thought for sure that LKK had the viking kill, and was targeting daenym for the hell of it. I even got him to target Tsuk! GROOANNNN. Horrible move on my part. Just wondering, if KEmerald had idled, what would have happened?

edit: nevermind, apparently what made us lose was choosing to target LKK instead of Daenym. Great. Edit: Just learnt we had lower kill priority, nevermind

I'd just like to say that we did pretty well without any info for the longest time.
GG vikings, Fuck the TTs until they decided to help us, and Thanks for the help greeks.
I don't think we did anything against you, aka eliminated any chance of us working together. Weren't it you guys who started killing our guys?

Not that I care that much. Things went in a way that we were better off helping MPs, and that's about it.


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Wait time travelers+Monty python couldn't beat Vikings? Wow...

Daenym is pretty lucky because I told Tsuk to give MP the win under any circumstances due to his backstabbing me in the lynch. He almost fucked it up for them...

My only question is who stole all of Tsuk's items Night 9 and, if it was Daenym, why Tsuk didn't get them back. And if Daenym had no items how did he "control the lynch" and thus lynch Tsuk?

Because the whole point of killing LKK and stealing from Daenym was to neuter the Vikings' items...

Anyway, we outlasted the Greeks so "whatever".

When my main alias died (Lady Salamence), I couldn't ask any questions.

Then, the night after that, my boat was stolen, so I couldn't damned kidnap people, meaning I had to idle all the nights.

I think my alias, Lyonnais, died because of a post restrict. I was forced to vote Tsuk, and missed the deadline by 6 minutes, causing my death.
me and the mphgcs were going to lynch daenym

if i had my items back from lkk it would have been my game


either way vikings should not have won unless daenym has a majority vote with 3 people wanting to vote him

yeti took my items


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I thought we got items when ppl died once Greeks were eliminated? Wouldn't that mean Tsuk shouldve gotten all the vote items and lynched Daenym?
Gonna hazard a guess at Ditto. I stole it (along with the SoTT) from him N4 and had it the rest of the game. I would've given it back, but eh.

Now, on to the less-easy stuff. I was going to wait until the postgame thread, but I'll find something else to say then, I'm sure.

Everyone seems to be under the impression that the Vikings won purely on luck. Yeah, luck had a fair chunk to do with the game throughout, especially with how little info the Vikings/MPs were able to get, but the point where it ceased to be luck, as I see it, was when Yeti and the MPs screwed up N9 and both targeted LightWolf's alias, leaving both me and LKK with fully-alive roles.

It was obvious that Yeti had been bullshitting me since the moment she said a single word to me. Any "influence" she had on me was just me not really caring enough about her at that point to bother fighting it. And when I asked her for the text of items that I knew she didn't have (the fish, for instance, which was really the Herring, that I had received and given away earlier).

Thinking about lynching UncleSam was prompted by Yeti and her apparent vendetta against him, but, in the end, it came down to the fact that I didn't want a mafia faction with an equal number of fully-alive characters to deal with, since I assumed that they had a TT version of the Herring/Lever. I can say that I didn't consult with LW at all on it, though. Partly because I'd been silenced, and partly because I guess our schedules don't really match up too much. Anyway, after the whole mess it caused, I did feel legitimately bad about KE's role PM/alias getting posted up. But via a prior PR/persuade on him I knew it anyway, so it changed very little in that sense.

UncleSam said:
My only question is who stole all of Tsuk's items Night 9 and, if it was Daenym, why Tsuk didn't get them back. And if Daenym had no items how did he "control the lynch" and thus lynch Tsuk?

Because the whole point of killing LKK and stealing from Daenym was to neuter the Vikings' items...
First part: That was me who stole them. My ability, as you all saw, was priority up. My item gave me a Thief every night.

Waaaay back on D3, Terrador gave me his item, the Giant Hammer. That was the Viking equivalent of the Herring/Lever, and I held onto it for the rest of the game. Later on I received the Herring (I was redirected by KE to hit him, which meant I stole his Herring) and gave it to LW once he was back from his kidnap. And then toward the end I got the Lever, but I don't really remember the details of how that played out, tbh. The Lever was given to LKK after LW was killed, essentially making the Viking duo immune to all non-kills, afaik.

So when Tsuk tried to steal back from me, that's why it failed.

Now, by the end I had a pretty absurd inventory. And if anything about the game is broken, I think it was that endgame inventories had the potential to be so insane.

My inventory before N10 was as follows:
Hrunting - Thief (unstealable, passes to teammate on death)
Hammer - Safeguard
SoTT - w/e
Coconuts - Silence
Phaser - Kidnap
Boat - Silence, but NOC chat allowed
String - Rogue
Commandments - When you kill a user/alias, gain a single-use of their ability
In addition, I had given enough to LKK to let him hold his own if I got nerfed/killed:
Lever - Safeguard
Keys - Silence, NOC chat allowed
Football - Silence
As you can clearly see, I had picked up some fairly redundant items along the way. For me, seeing how the various factions had so many similar items and abilities, this meant the initial game wasn't broken, since everyone had fairly equal power.

I killed Ditto N9, thus gaining a single-use Post Restrict.

So now we come to the D10 lynch. It was either Yeti or Tsuk, since those two were the ones fully alive besides me and LKK. Despite Yeti's hilarious squirming trying to get me to go with Tsuk, it was pretty much a no-brainer, since she had been one of the two people to kill LW's alias. Tsuk, while also a threat, had killed KE (through Yeti's redirect, I guess?), which was more helpful. And then when he posted up Yeti's role PM, even though I assumed it to be fake, it was certainly a nice gesture. While the timing certainly seems suspect, and you're all sure to believe what you want, I had already decided to lynch Yeti before seeing it. I just happened to get on a computer on campus right after he posted it. Not really important, though. Yeti did give accidentally away her alias at one point, though, which meant I finally had the complete list of aliases, despite it not really mattering.

Then we come to the fun part. While Yeti was busy calling me a fathead, roach, and whatever else, I was playing around with the Vikings' sizable inventory.

So the state of things on N10, according to what I knew:

Daenym / Mogilalia - Priority + items galore
LKK / LastStrike - PR + items

Parkeriaceae - Nothing?
Andreaea - Nothing? (see below)
KingofKongs - Priority

Tsuk / fluffy - (see below)
Now, I had looted KE via his redirect earlier, so I assumed Andreaea, his alias, didn't have anything. Even if he did have something, though, I felt confident with the Hammer/Lever protection on me/LKK that we wouldn't be bothered by it. My priority-up kill bypassed BPV items anyway.

Tsuk I really had very little to go on. Yeti had thrown role PMs at me saying they were Tsuk, but, since it was painfully easy to figure out Darth Vader as a role, I didn't put too much trust in them. As it turned out, they were right. Go figure. Anyway, from my own assumptions, I thought he had a kill (parallel of Leonidas), and then Thief/Inspect as a possible secondary, with an LPV item. My assumptions were wrong, obviously, but, like KoK said, it was very difficult for the villages to get reliable info.

Now, my final list of actions was as follows:

Night 10 - Inspire Daenym (priority raise)
Night 10 - Kill Andreaea
Night 10 - Mug Parkeriaceae (thief)
Night 10 - Come sail away Fluffy (boat)
Night 10 - Phase Parkeriaceae (kidnap)
Night 10 - Give coconuts to loudkirbyking
Night 10 - Is Tsuk in the labyrinth? (rogue)
Night 10 - Post restrict KingofKongs (to lynch Tsuk)
KoK had come to me saying he wanted to doublekill Tsuk. The MP s had a namekill that night, I knew from them hitting LW before, so it was totally feasible, barring the fact that it would seal the Viking win. I knew full well that KoK (or whoever the MP killer was) was going to hit me/LKK. And since it would make sense for Tsuk to coordinate with them to weaken me, I was pretty sure that either me or LKK was going to be double-killed that night.

LKK's N10 actions are actually irrelevant. He did redundant PR/silence via ability/boat. No reason in particular, because it was confirmed that his actions would just fail since mine were already in place.

Here's why none of what any of you did mattered.

- Parker was completely shut down by my thief/kidnap, negating his vote easily.
- I expected I would be the target, so I Rogued Tsuk, since I wasn't about to guess on the MP killer. It was too late to give the String to LKK.
- Andrea was priority-killed, and KE was out of the game.
- Tsuk's alias, fluffy, could not vote in the lynch.
- KoK had to vote for Tsuk.

So now the D11 vote is already decided, regardless of which Viking is killed.

KoK, [Vike] : lynch Tsuk

The only thing that could have messed that up was if Tsuk had another LPV item. And I would've just cried then. Had he had a Safeguard item or something, the vote would have ended up 2-1 anyway.

Now, the next thing is N11. Obviously you've seen what happens if I'm the last Viking standing, so let's pretend the double-kill on N10 was hitting me instead.

LKK would have the Viking kill, obviously. His items were Keys, Coconuts, Football, and Lever to protect him. And his ability was a PR.

LKK's actions would be as follows:

Post restrict Parker to lynch himself or a dead user (the latter would be a No Lynch vote)
Kill KingofKongs

LKK's alias would be hit. He removes KingofKongs. Presumably, KoK would have priority-upped the kill (or priority-downed LKK, which fails via Lever), preventing the item from being used. But since Parker had no items and the Lever protected LKK from any last item trickery anyway (had something been unstealable, I guess), he would be sitting safely.


LKK : lynch Parker
Parker : No Lynch/lynch Parker
Viking is the last man standing.

So no, it didn't come down to the Vikings' remaining person having higher kill priority, since the game would've been ended in the lynch, before kill priority came into play. The one and only question here is what would have happened to the SoTT after my death. Because LKK's alias was dead, he wouldn't be able to use my Thief (passed to him on my death). But then it comes down to a question of "If there's only one username alive, can he pick up an item?" The absolute worst case scenario of that is that the game ended with no winners, since the SoTT was lost. But I doubt that.

As it actually played out, I did have a raised priority, meaning my Silence item (lets say the Boat) was able to hit Parker before my alias was killed. Even if KoK had priority-downed me to negate my ability, the Hammer would have blocked it. And so the D12 vote was:

Daenym : lynch Parker
Parker : [silenced]

Anyway, this didn't come down to a 50/50 of KoK picking the wrong target. I had an extremely broken combination by that point, and LKK's inventory wasn't far behind. We each acted as each other's contingency plan, knowing full well that Tsuk/KoK were coming for us. XD

I will say one thing, though, that Von pointed out in IRC. Me being able to priority-up myself was probably the most broken thing in the game. Even more broken was that I was able to do it while holding the Hammer.


Honestly, I kinda take that back after thinking about it on my drive home. Regardless of how broken anything was, the fact was that almost all abilities/items had more than one incarnation. Therefore, factions had equally broken power. Had KoK been given the Herring and Excalibur he would've been identical to me. The Greeks/TTs wouldn't have been able to emulate what I was perfectly, but the presence of reliable Inspects on their factions meant that most (if not all) of their kills and other actions could be much more efficiently targeted.

I think one of the biggest mistakes the Vikings as a whole made was not lynching Paperblade right after the No Lynch early on (D5 or so? Too lazy to check). We pretty much knew he was BG+Resurrect, and it would've saved a lot of stress had the MPs not brought back KoK. But that's more for actual postgame talk :O
to be honest i agree with the overpowered/broken thing with the most part, apart from being to priority up yourself. on its own this is not a problem. regardless, this was a really fun game and despite a few minor flaws it turned out great too.


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unfortunately I didn't think there were thief ITEMS.......
until I got one from likely Ditto's death

therefore I greatly overestimated my worth to the Vikings, I was pretty darn sure that the TTs would have stolen the SoTT by that point and felt I had something notable to offer in order to keep KE, and my solid allies the MPs, alive and strong by offing US instead, to scavenge the SoTT and give it to the Vikings, only to gain it off them once killing them

I felt p lucky that LW wasn't on when I was dealing with lkk and Daenym.. he would have seen through all my lies and half-truths I'm p sure. I wasn't entirely sure how much of it Daenym was believing and how gung ho with my plans he was.. not to mention I had to lie about everything but giving him the SoTT once I got it.
he thought we voted on a leader.. nope lol.

offing US bought the MPs some more strongth and me some better chances.. then he wasn't the thief. I was fairly confused, then I inspected fluffy, Tsuk's alias, and von didn't snip the item like Quag did when I inspected Tsuk

my largest mistakes were using KE to take Tsuk's kill as the Vikings had no intention of actually keeping me alive it seems, and then AG told me he'd kill Parkeriaceae or w/e his own alias was when I brought it up to see whether the alias was Tsuk or AG's.

I was wondering about 40% if he was really too eager to kill Parker and comply and thus it was his alias but I figured it was a solid move.. if only he had just freakin TOLD ME it was his, and hadn't double targeted Nonput with me. Had he, I could've aimed for Tsuk's alias or even Daenym/lkk's and the game could have wound up completely different.
Really, the Vikings wanted Parker dead but if it was Tsuk I didn't want to hit some weird VIPER again or redirect and get screwed over.. thus I was content to let AG kill Parker.
I'm not sure who kidnapped him.. was that Daenym? seems like sort of a dumb move to kidnap someone who should be dying !_!

what really messed up my endgame plan was Tsuk not having all the items, but Daenym having a gd good chunk. I honestly thought I'd get a bunch of Lever clones, some rogues if they hadn't been used prior, the silencing item(s) and then the remaining persuades (I got LW (?)'s jewels) if Tsuk got lynched and would be in a very good position to kidnap, persuade, silence, etc. the MPs to lynch Daenym after we'd eliminated lkk that night.

sigh lol, and Daenym never had any intention of not lynching me.

what I don't get is if US was so mad the Vikings betrayed him, why didn't Tsuk ever talk to me to team up vs them?? I was obviously favoring the MPs and had worked to get the Vikings to lynch Sam, yes, but BT and HD dealt with them earlier
it should have been obvious I was barely doing anything early game, until the team started dying. I would have believed Sam was vindictive enough to want the Vikings dead for lynching him in an obviously-fake delayed persuasion edit and maybe Tsuk would have had a better shot as up to that point the MPs I don't believe were interested in working with him.. he could have had a better negotiating point with the Vikings in fewer numbers but me still alive.

Daenym turned out to be smarter than I'd thought though his priority up + the items he'd gained were so broken by that point I'm not sure much would have been gained except having killed his alias.
that was really sort of a bad move on his part.. I understand wanting to keep his alias secret but by that point in time did he genuinely think I wasn't very close to figuring out who everyone was?? lol
he honestly wasted a very crucial kill against either Tsuk or Daenym, both of whom had items of value I believe and needed their aliases dead by telling me to hit Nonput.. then also hitting him -_____-
I'd have preferred an MP win to Vikings as they cooperated with us and were good allies.. but AG apparently didn't trust me enough despite us having helped them and the only shady thing I did was tell them I could BG KE (I couldn't, the copy item that should've given me wick's BG was stolen)

I had no items until N10 when I scavenged the Herring, Jewels and Excalibur.. good items but all too late, oh and the Death Star off US that I'd gained from his lynch but that was a rogue.
everything got stolen by some prat x.x

in conclusion the items in this game were absolute rubbish.. the Viper is the stupidest item of all time, it should absolutely have had a 50% chance of killing the holder at the LEAST when used if not assuredly.
Quagsires never use items in your game again lol the Levers were broken being unlimited as well as the the fact if someone held a Lever clone AND thief item they could gain unlimited items especially if their team had prio up

old news but I still hate 2 village games
Step 1: Find someone influential in their faction
Step 2: Follow their orders
Step 3: PROFIT

GG nigs; also, STOP MAKING 2 VILLAGE GAMES FFS. Grow a pair and do multifaction proper.


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Oh yeah, I almost forgot another thing that pissed me off. We had an alias kill, which Quagsires didn't tell us about, so I decided to kill Terrador. Guess what, he didn't correct me, and didn't realize this mistake until after Terrador died, which wasted our kill. That and the King Emerald incident really annoyed me. But then again, with all of these actions and items, I guess it would be hard to keep track of all of it and not make a mistake. Eh, just wanted to get that out.

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