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It is with great sadness that I am announcing that I am stepping down as CAP moderator. CAP has been my home for the past five years and I have so many good memories of battling, building, and learning with the community here. Growing older and taking on new responsibilities and new adventures is a rewarding journey in its own right, but along the way there are often forks in the road and choices that have to be made. Mistakes are made, new successes form, and change effects all things. No one can ever stay planted in the same place forever, and now it is my time to leave CAP.

During my time here, CAP has been to me a huge source of creativity and community. I’ve met so many inspiring people here. I wish for the community to remain strong and to keep on fighting for what they want and for what they believe in. Many members of the CAP community are kids and young adults full of ambition. You guys deserve the world and I want you to do your best to keep whatever dreams you have glowing bright.

I will be finishing out the second season of CAP Survivor and I will still put all I have into that project. After that is finished, my involvement in CAP will be up in the air and decisions will be made when that time comes. It pains me to leave and I really wish I could have done better and have done more for you guys. I plan to stick around other parts of the site, probably mostly Circus Maximus. I still care about you guys a ton, so don’t be afraid to send me a message to talk about anything or to ask me a question or to just share a cool picture with me (shibes are the best c:).

I really don’t want my post here to be about me and I want the community and so many of the people that I have met and worked with over the years to take the spotlight here. I know that often hide messages are used to say personal goodbyes in posts such as this, but I cannot bear to hide my feelings within a tag and I want the many great people I’ve known through CAP to take recognition here out in the wide open. I know that I can’t leave without recognizing what you individuals have done to help the community (recognition that you have so often not received properly) and what you have done to enrich my life along the way. I wish there was so much more I could say in goodbye to each and every one of you and it cuts me to know that I can’t be as complete in my messages as what you guys deserve. To those that I’m forgetting to mention I am terribly, terribly sorry and I still thank you for sharing your time with me over these past five years. I also apologize in advance for typos since I’m running out of time and can’t proofread.

Animus Majulous You’ve been such a great friend over the years and you’ve done so much to help the CAP metagame community grow. You really helped the competitive aspects of our community emerge a lot, especially in the early Gen 6 days of CAP. You won a playtest and have participated in many CAP tournaments and competitions that I can’t even begin to count them. You were one of the best players of the Gen 6 era and I know you inspired so many others to keep participating in the CAP Ladder and in room tournaments just so that they could have a chance of going toe to toe with you in an intense battle. And I’m so glad I got to know and hang out with you as a person. I know you’re a very dedicated student and you’ve put forth amazing work into your piano practice. You’re an amazing person and I know you have a lot of heart and that you will succeed in life.
EpicUmbreon29 You’ve been around in the CAP PS room ever since I joined! You’ve always worked hard at everything you’ve done, both for the CAP community and outside of it. You’ve been a great room driver and I love the energy, excitement, appreciation, and kindness that you’ve shown to CAP and to me. You’re one of the nicest people that I know and I have so many fond memories, such as when you showed me your great drawing of your hand-Diglett or when you talked to me about considering to get a Sylveon shirt for your school’s Pink Shirt Day. You’ve always been very pleasant to talk with and work with and I think you’re doing a great job of carving out a good life for yourself; a life full of kindness.
heartofgold PepsiPlunge!!! You’ve always shown maturity and level headedness and you brought a very adult outlook to a younger community and helped everyone around you to be better people by being a great role model. You had fun with a game that you enjoyed and you shared that fun with everyone else. You were always smart and helpful, regularly practicing with other players when they needed to teamtest. Ever since you disappeared in the middle of CAPTT after telling me about going to surgery, the community has all missed you deeply. I’ve been really worried about you and I still think about you… I hope that whatever you’re doing that you’re okay. I loved talking to you about CAP and metal music!
sparktrain I still remember the day that you popped into the CAP room and asked if you could help with programming a roomintro and ended up helping me learn many new commands and HTML tricks along the way. You’ve always been a do-er and you worked on so many things for the community. You absolutely led the Gen 6 analyses writing efforts both as a great writer yourself and by offering amazing QC work. You’ve led so many things in the metagame subforum that I can’t even possibly name the all. You were a great friend and helped call me out when I needed to be called out and you always cared very deeply about the competitive community. You also opened up to me about many things in your life and I respect you so much for what you’ve gone through and for keeping on with everything. I really, really wanted to talk to you about lifey stuff again in this last season of circus survivor but I was scared to because I thought it could just be read as a shady game move when everything you’ve done for CAP and for me has been worth so, so much more than just a game :’c
Ria You’ve been a very chill but dedicated CAP room mod and I appreciate all of the hard work you’ve done. Your activity is very impressive and I’m always pleased to see you try your best and to compete with the best while doing so. I know you love the community and your presence has put countless smiles on my face. You were a great asset to the Molluxes and I’ve been thoroughly impressed with your drive, resolve, and dedication. You’re always respectful, you ask questions when you don’t know the answer, and I’m very glad to have met you. You're a CAPper from the REALLY old days and I'm glad you come back and shared some of your time with me.
hendrix96 HENNY OH MY GOODNESS HEN! I had so much fun working with you at Fuji Labs as we built some of the greatest Labmons ever made! Your energy has always been electrifying and palpable and you always lit up my day whenever you’d log online after being gone so long. I know that you’re a very dedicated researcher in your field of psychology and I’ve enjoyed talking to you about your many projects. Your CAP metagame videos have been so entertaining to watch and I think it’s safe to say that many members of the community have fallen in love with your sweet hats. You’re one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met and I hope that your studies, your running, and everything else in your life are going wonderfully. I will always and forever be interested in talking to you whenever you have a spare minute! Keep up the great work, you’re going to go far!
Youngster Mewking Mewkin!!! You’ve been a part of the CAP PS room for a LONG time and have stayed dedicated through and through. I think you’ve matured a lot during your time here and it was very rewarding to watch you grow up. You were always super friendly to me, willing to battle and test with people and join room tournaments constantly. You’ve meant a huge amount to me and I wish you the best in life. Take care and don’t be afraid to shoot me a message if you want to! Thanks for helping the CAP PS room stay lively!
Elite Lord Sigma ELS! Good acronyms always come in threes! You were a great room driver and I appreciate the calm and collected attitude that you brought to the CAP room. You were always fun to battle with and a great sport. You worked hard and wanted to benefit the community with your effort.
snake_rattler Dun step on the snek! Your puns have always kept the CAP room in good spirits and you’ve been a pleasure to work with on so many CAP projects. You were a dedicated TL and you worked very well with your team. QC work, VR work, writing analyses, participating in CAP metagame forum projects… you’ve done it all. You’re a great person in this community! I wish you luck running QC work from now on and I know you’re capable of many great things!
Tadasuke Dadasuke! Back when we were both starting out, you were the bad cop to my good cop, the dad to my mom and when you first left I had to struggle to learn to become a dadmom. I know we got into a disagreement but the truth is I do still care about you and I couldn’t bear not to list you here. I always enjoyed talking to you about music, even though our tastes ended up differing quite a lot. You have a lot of passion, which came off as stubbornness at times but I know at the end of the day you were a good person and that you cared a lot. You certainly were a no-nonsense moderator and your diligent eyes helped spot many troublemakers. The dedication you put into your tasks was always impressive and I am glad I got to know you a little bit during the times when you opened up to me about happenings in your life.
gday One of the best aussies to ever live! You were always the most respectful battler and had the greatest sense of honor out of anyone that I knew, putting honor and the highest level of sportmanship above any game or any match. Your ladder topping always encouraged others to compete with you and you always kept the best attitude even when facing the most ridiculous situations. You opened up to me about your university life and a little bit about your family life and I’ve always tried to keep you in mind and cheer for you through whatever obstacle… You were a great friend, a great mod, and you had the aura about you that just made everyone else want to act a little bit nicer to each other.
NitrousAcid You were a great competitor and I’m glad to have had you on my team in CAPTT! Your big brother gday is one of the greatest people I know and I know you’ve learned many things from him. With him as your mentor you really can’t go wrong! You have an amazing Landog, too : )
Empress Snoey! You always had so much bubbly energy and a desire to please others across smogon! You worked hard and persevered through very tough situations, always doing your best and regularly asking for advice when you needed it. I think that the time when I knew you, you were trying to please others too much and I’m very happy for you that it seems like you have now been working on doing what you want to do for yourself. You’ve grown a lot over your time on this site and I’m very glad I met you!
Ununhexium Great username for a great, chill dude. You were always a fun guy to have around and I want to thank you for livening up the room back in the Gen 6 days. You were one of the first PS CAP room cappers to try to make an impact on the main process forums and I thank you for all your efforts!
Granny Pie I’m very glad that I got to know you more through the first season of CAP survivor! You definitely developed into a compelling character. Throughout CAP you’ve always tried hard and kept the fun and joy in everything you’ve done. Thanks for all your help with your writing and your creativity. Keep up the good work and good luck!
Kingriolu Vulpix Mayhem you are the great Mega Pidgeot master of the world! You’ve done a lot for the CAP room and I think you’re a way better battler than what you give yourself credit for. I hope everything in life is going well for you : )
StellaCAP Verrucosity! You’ve always been such a pleasure to talk to and your participation in the CAP room meant so much to me. Thanks for being a great friend and talking to me and I wish you the best in whatever life has in store for you. You’ve been a great asset to the community!
Lyren Solaris Fox! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done with Art2D2 and the commands you made for the CAP room. You’ve always been extremely helpful and kind and your work has always been impressive. You’re amazing and I wish I got to talk to you more!
Exclaimer !!! !!! !!! I have many good memories of talking to you (lol, irc seems so old now). Thanks for putting up with me and you did so much to energize the CAPpers around you. Thanks for being so involved for as long as you were and if you’re still ASBing I hope you’re having lots of fun. You’ve shared a lot with us and I respect you so much and wish you the best with life. If you ever wanna chat with me to catch up and fill me in on what’s new, please don’t be a stranger!
GiantWhirlpool Tiny! Thanks for being such a huge personality. You excelled at the CAP metagame, won a playtest, and inspired so many others to compete at a high level. Thanks for sharing pieces of your life with me and I hope life is being the best that it can possibly be for you!
BreloomMyHomie Techsupportbreloom HonorRole So many cool names for such a great contributor! You were a great CAPTT player and were always willing to help out your fellow CAPpers. Thanks for always being such a respectful person and I wish you the best!
QueenOfLuvdiscs You were another one of the big characters in the room during the Gen6 days and I’m sure your charm worked its way across many of the players. You worked hard to contribute to discussions and were willing to help out with the CAP metagame forum in a variety of ways. Thanks so much for your service to the community!
Jack Ferry Subby! Thanks for being a hard worker. You brightened my day many times and I know you’ve left for a while now but I still need to acknowledge you as a great chat participant and a friendly face! I hope all is well with you!

Rat With Wings Rat!!! Thanks for always being a good sport. You are a great friend and I have so much respect for your commitment to the community at various levels. You’re always in the thick of the CAP metagame’s competitive learning process and you help set trends and your creativity is infectious to others. Thanks so much for everything you do and you’re great : D
Frat Dude Fratty! Your positive energy has always been something I’ve enjoyed! You’ve been rambunctious at times and maybe even a bit hard to handle in rare moments but you’ve never given up and you’ve always kept trying to benefit the community. Thanks for your upbeat attitude and for bringing lots of fun to the CAP ps room!
Broken Phobias BP! Thanks for keeping up a positive attitude, talking and contributing to room discussions, and being an active, chill dude. You’ve helped the CAP PS room stay exciting!
ItzViper482 vooper! Obviously we still will be seeing each other, but I still want to thank you for your efforts in developing CAPLC. Your work in front and behind the scenes in getting things rolling for the tier has been great and thanks for your willingness to try new stuff and bring your LC knowledge to the CAP community.
JigglykongisFUM16 Jiggly! You were a long time contributor and a longtime friend. Don’t be afraid to be anyone but yourself and I wish you the best : D I would love to chat and catch up some time if you’re ever around.
KhosroTheGreat Khosro! You used to be an extremely active and friendly face in the CAP room. You were brave to start venturing out into the forums and I admired your desire to help out. Thanks for being a cool person in the room!
Swede Swedish Biscuit! Thanks for spending a lot of time in the CAP room during the gen6 days! I hope you’re doing well!
Drapionswing Drap I On Swing! Thanks for being such a responsible host and for staying calm and handling tough situations better than most others could have possibly done. Usually you’re quite level headed and know what to do in order to make things work and I thank you for all the effort you’ve put into this community.
tamas Tamas the Paras! You were always fun to have around and to talk to. I hope life’s treating you better and you definitely have given me many happy memories. Keep on keepin’ on : )
Drew Drew, the CAP LC and CAP prevo workhorse! Your dedication to the new CAPLC stuff has been unmatched and I’m super glad that you worked so hard and that you were my friend. You’ve been great in many areas outside of CAP and I thank you for bringing your work ethic to our community as well.
sam-testings Sammy! You’ve been another instrumental force behind CAP LC. Thanks for caring so much about every community you’ve joined on Smogon and I’ve really enjoyed talking with you.
Jox Jox, here, take a banana! Your LC vids are amazing and you have such charm and personality and drive and I’m so glad you shared that with us CAPpers. You worked hard and provided great teambuilding for CAPLC. Super cool guy!
DetroitLolcat DLC! You’ve always strived to play hard and be a helpful asset to the community. You were the TL of the first CAP that I participated in and you handled that role with such dignity that I’m still glad to have been a part of it. You’re a cool sports loving dude and I’m glad you gave the CAP PS room some of your time and you were one of the first CAP mods to give the PS community a chance. Also, you have good taste in pizza!
Marjane You’re a true fighter and I thank you for all of your convictions! I’m super glad that I got to watch you perform and grow in the first season of CAP survivor and I’m so thankful that you’ve been such an active member of the community ever since then. Your effort in writing analyses, playing in tournaments, and talking to people in the CAP room truly deserves to be recognized. You deserve so much and I hope the community learns a lot from you and that you continue to make the community a better place for everyone, especially a better place for the CAP metagamers.
Mova I’m so impressed with all of your enthusiasm and effort you’ve put into the community! I’ve watched you grow into a true artist and I’m so glad that over the years you’ve come out of your shell and started participating in many different aspects of CAP. You’re always super nice and a pleasure to talk to : )
PD PeeDee is the machine, the well-oiled, meme producing, battling hero of 2017. It was such a pleasure to talk to you and your energy might have been rambunctious at times but you did a good job of reeling it, staying upbeat, and helping everyone around you to just have fun. You’re one of my greatest friends here and I’m so glad that you gave the CAP metagame and CAPLC a chance. You’ve participated in many CAP events and I’m so blessed to have been able to work with you : D You’re my brother!
Bughouse Yo srknumbers! I never really got to talk to you much, but as a newcomer I always respected your posts and you were one of my early role models. I wish I could have gotten to know you better and if you ever want to talk I’d be more than willing to. Cheers and thanks for working so hard and being a smart voice in CAP!
Stratos Other things aside, you stepped into a very difficult spot during CAP19 and you worked hard to deal with a very, very, very difficult concept. I appreciate all of your effort and all of the work you’ve put into the community and I don’t think it has been properly recognized. Some mistakes might have been made along the way, but your high notes were really really high and you deserve credit for them.
Nido-Rus Thanks for trying CAP Doubles out in CAPTT! I know you popped into the CAP room a little bit ago and was disappointed in the lack of attention that CAP Doubles has received. The truth is it hasn’t been really supported well… We got some very enthused go-getters for CAPTT, but I wish I could have done more to support you guys when that tournament was over. Thanks for putting so much hard word into such a little tier : )
Yellow Paint You’re another great person coming to CAPTT for CAP Doubles. Thanks for always trying hard and fighting with honor for your teams. Again, I wish I could have done more for CAP Doubles and I thank you for everything that you’ve put into it.
Silverwhiteblue same as above for the other two. Really I wish I could have gotten to know you doubles guys better and have done more for you. Thanks for trying something new and working hard!
Wobbleleez Hey! You’ve been a lurker in the CAP PS room for a very long time now and I’m so glad to see you starting to be more outgoing and adventurous within the community. I wish you the best!
Airwind Airwin, Airwin, Airwin… you’re a true winner and I’m very happy to have met you and seen all of your positive energy in action! You’ve been a great person to work with and I’m so glad to see you start participating more on the forums in the past year. I don’t want you to ever feel like you can’t do something for the community just because English isn’t your first language. You’ve worked so hard and I know you can overcome anything.
Jho You’re another user who is rambunctious at times but overall I know you have a good heart. You make the community fun for your friends and I know you’re genuinely invested in improving the level of competitiveness in the CAP metagame.
KKirby Your enthusiasm for CAP is impressive and it’s nice to see users such as yourself taking the time to ladder to help improve its quality! Thanks for sharing your cool ideas with me and I appreciate your activity and your patience even during high energy moments. I hope you keep on striving forward and I wish you the best in everything you do : )
Snorlax in the way snorly! Please don’t get into too much trouble while I’m gone and I hope you remain on your best behavior. You’ve always tried really hard for the community. I hope you keep in mind to have fun and to share with your friends and I believe you can help make the community grow and become stronger! You’ve got a lot of potential and I thank you for sharing parts of your inner psyche with my during CAP survivor. Don’t feel the need to scramble too much and continue to have fun, make friends, and respect the community!
Take Azelfie Thanks for trying to go out of your comfort zone and help the community with metagame projects! Your willingness to help has inspired more to take initiative as well. Don’t give up for making mistakes and I know that you always want to help the community. You’ve proven yourself in many respects along the way and I wish you the best as you continue your journey!
DJTHED DJ GOD! Thanks for putting SO much work into the CAP 3D modeling project with your rendering expertise. You’ve helped CAP’s professionalism reach new heights with your hard work, dedication, and willingness to help others learn complicated new skills. You were always a very positive presence in the PS CAP room and I hope that life is treating you well. You have the skills to pay the bills!
QxC4eva Your dedication, your research, and your resolve are truly admirable! I sincerely thank you for all of the very hard work you’ve put into CAP through your involvement in PRC and the CAP 3D modeling project. Your skills and work ethic are very admirable and you’ve done many things to help the community grow.
KrazyCake You’ve been an active CAPper and a great person to talk to! I appreciate all of the discussion that you’ve contributed to and all of the chats you’ve had with other cappers and your involvement in a very wide variety of CAP related projects and endeavors. Thank you!
Sunfished holy crap, sungod, asiansunbrogod, Tsunfished, smolsun!!! You were such an amazing friend and I love you so much! I respect and cherish all of your many creative endeavors and I know that you have the talent and resolve to do everything and anything that you want to do in life! Your work on your fakemon server has been incredibly impressive and you really helped bridge the art room community with the CAP room community. I’m completely honored to have met you and I’m so happy I was able to be of assistance in setting up your fakemon server and getting sprites to work. Your fakemons + the artroom fakedex on your server housed some of the most creative mons I’ve ever seen and in many ways your work and polish has achieved results that CAP only wishes it can reach. Oh god, this message is making me cry again after I was just taking a break. Sungod!!! You’re such an amazing person, you were always helpful to other users during the art stages. Your dedication to run the second post art dump in the submission thread was truly honorable and you’re one of the most selfless people I know. I love you so much! Reach out and grab the whole flipping planet because you deserve everything and anything and I know you have the ethics to accomplish anything you ever want to accomplish in life. You’re quirky and nice and so dedicated to everything you do.
Ignus Ignus! You and I never talked much, but I always enjoyed looking at your great avatars and reading your many great posts! You put a lot of care and effort towards all of your contributions and I thank you for what you’ve done!
Da Pizza Man thanks for all the pizzas and for showing your warmth to the PS CAP room!
FlareTheKid [wow intensifies] !!! Thanks so much for contributing your input in the PS CAP room during the gen6 days : )
Fiend Fren hound! I know you weren’t that involved in CAP but you dabbled here and there with the community and I thank you so much for giving us a chance! I hope you’re doing well c:
Yilx Your quirky images have always added a great spirit to the community that has made everything more fun for everyone involved here in CAP. I think many of us are infatuated with your talent and I’m so proud that CAP has attracted such professional artists such as yourself. We haven’t interacted much one on one, but I want you to know that you’ve made me smile and laugh so many times. You are a one of a kind member of the CAP community. I know some certain events might have been stressful for you, but from what I could see you usually put your best foot forward and you’ve stayed committed. Thank you so much for all you have done!
Okamu Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with me during the first season of CAP Survivor! You were always so helpful and nice and I’m so glad that you decided to stick with the community and help it grow after Survivor. You’ve been a great presence and it has warmed my heart seeing all of the things you’ve done for the CAP PS room.
Redwolf Ack!!! Come back! Thanks for much for your participating in Fuji Labs and CAP during gen6!
Heaven Jay Jaaaaaaaaaay! You’ve been a longtime presence in the CAP room and I know that you’ve cared deeply about the competitive level of the metagame. Thanks so much for your laddering and your absolutely staggering participation in so many of the metgame subforum’s events. You’ve worked hard, played hard, and have led others to try their best as you helped raise the CAP metagame’s competitive standards.
mxmts miximints! You’ve been a great contributor in many things CAP and I thank you for your continued dedication across the community. You’re a skilled battler and a team player. Thanks so much for your activity in the CAP PS room and I wish you the best!

Zomg there’s so many more people, I’m so sorry that I can’t even do justice in this post. Please forgive me everyone as I really wish I could have said more x.x

To everyone above and to so much more, YOU guys are what makes the community so great. You’ve been at the ground floor, putting in the work, doing the heavy lifting. Don’t be afraid to use your voices, don’t be afraid to step up and lead in new roles!


Like ships in the night, you're passing me by
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I will always like anyone who's old enough to remember the srknumbers days. I welcome you in your transition to old fuddy-duddy with gray badges.


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We're going to miss you Heal. Good luck with future projects, and may the shibs be forever with you.

Aww fuck man even like this legends post.

I hope to see you around m8 even though you are leaving. I'll miss you buddy!


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Before you go, you have to answer my question ;;

How many heals can you deal

I'll miss you, and good luck on your future endeavors
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I want to say thank you for all the work you put here and most important to be a great person you really help me with break my diffidence in this type of project I haven't participate in something with this level of english and it was really nice. You are really smart gl in yours future projects. Thanks
Dear HeaLnDeaL,
Thank you.
I've only been around CAP for a bit over a year now, and I already have so many fond memories of your presence.
Thank you for giving me my first link to the CAP homepage. It's grown into so much more than I ever thought. Honestly, I can attribute my whole Smogon presence to you and that link. You turned Granny Pie into my persona, instead of just another alt to Mrfatface. Thank you for welcoming me into your world.
Thank you for setting the best example a Room Owner could set. You're approachable, trustworthy, respectful and respectable, and friendly, while also knowing when it's time to take a step back.
You're always there, encouraging people, leading discussions, advising us, and just having fun. You're the epitome of a great Leader. Thank you for making CAP fun.
Thank you for being involved. CAP is more than just a metagame, and you took that in stride, organizing events, tournaments, and processes. You accepted help, and deferred to others when the times came. Most notably, I thank you for Survivor last season, the event that truly brought me into this community and attached me to it. I won't forget Marjane and I cheering each other on, me wondering what was up with PenQuin, Laxy's refusal to join Discord, and Jas's inability to talk to girls. You gave me hope, faith in my own abilities here, and crafted a beautiful story for us to tell. Thank you.
HeaL, you brought much of this community together under your wing, and I thank you for it. You made CAP fun, respectable, and interesting. I think I speak for us all when I say "We're grateful for you, and everything you've done. We'll miss you, but we hope to see you soon, and see you often."
Granny Pie, and all your CAPpers

nah tho goodbye fren. You shall be missed (seriously though how many HeaLs can you Deal.)

wait so is there a new opening for moderator >_>
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It's going to definitely be a whole different atmosphere with you gone Heal, you will be missed definitely.

I hope that whatever you have planned for the future follows through and that one day we do see a return. One filled with HealsNDeals.
heaaaal noooo :( i also should have given yall more time to get to know, too.. captt was a pleasure and a great memory to have..heck , look at my status ! stay in touch though eh, you have to pm me whenever you feel like it >.<
Oh Heal, how we've fought in the past. Whether it be creative differences or you just setting me straight. We've butted heads on more than one occasion. And I won't lie, I figured it'd be me leaving, how our paths ended, didn't think you'd be the one to talk away from it. It's a shame these differences kept us at each others throats for so long, and I do regret not being able to fix my relationship with you before you left. It saddens me to see you leave, the end of an era.

Sad power ballad
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May have had a rocky relationship but still this calls for a departure haiku:

Oh Heal-And-Deal, Friend
Remember how we bickered?
Sad to see you go.

Snors cutting onions in our kitchen i swear its not me


We have the technology.
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Thanks for all you have contributed to CAP, HeaL. Your presence has been a large part of the success we've had, particularly with the CAP Metagame forum. I hope that CAP Metagame players and regulars can look at the activities and events that HeaL initiated and continue to provide those experiences. Your innovation and excitement for the CAP Metagame has made a strong foundation for the community to continue to grow.

Don't be a stranger round these parts!


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Man, it's sad to see you step down. I hope you still hang around here once in a while, you're a great guy and I'm happy to know you. If you're ever in the area (I live back where I used to again), hit me up and we can grab pizza again! :)
In the spirit of Alola:

Heal, you've been such an absolute joy and an amazing friend. In addition to the bestest shib lover you've put so much amazing work into this project and I'm torn to see you go. We love you so much and wish you all the amazing stuff you deserve!


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wow it's been that long already ;;

Whether the friendly art competitions we had or helping me get informed with the CAP process when I first joined, you were definitely a big part of my time on showdown. It's sad seeing you go, but it's an eventual fate we all have to bear with eventually. Whatever you're planning to pursue, all I wish is that you're happy and successful in it!
gonna be honest we probably wouldn't be friends if I told you what I was up nowadays heal

Anyway. Have a good one man. CAP did well with you running the show.

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