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sup geodudes
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I'm stepping down from LC TL. I've been thinking about this for awhile and I just don't have the drive anymore.

shout outs

Quote - one of my best friends and co tl,
blarajan - one of my best friends and former tl, helped make lc as popular as it is
Matthew - helped bring lc to smogon
@v - one of the first lc tls and amazing guy
Heysup - last of the dppers
Ray Jay - nice guy and good tl during bw even though i hated it
Rowan - former tl during xy and was my co tl, great stand up guy
Coconut - good friend, sorry if i piss you off
tahu - good friend, legos are the best
Mambo - we arent really friends anymore but i still look back at the memories of the lc group on skype and mmm and smile
fuck ps staff
Shrug - good friend, we will take down capitalism one day
tcr - even though we aren't friends, i enjoyed our friendship during early xy
Vileman - you're mexican
Caledrith - don't cuddle your cousin
Jac - you're a big gay but if i was gay, ;)
Nineage - you're cool for someone that never htmls my website
great sage- for always believing in me
mingot - you let me take over the articles and letters and had faith in me
Artemisa - i am your father

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Not open for further replies.

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