Stepping Stones (And Spikes) - A guide to Little Cup Entry Hazards

Stepping Stones(And Spikes) - A Guide to Little Cup Entry Hazards

1.What are Hazards?
4.Magic Bouncers
6.Spin Blockers
7.Fitting all this on your team
8.In Short

What are Hazards

For those new to competetive battling, Hazards damage opponent's pokemon every time they switch in. Also, if the particular hazard is super effective (Like a Pidgey coming in on Stealth rocks) then the damage is calculated in. If its a resisted type (Like Ferroseed) then its also calculated in. The statistics go: 6% Damage taken if its a resist, 12% if its not a resist nor a weakness, 25% if its a weakness, and 50% if its a four times weakness, also its importaint to note that the incoming pokemon will take the damage will not calculate the remaining HP. So lets say rocks are up, and trainer Ash sends out a pidgey at 15% HP. Since pidgey is weak to rock, its R.I.P. for pidgey This is very importaint in a game where you have to decide to make a switch or to stay in and take that earthquake. There are three types of hazards, Stealth Rock, Spikes, and Toxic Spikes. In general Stealth Rocks are considered the best by most players becuse of its great type coverage and only needs to be set up once. Spikes is second popular due to it having to be set up 3 times to reach its maximum damage and Toxic Spikes is the least due to it doing no damage whatsoever only poisoning the oposing poke and also, if a poison type goes on the field then all toxic spike on that side are eliminated. So now that we have a sense what they are, who sets them up?


There is a plethora of setters in the LC tier, many of them preforming very different roles.

Stealth Rock Setters

Stats: HP 45/ Atk 95/ Def 50/ SpA 40/ SpD 50/ Spe 75/ BST 355
Anorith is a very versitile pokemon. Setting up Stealth Rocks while laying out a beating is pretty cool for whats Anorith is worth. With a high base 95 Attack, and great base 75 Speed with Swift Swim, Anorith can fill either a Speedy support role or a 3 Attack role. It could also use Damp Rock, Rain Dance with Stealth Rocks, but honestly, its a little too much.

Stats: HP 50/ Atk 70/ Def 100/ SpA 40/ SpD 40/ Spe 30/ BST 330
Aron is a very good Stealth Rocker, albeit underated. With eviolite, its defences skyrocket into nothing short of insane. Aron Defence Dwarfs things like Sandshrew, Bronzor, and lillep. While having a great defence, its Special Defence is a little on the dissipointing side. It also has very low speed which makes it pretty decent under trick-room. And watch out for mienfoo, drilbut, and Sandshrew under sand, its not a pretty sight

One of the most loved SR setters since 2005

Fast is the name of the game.

Another fan favorite for best SR setter in the game

A sash set would be nice for an underated SR setter

A very good hazard setter with Sturdy + Oran/Salac berry

Lets give it up for the poke with a broken ability

Another great hazard setter in LC

The support variant really brings out SR's shine on this camel

Believe it or not, but piplup can get pretty bulky

After it was descovered that drilbur had access to Stealth rock in BW2 via move tutors, it was never seen the same way again

Nobody likes Sandshrew

Good thing vulpix was banned


These descriptions are NOT final. They are just outlines.
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