Pet Mod Stereotypes - Slate 3: Psychic, Dark, Fighting

And voting's closed!

For our Grass type, A Golden Waddle Dee wins with Prairett...
Name: Prairret (Prairie + Ferret)
Abilities: Overgrow / Poison Heal

Stats: 85 / 105 / 100 / 65 / 75 / 100 (530 BST)
Relevant Moves:
Learns Universal TMs
- Body Press, Brick Break, Crunch, Darkest Lariat, Double-Edge, Dragon Claw, Dragon Tail, Drill Run, Endeavor, Focus Punch, Gunk Shot, Iron Head, Play Rough, Power Whip, Psychic Fangs, Quick Attack, Sucker Punch, Super Fang, Superpower, Throat Chop, U-Turn, Zen Headbutt
- Dark Pulse, Focus Blast, Hyper Voice, Scorching Sands, Shadow Ball, Weather Ball
- Agility, Aromatherapy, Baton Pass, Coil, Encore, Hone Claws, Leech Seed, Nasty Plot, Synthesis, Taunt, Yawn

Flavor Moves:
- Body Slam, Bullet Seed, Double-Edge, Facade, Grassy Glide, Knock Off, Nuzzle, Razor Leaf, Seed Bomb, Tackle
- Absorb, Energy Ball, Giga Drain, Grass Knot, Leaf Storm, Magical Leaf, Mega Drain, Sludge Bomb, Solar Beam
- Curse, Growth, Light Screen, Reflect, Light Screen, Safeguard, Sunny Day, Sweet Scent, Swords Dance
Description: Just your average Poison Heal mon. Thanks to it's decent bulk and decent defensive typing, it can viably run a Sub SD / Coil Set, or if you wish, a utility set! It can also cripple it's opponents by using Switcheroo to give them a Toxic Orb (Switcheroo was removed) and it can also be a pretty nice pivot thanks to U-Turn. Overall, a quite good physical wallbreaker that can blow holes in a team if given the opportunity to set-up.
Weight: 35.5 kg
For Fire, DuoM2 wins with Vultape
Name: Fluxtape (my fire mixtape)
Ability: Flame Body / Competitive / Flash Fire
Typing: Fire
Stats: 60/89/50/115/60/126 (500)
Weight: 0.2 kg
Relevant Moves: Fire Blast, Flamethrower, U-Turn, Earth Power, Focus Blast, Rapid Spin, Will-o-Wisp, Thunder Wave, Lava Plume, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance, Flare Blitz, Earthquake, Hyper Voice
Flavor Moves: Will be added if this sub wins
Description: Fast, utility-oriented pivot. Kinda modeled this after OU Dragapult where you have enough of an offensive presence to be threatening and can use that to spread status if they need to. Competitive is also a pretty great fit for a mon like this in a way that hasn't really been explored yet, as the offensive teams this would likely fit on would really be able to use the Defog deterrent. I also wanted this to kind of define a speed benchmark early on. If it wasn't obvious, Knock Off kinda ruins this Pokemon unless they can keep up hazard control.
And finally, for Water, Mossy Sandwich wins with Cetaidon!

Name: Cetaidon
Ability: Torrent/(Water Veil)
Typing: Water
Stats: 110/125/85/80/80/50 (530 BST)
Weight: 371,1 kgs
Relevant Moves: Aqua Jet, Earthquake, Flip Turn, Ice Fang, Ice Beam, Icicle Spear, Liquidation, Roar, Scald, Swords Dance, Waterfall, Water Spout, All Universal TMs
Flavor Moves: Aqua Ring, Aqua Tail, Blizzard, Bite, Body Slam, Body Press, Crunch, Dive, Double-Edge, Giga Impact, Heavy Slam, Hydro Cannon, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Life Dew, Rain Dance, Rock Slide, Smart Strike, Soak, Surf, Tackle, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Water Pledge, Whirlpool, Work Up
Description: Cetaidon is a Killer Whale wearing golden armor with a tail shaped like a trident. Thanks to its resistances to fire and water as well as Water Veil, it can easily switch-into pokemons trying to spread burns, notably defensive water types. Its good overall bulk can also let it switch-in on other attacks, though it might not take neutral hits well with hazards up or after some chip. Once it has switched in, it can make use of its Choice Band or Swords Dance sets. Choice Band is pretty straight-forward. It uses powerful Flip Turns to keep up momentum and chip the switch-in, letting Cetaidon's faster but less powerful teammates finish the job. If it predicts right, it can also slam the switch very hard thanks to its brutal power. Its Swords Dance sets can set-up very easily thanks to Cetaidon's good bulk and make use of powerful Aqua Jets to bring down the opponent's offensive mons or even more powerful Liquidations to break through defensive pokemons. Overall, Cetaidon is a tank that can switch-in very easily, especially against bulky water or fire types.
Please discuss the winners! As a side note, next slate's typings will be Steel, Fairy and Dragon, but i ask that you refrain from posting your submissions here until the slate actually starts.
My (probably bad) opinions on the winners:

Prairret: oh god poison heal... To be honest this thing seems like grass type gliscor, which is by no means a bad thing. Good movepool and stats, a phenomenal ability, but a mediocre typing. Seems balanced to me, but it may be unhealthy for the metagame in the long run.

Cetaidon: A very nice water type with nice bulk and good attack, however it was created seemingly to counter an archetype that doesn't exist yet, in burn spreaders. However, it looks like it can also function as a powerful wallbreaker and oh god why did you give something with 50 base speed and 125 base attack swords dance and aqua jet? At least it doesn't have technician, good god.

Fluxtape: Can't really tell what it's supposed to do, but its blistering speed, high utility, and high special attack will probably let it do whatever its supposed to do easily.

Stereotypes is shaping up to be a really fun pet mod, and I can't wait to see what people submit for the next slate! Poison heal this early still worries me though...
The speed tiers are set
Fluxtape (126)
Prairret (100)
Cetaidon (50)
I might do this every discussion slate


Prairett has a TON of utility with one of the best abilities in the game. Knock off, U-Turn, Nuzzle, Taunt and Dragon Tail can let it be a very nice utility pivot. It can also run setup sets that abuse Swords Dance and a powered up Facade. One of the nastiest set will probably be subseed. With pheal and leech seed, it will recover a ton of health, enough to make another substitute, probably. This means you'll likely have to break the sub with a slow u-turn or a multi-hit move. There's a ton to say about this mon but these are the main 3 sets that I see at a first glance.

I already talked about Cetaidon's potential sets in my post so I don't have much to say. It does match up decently well against Prairett because Icicle Spear can do a lot and Prairett honestly doesn't want to run a stab move most of the time.

Fluxtape is really frail. It's the fastest pokemon in the meta at the moment, it hits quite hard and it has very good coverage so it will be a threat whenever it gets on the field. It will be difficult to get on the field safely but is it worth the hassle? We'll see when the metagame develops.


Funky Kong for Smash
is a Pre-Contributor

Aura Sphere, Body Slam, Charge Beam, Confide, Covet, Curse, Double Team, Double-Edge, Dragon Breath, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Earthquake, Echoed Voice, Ember, Endure, Facade, Fire Blast, Fire Spin, Flame Charge, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Fling, Focus Blast, Frustration, Giga Impact, Headbutt, Heat Wave, Helping Hand, Hidden Power, Hyper Beam, Hyper Voice, Incinerate, Lava Plume, Leer, Metal Sound, Mimic, Mud-Slap, Noble Roar, Overheat, Protect, Rapid Spin, Rest, Return, Roar, Rock Smash, Round, Secret Power, Shock Wave, Sleep Talk, Snore, Solar Beam, Strength, Substitute, Sunny Day, Swagger, Swift, Thief, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Toxic, Uproar, U-Turn, Will-o-Wisp, Work Up

Fun little tidbit but after turn 1 all three of our subs are immune to burn. Here's some sample sets.

Prairret @ Toxic Orb
Ability: Poison Heal
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Power Whip
- Drill Run / Superpower
- Gunk Shot / U-Turn / Facade
- Swords Dance

The one thing I wish is that this sub didn't have so much random coverage, but here's this. You can hit basically everything at least neutrally and Poison Heal gives you a lot of easy setup. First coverage move is for Steels depending on what ends up being good, second is for Grasses. This thing will probably be deceptively strong thanks to how strong Power Whip is, although the lack of a boosting item might hurt at least a little bit.

Prairret @ Toxic Orb
Ability: Poison Heal
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Impish Nature
- Power Whip
- Synthesis
- Taunt / Nuzzle
- U-turn / Nuzzle

Stallbreaker. You could probably run SpDef, and I could see there being sets that run Speed investment depending on what the meta calls for. Nuzzle is an option if you want that over Taunt or pivoting. I could add more sets for this mon but I think the only potentially notable one is SubCoil.

Fluxtape @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Competitive
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Fire Blast / Lava Plume
- U-turn
- Earth Power / Focus Blast
- Rapid Spin / Thunder Wave / Will-o-Wisp

This is probably going to be by far the best set but it has a lot of options. Lava Plume can be given over Fire Blast but the cut in power is severe enough to the point where I don't know if I'd do it, Focus Blast versus Earth Power depends on the meta, and the last slot is a utility move. I don't know if this would be the team's sole Rapid Spin abuser since it's so frail and weak to hazards without Boots, but it's there.

Cetaidon @ Life Orb
Ability: Water Veil
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Waterfall
- Swords Dance
- Aqua Jet
- Earthquake / Icicle Spear

Being so resistant to Scald without Poison Heal is really cool for a mon like this. Anyways, ironically enough for a whale, you have a pretty shallow movepool for a Swords Dance set so these are really your only options aside from possibly Substitute somewhere. Water/Ground coverage is pretty good but Icicle Spear is there for Grasses. I could also see there being a more fringe Choice Band set with Flip Turn over Swords Dance, but Water STAB really isn't that good to be locked into so I'm not sure.

Anyways, I've made a spreadsheet with all of the winning subs. Took the formatting near directly from Restrictions. It's pretty barren right now, only really has a Pokemon tab and a copy of that Pokemon tab but with a SS2PD-friendly formatting.
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Thoughts time.


Really versatile mon. Gets a lot of coverage and Swords Dance for offensive sets, and has a lot of cool moves for defensive ones. Nuzzle is very cool.

Cetaidon: Right now it's specific niche isn't needed as all mons absorb burns well, but it'll definitly be useful later on, and it's a really solid Bulky Offense mon.

I love fast pivots so i approve.

Overall great slate.
Name: Jestige (Jester + Prestige)
Ability: Magician / Own Tempo / Prankster
Typing: Fairy
Stats: 90 / 82 / 93 / 84 / 102 / 67 (BST: 518)
Weight: 15.7 kg
Relevant Moves: Taunt, Trick, Reflect, Encore, Light Screen, Wish, Parting Shot, Moonblast, Toxic, Thunder Wave, Psychic, Healing Wish
Flavor Moves: Protect, Rest, Round, Snore, Substitute, Facade, Sleep Talk, Endure, Confide, Dazzling Gleam, Swagger, Attract, Double Team, Draining Kiss, Helping Hand, Sunny Day, Charm, Safeguard, Covet, Play Rough, Rain Dance, Psych Up, Hyper Beam, Calm Mind, Misty Terrain, Flash, Magic Coat, Fling, Dream Eater, Shadow Ball, Telekinesis, Echoed Voice, Stored Power, Fake Tears, After You, Ally Switch, Wonder Room, Body Slam, Heal Bell, Thief, Last Resort, Hyper Voice, Mimic, Misty Explosion, Work Up
Description: Jestige is a utility-focused Prankster user with good bulk and an array of useful status moves. Although its status moves cannot affect Dark types, it doesn't particularly need to worry about that, due to being Fairy type. There's not much more to say here, to be honest. It's highly versatile, albeit extremely passive, being able to run dual screens, a generic utility pivot set, or a set focused on Tricking a Choice item onto another pokemon.
Jestige @ Leftovers
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spd
Calm Nature
- Moonblast
- Protect
- Parting Shot
- Wish

Jestige @ Light Clay
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spd
Calm Nature
- Reflect
- Light Screen
- Parting Shot
- Moonblast

Jestige @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spd
Calm Nature
- Trick
- Wish
- Parting Shot
- Protect

Name: Mectacean (Mechanical + Crustacean)
Ability: Filter / Stamina / Aftermath
Typing: Steel
Stats: 85 / 87 / 123 / 72 / 107 / 49 (BST: 523)
Weight: 307.2 kg
Relevant Moves: Gyro Ball, Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Spikes, Body Press, Rapid Spin, Curse
Flavor Moves: Protect, Rest, Round, Snore, Substitute, Endure, Iron Defense, Sleep Talk, Facade, Steel Beam, Swagger, Confide, Double Team, Iron Head, Flash Cannon, Attract, Magnet Rise, Rock Tomb, Metal Sound, Tackle, Screech, Rain Dance, Bulldoze, Headbutt, Metal Claw, Body Slam, Brick Break
Description: This is one very bulky robot crab. It's hazard control with pebbles, spikes, and speen, and can also deal decent damage with Body Press and Curse. I refuse to give something this bulky reliable recovery out of principle.
Mectacean @ Leftovers / Heavy-Duty Boots / Rocky Helmet
Ability: Filter
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spd
Impish Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Spikes
- Rapid Spin
- Body Press
Mectacean @ Leftovers / Heavy-Duty Boots / Rocky Helmet
Ability: Filter
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spd
Impish Nature
- Curse
- Gyro Ball
- Body Press
- Stealth Rock

Name: Dracoma (Dragon + Coma)
Ability: Comatose
Typing: Dragon
Stats: 120 / 78 / 72 / 95 / 83 / 76 (BST: 524)
Weight: 124.6 kg
Relevant Moves: Draco Meteor, Dragon Pulse, Substitute, Dragon Tail, Recover, Flamethrower, Teleport, Encore, Knock Off
Flavor Moves: Facade, Protect, Round, Endure, Outrage, Double Team, Confide, Swagger, Attract, Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, Sunny Day, Dragon Claw, Body Slam, Dragon Breath, Dragon Dance, Rain Dance, Breaking Swipe, Iron Tail, Rock Slide, Scale Shot, Swift, Rock Tomb, Bulldoze, Earthquake, Rock Smash, Aerial Ace, Roar, Strength, Scary Face, Shadow Claw, Shock Wave, Hone Claws, Brutal Swing, Bite, Headbutt, Hyper Voice, Fire Blast, Incinerate, Stone Edge, Iron Head, Twister, Cut, Laser Focus, Safeguard, Fly, Crunch, Earth Power, Brick Break, Aqua Tail, Dragon Rage, Dragon Rush, Tackle, Dual Wingbeat, Fling, Payback
Description: Dracoma is a defensive pivot that attempts to create an advantageous position for its incoming ally through Encore, Teleport, and Knock Off. Sadly, Hot Tag doesn't exist, so it can't use that, but I think it does its job in a cool way.
Dracoma @ Leftovers
Ability: Comatose
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
Calm Nature
- Recover
- Dragon Tail
- Encore
- Teleport
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Name: Outradon (Outrage + Ladon (A Greek mythology dragon))
Ability: Natural Cure / (Pressure)
Typing: Dragon
Stats: 80/120/90/80/100/65 (535 BST)
Weight: 354 Kgs.
Relevant Moves: Dragon Dance, U-Turn, Earthquake, Outrage, Dragon Claw, Iron Head, Stone Edge, Crunch
Flavor Moves: Thunderbolt, Focus Blast, Sunny Day, Roar, Breaking Swipe, Bite, Dragon Breath, Twister, Draco Meteor, Fire Blast, Ember, Acid, Giga Drain, Mega Drain,
Description: Bulky set-up sweeper that can absorb status and has great physical coverage. (65 base Speed with 252 Speed EVs Adamant is enough to outspeed fully invested Prairett after Dragon Dance).

Name: Butley (Butler + Key)
Ability: Regenerator / Sturdy / (Ball Fetch)
Typing: Fairy
Stats: 75/65/95/85/100/80 (535 BST)
Weight: 76 Kgs.
Relevant Moves: Fairy Lock, U-Turn, Toxic, Knock Off, Moonblast, Moonlight, Mystical Fire
Flavor Moves: Play Rough, Teatime, Dazzling Gleam, Draining Kiss, Misty Terrai, Psychic, Psych Up, Fake Tears, After You, Ally Switch, Encore, Wonder Room, Body Slam, Captivate, Heal Pulse, Baby-Doll-Eyes
Description: Regen wall with the gimmicky Fairy Lock + U-Turn if it wants and good bulk.

Name: Hoveread (Hovering + Lead)
Ability: Levitate / (Poison Touch)
Typing: Steel
Stats: 90/85/75/75/110/70 (520 BST)
Weight: 134 Kgs.
Relevant Moves: Toxic, Earthquake, Defog, U-Turn, Thunder Wave
Flavor Moves: Iron Defense, Steel Beam, Iron Head, Flash Cannon, Magnet Rise, Metal Sound, Gyro Ball, Bulldoze, Headbutt, Aerial Ace, Body Slam, Thunderbolt, Rock Slide, Counter, Smack Down,
Description: Wall that can spread status, as well as remove hazards very efficiently due to resisting Stealth Rock and being immune to other hazards.
Name: Metalunt (Metal + Hunt)
Type: Steel
Abilities: Super Luck | Sniper
Stats: 77/86/74/106/77/110 [BST: 530]
Weight: 66.7 kg
Relevant Moves:
Extreme Speed, Knock Off, Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Smart Strike, Sucker Punch, U-turn
Special: Dark Pulse, Electro Ball, Flash Cannon, Psyshock, Snipe Shot, Volt Switch, Weather Ball
Status: Focus Energy, Hone Claws, Light Screen, Nasty Plot, Parting Shot, Protect, Reflect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Spikes, Substitute, Swords Dance
Flavor Moves:
Assurance, Brutal Swing, Cut, Feint, Fury Cutter, Giga Impact, Metal Claw, Scratch, Slash, Skitter Smack, Theif
Special: Hyper Beam, Meteor Beam, Mirror Coat, Shock Wave, Snarl, Snore, Steel Beam, Swift, Zap Cannon
Status: Agility, Charge, Detect, Double Team, Endure, Laser Focus, Lock-On, Metal Sound, Natura Power, Sandstorm, Screech, Quick Guard
Roles: Choice Spec, Dual Screener, Hazards (Spikes), Offensive Pivot, Revenge Killer, Special Wallbreaker
Name: Drisilisk (Dragon + Tri Attack + Basilisk)
Type: Dragon
Abilities: Flame Body / Static | Ice Body
Stats: 110/50/90/100/140/40 [BST: 530]
Weight: 687.9 kg
Relevant Moves:
Crunch, Iron Head, Outrage, Psychic Fangs, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, U-turn, Wild Charge, Zen Headbutt
Special: Dragon Pulse, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Sludge Bomb, Surf, Thunder, Thunderbolt
Status: Agility, Defog, Dragon Dance, Nasty Plot, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Taunt, Thunder Wave, Toxic, Will-O-Wisp, Whirlwind
Flavor Moves:
Bind, Bite, Breaking Swipe, Dive, Dragon Tail, Fire Fang, Giga Impact, Ice Fang, Iron Tail, Scale Shot, Spark, Tackle, Thunder Fang
Special: Dragon Breath, Ember, Fire Spin, Hyper Beam, Icy Wind, Incinerate, Thunder Shock, Water Gun, Whirlpool
Status: Ally Switch, Aqua Ring, Corrosive Gas, Focus Energy, Hail, Poison Gas, Rain Dance, Speed Swap, Sunny Day, Wide Guard, Work Up
Roles: Choice Spec (?), Defensive Pivot, Hazard Control, Offensive Pivot, Set-up Sweeper, Special Wall, Stallbreaker
Name: Pixish (Pixie + Wish)
Type: Fairy
Abilities: Triage / Filter | Misty Terrain
Stats: 70/50/105/85/130/90 [BST: 530]
Weight: 1.6 kg
Relevant Moves:
Spirit Break
Special: Dazzling Gleam, Draining Kiss, Fleur Cannon, Giga Drain, Ice Beam, Moonblast, Psychic, Psyshock
Status: Calm Mind, Defog, Heal Bell, Hypnosis, Light Screen, Magic Coat, Moonlight, Protect, Reflect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Toxic, Trick, Wish
Flavor Moves:
Acrobatics, Covet, Fling, Ice Punch, Pound, Quick Attack
Special: Absorb, Fairy Wind, Frost Breath, Grass Knot, Hyper Beam, Powder Snow, Mega Drain, Misty Explosion
Status: Ally Switch, Amnesia, Charm, Gravity, Healing Wish, Heal Pulse, Nature Power, Safeguard, Sweet Kiss, Teleport
Roles: Cleric, Dual Screener, Hazard Control, Set-up Sweeper, Stall
Also, I didn't talk about winners last slate because I just have no idea to comment about them, I probably have it if meta is existed.
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Name: Mettasurge (Mettaton + Surge)
Ability: Electric Surge (H: Dancer)
Typing: Steel
Stats: 95 / 125 / 69 / 75 / 69 / 79 [512 BST]
Weight: 499.9 lbs
Relevant Moves: Universal TMs, Steel Roller, Volt Switch, Heavy Slam, Wild Charge, Discharge, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Thunder Wave, Shift Gear, Iron Defense
Flavor Moves: Iron Head, Flash Cannon, Steel Beam, Spark, Thunder Shock, Charge Beam, Charge, Electric Terrain, Electrify, Magnet Rise, Autotomize, Gear Up
Description: It looks like a yellow Mettaton with hula hoops. Steel Roller user lets gooooooooooooooooooooo.

Name: Bezoat (Goat + Bezoar (A bezoar is a stone-like thing from the stomach of a goat, that cures most poisons from harry potter))
Ability: Rock Head / Immunity (H: Healer)
Typing: Fairy
Stats: 125 / 60 / 85 / 35 / 85 / 110 [500 BST]
Weight: 617.1 lbs
Relevant Moves: Universal TMs, Purify, Explosion, Toxic, Stealth Rock, Encore, Bulk Up, Head Smash, Reflect, Light Screen, Mirror Coat, Refresh, Megahorn, Smart Strike, Double-Edge, Belly Drum, Spirit Break, Tearful Look, Yawn, Simple Beam
Flavor Moves: Fairy Wind, Dazzling Gleam, Misty Explosion, Crafty Shield, Misty Terrain, Horn Attack, Horn Drill, Rock Throw, Rock Tomb, Rock Polish, Aerial Ace, Take Down, Celebrate, Lucky Chant, Play Nice, Growl, Safeguard
Description: A pink goat made of a stone-like substance but it isn't stone which is why it isn't part rock. This pokemon is very passive with bad offensive abilities but good bulk and great utility
btw it gets toxic because it can cure poisons so well it knows how to make it itself.

Still a WIP
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Outragon: I like it. It certainly works as a bulky Dragon Dance sweeper, and Natural Cure certainly gives it an extra edge.
Butley: It's certainly a regen wall! I like the flavor of it having ball fetch, and it would probably be a great fit on many teams.
Hoveread: Alright, this one interests me. I've never seen a mon with Levitate have any other ability, but I feel like a pure steel type with Poison Touch is a really cool idea.

Metalunt: G U N. In all seriousness, I think this one's a great way to make a steel type into a fast sweeper, really gives off "deadly fast killer robot" energy.
Drisilisk: I really like the flavor its abilities give it, but the fact that its a mon with contact-based abilities and only 50 Def is kinda worrying.
Pixish: Gotta love them mono-fairy utility mons.

In general, you can really stand to make the BSTs here significantly higher.
Mettasurge: why did you have to remind me undertale existed... but yeah this functions pretty well! i could see it being a scarf user if it didnt want to use Steel Roller, but with 252+ Spe investment I can see it being a great wallbreaker.
Bezoat: This is one of the most passive mons ive ever seen, but its phenomenal utility more than makes up for it.

Reguana: I like it a lot. Movepool certainly does a lot for it, with the interesting combination of Stealth Rock and Healing Wish.
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Name: Donkama
Ability: Inner Focus / Trace / Pressure
Typing: Steel
Stats: 91/63/79/119/102/72 (526)
Weight: 28 kg
Relevant Moves: Teleport, Will-o-Wisp, Flash Cannon, Doom Desire, Volt Switch, Thunderbolt, Dazzling Gleam, Knock Off, Autotomize, Air Slash, Vacuum Wave
Flavor Moves: not now (will have universal TMs)
Description: doom desire is cool

Name: Regalisk
Ability: Mold Breaker / --- / Dazzling
Typing: Dragon
Stats: 108/107/109/77/78/49 (528)
Weight: idk
Relevant Moves: Dragon Claw, Outrage, Dragon Tail, Earthquake, Swords Dance, Stealth Rock, Leaf Blade, Crunch, Scale Shot, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Taunt, Healing Wish, Thunder Wave
Flavor Moves: later (will have universal TMs)
Description: General bulky utility Dragon. You have very good physical bulk and most types that would be hitting it wouldn't be doing so super effectively, which would likely make this a pretty decent physical tank. This actually has a lot of similarities to Restrictions Modolith, but given our current winning subs, I really felt like it'd be fun to make something similar; it's not a hard counter to any of the three, but it does a pretty great job checking them all and setting Rocks up. Also, this Pokemon is slower than all of the current subs; I really want to muddle up the Speed tiers as little as possible, even if it'll be mandatory later down the line thanks to the sheer amount of Pokemon we're getting. Given the current focus on a bulkier Fairy and the fact that this Pokemon has little to damage them, this will almost certainly lose to whatever wins there, even if it's not set in stone.
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Name: Ankmor
Ability: Battle armor/(Rough skin)
Typing: Dragon
Stats: 90/120/110/80/80/60 (BST):540
Weight: 940 kg
Relevant Moves: Dragon hammer, wild charge, belly drum, rock slide, wood hammer, high horsepower, meteor mash, pain split, energy ball, hex, stealth rock, reflect, swords dance, thunderbolt, all universal TMs
Flavor Moves: Smack down, iron tail, dragon tail, bulldoze, heavy slam, iron defense, breaking swipe, follow me, wide guard, rock smash, strength, skull bash, magnitude, ancient power, earth power, avalanche, assurance, flash cannon
Description: "These pokemon are very territorial, hammering down on any trespassers with their tail clubs." Bulky wallbreaker with ok healing, useful coverage and many setup options (like belly drum or swords dance)
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I have nothing to offer you but blood, toil, tears and sweat the most stereotypical Pokemon I can possibly think up

Everything is WIP, I don’t want to log onto Showdown using Data! Done! Do tell me if they’re overpowered, I have a habit of doing that.
Also all stats are loosely based on Bulbapedia averages, as if it doesn’t use as much data as Showdown anyway!

Name: Ironmaton (Iron + Automaton)
Ability: Steelworker (Analytic)
Type: Steel
Stats: 70 | 110 | 110 | 70 | 80 | 60 (BST: 500)
Weight: 400 kg
Relevant Moves: Iron Head, Gyro Ball, Steel Beam, Superpower, Body Slam, Close Combat, Body Press, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Hammer Arm, Facade, Protect, Hidden Power, Secret Power, Steel Roller
Flavor Moves: Giga Impact, Heavy Slam, Dynamic Punch, Flash Cannon, Brick Break, Secret Power, Rock Smash, Strength, Headbutt, Cut, Laser Focus, Flash, Endure, Iron Defense, Frustration, Return, Metal Sound, Tackle, Headbutt, Metal Claw
Concept: It’s really just a robot.
Competitive: Incredible Power with STAB Steelworker 110 Attack Iron Head, but only having two types for coverage (Fighting and Rock) really limits its potential and make sure it extremely vulnerable to Ground-types. It also only has average speed, so it’s easily outsped by Fluxtape, although I doubt Fluxtape can survive its Rock Slide. Powerful generalist.
Flavor: “Ironmaton is said to have been created by a mysterious civilization of engineers. It roams the land, assimilating any metal it encounters.

Name: Pixilight (Pixie + Light)
Ability: Serene Grace | Levitate (Misty Surge)
Type: Fairy
Stats: 75 | 70 | 70 | 100 | 100 | 85 (BST: 500)
Weight: 15 kg
Relevant Moves: Solar Beam, Moonblast, Energy Ball, Psychic, Dazzling Gleam, Mystical Fire, Focus Blast, Earth Power, Light Screen, Reflect, Trick, Will-O-Wisp, Thunder Wave, Protect, Hyper Voice, Hidden Power, Grass Knot, Stored Power, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Encore,
Flavor Moves: Magical Leaf, Fairy Wind, Draining Kiss, Water Pulse, Spark, Aura Sphere, Icy Wind, Aromatherapy, Charm, Helping Hand, Round, Frustration, Return, Confide, Attract, Hyper Beam, Secret Power, Swift, Headbutt, Cut, Safeguard, Fly, Tackle, Dual Wingbeat, Rest, Snore, Sleep Talk, Endure, Return, Double Team, Helping Hand, Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Psych Up, Misty Terrain, Flash, Magic Coat, Fling, Telekinesis, Echoed Voice, Fake Tears, After You, Ally Switch, Wonder Room, Body Slam, Captivate, Heal Bell, Charge Beam, Natural Gift, Endeavour, Mimic, Misty Explosion, Work Up
Concept: It’s a glowing pixie. I’m imagining it a bit like Ribombee in appearance but looking a lot less bee-like
Competitive: Pixilight is designed to be very flexible, from Choice Specs / Choice Scarf all-our attacking sets with option for Trick, to dual Screens, and Calm Mind setup sets. It speed is decent, but without any priority it can be revenge-killed. It has a lot of coverage however, so finding a counter will be difficult.
Flavor: “It’s intelligence allows it to learn a vast array of moves and strategies — as well as many tricks and jokes!

Name: Draconion (corruption of Draconian)
Ability: Pressure (Multiscale)
Type: Dragon
Stats: 80 | 100 | 70 | 100 | 70 | 80 (BST: 500)
Weight: 250 kg
Relevant Moves: Draco Meteor, Outrage, Crunch, Dragon Claw, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Breaking Swipe, Double-Edge, Focus Blast, Superpower, Close Combat, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, Thunder, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Dragon Rush, Iron Tail, Flamethrower, Aqua Tail, Thunderbolt, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Bulldoze, Rock Tomb, Agility, Dragon Dance, Thunder Wave, Facade, Protect, Substitute, Toxic, Hidden Power, Toxic, Dragon Tail, Aerial Ace, Hurricane, Air Slash, Roar, Hone Claws, Earth Power
Flavor Moves: Dragon Pulse, Bite, Dragon Breath, Twister, Scale Shot, Endure, Dynamic Punch, Water Pulse, Ember, Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Round, Sleep Talk, Frustration, Return, Swagger, Charge Beam, Electro Ball, Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, Secret Power, Swift, Rock Smash, Strength, Scary Face, Brutal Swing, Headbutt, Incinerate, Safeguard, Fly, Dragon Rage, Tackle, Dual Wingbeat, Fling, Payback
Concept: it’s a dragon. Not too sure if I ought to have it be able to change forms, to represent all the types of dragons out there, but it seems like a lot of work for the poor coder.
Competitive: Basically everything that applies to Pixilight, but more.
Flavor: “It is said they came out of the far north, spreading ruin and destruction in their wake. Their prowess in battle is unrivaled.

Edit: include all universal TMs in here too, I'm too lazy to write them lol
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Name: Heraleo
Stats: 65 / 100 / 125 / 75 / 85 / 75
Ability: Dauntless Shield / Intimidate | Tough Claws (HA)
Movepool: *learns universal TMs
Physical: Iron Head, Iron Tail, Body Press, Superpower, High Horsepower, Knock Off, Fire Fang, Wild Charge, Thunder Fang
Status: Stealth Rock, Thunder Wave, Roar, Iron Defense, Hone Claws,
Flavor: Flash Cannon, Steel Beam, Metal Claw, Metal Burst, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Shock Wave, Reversal, Revenge, Brick Break, Rock Smash, Crunch, Bite, Payback, Fake Out, Body Slam, Headbutt, Hyper Voice, Uproar, Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, Rock Polish, Screech, Metal Sound, Block, Noble Roar, Screech, Wide Guard, Quick Guard, Guard Split, Reflect, Rain Dance, Sunny Day,
Description: Bulky Stealth Rock setter that can check many phyiscal attackers thanks to Dauntless Shield, and can avoid excessive passivity with a powerful Body Press. Aside from Stealth Rock it has solid coverage options like Thunder Wave, Knock Off, and Roar. Depending on the metagame, a Tough Claws set might work, but it's likely more of a meme option.
Design: Based on heraldic imagery on shields (i.e. griffons and lions). It's more or less like Zamazenta but a lion, but with a much more medieval look.
Name: Nameteo
Stats: 80 / 80 / 70 / 110 / 115 / 80
Ability: Levitate
Movepool: *learns universal TMs
Special: Draco Meteor, Dragon Pulse, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Hydro Pump, Surf, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Hurricane,
Physical: Flip Turn, Dragon Tail, Earthquake
Status: Recover, Haze, Defog, Roar,
Flavor: Dragon Breath, Twister, Outrage, Dragon Claw, Scale Shot, Dragon Dance, Fire Spin, Fire Fang, Waterfall, Aqua Tail, Water Pulse, Thunder, Shock Wave, Thunder Fang, Blizzard, Frost Breath, Ice Fang, Mist, Crunch, Bite, Brutal Swing, Weather Ball, Hyper Voice, Uproar, Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Agility, Coil, Light Screen, Safeguard, Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Hail, Helping Hand
Description: Special tank and hazard remover. It has pretty solid SpD and defensive typing, as well as recovery, pivoting, and hazard removal. It also has good SpA and crazy coverage. Its weaknesses are low defense, and reliance on inconsistent Dragon moves for STAB.
Design: Floating dragon with a graceful fish tail, a gentle face like a greyhound, and several sets of legs with clawed feet.
Name: Bowella
Stats: 65 / 65 / 80 / 120 / 140 / 65
Ability: Natural Cure / Serene Grace | Telepathy (HA)
Movepool: *learns universal TMs
Special: Moonblast, Draining Kiss, Mystical Fire, Psychic, Stored Power, Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon,
Status: Recover, Heal Bell, Thunder Wave, Trick Room, Healing Wish, Trick, Taunt, Calm Mind, Wish, Metal Sound,
Flavor: Dazzling Gleam, Fairy Wind, Shock Wave, Bind, Reflect, Light Screen, Safeguard, Snatch, Yawn, Coil, Disable, Magic Coat, Skill Swap, Ally Switch, Helping Hand, Swagger, Sunny Day, Rain Dance,
Description: Supportive wall with a very wide movepool and good offensive presence. Natural Cure + Heal Bell is a nice combo. Its physical defense is very low, however, and it plays no role in the hazard game, so it will only fit on more defensive teams.
Design: Basically made of ribbons, with a small bell in the center. Sort of like Chingling meets Kartana, but more ribbon and less bell.
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Name: Holigon (Holy + Dragon)
Ability: Multiscale / Unaware
Type: Dragon
Stats: 90 | 60 | 125 | 90 | 110 | 35 (510 BST)
Weight: 90.8kg
Viable Moves:
Body Press, Outrage, Foul Play, Dual Wingbeat, Earthquake, Aqua Tail, U-turn, Return, Frustration
Special: Dragon Pulse, Air Slash, Flamethrower, Ancient Power, Hidden Power, Thunder, Thunderbolt
Status: Toxic, Recover, Rest, Sleep Talk, Taunt, Dragon Dance, Nasty Plot, Copycat (Yes I think this is viable), Agility, Cosmic Power
Not wasting 5 hours doing flavour moves this time
Description: Basically this is Dragonite but more bulkier and hits less hard, as well as being slow as hell and not a flying type. It also sort of takes Clefable's role as well with Unaware. It is designed to just tank hits and set up and sweep with Body Press
Finally found time to write these, sprites are obviously placeholder but give a idea of what looks i'm thinking of

:bw/feraligatr: Inspired on a saltwater crocodile (would rather have a quadruped btw)
Ability: Intimidate/Strong Jaw/Mold Breaker (HA)

Stats: 90/120/80/100/80/100 (570 BST)
Weight: 388.8kg
Relevant Moves:
- Aqua Tail, Body Press, Crunch, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Flip Turn, Ice Fang, Iron Tail, Outrage, Poison Fang, Stone Edge, Thunder Fang, Waterfall
- Draco Meteor, Earth Power, Hydro Pump, Muddy Water, Surf, Thunderbolt, Thunder
- Dragon Dance, Recover, Roar, Swords Dance, Thunder Wave, Toxic, Work Up

Flavor Moves:
- Bite, Body Slam, Bounce, Dive, Double-Edge, Facade, Giga Impact, Rock Slide, Strength
- Brine, Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Tail, Fake Out, Hyper Beam, Hyper Voice, Life Dew, Screech, Water Gun, Whirlpool
- Endure, Fake Tears, Hone Claws, Rain Dance, Scary Face

TMS:besides the ones already mentioned Attract, Curse, Facade, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Snarl

Description: A dangerous dragon dancer that gets the classic 100 base speed tier, being slower than it you should be capable of taking a hit and/or should be able to hit harder, equiped with various setup options this early on will work as a dragon dancer with dragon/ground/rock coverage with the rock move being dropped to hit specific types (probably iron tail to hit fairy types early on), water coverage is given purely for flavor purposes (this is supposed to be a crocodile after all).

Intimidate is the most likely ability to be used since it allows easier setup vs physical attackers, with Strong Jaw as a option to hit harder with Ice/Poison/Thunder Fang, and mold breaker to hit mons that would dodge this pokemon's coverage moves with abilities like water absorb or levitate.

Once faster threats get in the meta this pokemon can act as a decent choice scarf user, working as a revenge killer and lategame cleaner, as more physical attackers come into play though this pokemon will start to see viability as a intimidate pivot, packing in recover and decent physical bulk in combination with flip turn to preserve momentum, roar to phaze, or even curse + body press to punish physical attackers weak to the move.

To take advantage of intimidate's viability in doubles this pokemon also gets fake out and life dew, i know this pet mod's focus is the singles format but is nice to have those for custom game setups anyway.

Dragons really aren't lacking when it comes to coverage but noticeable flaws on this pokemon include the complete absense of fire attacks and body press being its only fighting type attack, the unreliable Iron tail being its best attack against fairy types, weak special bulk and a very limited special coverage, this in particular allows grass types enter vs standard edgequake sets and certain combinations of steel to get in with little problems, and while ice fang and poison fang solve these coverage problems dropping intimidate or mold breaker for Strong Jaw is not a particularly good tradeoff.

image source here i'm totally aiming for a forest pixie but something more physically fit carrying a wood club would be more fitting
Ability: Healer/Aroma Veil/Justified (HA)

Stats: 101/115/115/55/65/70 (521 BST)
Weight: 70 kg
Relevant Moves:
- Brick Break, Drain Punch, Knock Off, Play Rough, Power Whip, Spirit Break.
- Mirror Coat.
- Aromatherapy, Bulk Up, Defog, Haze, Morning Sun, Protect, Swords Dance, Thunder Wave, Toxic, Trick Room, Wish.
Flavor Moves:
- Giga Impact, Leech Life, Retaliate, Seed Bomb, Revenge, Thief.
- Aura Sphere, Dazzling Gleam, Energy Ball, Hyper Beam, Solar beam, Terrain Pulse, Tri Attack.
- Ally Switch, Amnesia, Calm Mind, Grassy Terrain, Follow Me, Heal Pulse, Light Screen, Lucky Chant, Magic Coat, Magic Room, Mist, Misty Terrain, Rain Dance, Reflect, Safeguard, Sunny Day, Wonder Room, Work Up.
TMS:besides the ones already mentioned Attract, Curse, Facade, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute.

Description: Fairy types are naturaly suited to switch into physical attacks, they are made to switch into dragon types and fighting types and usually see themselves getting thrown at knock off or u-turn users, because of that i aimed at doing a physically defensive fairy type from the get-go, this one aims to be a standard cleric on the vein of Aromatisse, Florges, and Sylveon.

Compared to them gets a physical atk/def spread, Botanelf gets morning sun as a limited form of reliable recovery in a similar vein to Florges, and like the cleric trio gets access to wish and Aromatherapy (heal bell in the case of sylveon), in addition to that it gets extra utility in the form of haze, defog and knock off, plus access to all screens.

Its atk stat its high enough to see band, swords dance or bulk up sets as viable options in a similar vein to tapu bulu but it gets held back on the coverage side by lacking any way of hitting poison types and its strongest attack vs steel types being drain punch.

Theoretically a calm mind set fully investing on hp and defense could be run but the mix of very bad special stats, lackluster special coverage and limited forms of recovery hold it back, what makes the likes of magearna and clefable scarier than other options boils down to access to moves like stored power or draining kiss on top of elemental coverage, better special stats and toxic immunity, this has nothing of those and because of that i really think it will not be problematic.

Healer is almost exclussively added for flavor but could see some niche uses on doubles when paired with heal pulse or ally switch, the main highlights are Aroma Veil, letting setup and support sets work without having to worry about taunt and encore, and Justified on more offensive sets to punish the opponent for using moves like knock off or foul play.

A robot, not much to say here, the addition of autotomize means i would probably add parts that can be discarded to the design
Ability: Heatproof/Heavy Metal (HA)

Stats: 110/110/75/80/125/40 (540 BST)
Weight: 373.2 kg
Relevant Moves:
- Body Slam, Brick Break, Body Press, Earthquake, Fire Punch, Focus Punch, Heat Crash, Heavy Slam, Iron Head, Superpower, Thunder Punch
- Ancient Power, Earth Power, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Flash Cannon, Mirror Coat, Thunder, Thunderbolt
- Curse, Iron Defense, Protect, Rapid Spin, Rest, Sleep Talk, Stealth Rock, Thunder Wave, Toxic, Whirlwind.
Flavor Moves:
- Dig, Double-Edge, Dynamic Punch, Explosion, Facade, Giga Impact, Steel Roller
- Charge, Charge Beam, Hyper Beam, Meteor Beam, Solar Beam, Steel Beam, Zap Cannon
- Amnesia, Autotomize, Gravity, Magnet Rise, Rain Dance, Sandstorm, Sunny Day
TMS:besides the ones already mentioned Substitute
As a robot this pokemon is genderless so it doesn't get attract.
Description: While the resistances of steel types are varied enough, when it comes down to weaknesses Fighting and Ground tend to be physical while Fire tends to come from the special side. This pokemon aims to take advantage of heatproof to make for a better special tank. Access to Curse give it the option of going offensive with rest, heavy metal can be used if the coverage of heat crash and stab heavy slam are more valuable for the user, since when doubled this pokemon's weight reaches 746.4kg (for reference the cap its 999.9kg)

As usual status moves are present, thunder wave and toxic are used to punish switch-ins while stealth rock helps more on the long run, whirlwind its used for phazing while protect can be used for scouting choiced sets and rack up leftovers recovery, this early on the speed tiers are slow enough to make autotomize usable but i expect that to fall quickly in future slates, special stat its good enough to run some special coverage moves as needed but its very niche for the most part, in general running mirror coat will pay off more vs special attackers while switching out vs physical attackers is a must unless you have boosted enough, also now features rapid spin to deal with hazards.
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Pure Steel Name: Metalunt (Metal + Hunt)
Type: Steel
Abilities: Speed Boost | Sniper
Stats: 67/86/74/106/77/120 [BST: 530]
Weight: 66.7 kg
Relevant Moves:
Extreme Speed, Knock Off, Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Smart Strike, Sucker Punch, U-turn
Special: Dark Pulse, Electro Ball, Flash Cannon, Psyshock, Snipe Shot, Volt Switch, Weather Ball
Status: Focus Energy, Hone Claws, Light Screen, Nasty Plot, Parting Shot, Protect, Reflect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Spikes, Substitute, Swords Dance
Flavor Moves:
Assurance, Brutal Swing, Cut, Feint, Fury Cutter, Giga Impact, Metal Claw, Scratch, Slash, Skitter Smack, Theif
Special: Hyper Beam, Meteor Beam, Mirror Coat, Shock Wave, Snarl, Snore, Steel Beam, Swift, Zap Cannon
Status: Agility, Charge, Detect, Double Team, Endure, Laser Focus, Lock-On, Metal Sound, Natura Power, Sandstorm, Screech, Quick Guard
Roles: Choice Spec, Dual Screener, Hazards (Spikes), Offensive Pivot, Revenge Killer, Special Wallbreaker
The council has decided to veto this one due to it's speed and access to Speed Boost and set up.

Additionally, while those aren't vetoed, the council would appreciate a nerf to both Holigon (really fat for an Unaware mon), and Drasilisk (is also really fat and has access to NP)

You have 24 hours to fix your subs before voting begins.

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