Pet Mod Stereotypes - Slate 7: Rock-Fairy, Normal-Grass, Dark-Flying


Well mistakes are bound to happen. At least we caught this one before it was too late.

Anyway Speed tier update
Fluxtape (126)
Prairret (100)
Harzodia (90)
Dojodo (80)
Heraleo (75)
Gencook (60)
Cetaidon (50)
Drakotomy (40)
Correept (32)

This is very different from Fenaftmos as it is a far slower and bulkier. With Foul Play and full defense, it can reliably 1v1 Cetaidon. It struggles against Heraleo, Gencook and Dojodo which are all pretty resilient to its dark moves and can hit it super effectively, although Cotton Guard+Body Press can potentially beat Heraleo and Dojodo if it was able to set-up before facing them. Other than that, most of the stuff I've said in my submission post should apply.

Its coverage is quite good but it doesn't have enough attack to break through Gencook with Poison Jab. Its bulk is also solid so it can switch-in fairly easily. It's not too difficult to check due to its average speed though. Its setup sets could be pretty scary but still manageable. I just think it's a shame it doesn't learn defog.
Not much to add outside of the Correept matchup stated earlier.

This thing can break holes through teams very easily. It's also only outsped by 3 pokemons which makes me think we should have some faster pokemons available. But yeah basically Meteor Beam+Stabs+Coverage hits a lot of stuff hard. You have to watch out for which item you give it through magician though. You can screw it over with a Choice Band or Toxic Orb but it can become really scary if it gets a second power herb or a Life Orb for example.
Again, most of this apply. While Correept may not outspeed it, it can always revenge-kill it with Sucker Punch. The issue with that move is that it's vulnerable to getting baited by moves like substitute which can lead to horrible situations. So yeah we need some faster pokemons.
Name: Stratogine
Ability: Aerilate/(Air Lock)
Typing: Flying
Stats: 80/75/100/100/85/140 (580 BST)
Weight: 16,5kgs
Height: 14.3m
Relevant Moves: Body Slam, Defog, Double-Edge, Haze, Heal Bell, Hyper Voice, Light Screen, Recover, Reflect, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, U-Turn, Whirlwind, All Universal TMs
Flavor Moves: Aerial Ace, Air Cutter, Air Slash, Ancient Power, Dual Wingbeat, Echoed Voice, Fly, Giga Impact, Gust, Hail, Hurricane, Hyper Beam, Mirror Coat, Mist, Nature Power, Rain Dance, Safeguard, Sandstorm, Sky Attack, Steel Wing, Sunny Day, Swift, Tailwind, Thunder, Twister, Weather Ball, Wide Guard, Wing Attack
Description: Stratogine is a gigantic soaring creature mostly made of clouds and jet parts. Its incredible speed paired with useful utility such as Dual Screens, U-Turn, Defog or Thunder Wave allows to consistently do soemthing for its team. Its bulk is also far from bad and it has Recover so it can stick throughout a game. It's also not a pushover offensively thanks to its Aerilate-boosted Hyper Voices which can threaten most offensive pokemons, notably destroying the annoying sub-seed Prairett. However, its lack of set-up moves, coverage and its average attack stat mean it's not too difficult to wall so, while it may be a good anti-offense mon, it won't be able to do much against bulkier teams. Overall, Stratogine is a fast support pokemon and offense killer that can use multiple sets and be reliable thanks to its high speed.

Name: Burrodger
Ability: Immunity/Sand Veil/(Sand Force)
Typing: Ground
Stats: 60/90/145/60/120/55 (530 BST)
Weight: 32,4kgs
Relevant Moves: Body Press, Curse, Earthquake, Gunk Shot, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Knock Off, Morning Sun, Scorching Sands, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Toxic, All Universal TMs
Flavor Moves: Body Slam, Bulldoze, Dig, Double-Edge, Earth Power, Fissure, Fury Swipes, Giga Impact, Headbutt, Hone Claws, Hyper Beam, Mud Shot, Mud-Slap, Rock Slide, Rock Smash, Rock Tomb, Sand Attack, Sandstorm, Sand Tomb, Stomping Tantrum, Strength
Description: Burrodger is a badger that can dig extremely efficiently. It likes to rest underground. In terms of gameplay, its high bulk paired with access to Stealth Rock and Morning Sun makes it a good glue defensive mon. Immunity makes it immune to Toxic and, thanks to its resistance to rock, it becomes pretty difficult to wear down through chip damage. Scorching Sands and Knock Off can also act as nice utility. It could also pull of a curse set. Pretty simple pokemon overall though.

Name: Piersand
Ability: Sand Stream/Aftermath/(Levitate)
Typing: Rock
Stats: 115/115/100/65/90/65 (550 BST)
Weight: 56,6kgs
Relevant Moves: Body Press, Curse, Earthquake, Gyro Ball, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Pain Split, Rock Polish, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Thunder Wave, All Universal TMs
Flavor Moves: Ancient Power, Bulldoze, Dig, Double-Edge, Earth Power, Focus Blast, Giga Impact, Harden, Heavy Slam, Hyper Beam, Meteor Beam, Mud-Slap, Power Gem, Rock Blast, Rock Slide, Rock Throw, Rock Tomb, Rollout, Sand-Attack, Sandstorm, Sand Tomb, Shock Wave, Smack Down, Stomping Tantrum, Tackle
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Name: Pythone
Abilities: Solid Rock / Sand Rush | No Guard (HA)
Stats: 90 / 125 / 115 / 65 / 80 / 65
Movepool: *learns universal TMs
Physical: Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Rock Blast, Earthquake, Superpower, Power Trip, Crunch, Heavy Slam, Aqua Tail, Fire Fang
Status: Coil, Stealth Rock, Glare, Dragon Dance, Rock Polish,
Flavor: Smack Down, Rock Tomb, Rock Throw, Ancient Power, Power Gem, Meteor Beam, Bulldoze, Magnitude, Earth Power, Sand Tomb, Brick Break, Rock Smash, Revenge, Bite, Payback, Dark Pulse, Iron Tail, Iron Head, Flash Cannon, Thunder Fang, Outrage, Scale Shot, Dragon Tail, Body Slam, Slam, Wrap, Constrict, Iron Defense, Harden, Curse, Wide Guard, Quick Guard, Sandstorm, Rain Dance,
Weight: 572 kg
Description: I had two main goals with this sub: first, to give it options to mitigate Stone Edge's terrible accuracy, and second, to abuse its many weaknesses with Solid Rock and a Weakness Policy. It should be bulky enough to take SE hits from the likes of Cetaidon, Prairett, and Fluxtape in order to activate its WP and go to town. Moves like Coil, Rock Polish, and Power Trip support these sets. Sand Rush is an additional option provided we get a Sand setter, which seems likely given the sheer number of pokemon this mod will eventually contain.

Name: Nimbustorm
Abilities: Magic Guard | Drizzle (HA)
Stats: 170 / 40 / 65 / 100 / 45 / 85
Movepool: *learns universal TMs
Special: Hurricane, Air Slash, Hydro Pump, Scald, Thunder, Thunderbolt,
Status: Wish, Defog, Haze, Whirlwind,
Flavor: Air Cutter, Aerial Ace, Fly, Water Gun, Water Pulse, Razor Wind, Tailwind, Mist,
Weight: 326 kg
Description: Ye olde cloud pokemon. Beats Prairett with typing and Magic Guard, passes fat Wishes, and has some other support options that it can generally pick one of at a time. It can also run an offensive Life Orb set, though the accuracy of its moves may let it down. It leans towards being a physical wall, and while it has leeway in how it invests its EVs, will usually be weak to something. As a Drizzle setter it is slightly subpar, but that has worked out well in past micrometas (see: Clean Slate Micro) so I think it's better that way.

Name: Tortare
Abilities: Slow Start / Traunt | Contrary (HA)
Stats: 75 / 105 / 90 / 65 / 65 / 110
Movepool: *learns universal TMs
Physical: Earthquake, High Horsepower, Extreme Speed, Rapid Spin, U-turn, Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Super Fang,
Status: Stealth Rock, Taunt,
Flavor: Dig, Bulldoze, Stomping Tantrum, Magnitude, Earth Power, Sand Tomb, Scorching Sands, Mud Shot, Mud Slap, Sand Attack, Rock Tomb, Smack Down, Bounce, Brutal Swing, Payback, Body Slam, Bite, Mega Kick, Quick Attack, Giga Impact, Shell Smash, Agility, Defense Curl, Iron Defense, Wide Guard, Block, Guard Swap, Speed Swap, Helping Hand,
Weight: 20 kg
Description: Two burrowing animals combine to create the ultimate beast of racing fables! (based on The Tortoise and the Hare from Aesop's Fables) A solid all-around pivot and offensive glue pokemon when equipped with a Choice Band, having solid coverage, strong priority, and U-turn. It has a few other options but these will be its bread and butter. Despite the amazing utility it packs into four moves, it lacks sheer power; while it's pretty scary right now, it still can't OHKO anything except for Harzodia and Fluxtape (not with Extreme Speed), so it should be very managable in the long run.
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Name: Eaglanace
Ability: Tough Claws / Unburden

Stats: 87/107/89/69/86/92 (530)
Weight: 19.2 kg
Brave Bird, U-turn, Dual Wingbeat, Acrobatics, Brick Break
Hurricane, Heat Wave, Air Slash
Defog, Roost, Swords Dance, Substitute, Whirlwind, Taunt
Aerial Ace, Sky Attack, Giga Impact
Weather Ball, Air Cutter, Hyper Beam
Feather Dance, Hone Claws
Crush Claw


Name: Conticentra
Ability: Sand Force / Shell Armor

Stats: 92/109/101/95/65/62 (525)
Weight: 999.9 kg
Precipice Blades, Stone Edge, Heavy Slam, Heat Crash, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Superpower
Earth Power, Ancient Power
Stealth Rock, Slack Off, Iron Defense, Curse
Rock Tomb, Smack Down, Giga Impact, Fissure, Hammer Arm, High Horsepower
Mudshot, Mud-Slap, Scorching Sands, Hyper Beam, Ancient Power

Angolem (Angry + Golem)
Typing: Rock
Weight: 234.5 lbs
Ability: Rock Head/Levitate (H: Moxie)

HP: 60
ATK: 130
DEF: 120
SPA: 45
SPD: 65
SPE: 90

Relevant Moves: Rollout, Defense Curl, Double-Edge, Explosion, Head Charge, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Heavy Slam, Hammer Arm, Submission, Earthquake, Reflect, Magic Coat, Magic Room, Rock Blast, Rock Polish, Rock Slide, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Shadow Force, Shadow Punch, Knock Off, Sucker Punch, Iron Head
Flavor Moves: Universal TMs, Barrage, Block, Body Slam, Crush Grip, Endeavor, Endure, Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, Headbutt, Leer, Metronome, Mind Reader, Pound, Psych Up, Razor Wind, Safeguard, Secret Power, Self-Destruct, Strength, Supersonic, Mega Punch, Charge, Electric Terrain, Shock Wave, Sunny Day, Sandstorm, Arm Thrust, Aura Sphere, Body Press, Circle Throw, Dynamic Punch, Focus Punch, Force Palm, Rock Smash, Sky Uppercut, Storm Throw, Earth Power, Barrier, Extrasensory, Gravity, Guard Split, Guard Swap, Imprison, Power Split, Power Swap, Psybeam, Psystrike, Teleport, Trick Room, Ancient Power, Power Gem, Rock Wrecker, Confuse Ray, Curse, Shadow Ball, Gyro Ball, Metal Burst

Description: I tried to make rollout usable.
. Defense Curl into Rollout with Moxie as well. It looks like a Golem Head with one giant rock hand.
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Skygu (Sky + Kaiju)
Weight: 434.2 lbs
Ability: Cloud Nine, White smoke. HA: Cotton down

Relevant stuff: Weather ball, cotton guard, air slash, acrobatics, defog, roost, tailwind, scald, ddance, haze.
Flavour town: gust, razor wind, water sport, fly, hurricane.
Other moves: Solar beam, Rain dance, Sunny day, Hail,

HP: 90
ATTK: 100
DEF: 70
BST: 510

Description: as a flexible lead ( cotton guard defog roost/ acrobatics/ tailwind defog + cotton down) and a flexible mon as a whole, it can mess teams up before the real fight begins. Skygu is a giant cloud kaiju that are actually mist and they are hollow.
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Skygu (Sky + Kaiju)
Weight: 434.2 lbs
Ability: Forecast (if not allowed then ignore), White smoke.

Relevant stuff: Weather ball, cotton guard, air slash, acrobatics, defog, roost, tailwind, scald.
Flavour town: gust, razor wind, water sport, fly hurricane.

HP: 90
ATTK: 100
DEF: 70
BST: 510

"Water Skygu (ignore if banned)

HP: 90
ATTK: 75 (-25)
DEF: 60 (-10)
SPATTACK: 120 (+20)
SPDEF: 105 (+ 25)
SPEED: 60 (- 20)
BST: 510

Fire Skygu (ignore if banned)

HP: 90
ATTK: 125 (+25)
DEF: 60 (-10)
SPATTACK: 75 (-25)
SPDEF: 62 (-10)
SPEED: 100 (+20)
BST: 510

Ice Skygu (ignore if banned)"

HP: 90
ATTK: 70
DEF: 100
SPDEF: 100
BST: 510

Description: as a flexible lead ( cotton guard defog roost/ acrobatics/ tailwind defog set + the whole forecast thing) and a flexible mon as a whole, it can mess teams up. Skygu is a giant cloud kaiju that are actually mist and they are hollow.
It wouldn’t be fair to leave this unmentioned since it seems important to this sub. Form change abilities are fine but not if they change the user’s type, since the whole idea of this mod is to have one of each type. You may want to work around giving this Pokemon a different niche.
Name: Tystrato (Typhoon + Strato)
Ability: Keen Eye | Big Pecks (Regenerator)
Type: Flying
Stats: 85 | 95 | 70 | 105 | 70 | 100 (BST: 525)
Weight: 34.6 kg
Relevant Moves: Sky Attack, Brave Bird, Hurricane, Close Combat, Superpower, Focus Blast, Heavy Slam, Air Slash, Sucker Punch, U-Turn, Knock Off, Defog, Calm Mind, Roost, Substitute, Tailwind, Thunder Wave, Toxic, Whirlwind, Protect
Flavour Moves: Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Fly, Take Down, Body Press, Strength, Submission, Take Down, Lash Out, Headbutt, Retaliate, Steel Wing, Aerial Ace, Air Cutter, Acrobatics, Dual Wingbeat, Fake Out, Pound, Rock Smash, Agility, Detect, Endure, Focus Energy, Laser Focus, Screech, Metronome
Concept: birb. It never touches the ground.
Competitive: Very similar to Tornadus, in that it’s an offensive Regenerator user with pretty high Special Attack. Coverage is few, but Focus Blast covers most of its weaknesses. Defenses are low, so the user should make the lost of Regenerator and pivot out with U-Turn when required.
Flavour: “Tystrato was hailed as a deity by ancient civilisations, but only recently was its existence confirmed. It is unknown how it manages to fly in the air perpetually.

Rock-type is a WIP
Done! Hope you like it. Do send me feedback :)

Name: Concegem (Conceal + Gem)
Ability: Shell Armor | Sturdy (Solid Rock)
Type: Rock
Stats: 80 | 70 | 95 | 70 | 95 | 120 (BST: 530)
Weight: 26.8 kg
Relevant Moves: Explosion, Sucker Punch, U-Turn, Knock Off, Rock Tomb, Encore, Pain Split, Protect, Spikes, Stealth Rock, Toxic Spikes, Substitute, Taunt, Thunder Wave, Toxic, Rapid Spin
Flavor Moves: Hyper Beam, Skull Bash, Double-Edge, Gyro Ball, Heavy Slam, Meteor Beam, Sludge Bomb, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Sludge Wave, Foul Play, Earth Power, Body Slam, Power Gem, Throat Chop, X-Scissor, Take Down, Strength, Dig, Brick Break, Lash Out, Scorching Sands, Ancient Power, Bug Bite, Bulldoze, Swift, Mud Shot, Smack Down, Fake Out, False Swipe, Fury Cutter, Pound, Rock Smash, Sand Tomb, Rollout, Rock Blast, Infestation, Mud Slap, Calm Mind, Iron Defense, Nasty Plot, Rock Polish, Shell Smash, Block, Defense Curl, Double Team, Endure, Focus Energy, Fake Tears, Gastro Acid, Helping Hand, Laser Focus, Metronome, Mimic, Safeguard, Sandstorm, Scary Face, Screech, Autonomize, Swagger, Flatter, Torment
Concept: I was originally thinking of a Toxapex-like creature, but decided that a shrimp that hides behind rocks to throw out the entry hazards would be more interesting.
Competitive: Our first suicide lead! ... I think. Incredibly high speed but it’s still quite frail with a poor defensive typing. Sets hazards willy-nilly, then goes boom. It also has a lot of utility options and can function as a good team supporter.
Also I predict someone will make a meme set of this with Shell Smash to take advantage of its broad movepool.
Flavor: “Concegem hides behind rocks, evading it’s enemies by laying traps. It’s shell is as strong and thick as limestone.
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Name: Donkantle (Donkey + Mantle)
Ability: Early Bird/Heatproof/(Magic Guard) Hidden

Stats: 90/95/89/70/120/71 (535)
Weight: 599.2
Relevant Moves: Recover, earthquake, high horsepower, earth power, bulldoze, giga impact, heavy slam hyper beam, return, frustration, body slam, flash cannon, rock tomb, low sweep, psycho shift, hone claws, roar, burning jealousy, switcheroo
Flavor Moves: Mud Slap, Mud Shot, pound, leer, confuse ray, baby-doll eyes, cotton spore, supersonic, rototiller maybe more? Edit: UTMs
Concept: The heat donkey pokemon Donkantle is in a constant state of heat transfer, in which the heat associated with the mantle is constantly travelling throughout its body. As a result, Donkantle has a natural heat resistance, making its special defense very potent.
Competitive: Ideally used as a pokemon holding the flame orb, and then using psycho shift to deter physical attackers, while it boasts a very strong spdef stat. The rest of the stats are average, but psycho shift magic guard would be pretty cool on a physical attacker, as it wouldn't be able to get rid of a burn. I thought it was an interesting niche, so I decided to build a mon around it. As usual, swag Bolivia here. Enjoy!!

Name: Elbalfatross
Ability: Pickup/(Fluffy)

70/109/105/80/75/101 (540)
Weight: 906.3
Relevant Moves: UTMs, Oblivion Wing, Fly, Air Slash, Roost, Rapid Spin, Defog, Thunderbolt, Wild Charge, Heavy Slam, Toxic, Flip Turn, Switcheroo, Acid Armor, Body Press, Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, Imprison, Hyper Voice
Flavor Moves: Pound, Wing Attack, Air Cutter, Supersonic, Quick Attack, Uproar maybe more?
Concept: Elbalf (One Piece island of giants) + Albatross gets you a giant albatross. It's heat sensitive body is huge and durable, allowing it to shrug off physical attacks, but it gets roughed up by fire type moves. Oblivion wing is its main niche, as this albatross brings doom with it everywhere it goes, muahaha pls vote for my subs :o.
Competitive: I gave this thing a lot of cool stuff. Flying type with rapid spin is pretty cool. It has no normal way to increase its attack, but it does get acid armor body press, which is pretty neat. Toxic/rapid spin, flip turn, roost, oblivion wing could definitely be a potent set. I hope you guys enjoy this thing!
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Name: Explopal (Explosion + Opal)
Ability: Sturdy / Unburden / (Aftermath)
Typing: Rock
Stats: 150/80/25/50/25/130 (460 BST)
Weight: 5 Kg
Relevant Moves: Stealth Rock, Spikes, Final Gambit, Stone Edge, Reflect, Light Screen, Rapid Spin
Flavor Moves: Universal TMs, Accelerock, Ancient Power, Tar Shot, Rock Tomb, Rollout, Rock Polish, Earth Power, Earthquake, Headbutt, Tackle, Natural Gift, Iron Head, Curse, Roar
Description: Suicide lead with two good abilities options for the role in Unburden and Sturdy and a really strong Final Gambit.

Name: Sharggot (Sharp + Maggot)
Ability: Rough Skin
Typing: Ground
Stats: 120/105/95/60/65/35 (480 BST)
Weight: 457 Kg.
Relevant Moves: Spikes, Earthquake, U-Turn, Shore Up, Toxic, Spiky Shield
Flavor Moves: Universal TMs, Headbutt, Scratch, Baby-Doll Eyes, Dig, Magnitude, Mud Sport, Sand Attack, Drill Run, Endure, Rock Smash, Mud Shot, Brick Break, Iron Defense, Sludge Bomb
Description: Strong physical wall with reliable recovery Toxic to make progress, Earthquake to avoid being Taunt bait, U-Turn to pivot and that can set Spikes.

Name: Ignix (Ignorant + Pheonix)
Ability: Unaware / (Queenly Majesty)
Typing: Flying
Stats: 90/65/95/80/90/75
Weight: 110 Kgs.
Relevant Moves: Roost, Toxic, U-Turn, Air Slash, Heal Bell, Defog, Haze
Flavor Moves: Universal TMs, Aerial Ace, Acrobatics, Feather Dance, Fire Blast, Fly, Mirror Move, Hurricane, Tailwind, Thief, Agility, Ominous Wind, Gust, Work Up
Description: Unaware wall with good utility.
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Name: Bouldillo (Boulder + Armadillo)
Ability: Shell Armor / Rock Head / Filter
Typing: Rock
Stats: 72 / 131 / 109 / 68 / 86 / 45 (BST: 511)
Weight: 201.6 kg
Relevant Moves: Stealth Rock, Iron Head, Head Smash, Earthquake, Superpower, Stomping Tantrum, Bulk Up
Flavor Moves: Facade, Protect, Rest, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Round, Sleep Talk, Snore, Substitute, Rock Polish, Sandstorm, Endure, Frustration, Return, Toxic, Confide, Double Team, Stone Edge, Swagger, Attract, Earth Power, Rock Blast, Secret Power, Smack Down, Bulldoze, Ancient Power, Dig, Body Slam, Meteor Beam, Headbutt, Tackle, Rock Throw, Double-Edge, Sunny Day, Mud-Slap, Strength, Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, Captivate, Curse, Block, Mimic, Rollout, Take Down, Iron Tail, Rain Dance, Brick Break, Roar, Harden, Sand Tomb
Description: This very large armadillo is a slow bulky-ish Head Smash wallbreaker. It hits like a truck, and is also a potential Stealth Rock setter.
Appearance/Dex Entry: A very large armadillo-esque pokemon with an incredibly dense shell. They have been known to make massive labyrinths of tunnels in the mountains they inhabit.

Name: Hawccido (Hawk + Occido)
Ability: Tough Claws / Gale Wings / Technician
Typing: Flying
Stats: 74 / 118 / 64 / 86 / 73 / 121 (BST: 536)
Weight: 1.4 kg
Relevant Moves: Dual Wingbeat, Roost, Aerial Ace, Brave Bird, Defog, U-Turn, Tailwind, Twister, Taunt
Flavor Moves: Snore, Protect, Rest, Round, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Facade, Swagger, Confide, Double Team, Frustration, Return, Toxic, Endure, Attract, Swift, Sunny Day, Steel Wing, Fly, Rain Dance, Air Cutter, Air Slash, Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, Agility, Captivate, Sky Attack, Double-Edge, Mimic, Uproar, Mud-Slap, Acrobatics, Hurricane, Gust, Headbutt, Work Up, Wing Attack
Description: A very fast physical sweeper/potential utility mon with Technician Dual Wingbeat and Aerial Ace.

Name: Devortex (Dust Devil + Vortex)
Ability: Sand Stream / Arena Trap (Flavor, banned in teambuilder) / Speed Boost
Typing: Ground
Stats: 92 / 65 / 94 / 103 / 112 / 76 (BST: 542)
Weight: 2.4 kg
Relevant Moves: Earth Power, Scorching Sands, Rapid Spin, Cosmic Power, Body Press, Wish, U-Turn, Shore Up
Flavor Moves: Endure, Facade, Protect, Rest, Round, Sleep Talk, Snore, Substitute, Bulldoze, Earthquake, Confide, Double Team, Frustration, Return, Rock Tomb, Sandstorm, Swagger, Toxic, Rock Slide, Attract, Mud-Slap, Dig, Secret Power, Rock Smash, Strength, Headbutt, Body Slam, Natural Gift, Stone Edge, Stomping Tantrum, Captivate, Double-Edge, Sand Tomb, Hyper Beam, Mud Shot, Mimic, Giga Impact, Curse, Iron Tail, Rain Dance, Superpower, Brick Break, Take Down, Tackle, Sand-Attack, Fling, Uproar, Ancient Power, Roar, High Horsepower, Iron Defense, Thief, Counter, Rock Climb, Iron Head
Description: Fast-ish support/utility mon with Sand and walling potential.
Appearance/Dex Entry: A pokemon that appears to be a small living dust devilwith an angry face. As it traverses the desert, it stirs up the sands beneath it, creating massive sandstorms.
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:Magic Guard/Mold Breaker/Sheer Force
:UTMs,Brave Bird, Dual wingbeat, Fly, Superpower,Mach Punch,Tailwind,Fire Punch,Thunder Punch,Zen Headbutt,Poison Jab, Play Rough, Stone Edge, Stomping Tantrum, Iron Head, Knock Off,Bulk up,Roost,Defog,Calm Mind,Hurricane,Air Slash, Flamethrower
Description:It's an average sweeper, having a good movepool with tons of coverage, good stat and great ability.

Rorrinstoun(Rolling Stone but with weird accent)
Ability:Weak Armor/Shell Armor/Stamina

Moves:UTMs,Accelerock,Shore Up, Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Sword Dance, Earthquake, Rollout,Flame Charge,Meteor Mash, Body Slam, Spiky Shield, Stealth Rock, Spikes, Body Press,Iron Defense,Rapid Spin,Iron Defense
Description:This is a rolling stone that was never a true defensive mon. Its abilities are great, with weak armor for offensive one, shell armor is just really good for a defensive mon and stamina is for the defensive one

Ability:Sand Rush/Moxie/Sap Sipper
Moves:UTMs, Outrage, Thrash, Zen Headbutt, Head Smash, Head Charge, Grassy Glide, High Horsepower, Stomping Tantrum, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Iron Head, Flare Blitz, Hone Claw, Court Change, Spikes, Extreme Speed, Rock Slide, Horn Leech, Shore Up, U-turn, Superpower, Firse Impression,Liquidation
Desc:This is tauros long lost cousin! It's an ill-tempered mon who keep thrashing. Not an amazing stat but that attack stat is sure gonna take some mon down
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Well, Sorry, I'm reaaaaally late. Just addicted to Cell Lab
Name: Klandzay (Clay + Sand)
Type: Ground
Abilities: Water Absorb / Water Compaction | Sand Force
Stats: 90/90/140/80/80/50 [BST: 530]
Weight: 122.2 kg
Relevant Moves:
Physical: Earthquake, Liquidation, Rock Slide, Stone Edge
Special]: Earth Power, Muddy Water, Power Gem, Scorching Sands
Status: Curse, Defog, Protect, Recover, Reflect, Shore Up, Stealth Rock, Substitute, Toxic, Whirlwind
Flavor Moves:
Physical: Facade, Rock Throw, Rock Tomb, Sand Tomb, Smart Strike, Take Down
Special: Ancient Power, Hyper Beam, Icy Wind, Meteor Beam, Mud Shot, Mud-Slap, Round, Snore, Water Pulse, Weather Ball
Status: Attract, Double Team, Harden, Iron Defense, Mimic, Minimize, Power Split, Power Swap, Power Trick, Rest, Sleep Talk
Roles: Hazard Control, Hazards, Set-up Sweeper, Stall

Edit: I realize I'm not late but more people just participating here
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Here Goes!

Name: Terralacine (Pronunciation: Terror-Luh-Seen, Terra + Thylacine)

Abilities: Strong Jaw | Battle Armor | Merciless (HA)

Typing: Pure Ground

HP: 50 | Atk: 106 | Def: 110 | Spa: 64 | SpD: 70 | Spe: 110 (Total 510)

Weight: 64 KG

Notable Moves: (Learns All Universal TMs)

Physical: Earthquake, Drill Run, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Crunch, Psychic Fangs, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Facade, Double Edge, Accelerock, Superpower, Iron Head
Special: Earth Power, Power Gem, Hyper Voice
Status: Hone Claws, Stealth Rock, Rock Polish, Agility, Taunt

Flavor/Usually Useless Moves:

Physical: Rock Tomb, Smack Down, Bone Rush, Bite, Quick Attack, Headbutt, Rock Blast, Submission, Tackle, Lick, Scratch, Smart Strike, Head Charge, Giga Impact, Astonish, Double Kick, Metal Claw, Rock Smash, Strength, Foul Play, Body Slam
Special: Snarl, Hyper Beam, Mud Slap, Mud Shot, Ancient Power, Swift
Status: Sharpen (If that’s still in SwSh), Howl, Growl, Leer, Screech, Roar, Mean Look, Sandstorm, Sand Attack, Curse, Focus Energy, Torment

Design: Based on the extinct Thylacine, covered in armor made of bones, with long fangs similar to a saber tooth. Kinda similar to a combo of Houndoom, Lycanroc-Midday and Marowak.

Dex Entries:Terralacines are known to be highly aggressive to those they don’t trust. They hunt solo or in groups of three to five, but they almost always get into fights over who gets the loot.” “They collect old bones that they then use as armor for combat and to sharpen their tusks. Archaeologists can have trouble finding any fossils in areas known to be populated with Terralacines.

Competitive: Decently fast physical attacker. Lack of Swords Dance limits Terralacine's setup potential, so it will Probably run Choice band or Life Orb. Prairret walls this well, able to stall it out with subseed, plus, Fluxtape still outspeeds it and hits it's very weak spdef hard since it doesn't resist it's fire stab, so if you can switch it in, it can force it out. Cetaidon and Drakotomy both match up decently due to their high natural bulk.

Name: Glaydor (Glide + Condor, also a misspelling of Glider)

Abilities: Vital Spirit | Oblivious | Cloud Nine (HA)

Typing: Pure Flying

Hp: 127 | Atk: 74 | Def: 87 | SpA: 90 | SpD: 77 | Spe: 60 (Total: 515)

Weight: 14

Notable Moves: (Learns All Universal TMs)

Physical: Brave Bird, Dual Wingbeat, Steel Wing, U-Turn
Special: Hurricane, Air Slash, Heat Wave, Focus Blast, Grass Knot, Ice Beam
Status: Defog, Calm Mind, Curse, Toxic, Protect, Tailwind, Light Screen, Reflect, Roost, Whirlwind

Flavor/Usually Useless Moves:

Physical: Peck, Rock Tomb, Giga Impact, Facade, Fly, Wing Attack, Scratch, Rock Smash, Body Slam
Special: Shock Wave, Air Cutter, Gust, Mud Slap, Solar Beam, Hyper Beam, Water Pulse, Swift
Status: Sand Attack, Leer, Amnesia, Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Feather Dance

Design: Based on the andean condor, but a bit larger with a larger wingspan too. Colors are mostly greyscale.

Dex: "Healthy Glaydors can fly for around 2 days straight. They're sometimes also called 'Sky Sailors' due to this. They're commonly used for transport due to being able to carry large weights."

Competitive: Glaydor provides general utility in a defogger + pivot. It's access to calm mind also lets it function as a bulky setup sweeper, hopefully distinguishing it from future defogger + pivots. Onto matchups, it will do well against Prairett and Dojodo (though it doesn't like knock off so much), and it's coverage lets it deal with the likes of Heraldeo and possibly the future rock types.

Name: Tektinker (Tektite + Tinker)

Abilities: Clear Body | Technician | Solid Rock (HA)

Typing: Pure Rock

HP: 75 | Atk: 105 | Def: 115 | Spa: 85 | Spd: 105 | Spe: 65 (Total: 550)

Weight: 44 KG

Notable Moves: (Learns All Universal TMs)

Physical: Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Rock Tomb, Rock Blast, Earthquake, Bulldoze, Iron Head, Flame Charge, Knock Off, Body Press, Smack Down, Flare Blitz, Double Edge, Accelerock, Explosion
Special: Ancient Power, Power Gem, Meteor Beam, Scorching Sands, Flash Cannon, Focus Blast, Grass Knot, Mud Shot
Status: Stealth Rock, Rock Polish, Autotomize, Calm Mind, Swords Dance, Shore Up, Iron Defense, Toxic, Thunder Wave, Light Screen, Reflect, Protect

Flavor / Usually Useless Moves:

Physical: Rock Throw, Rock Smash, Strength, Cut, Headbutt, Tackle, Giga Impact, Take Down, Beat Up, Self-Destruct, Body Slam
Special: Mud Slap, Hyper Beam, Ember
Status: Sharpen, Work Up, Harden, Sand Attack, Metal Sound, Block, Hypnosis, Focus Energy

Design: Based on a tektite which, due to it's origin, will make it similar to minior if it was in both core and meteor forme at once. It will most likely have a few small limbs made of metal or rock, plus a scope looking design around one of it's eyes.

Can't think of a dex sorry

Competitive: Tektinker can run a vareity of sets, and the most notable ones include a hazard setter and/or a screen setter with solid rock (second best imo), weakness policy w/ solid rock and autotomize/rock polish, special sets with meteor beam or calm mind + ancient power, and imo the best set, Technician Setup Attacker. Accelerock makes Tektinker similar to a weaker version of scizor, which is amazing in on itself, but it’s true power comes in rock blast, which on maximum hits, can give you around a 175 bp move, not even factoring stab yet (3 Hits is around 100.). Prairret, Dojodo, Heraldeo and Cetaidon all do well against Tektinker, plus the ground type will probably have a positive matchup too.
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I have a sub but mainly am posting here today to say that I've sprited Fluxtape, making this the first sprite of the mod so far.


As you can see, my mixtape is indeed fire.

Name: Nostrole (Star-Nosed Mole, name is from Astral/Nostril + Mole)
Ability: Sand Force / --- / Mold Breaker
Typing: Ground
: 100/90/70/70/110/70 (510)
Weight: 2 kg
Relevant Moves: Earthquake, Rapid Spin, Toxic, Slack Off, Knock Off, Magic Coat
Flavor Moves: Moonlight, Earth Power, Dig, Sand-Attack, all universal TMs, there's gonna be more stuff just know that the moves above are gonna be the only major ones here
Description: Specially defensive mon that I might or might not alter later


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Rock has 2 very relevant weaknesses to Fighting and Ground, both very prominent Offense types. Water is not as good as either of those but is still a fairly good offensive type. It also has 2 more weaknesses to rarer offensive types in Steel and Grass.

Rock resists a very relevant offensive type in Fire, a decent offensive type in Flying, a mediocre offensive type in Normal and a rather poor offensive type in Poison.

This leaves Rock as a rather poor defensive type. It has a lot more relevant weaknesses than resistances and aside from a key resistance to Fire, is just an overall worse version of Steel as far as defense goes. This would mean that a Defensive mono Rock-Type would need insanely good bulk to ever attempt being a good defensive mon.


Rock hits two relevant types Super-Effectively in Fire and Flying. It also has a less relevant match-up to Bug and Ice.

Rock is resisted by 3 relevant types in Ground, Steel and Fighting, two of which are also rather good Defensive types in general so it's to be expected that they'd make walls.

Rock has great coverage when combined with Ground, allowing it to hit all but 2 type combinations super-effectively.

This means that it works really well offensively and can afford to run a few utility moves since it has great coverage with just 2 moves. Its biggest issues offensively are Ground-Types and ground-resistant Steel-Types.


Rock-Types have a clear Physical bias with a Low-Accuracy focus. The most relevant common Rock moves are Stone Edge, Meteor Beam and Stealth Rock, with Accelerock deserving a shoutout.


All of this points to a Phisically Biased Fast Sweeper. I decided that it would be interesting to circumvent its Accuracy issues to help set it appart from future offensive Rock-Types.

Name: Wesgranit (Wish Granted / Granite)

Abilities: Victory Star (Levitate)
Stats: 70 / 130 / 85 / 75 / 60 / 110 [530] | 160 Kg | 1,6 M
Moves: (Relevant ones bolded and underlined)
Accelerock, Earthquake, Flame Charge, Heat Crash, Meteor Mash, Rock Blast, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Rollout, Stone Edge
Ancient Power, Dazzling Gleam, Meteor Beam, Power Gem, Swift
Cosmic Power, Gravity, Healing Wish, Rock Polish, Tailwind, Stealth Rock, Wish
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Name: Serprecipe
Ability: Intimidate/Shed Skin (Dry Skin)
Typing: Ground
: 100/120/85/40/90/80 (515)
Weight: 11.3 kg
Relevant Moves: Earthquake, Precipice Blade, Sucker Punch, Coil, Stone Edge, Aqua Tail, Gunk Shot, Toxic, Crunch, Power Whip, Stealth Rock, Rest, Toxic Spikes, Spikes, Glare
Flavor Moves: all universal TMs, Sand Storm, Yawn, Scary Face, Giga Drain
Description: If Arbok was a ground type and had awesome stats. Well, now it is. Yes, it has Coil Precipice Blades/Stone Edge combo with coverage you want or need, most likely poison if two typed mons ever enter the equation. Or go for hazards.

Name: Duvil
Ability: Sandstream/Drizzle (Sand Spit)
Typing: Rock
Stats: 65/70/70/128/90/112 (535)
Weight: 1.4kg
Relevant Moves: Hurricane, Surf, Weather Ball, Power Gem, Meteor Beam, Air Slash, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Stealth Rock, Tailwind, Dark Pulse, Flip Turn, Scald
Description: Duvil is a living sandstorm, a Dust Devil and a stormy Tornado. It is literally a force of nature and a cornerstone of both rain and sand teams. Unlike most Rock types however, it is as frail as the wind, and also even more unlike most Rock types, it relies on SpAtk. If you're going for Rocky Weather Ball STAB you better make sure other weather starters aren't around to get in your way. The coverage is nice but Meteor Beam is the only way to set up so you're more of a breaker or weather setter than a sweeper.
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Name: Constrinect (Constrict+Continent, because Rattlesnakes are snakes but not constricting snakes but whatever.)
Ability: Sand Rush, Intimidate, Poison Point
Typing: Ground
Stats: 80/120/90/70/70/80 (510)
Weight: 12.25 lbs
Relevant Moves: Earthquake, Poison Jab, Rock Slide, Glare, Coil, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Poison Fang, Crunch, Stone Edge
Flavor Moves: Dragon Breath, Earth Power, Sandstorm, Scorching Sands, Belch, Heat Wave
Description: One of the greatest things about ground types is how hard they are to switch into, and Constrinect is no different. Switching in an Ice or Flying type to deal with it? Rock Slide. Water type? Thunder Fang. Grass type? You could use Heat Wave, but chances are your gonna be using Fire Fang.

Name: Harpeote (Harpy Eagle+Note+Harp)
Ability: Aerilate, Keen Eye, Queenly Majesty
Typing: Flying
Stats: 60/120/80/80/90/100 (510)
Weight: 28.3 lbs
Relevant Moves: Boomburst, Brave Bird, Heat Wave, Thunderbolt, Drill Peck, Body Slam, Air Slash, Night Slash, Sky Drop, U-Turn, Close Combat
Flavor Moves: Dual Wingbeat, Steel Wing, Fly
Description: "Please do not give Noivern Aerilate"-Hematite ⱧØ₩ '฿ØɄ₮ ł ĐØ ł₮ ₳₦Ɏ₩₳Ɏ₴
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Name: Constrinect (Constrict+Continent, because Rattlesnakes are snakes but not constricting snakes but whatever.)
Ability: Sand Rush, Intimidate, Poison Point
Typing: Ground
Stats: 80/140/90/70/70/100 (550)
Weight: 12.25 lbs
Relevant Moves: Earthquake, Poison Jab, Rock Slide, Glare, Coil, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Poison Fang, Crunch, Stone Edge
Flavor Moves: Dragon Breath, Earth Power, Sandstorm, Scorching Sands, Belch, Heat Wave
Description: One of the greatest things about ground types is how hard they are to switch into, and Constrinect is no different. Switching in an Ice or Flying type to deal with it? Rock Slide. Water type? Thunder Fang. Grass type? You could use Heat Wave, but chances are your gonna be using Fire Fang.

Name: Harpeote (Harpy Eagle+Note+Harp)
Ability: Aerilate, Keen Eye, Queenly Majesty
Typing: Flying
Stats: 60/120/80/100/90/120 (550)
Weight: 28.3 lbs
Relevant Moves: Boomburst, Brave Bird, Heat Wave, Thunderbolt, Drill Peck, Body Slam, Air Slash, Night Slash, Sky Drop, U-Turn, Close Combat
Flavor Moves: Dual Wingbeat, Steel Wing, Fly
Description: "Please do not give Noivern Aerilate"-Hematite ⱧØ₩ '฿ØɄ₮ ł ĐØ ł₮ ₳₦Ɏ₩₳Ɏ₴
The council decided to veto both of those. Constrinect is pretty fast and hits very hard, and also has a lot of coverage. It's also very bulky thanks to Intimidate. Harpeote hits also extremely hard with Aerilate Boomburst and has great coverage. There's a reason Hema didn't allow it you know. And it's very fast.

You have 24 hours to fix your submissions before voting begins.
Pokemon: Magoterra
Type: Ground
Ability: Grass Pelt / Sap Sipper
Stats: 70 / 50 / 110 / 115 / 70 / 65
Physical: Earthquake, Grassy Glide, High Horsepower, Horn Leech, Rock Slide, Stone Edge​
Special: Earth Power, Energy Ball, Power Gem, Scorching Sands​
Status: Calm Mind, Leech Seed, Stealth Rock, Synthesis​
+ Universal TMs​
Description: Bulky CM sweeper. Messes with Prairret and Heraleo.
Name: Dustchilla (Dust+Chinchilla)
Type: Ground
Ability: Overcoat/Fluffy/(HA: Regenerator)
Weight: 56.69 pounds
Stats: 100/90/95/90/110/40 (BST: 525)
Relevant Moves: All universal moves, Earthquake, Earth Power, Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Stealth Rock, High Horsepower, Body Press, U-Turn, Bulk Up, Calm Mind, Focus Blast, Knock Off, Play Rough, Seed Bomb, Iron Defense, Dazzling Gleam
Flavor Moves: Bulldoze, Rock Tomb, Rock Blast, Rapid Spin, Poison Jab, Headbutt, Charm, Take Down, Endure, Tail Slap, Grass Knot, Iron Tail, Light Screen, Reflect, Dig, Thunder Wave, Bullet Seed, Counter, Mirror Coat, Rock Polish, Assurance, Swagger, Double Edge, Low Kick, Payback, Outrage, Meteor Beam
Description: Dustchilla is a chinchilla that enjoys rolling around in dust to clean itself. If it doesn't clean itself for a while, it becomes enraged and goes on a rampage. Dustchilla can act as a more bulky Pokemon with Fluffy or Regenerator, or a mixed setup attacker with Calm Mind (or Meteor Beam) and Bulk Up. It has plenty of coverage, with Rock, Dark, Fire and Thunder Fang, Fairy, Grass, and more. It can also act as a Body Press setup with Iron Defense. It can also act as a screen setter or a hazard setter.

Name: Totemstal (Totem+Crystal)
Type: Rock
Ability: Sheer Force/Klutz/(HA: Unburden)
Weight: 2072.35 pounds
Stats: 70/120/60/120/60/90 (BST: 520)
Relevant Moves: All universal moves, Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Power Gem, Focus Blast, Superpower, Earth Power, Earthquake, Dazzling Gleam, Play Rough, Stealth Rock, Heavy Slam, Heat Crash, Flash Cannon, Iron Head, Explosion, Meteor Beam, High Horsepower, Accelerock, Zen Headbutt, Psychic
Flavor Moves: Rock Throw, Rock Blast, Rock Tomb, Bulldoze, Stomping Tantrum, Bulldoze, Ancient Power, Body Press, Iron Defense, Trick Room, Magic Room, Wonder Room, Imprison, Quick Guard, Reversal, Counter, Mirror Coat, Stomp, Mega Kick, Work Up, Thrash, Trick
Description: Totemstal is a very tall totem that is decorated with crystals. It is said that many years ago, ancients created it, not knowing it came to life. It is a very fast Pokemon, but also very frail. It has a multitude of coverage, much of which can be taken advantage of with Sheer Force, or be able to outspeed other things like Fluxtape or Prairret with Unburden.

Name: Cardinaluck (Cardinal+Luck)
Type: Flying
Ability: Cute Charm/Super Luck/(HA: Flare Boost)
Weight: 36.97 pounds
Stats: 90/70/80/105/90/110 (BST: 545)
Relevant Moves: All universal moves, Air Slash, Hurricane, Roost, Tailwind, U-Turn, Heat Wave, Aura Sphere, Mystical Fire, Defog, Shadow Ball, Wish, Dazzling Gleam, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball
Flavor Moves: Brave Bird, Fly, Steel Wing, Feather Dance, Whirlwind, Aerial Ace, Sky Attack, Pluck, Peck, Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Agility, Twister, Air Cutter
Summary: Cardinaluck is a cardinal that is said to bring good fortune to all who see it. It enjoys warmth and cannot get too cold. (Also, the reason Flare Boost is one of its abilities is cardinals are often related to fire) It can use the Scope Lens/Super Luck set, which is always pretty good, or use Flame Orb/Flare Boost to boost its SPA. It has a lot of coverage and can also be a Wishpasser if needed.

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