Tournament STours Trios Tour - Round 4

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STours Trios Tour
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Welcome to Round 4 of the STours OU Trios tournament!
Specific Rules:
More rules >.>


Round 4:

Josoro Weeb
vs. Saurav the Great

SSOU: Regnite vs Piyush25
SMOU: TDNT vs Saurav the great
ORASOU: Joya vs Dj Breloominati♬

spoo smells vs. We'll choose one later

SSOU: dex vs Jordy004
SMOU: Kaede vs Kyo
ORASOU: spoo vs susciety

Gentlemen's Pursuits vs. Sasha

SSOU: Freezerman vs TPP
SMOU: Proftreez vs sasha
ORASOU: KaiserKaiba vs pannuracotta

The sterk vs. Flaming weeblords

SSOU: Xrn vs Squirtle Nornor
SMOU: Monai vs Erza10Scarlet
ORASOU: BluBirD vs Superhuy

Round 4 deadline is on September 19th, 11:59PM GMT+5.30
NO extensions will be given.

If you have any queries, feel free to message me. Discord: Anakin Sandwalker#7240
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