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Hello everybody, my name is Aviator99, and I'm relatively new to Smogon. I usually hang around the wifi forum on here, but I thought I'd stray from my usual haunt to discuss something interesting I've noticed. In the game of Pokemon, the Pokemon usually had moves that stayed pretty static to their appearance/typing. Electric types got thunderbolt while grass types did not, Fire types got flamethrower while ice types did not, etc. But recently I've seen that with the advent of Diamond, Pearl, and especially Platinum, Pokemon got some pretty strange moves added to their arsenals that quite honestly, don't make a whole lot of sense (even in Pokemon terms). A couple examples include:

Crobat learning heat wave (since when could it breathe fire?)

Delibird learning gunk shot (I don't want to know where the "gunk" comes from)

Celebi learning thunder wave (I never knew it could shoot electricity)

Snorlax learning whirlwind (Where does the wind come from?)

Although I'm not saying these moves aren't useful on these Pokemon (I actually use quite a few of them), but I can't help but feel that it defeats the purpose of the game a bit by giving some Pokemon capacities beyond what they were designed to be capable of (To be honest, I never thought Crobat would breathe fire). I thought Zapdos was the electric bird, and Moltres was the fire bird. Now Zapdos can use Thunderbolt and Heat Wave? What's up with that? Do you guys think that gamefreak distributed these strange moves to unlikely recipients to mix up the game? I'd love to hear some opinions on the perplexing matter.
Snorlax's wind comes from its mouth I bet, but don't take my word for it. Either that or it lets a lot of gas out when it farts.

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Crobat doesn't breathe fire, its Heat Wave is produced by the rapid flapping of its wings (same with Zapdos's, Honchkrow's, Pidgeot's, etc etc).

Besides that, "Ice Punch Wooper".
Crobat doesn't breathe fire, its Heat Wave is produced by the rapid flapping of its wings (same with Zapdos's, Honchkrow's, Pidgeot's, etc etc).

Besides that, "Ice Punch Wooper".
i guess i can see that for the heat wave although the in game move description is "The user exhales a heated breath on the foe to attack. It may also leave the target with a burn."

as for ice punch wooper... nice one, i have no clue
Togekiss can learn Focus Punch even though it has no arms!!?!

Gastly can learn all the elemental punches (fire-, ice-, thunderpunch) but it's just a floating head!?!!

Chingling gets Wrap.

Smeargle gets...well, everything! All the wings (Wing Attack, Steel Wing, and so on) spring to mind as odd.

Electrode gets Sucker Punch.
I don't think it really matters if the moves don't make sense. For instance, consider a mouse that's probably 20 times bigger than other mice, and it can shoot electricity without dying. Now think about a bird shooting some heat. Both don't make any sense, but for some reason you don't think about the other one. Basically - it's a game, just leave it at that.
Edit: I admit some are really strange though.

Also Togekiss gets Focus Punch because Togetic got it, and it's not like GameFreak could take away moves upon evolving.

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Not to mention pokemon getting awesome moves that they will never use.

Why the hell do Gyarados and Rhyperior get thunderbolt, fire blast, (and in Rhyperior's case ice beam/blizzard/surf) etc. What's the point of giving these pokes ridiculous special move pools they'll never use? Why not say, eeveelutions with those moves? :P
entei doesn't learn EQ...yet typhlosion and charizard do. what the hell.

there's also slowbro/slowking learning fire blast. what makes them so special compared to other water types?
Electrode gets Sucker Punch.
This is actually a translation-messup, since the japanese name translates directly to Surprise Attack.

bulbapedia said:
Despite its name, Sucker Punch is not a punching attack. The name is another term for a cheap shot at the expense of the opponent. Thus, many Pokémon that do not possess arms can learn this move, and its attack power is not boosted by Iron Fist.
Though if this were the real case (that it's a punch), then yeah, that is kinda odd.
the elemental punches themselves have always kind of confused me as well, how medicham would go about freezing, setting fire to, or electrifying its fist is beyond me
is this competitive talk? oh well, we whine for moves like flare blitz on entei and flareon but i wasn't complaining when zapdos got heat wave, and normal types learn pretty much every single move in the game.
More importantly how in the world can Skarmory learn Fly? It has to be the strongest bird ever to generate lift considering it wears metal Armor and the Dex says it can go at speeds over 180 MPH.
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