Stratford, CT - VGC-13 style tournaments on last Sunday of month, OU on other Sundays

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Where: Stratford, CT at
Gaming Etc.
555 Lordship Boulevard
Stratford, CT 06615

When: Sundays after 12pm (except Feb. 3, 2013 due to a yugioh regional held)
Cost: $5
prizes: depending on quantity of participants, usually towards card packs or store credit
style of play: swiss, then top 4 cut is elimination.

Be prepared to list all your participating pokemon's statistics so they can be verified for usage.

While Overused tournaments have been regularly been taking place on Sundays, starting this month and hopefully on the last Sunday each month the format will be VGC style.

I may be editing this post for further details. In meantime check out ryusei881's Youtube channel which includes feature OU matches along with my live interview in one of them:

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