Stupid Misconceptions I had in my life (feel free to share yours too!)

Did you know in my life I used to believe all sorts of stupid stuff that obviously isn't true? Do you have your own silly misconceptions to share? If so, this thread is for you.

Did you know...
  • I used to believe that the word "Luncheon" was the name of a parody Eevee evolution just because it had the eon ending?
  • In first to third grade I used to believe parents could inflict any type of cruel and unusual punishment they wanted on their kids, including death penalty such as beheading?
  • Before 2010 I used to believe that lightbulbs had fire in them?
  • When I was a kid I used to think that my grandmother's constant gifts were made by magic?
  • When I was in fourth grade I used to believe that detention at school was the act of throwing the offending kid down a chute that took them to a room with a fireplace that spits out constant homework?
  • I used to believe people could go to jail for getting an F at school?
  • In fourth grade I used to believe that black dogs could physically tear people apart with their teeth because I thought their teeth were made of knives?
  • In second grade I used to believe children could get punished with jail time or death for playing video games overnight?
  • In seventh grade I believed that the way I viewed religion in sixth grade (and still view it now!) turned out to be Satanism and I was going to go to Hell?
  • I used to believe that Eevees we're cupcakes shaped like stuffed animals? (That's why I sometimes call them "cuddle cupcakes")
  • I used to believe that eating ice cream without parental permission was punishable by death?
  • I used to believe that listening to something on earbuds too loud would cause the earbuds to explode into flames?
  • When I was little I used to believe that if you lifted a rug, it would reveal a hole instead of the floor it covered?
  • I used to think that girls were entirely better than boys by all standards? (Now I try to not judge people at all based on gender)
  • I used to believe that Wobbuffets are actually balloons full of vomit?
  • I used to believe that Munchlax was only obtainable by Action Replay because I could not find one in Platinum no matter how hard I tried?
  • I used to believe that chocolate has healing properties? (Now I see it as destructively addictive but still nevertheless gorge on it at any opportunity I get)
  • I once believed that cranberry juice was toxic and could instantly kill people?
  • I once believed that internet connections were invisible strings in the air that computers would be physically hooked onto?
  • In eleventh grade I was tricked into thinking that playing video games was a mortal sin and tried to quit all the games I played? (But I couldn't quit Pokemon because it was too good)
  • I used to believe that staring into a light would grant magical powers?
  • I used to believe that if you sat on a toilet and flushed it, you could get swallowed into it?
  • In preschool I believed that deliberately missing church was punishable by death?
  • I once believed that watching YouTube would curse me to get yelled at by any adult I talked to?
  • I once believed that jumping off a swing could crush a person into the ground?
  • I once thought the reason why electrical outlets worked was because of magic?
Those are my silly misconceptions in life. By no means a lost of all of them, but some definitely do reveal I am paranoid about being punished by authorities at times. Do you have any reactions or your own misconceptions here you want to share? If so, reply with anything.
In Pokémon Sun, I didn't think you could fly between islands and had to use the boat. I played the entire game like this... even postgame when breeding for EVs, not realizing until a year later.

Why? I clearly remember an NPC telling me the reason boats were needed was because the distance between islands was too far for Pokémon to carry things. So I never tried. Was I just imagining that dialogue? Did I really think the devs wouldn't let us fly between islands for immersion reasons? Needless to say I felt silly afterwards.
I used to think bless you was actually “blesh you” and I thought blesh was some word I’ve never heard of. And it’s embarrassing to say the age I realised it was bless

And I also used to think that the sugar limit recommendation was law so I started drinking Diet Coke and now it’s just natural for me

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