Stupid Survivor: Season One FINAL TRIBAL COUNCIL


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Tribe Haley wins the challenge, and will now go to ROOSTER to vote out someone from the other tribe.

Players on Tribe Jessica can write a message in their confessionals which we will relay to Tribe Haley tomorrow morning
In the last ROOSTER, the Haley Tribe voted out Vigvig from the Jessica Tribe. We are now MERGED (again!)!, Congratulations!

Challenge 8
In this next challenge, everyone will be given a list of 5 different pokemon from generation 1 to 5. You will have 24 hours to choose two from your list and submit a drawing of the pokemon for others to guess. To make this standard, you must draw using . The catch is that you’re trying to get exactly half of the players to guess the drawing correctly and the other half to guess incorrectly. You will be awarded points based off of how well you “split the room” with each of your drawings. So if everyone gets your drawing right or everyone gets it wrong you will receive zero points for that drawing. So make it good but not TOO good. You will also be awarded points for how many drawings you guess correctly, so from a guessing perspective you are always trying to guess the drawing correctly.

Note: You may not include any words or numbers to add detail. Any detail you add must be in the form of a drawing of something.

Your point total will be 3*ABS(# guessing your first drawing right - # guessing your first drawing wrong) + 3*ABS(# guessing your second drawing right - # guessing your second drawing wrong) - # times you guessed someone else's drawing right. Lowest point total wins

You will shortly receive your list of pokemon and have 24 hours to submit your drawings. Then all the anonymized drawings will be posted in this thread and you have another 24 hours to submit your guesses. Each player gets ONE guess for every drawing so make it count! Please do not communicate about any specifics of your drawings to other people. We're not looking for collusion here--just your most mediocre drawings.

The winning player will receive Individual Immunity at the next ROOSTER
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At the last ROOSTER, Inferno was voted out.

The remaining ten players were divided by timezone for a 30 minute live challenge. When they arrived, we revealed that the challenge was ROOSTER with a 30 minute deadline.

Laurel and TBZ were eliminated from their respective groups. As a second twist, they will play against each other. One will win an advantage and the chance to continue in the game, for a 1/9 shot at winning the grand prize
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TBZ won a game of Siam against Laurel. Laurel is eliminated from the game.

Minimalism for Google
Challenge 9​ The immunity challenge is to get the AI to recognize your drawings. You may only draw in STRAIGHT lines, and you will be scores based on how many straight lines you used in each drawing.

Screenshot your final score (the page with the six drawings). The AI must have guessed at least four drawings correctly. We will count the number of lines you used in four of the drawings that the AI guessed correctly. Lowest score wins


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In a return challenge between the most recently eliminated players, Laurel won. He returns to the game. The players remaining in the game are: Alimdia, Joe, Whydon, Laurel, Species, Marth, Cel, Texas.

Challenge 10​

Play through the first 7 levels. Screenshot your times on the level select page.

For each level, you get 10 points for having the fastest time out of everyone on the tribe, 5 points for having the 2nd fastest time, 3 points for 3rd fastest. Ties on levels are scored generously (scores will not be divided, multiple people can have the same position). Ties on overall score will be broken by fastest time in order level (looking first at level 1, then at 2, and so on)

1st: 2 TOL, 2 votes
2nd, 3rd: 1 TOL, 1 vote
4th, 5th, 6th, 7th: 1 vote
8th: Elimination candidate, 0 votes, gets to choose the second elimination candidate.

Welcome to 7DS week!


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Laurel sweeps the board with 70 points. Valiant attempts by Texas and Joe net them 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Last place, and the only player not to podium on at least one level, is Celever.

Laurel chose to give his TOL to Whydon, and Celever put up Marth.


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Marth has been voted out by a vote of 7-1.

Challenge 11
Most impressive throw wins.

You have until tomorrow 830PM EST to submit in your confessionals.


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By a vote of 4-3, Texas was voted out.

The six remaining players were offered $20 each to leave the game and forfeit their shot at the grand prize. Any players who felt like their position in the game was shaky, or endangered, were able to take this shot to materialize their current standings into money.

None of the players took the offer. Therefore, they have been sent into ROOSTER with all private chats disabled.


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In the last ROOSTER, in which private chats were disabled, Laurel was voted out by a vote of 1-0 (with 5 votes on Alimdia nullified)

Challenge 12​

You may initiate this challenge by typing !Start! in your confessional, though I urge you to do so only after you are ready.

My bot responds to select keywords. After you find the first keyword, I will give you a clue for the next, and so on. You may (and are encouraged to) use brute force methods, such as AHK (for PC), to find those keywords.

One keyword, which you can find by following the instructions given, will signify the end of the challenge. Your time for this challenge will start when you type !Start!, and will end when you receive the congratulatory message from my bot. The player who takes the least time to complete the challenge will win immunity.

You have 24 hours to begin this challenge (with small extensions based on IRL circumstance given at our discretion), which is of undetermined length. You will join a regular, Survivor style ROOSTER at the conclusion of the challenge.

You can use AHK by downloading the software on your computer at, and right clicking anywhere (i.e. desktop) and select new>AHK script to make a new script. If you right click the icon of the script, you can choose "edit script" to write a script in notepad (I recommend playing around with the sample script below). If you save the script, then right click the thumbnail and hit "run script", then it will begin excuting once you activate the trigger. Below is a sample script that sends "I am holding on (num)" on a small delay, where num is an integer that increments starting from 0. The script is activated when you type control+J, and terminates when you hit the escape key.

#NoEnv  ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
; #Warn  ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors.
SendMode Input  ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%  ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.

Send, I am holding on %num%.
Send, {Enter}
Sleep, 6000

I am willing and able to provide assistance in setup, though I think that setting up AHK is simple enough that you should be able to accomplish it yourself.


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Joe won the last challenge, and $pecies was voted out at the last tribal council.

Challenge 13​

In a single elimination bracket, you must fight each other. Both players will use the following team:
Ditto @ Enigma Berry
Ability: Arena Trap
EVs: 1 Def
IVs: 30 Atk
- Transform

Scraggy @ Metronome
Ability: Arena Trap
EVs: 1 HP
- Close Combat

Cubchoo @ Red Card
Ability: Arena Trap
EVs: 1 HP
- Peck

Zorua @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Arena Trap
EVs: 1 HP
IVs: 0 Atk
- Dark Pulse

Miltank (F) @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Arena Trap
EVs: 1 HP
- Rollout

Orbeetle @ Eject Button
Ability: Arena Trap
EVs: 1 HP
- Aerial Ace
The tier is Gen 8 Pure Hackmons. Loser wins.
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Alimdia won immunity. By a vote of 2-1, Joe was eliminated from the game.

Alimdia, Whydon, and Celever participated in a 3 person “challenge”. Alimdia won. Whydon and Celever will now compete in a game of Machiavelli to determine who advances to F2


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In a 30 minute thriller (?), Celever beats Whydon and advances to FTC!


Final Tribal Council will now begin. Private conversations should now stop. I will allow three days for debate between jurors and the finalists in this thread. You may start voting only on Thursday 830PM EST, and voting ends Friday 830PM EST.

A tiebreaker exists and will be revealed if needed.

The winner will receive $100! On Friday 830PM EST, we'll dole out the other prizes, start postgame, and read votes. It'll be a big party in VC so I hope you'll all get a chance to join.

For FTC, please remember that in all my games there is only ever one rule: don't be a dick. Please keep this in mind as you debate over who deserves your vote more. I do trust all eight of you to keep this civil so I won't be stepping in during the course of the next 3 days.

Celever alimdia

Texas Cloverleaf Whydon joe_durk Energy bluedoom dollarsurvivor
Hi Jury,

It has been a tough endgame for me to get here, and I look forward to explaining my game to you. Take note that assertions in my speech are just from my point of view from various points in the game.

A bit of my thoughts on survivor (tl:dr kinda):
Survivor is not a race. It is a marathon. If you go too hard too early, you become a big threat in everyone's eyes. Traditionally, the leaders of the alliance are always targeted first. Otherwise, it is people who are challenge beasts. My game was to ensure that I appeared as neither. I wanted to keep some threats in as shields for me as well, so they will be targeted before me. The name of my name is 'wolf in sheep'sgoat's clothing'. I know that from the beginning - I do not have to be the best player out of the whole player list. I don't have to be the biggest jury threat. I don’t have to yell out to the world whenever I make a move. Others can take the credit, and the target. I just have to make sure that I am the better player in the final 2, have the ability to explain my game and prove it. If I appeared like the ringleader, calling the shots, my game would end much sooner. My skill is in reading the game-state, very similar to reading the EIMM game state. In the last quarter, I ramped up my challenge abilities and won the last 2 immunities, saving myself and guaranteeing myself a spot at the FTC.

Pre merge stuff

I entered this game only knowing tbz and vooper really well, but my experiences with them have been them snaking me constantly in eimm games. So in my original tribe, I only knew TBZ.

I low efforted early but put in decent effort in the first scavenger challenge, which got me invited to an alliance. At that point, I didn't have much social capital since I haven't talked to half of the alliance, but I started talking to them and building it up. I didn't know anyone else before the game other than TBZ, but I had a feeling most of the playerlist has history, kinda like an all stars season, where I am a fan instead of a favourite. So I am trying to figure out who knows who. This was confirmed in the first vote when beanz got targeted for {something that happened in another game} out of the people that didn’t participate in the challenge. Over the next few votes, we repeatedly did easy votes, but I did my best to protect tbz from the vote.

During the pair's twist, I was trying to find a partner for Species, by asking Vooper and whatnot. Unfortunately, his tribe was all paired up. Inferno told me that Laurel was going to snake paperblade and pair with Species, and not to worry. I kept that info to not attract undue attention or cause the plan to fall apart. That sort of bonded me a bit with Species and Inferno.

I was a bit wary of Laurel because he flipped on the pairs vote, sending 2 of our alliance home. Since we relied on another pair not voting together (which they didn’t). After the swap, everything was uneventful until Laurel and I were discussing game strategy and how to make it far. Ironically, I told him that he needs to go to a point where he can win final immunity, in case his ‘sheep’ turns on him. During that convo, I told him that I have won Survivor before and done deep runs multiple times. The next vote, Laurel targeted me because of that, and also because I won some EIMM games, and also because he thought I was Aquilia. Luckily, a combination of him forgetting to vote and species and cel wanting to better their positions, led me to being saved. After this, Species and I got closer, because it didn’t really matter the circumstance - he saved me and I am grateful. I therefore also voted for Rad because Cel also saved me, even though I was voting for Cel in the original vote. I used the mention of rocks to secure a Rad vote, unsure if it was needed. After that, I made a group of Species and Cel, and intended to go far with them. I know species as a good survivor player, and I like playing with logical person, because I have more of an idea what they might do at a given time. Anyway, this made me further wary of Laurel, and I have classified him as the following player with the following gameplan.

Laurel wants to votes out all big threats
Laurel is now the biggest threat earlier than required
Laurel will be voted out when he loses immunity
Laurel does not really care about shield strategy

The ridiculous part of this is that prior to this, I’ve just been playing a sheep game, so there was really no good reason to vote me out so early just based on previous performances.

I am not the kind of player who gets threatened by someone playing well in the previous season, another org or what not. If anything, if someone is good, it makes a great shield for me. People would target them before me. If someone is logical, they are easier to work with.

Merge Vote

Fast forward to the merge, in the merge vote, because I told Species I was close with Inferno, he didn’t tell me about his side’s Inferno vote plan. Because Laurel stirred some stuff up with Joe, Texas and Inferno, they didn’t tell me about their …. Bluedoom plan. Because of that, ironically everyone except bluedoom left me out of their plans.

After the revote, I reconnected with both Species and Cel, as well as the Texas Joe group. After some token disappointment, I assured them I was alright.

F10 vote

The very next vote, the twist of 2 groups of 5 happened. I don’t fully know who started the chaos, but it was either Species or Laurel. I was allies with Species, Cel and Joe, plus I trusted Species the most so I figured Laurel was probably just causing chaos again. He had tried voting for me before, so he could do it again. To cut a long story short, Species and Cel went behind my back again to do a 2-2-1 vote on Joe. Species, I realise that is a game move, but I feel like you traded our long term equity for some short term big moves, so I was emotional there. Also, leaving me out of consecutive votes just made me feel like I had to do more moves later to prove myself.

F9 twist
This is about the time I finally found the idol. I decided since everyone I thought were allies had left me out at one point or another, I needed to rely on myself. I was going to tell nobody about this. I considered telling Joe though.

Regardless, in the next immunity giving twist, species passed me the immunity, and we sort of reconciled our differences from last time. I made a chat saying me->joe->texas->bluedoom, eliminating jalmont who had voted for me at the merge vote. This also paved the ground for an alliance between joe, texas, bluedoom and I. I figure Texas and Joe won’t see me as a threat or target me until it is too late.

F8 vote

During the vote where a lot of people wanted tbz out, and it was apparently between whydon and tbz, I tried making a move but trying to turn the vote on whydon, because I felt like tbz might listen to me with whydon gone. Unfortunately, there were a few blockers…
1) tbz didn’t want to vote whydon
2) Joe and Species seemed down for the plan, if other people are, which I appreciate, even if its not true :P
3) Texas said he was down for the plan if ‘other people were’. Unfortunately, based on our conversations, I could tell that he didn’t really mean that, and was really heavily steering me to tbz. Ironically, if tbz survived here, bluedoom would have been fine next vote.

F8 vote (again)
During the vote where it was between Marth and Cel, Joe didn’t want to go to rocks for bluedoom. it was clear to me the other 4 were strong, and could see the next vote was 4-3, with one of Joe or Texas going, however convincing ppl to go to rocks is a big ask.

F7 vote
When Joe won immunity, I figured it was likely Texas was going home. I didn’t use my idol because I felt like I couldn’t play the game in Texas’s shadow, it would just look like I'm sheeping him more, and he even refused to believe me that Laurel was snaking him. I tried asking to swap the vote back to Laurel, so whydon doesn’t get upset when he (most definitely) was staying. I guess we rolled for the 10% chance of laurel playing the shield strategy game.

F6 vote
I expected Laurel to be the target here because he is a jury threat, despite Cel saying… that he can beat Laurel and that he thinks Laurel has no win equity? What kinda weed are you smoking Cel man…., but when people all didn’t talk for a while, I had an inkling Joe was the target. I decided enough was enough and I was going to make my stand here. Here are the reasons

  1. Joe would work with me in the future (proven correct at F5 vote)
  2. If I had let Joe get voted out, Laurel would be the favourite to win F5 immunity (didn’t know what F5 immunity was), and even if I saved my idol at F5, I would still be screwed at F4. Even if Laurel was voted out at F5, it looked like the crew of Whydon, Cel and Species would remain strong at F4 (at the time, that’s what it looked like)
  3. I just don’t trust Laurel. See 1)
  4. From my POV, if Laurel makes it to the end after voting out Joe, he would get my jury vote.

Anyway, I decided ‘fuck this safe play of being safe at F5’, instead I voted Laurel out.

F5 vote
So I was not immune and had no idol.

At this point, I rank the jury threats as follows

However, I felt like I could trust Joe to make a move to save me here at the F5. I laid out a plan to Joe. I planned it, he executed it (to Cel). We pulled off the greatest move ever.
Originally, Joe wanted to target Cel because he thought Cel was the biggest jury threat. I convinced him that
  1. No - species is the mastermind in that duo
  2. Cel is easier to trick to vote Species than the other way around

Greatest Heist Plan
Director: alimdia
Leading actor and MVP: Joe
  1. Act like I am safe using BS idol story
  2. Joe tells Cel that Joe and I cannot agree on a vote, because we are both safe and not budging, therefore the vote will be 1:1 after I use idol, with me voting Cel and Joe voting species
  3. Joe convinces Cel that my idol is legit
  4. Cel thinks Whydon will keep him in a 1:1 revote between him and species
  5. I tell Joe to plant doubts in Cel’s mind using Species’s 2-2-1 vote from so long ago. Convince Cel that Species knows my idol is real, wants to burn Cel’s and Whydon’s vote so that he can throw his vote on Cel and make a 2-2-1. If I idol, Cel goes home. If I don’t have an idol, I go home. Win-Win for species.
  6. When Cel is convinced of this and votes Species in order to make a 2-2-1 vote the other way to save himself in the non existent ‘revote’, Joe and I actually are voting for Species and turn it into a 3-2

Plan worked without a hitch. Only thing is, I had to betray Species, but sorry brother, it was all strategy and gameplay.

F4 vote
I had a hunch that after the results of the last vote, Joe now sees me as a player and will want me out eventually, either here or F3.

I had 0 pokemon game knowledge, other than pikachu is a pokemon. After Hal explained the roles and how to play it on the website, I spent a solid 1-2 hours researching the weakness of every pokemon, and drew a chart.

Found some formulas and playtested it, to come up with optimal solutions to Orbeetle’s eject and Cubchow’s red card. I won the challenge because of hard work. There is some RNG with 20% stun chance and miltank having 90% accuracy, but luckily, those were not factored in to the end result.

I know from this format, the winner of the challenge actually chooses for the elimination candidate, because the person dragged in can only vote for the elimination candidate while the EC has no vote. Hence, the EC needs the support of the immunity winner and the other person.

I eliminated Joe because of the following reasons
  1. I think he is going to vote me out at F4 if I didn’t win, or at F3, so I have to win final immunity anyway. If I have to win final immunity anyway, I might as well vote Joe out now, to have a higher chance to win final immunity.
  2. Even if Joe would bring me to the F2, I would still lose to Joe in front of the jury. That is my perception. Sorry Joe.
  3. I realise that the jury prob won’t believe/give me credit that I came up with the F5 plan if Joe is sitting next to me in FTC.

F3 vote

Ngl I kinda got robbed that I didn’t get the sole vote to eliminate someone, but that’s stupid survivor and life.

I am confident in the game that I played. I may not be the best player in this season, but I think I am the better player in the final 2. I played an UTR game to start with meat shields, voted out players that wanted me out, and finally came out from the shadows starting from F6. You will find that I have a massive impact on every elimination F6 and following. I played a marathon game, not a race. I put my foot on the accelerator at F6 and pressed as hard as I can, and I had a brilliant last quarter to close out the endgame.


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Ali I knew you won John's survivor before the season started... The reason me and Whydon wanted to vote you out is because we thought you were scarier than Rad..

Why did you lie about how you found the idol? What was the point?
i wanted rad in for the connection at merge, you were getting voted there if Laurel doesn't self-vote

i was so annoyed at cel/species during that lmao you will see if you read back on my confessionals
3) Texas said he was down for the plan if ‘other people were’. Unfortunately, based on our conversations, I could tell that he didn’t really mean that, and was really heavily steering me to tbz. Ironically, if tbz survived here, bluedoom would have been fine next vote.
Bad read on your part, I was fully fine going that way I just didn't want TBZ continually targeting me
When Joe won immunity, I figured it was likely Texas was going home. I didn’t use my idol because I felt like I couldn’t play the game in Texas’s shadow, it would just look like I'm sheeping him more, and he even refused to believe me that Laurel was snaking him.
Whether I believed you or not didn't matter because cel/species had turned on me so I had no alternative.

Why did it take you until literally one minute before deadline to suggest you could swing Whydon?

My general perception of your game is that you didn't have much agency, that your game was driven by other people. I accept that the strategy as you've laid it out is a reasonable one, and I consider your performance "passable" in terms of deserving to win. Comparable to Gavin Whitson from Survivor EOE. Convince me it should be considered more than that.
Ali I knew you won John's survivor before the season started... The reason me and Whydon wanted to vote you out is because we thought you were scarier than Rad..

Why did you lie about how you found the idol? What was the point?
I lied about how I found the idol so that I can still claim to have another idol at the F5. I initially told Joe I played the wrong idol.

By the way, I came 2nd place in John's survivor, didn't win :psyduck:. I have won a survivor org though, I do think voting strong people that are working with you early is eh

Hi jurors. This preface isn't to butter you all up, but to provide closure to my own game as I think my journey would be incomplete without this being eternalised in this thread. This season of Survivor is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most fun I've had in an ORG. My first ORG was over 3 years ago, a season of Big Brother which I won, and since then I haven't gotten to the end of another one -- 2 seasons of Big Brother and one of Survivor (the previous season on Smogon). This season has made me realise exactly why that is: in previous seasons I've allowed myself to get over-stressed and it means I either burn out or choke hard. This time, thanks to the other players who I legitimately felt comfortable with speaking with about almost anything, my stress levels remained low enough to keep a clear head for the most part. So to that end, thank you to the entire cast who I worked with for helping me come to that realisation about myself.

-- It was at this point that hal DMed to rush me and gave me an hour deadline so this is being done quickly --

Strategy Synopsis

I was not really a power player this season in the traditional sense of the term, and I will readily admit that. I played from the shadows and people didn't realise my threat level, but that was exactly the point. More on this later, but I believe I had more influence than most people still realise, and that demonstrates how adept my social play really was. During the merge phase, I received almost no votes, the one rooster where I did that comes to mind being when Joe voted for me in F4 when I was the only target other than himself. Comparatively, I received a pretty large number of votes during the tribe stage, often being the counterwagon the minority opted for. This shows that even though I came into this game with some heat on me, by the end of the game I got rid of it completely. This is polar opposite to my usual arc where I begin low-key and slowly become a larger target through claiming responsibility for my plays. And it was a wild ride playing from the bottom for once that I would love to do again.

Tribe Phase

My attitude to the tribal phase of the game is very simple. Ensure I'm always in a majority position so that if we lose I won't be voted out even if I'm a target, and work hard on challenges to ensure as few of my allies are voted out as possible. That's exactly what I did this season. Even though the tribes I was on lost frequently, in most challenges I was one of the largest contributors of our tribe.

Dumber Tribe

On the Dumber Tribe I was disconnected. My prior connections coming into this season were in two categories: people from the last season of Smogon Survivor, and people who I played mafia with on here many years ago when I was an annoying young teen. The latter category never affected the game aside from knowing VigVig a little but that never amounted to much, and the former category -- Joe, Tommy, Texas, and Laurel -- were all on the opposing tribe aside from Tommy who was low efforting. Besides that, Whydon was a host of the last season and was my only familiar face. For this reason I contacted Whydon and Tommy and struck an alliance with the former and defensive pact with the latter, and then began talking to others. I established alliances with Species and vooper at this point, both of whom I felt chemistry and kinship with, and this 5-man core (+VigVig which was largely Whydon's doing iirc) became the heart of the Dumber Tribe. This became relevant in the first vote, where I was the counterwagon due to RAD and Snype's group feeling they didn't know me well and saw me as a wildcard. With the connections I'd established, however, I survived.

Pairing Challenge

The pairing challenge was rough on my heart. The pairings all got established very quickly after deadline, and mine with vooper was no different. However, Species was known by everyone as the odd man out. vooper and I worked to find a partner for Species and got the ball rolling where people were aware that saving Species in this challenge would win them favour with others such as myself and vooper. I campaigned to a couple of people, one of whom was Texas, who may have influenced Inferno and Laurel into saving Species. Texas, feel free to fact check me on that. In the end, however, another person who voted for me before got out here which was great for my game.

Tribe Haley

Tribe Haley is where my game really began. Stuck on a tribe with RAD, someone who for whatever reason had me in their sights as a target, but also old allies Whydon and Species, there was a real test of social chops here. RAD won HOH and nominated myself and shmegg for the block. Through being seen as a tribe asset and connections with Whydon, Species and the beginning of rekindling my one with Laurel, I stayed in a unanimous vote. This was where the foursome of me-Laurel-Whydon-Species was established. The second vote was also relatively easy, as Tommy was a low efforter. However, as I was one of RAD's targets, I campaigned in this vote for us to get rid of him, which Species supported me on. Laurel promised us we would do it next time, so I was an alliance player and voted Tommy this time in order to RAD next.

Then came the next vote, and where my game picked up and I got truly passionate about this season. Tribe Haley lost again, and Species and I were ready to finally get RAD out. Laurel, on the other hand, targeted Ali in this vote for his threat level and overall sneakiness, and Whydon backed Laurel in their choice of target. 10 minutes before deadline, Species came up with an idea to vote for RAD instead and tie the vote in order to give us more time to persuade Laurel and Whydon, and overall to demonstrate that we were autonomous and not just followers. It turns out that Laurel self-voted here, and it resulted in a 2-2-1-1 vote of Me-RAD-Ali-Laurel. In the revote, RAD was taken out unanimously. Here, the biggest threat to my game was taken out as he had targeted me consistently, and I was in a good position to continue with my threat level reduced. I believe this gambit was pivotal, and isn't undermined by Laurel's self-vote as Whydon said at some point that he would have voted RAD in the re-vote. In this vote we also directly saved Ali, and established a trio between us two and Species.


And then finally we hit merge. Haley, at a numbers disadvantage, was in an apparently bad decision. On top of that, there were several players left who I had yet to be on a tribe with -- Texas, Joe, Inferno, and TBZ. Things didn't look great, but the very first thing I did as soon as merge hit was instigate contact Texas and Joe, two of the only familiar faces I had and who I wanted to work with. Together we created a 4-person chat of our two "duos", Paris Hilton's Sex Tape (hereafter referred to as PHST). This was an incredible setup for us, as no one in the game knew of its existence or had any reason to suspect it might exist, letting us protect each other from each other's sides.


However, Texas and Joe were not a duo. They were a trio, and also very close with Inferno. When the F11 vote began, the consensus seemed to be that the two targets were myself and Marth, with Laurel's name being thrown in there. At this point, Marth and I had spoken a little at the start of merge and even though we only talked about video games, I felt like he was someone cool who would be fun to work with and wanted to save him. Plus, he seemed to be on the bottom of Jessica and so keeping him was beneficial for that reason. Marth and I got together and hatched a plan to push things onto a third target who everyone was happy with. I suggested Inferno, knowing that it would cut Joe and Texas' influence a little and bring them closer to myself and Species, and we got to campaigning. We swung the votes onto Inferno and he was gone. I didn't take credit for this move at the time because it would have harmed my game, but Inferno left because of me, with help of Marth. This was also down one Tribe Jessica.


At F10, I was stuck in a group of 4 allies. This challenge was rough as hell, and tbh it didn't matter to my game too much who here left as all were interested in keeping me around for longer. I followed Species here in voting for Joe and I probably shouldn't have done. This was my worst rooster in the merge phase.

However, my damage control afterwards was excellent. I was honest with Joe and Texas about what had happened, which strengthened my connections with them. At this point in time, I had my mind set on a F5 of PHST + Whydon as Laurel had just been eliminated, and so the deepening of trust here was authentic. I learned about my game here: I was flustered in the rooster and made a mistake, which I learned from, and I withheld information from Joe and Laurel that I shouldn't have during it. From then on, I aimed to be more open with my information when it affected my allies' games.

F9 Twist

The immunity-passing challenge was a great example of me controlling things from the shadows. TBZ gave immunity to Whydon, who immediately discussed what to do with me and Species. Under the guise of flipping him to our side, we decided that Ali should be the next person that we pass immunity to. Of course, I was already allied with Ali at this stage and so this was securing the safety of our ally. Furthermore, we notified Ali ahead of time and confirmed that he would pass it to Joe, and assumed Joe would pass to Texas. This is exactly what happened, which meant that immunity got passed from Whydon to all of my allies consecutively until only Marth and Jalmont, neither of whom I was direct allies with, were left, forcing Texas to decide who went. I didn't claim credit for this move, but the route worked out perfectly and bettered my position in the game once agian.


Skipping due to time. We all wanted TBZ out lol there's no news here.

...Except here it's worth pointing out that Joe approached me about blindsiding Texas. Scared about Texas challenge prowess and jury credibility, he all-but told me that PHST's days were numbered. I was resistant to blindsiding but said that I would sheep Joe when he decided it was the right time. During this we said that if a vote ever came down to Whydon or Texas, that that would be the Texas blindside since Whydon and I convinced Joe to redraft his endgame plans to be Whydon, Species, himself, and myself.

During this conversation I also made a promise to Joe that if I won the F4 challenge, I would take him to the end. This was when I thought forced firemaking F3 was the structure, but it was reciprocated and deepened trust between us at endgame.

F8 2: Electric Boogaloo

Laurel returned! I was absolutely stoked to see him back but had to hide it, as he was still pretty much everyone's number 1 target. Thankfully he also won the immunity challenge right after. This return was great for my game as he was a comp beast that was loyal to me (despite his reputation, I'm not sure he ever lied to me, and if he did it was rare and I could see through it I think).

This was also 7DS week #1 where my sucking at comps landed me on the block again. I had a quick scramble and realised that everyone saw Marth as more expendable than myself -- including Texas and Joe who had been on Tribe Jessica with Marth and worked with him since. I used my nomination on Marth and he was voted out unanimously. This is simply an example of good social and strategic play. I was in danger and sure, took the safe option, but at this point Marth was the only player who didn't have me in their endgame plans (except perhaps Ali) and so this was a great vote for my gamestate too.


Hoo boy this vote. Laurel can testify that I hated every second of this rooster. Audience probably laughed at my heart-to-heart with him about how I legitimately cared for both he and Texas and my conscience hurt at the thought of voting either of them out. I also happened to be out on this particular day for the most part, but had talked with Joe, Texas and Laurel quite a bit during that day and eventually put my vote on Laurel, intending to check back in at deadline. It was better for my game for Laurel to go there at that point, as I didn't want to burn a bridge with Joe or Texas.

And then just before deadline Whydon messaged, and we had a quick voice call (I'm sorry for being as drunk as I was Whydon aha). Whydon had become the counter-wagon and it was between him and Texas. As per my conversation with Joe before, between Whydon and Texas I voted for Texas. I believed this was the blindside we had been waiting for, but it turns out it wasn't that in Joe's mind. Regardless, taking Texas out was good for my game here as it really shifted the game. Everyone at this point was exposed and alone except for me and Species.


Ali takes credit for this challenge in his post above, but that couldn't be further from the truth. At this point, I hadn't been talking frequently with Ali and I identified that he was closer with Species than myself. Laurel was a great ally to me and, with Texas gone, so was Joe. Whydon and Species followed me here and made me choose who went, presumably so as to not burn bridges, and as Ali was by far my weakest ally, I chose him to go. Almost everything put in that chat was me trying to preserve a shot at Ali's jury vote. I was never voting Laurel or Joe there, and as the vassal of 3 entire votes I decided what happened. Ali's idol play was great, but he didn't bait the target. I pushed it onto him and that was my plan from the start. At some point toward the start before it was clear that Species and Whydon would sheep me I tried to subtly tell Laurel to push the target onto Ali by typing "not gonn alie" but it didn't work. However, that's verification if you need it.


And F5. Hoo boy. Once again, Ali wants to take credit for this but I had spoken with Whydon and Joe before now about how I didn't want to go to the end with Species and would rather do it with those two. At this stage I was still wary of the possibility of F3 at FTC, and I thought that Species and myself would play a spoiler effect on each other and hand the win to the third person there. For that reason, as Joe's gambit took effect, I put aside my skepticism and weighed up the pros and cons. If I left my vote where it was and Joe was right, then I get out and that's a huge con. On the other hand, if he's wrong and having me on then the con is that my planned F4 elimination goes out at F5 instead. That's a tiny con, so it was a simple choice to switch. Some misting occurred, but I'll be upfront that I didn't want to endgame with Species. Despite this, I appreciate the working relationship and friendship we had throughout the season and I'm glad we met through this game.


I told hal 10 more minutes so I'm gonna wrap up quickly now. Sorry F4 and F3.

My game this season wasn't flashy at all. It was back to basics but executed very well. At F7, I was involved in everyone end-game plans and that was through relationships that had been fostered over the course of the season and strategic strikes to take out big threats to my game like RAD and Inferno when it mattered. Everyone who I was allied with going into the merge made F8. That's not an accident, as I was the link between them all. People who I didn't feel cared for my safety were picked off one-by-one, until it was inevitable that I would reach at least F3. And that's something I'm damn proud of.

Thank you and sorry for being late I shoulda pre-typed this, huh? :L
Celever, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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