Suggesting the implementation of a 6th tier in 5th gen (on top of NU/UU/BL/OU/Uber)

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Accounting for,

The 57 4th gen OU/BL (aside for Rotom forms)
Rotom forms being tiered separately
The many existing non OU pokemon given new tools for a possible tier change
The vast majority of 5th gen's pokemon being competitively viable

This will likely lead to huge gaps in ability between the top 50 or so NUs and everything lower (and NU will in effect be gaining the same number of pokemon as 5th gen's fully evolved non Uber/BL).

It makes sense for a change like this to take place now, hasn't the current structure been around since 3rd gen? We've gained 263 pokemon since then (not counting alternate forms).

Uber/OU/BL/UU/NU are still up in the air, but many current favorites will fall from the higher tiers and 5th gen's power creep will definitely affect NU while some pokemon are left even further behind, to languish in obscurity.

Look at it as though UU didn't exist in 4th gen, many 4th gen NUs wouldn't have had a significant place in competitive pokemon.
Uber, OU, BL, UU, NU, NNU?

Nintendo will probably continue trying to pump out new pokemon, so I'm sure something like this will have to happen eventually.

We'll just have to see how the admins receive this.
I'm gonna have to say I agree. there are several pokemon who are just terrible but could seriously see use in their own tier.
At this rate I think we need more. Some pokemon are horrible and others are amazing. The gap can't be filled in 5 tiers (3 if you don't include uber and BL) there will be to much pokemon cluttered in UU or NU tier.
Maybe? We definitely have to see how the 5th gen standard meta goes before all that. Tons of the pokemon coming out are highly specialized with good stats, yeah, but the same could be said about the current OU pokemon. Furthermore, a ton of the new pokemon are pretty slow, so it remains to be seen how this will all shake out.


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If you think there should be a tier with the most vile pokemon in existence that are just so terrible that they don't even get used in the tier called NEVER USED then organize it yourself, but I really can't see much competitive value going on in such a tier.
There was already talk about it in the past, due to the fact that some of the NUs seriously outclassed the others. (Luvdisc was in a tier with Sharpedo)

With the massive amount of new pokemon, the power creep, I would say there's possibly a chance of TWO new tiers being implemented. But who knows how it will turn out.
Shouldn't we wait until we are capable of testing before even suggesting the possibility of the necessity of a new tier? If a Pokemon isn't used, it isn't used. I don't see how it being placed with garbage Pokemon makes any difference.
Unless we expand BL to become a much larger category (which no one wants to do so that we don't lose some of out favorite UU's) this might have to become a reality. The question is, where would we put it? We already have Uber for banned OU's, BL for banned UU's, and banned NU's are UU.

The only solution I can see is to separate OU even more. This could be achieved by having two separate OU tiers - OU Top X (Most likely 25 or 30) and then OU. This would allow us a tier where OU's top threats like Scizor and Heatran are not usable, forcing more players to rely on BL's and UU's, increasing UU usage and therefore NU usage in UU as more UU's become either OU or BL.

However, there are several flaws with adding another tier, which is why the five tier system exist. I'm not sure how we're going to be able to add another tier.
I don't think there is anyway to tell until we throw everything into the mix and let it settle out.

Certainly 135-150 offensive stats are scary, however it seems to me that nintendo did a good job of rounding these off. Ono is a frightening pokemon, however SpecsJolt outspeeds and does 93%-109% with Hidden Power Ice, Weavile outspeeds and does 129%-153% with CB Ice Punch, Agiligross takes 25%-30% from an unboosted, can setup Agility (or just attack) and hit with Ice Punch for 90%-106% (Choice Band versions do 106%-120%). All these things are scary, but not unbeatable, what made Salamence so frightening was his ability to hit from both sides (read: not happening off of 60 SpAtk).

Some Pokémon will inevitabley slip down, but there is no reason for new teirs, since the five we have already allow for most pokemon to get their chance to shine. Adding another will just overcenteralize each repective teir.
I think we should wait until we can actually test the new Pokemon to decide if another tier should be added(personally, I think that would be the best option, since there are enough new Pokemon to make their own tier)
So referring to a ban list as a tier is right out (like the number 5.) Duly noted.

Although i can only see 1 pokemon being banned from all the tiers.
Only one pokemon has ever been banned from all teirs (Arceus) and I believe that was only because he wasn't legitimately obtainable within the game. I'm also sure that was changed.

Also, please know the difference between a tier and a banlist.
And there is no such thing as a ban list unless you look at NU as the only "teir" because in that case UU is a NU ban list, OU is a UU ban list, and Uber is a OU ban list.
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