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So this spring was a fairly good season coming after 2 pretty disappointing ones, but summer looks even better. Just in sequels alone we have Monogatri S2 (Nisemono never happened), DxD 2, and TWGOK 3. Of the new series, I'm super hyped for Danganronpa, that farming anime is made by the guy who did FMA, and Blood Lad and Watamote seem like cool premises. All of this in addition to the second half of Attack on Titan.

By the way, anyone who wants to play Danganronpa before watching can actually do that because the translation patch came out today.

So, what are you guys planning to watch? I suppose we could talk about the spring season too because whatever anime thread there was is long dead.

Edit: oh wow I completely missed the airsoft girls thing, that's like the greatest idea ever
Looking like another good season to me!

The one's I'm most excited for are:
Monogatari S2
Blood Lad
Kamisama no Inai Ichiyoubi
World Only God Knows S3

gonna be watching a lot more than that though. Looking like another nice season!
Usually I don't care about seasons, but I've been waiting for "It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular!" to get an anime forever and the new Pokemon movie actually looks pretty badass.


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Hmmm... I've actually never heard of the majority of these. From the above list, I've only watched Fairy Tail and Shingeki no Kyojin. (don't hate me) Can anybody recommend some good animes? I was really looking forward to more Kuroko no Basuke :P hopefully it'll come out too.
Finally new Code Geass movie, though last one was pretty medicore compared to series. Not really looking forward to anything EXCEPT Mirai Nikki: Redial. And I guess World Only God Knows and Rozen Maiden will be fun.

Last season was better~~

edit: What kind of anime your are looking for, blitzlefan? PM me, or something.


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read the chart, only interested in FUCK YEAH SWIMMING ANIME and danganronpa.

also the BD release of Hunter x Hunter Phantom Rouge is finally coming out in a month yeaaaa

I just want to know what happened to Brain's Base. How do you go from Baccano! to something that looks as awful as Brothers Conflict.


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Can't wait to see what Kyoani's gonna do with "The little fandom that could" aka "FREE!" or more affectionately "FUCK YEAH SWIMMING ANIME."

Man, so much describes the damn thing.

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Nothing that caught my attention I think... at least Rozen Maiden Tales is finally getting animated, been waiting ages for this.

and meh no chuunibyou 2 yet, i'm sad

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'Free' OMG

Hence proved that global moaning of moist chicks will turn fanfics into reality.
Damn it, am I really the only one here who cares about "It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular!" (the one above "Free!" with the giant-ass moonspeak name)? Oh well, it's not my fault it's not popular.
Monononogatari 2nd season should be excellent (hopefully it's more Bake and less like Nise)

Free! looks hilarious, I'm really wondering how seriously they're gonna take it.

also psyched for Danganronpa, there better be massive levels of mindfuck with a premise that interesting.

I'm debating whether to start watching Shingeji no Kyojin now, or wait till it's all out so I don't have to wait each week. I ~hate~ waiting for manga to come out, so I can only imagine it's worse for anime.

also new studio ghibli movie will probably be entertaining, but I still have Arriety to watch

Not strictly anime, but Rooster Teeth (yeah, those crappy videogame videos) are releasing an anime-styled show in July. Judging from the 4 trailers they've released, it looks like it's either going to be Panty and Stocking-style good, or just really average action/lame jokes.
Hopefully all the people who decided "let's make our funniest thing into an action drama with shitty CG" got moved over there.
Damn it, am I really the only one here who cares about "It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular!" (the one above "Free!" with the giant-ass moonspeak name)? Oh well, it's not my fault it's not popular.
I mentioned it in the OP as WataMote, the easiest name I've seen for it so far.


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Besides way too many prepubescent girls, I might watch Kimi no Iru Machi and Silver Spoon. The only issue is I've read the mangas for both, but I really like Kimi (same author as Suzuka btw), and Silver Spoon is pretty hilarious despite the seemingly boring premise. Also The World God Only Knows, but I read the manga for that too...

k jk some more interesting stuff
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi, I feel like series based off light novels are hit or miss, but it sounds interesting enough. Also, Fairy Tail x Rave and Ah My Goddess. Is that a remake or..?

I recommend you guys check out
These guys review anime, with two spinoff casts for manga and video games. They always do season previews, so if you want to know what to watch without having to watch everything, these guys are good. They have about 7 years of experience podcasting.


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i need my knk epilogue movie like now. ufotable had better crank the animation values to the max

will watch fz cafe/fate kaleid liner if bored because yay type moon

dunno what to make of that anohana movie, might watch might not, series was great so it might be good

otherwise looks like i'll just be waiting for a bd rip of shingeki no kyojin because that is probably the hottest thing this year so far. the usual standard rehashed storylines are not worth watching and i'm probably not looking to pick up any new series this season. maaaybe danganronpa but i always prefer to play VNs in their original form, and PSP emulation is shit right now
I shall probably try some of the Slice of Life anime of the season, but tbh nothing really stands out for me this time around.
danganronpa's adaptation, twgok3 and monogatari 2 should be great
I'm worried that 13 episodes aren't enough for dr considering each trial will likely take a whole ep. The free time events that provided a lot of the character development are probably going to be rushed like the social links in the persona 4 anime, especially considering there are more characters than episodes.
Not really interested in any of these unless word gets out that there is a gem hidden among these, well maybe i'll look at the mirai nikki and mondaiji specials.


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So I want to put my thoughts up on most of the anime that I was thinking of watching this season.

Just finished watching the first episode of the Monogatari Series 2nd Season. I am thrilled that we get some serious Senjougahara action in this episode. The one and only thing that surprised me was that <<Araragi did not receive any airtime. Hopefully he'll show his face in the next episode.>>

Dangan Ronpa's 1st episode was good as well. It gave me deja vu, however, due to the fact that the introduction felt so similar to 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors. My gripe is that the characters that were introduced are extremely cliche to the point where it's almost disgusting. Here's hoping that there's some good character development amongst the entire cast.

Servant x Service looks like a fresh comedy to get into. It gives off those "The Office" vibes. I have a feeling it might be the go-to for comic relief this season.

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi was very weird. I'm not sure what to think of this anime just because of how the first episode played out. I'm going to give this a few more episodes to see what it turns into before I drop it prematurely.

The one anime I will say I am not going to follow any longer is Free! I apologize ahead of time but this anime really turned me off right away.

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou looked interesting as well but I'm not entirely sure if I plan on following it either. The whole show seems really random which I don't mind, I'm just not sure if it's actually going to be good. The first episode didn't feel engaging, even though it is a comedy. Hopefully the next episode will prove me otherwise.

I haven't really read Fate/kaleid so I don't have an opinion on it quite yet, but seeing as it has gained an anime, I will probably check it out just to see what it's like (I mean I know what it's about but it's always the experience that tells you if it was worth it). I'll post my thoughts on it later after I watch the first episode.


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On a somewhat related note, the amount of butthurt on both sides of the fandom (fans and non-fans) over Free! is amusing.

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