Summer broodings (Winners chosen, will distribute tonight)

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I can't stop thinking that i've had no vacations since July/2009 ._. And i'll have to wait til January 17 to have those ._. But thinking i could get an awesome poke like this can make me forget this pain a little :3
Awesome Togepi, lucariojr!

Right now, I'm thinking bout my girl ._. ....Well, she's still not my girl, but something like my soon-to-be girlfriend. I was talking with her last night, and we agreed to talk a little more online in like 2 hours, and I'm waiting for her. She's a very awesome and sweet girl (She likes anime FTW!!!) and she doesn't have any problem with me playing Pokemon!!! (past girlfriends of mine hated the idea of me playing DS LOL)

And that's it. Thanks for the giveaway!
Well right now I'm listening to the waves of the beach as they hit the shore trying to decide if I should accept a job offer I just received and start to join the real world, even though it's not exactly what I wanted. And about the inside joke with my g/f how I'm secretly a togepi. Haha.
Right now I'm thinking about my studies that begin in October. I will most likely have to move to another city since the universities in the area probably won't take me. Though I am mostly concerned about no knowing anyone in the new place. Well if things don't work out the way I want to I can still change universities next year I guess
I like your Togepi!~♥

My broodings are mostly about work... I had a deadline on Monday (which I met) and a deadline tomorrow (which I'm trying to meet). The computer program is being slow and glitchy so I was just browsing through Smogon while waiting for it to load my scene. On friday after my deadline is met, I have to give tutorials to another animation team from another studio that we're outsourcing to. I just hope I don't seem too burnt out while I teach them the ways of these programs. :3

Also, I'm thinking about the weekend, and a chance to sit down and play some video games and recuperate.
My brooding is probably, like some others, waiting for my cruise in a couple days, but playing lots of Pokemon, Minecraft, and Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time helps make it better.
not entirely sure that this counts as "brooding" but here goes.

I just hate when things break. especially things like my DS's L and R buttons. not only can I not play certain games like mario kart DS, but I can't check EV's or IV's on my own game! (yes I use AR to do it.) Due to this, I have to swap to a DS phat to check my IV's! this gets extremely annoying after a while, and I wish the L and R buttons didn't break so easily! I also dislike people who say that all hacking is bad. my own opinion is that as long as it isn't giving you any kind of advantage, it's fine with me. this also applies to if you do use advantage giving hacks in-game, but don't bring them online. I also find that okay.
I'm trying to figure out how I'll approach the Lagodu Ruins of Fire Emblem 8. So many characters to pick, and having to open up a bunch of space for getting prizes...the planning will take at least as long as the actual game! Should be fun!!
Right now? Well I'm trying to think about how I'm gonna survive a final exam. I live in Canada and I have one day of school left and a last exam (which is english) is on that day. I also have to get atleast 85% if I want to get a 70% on my term mark.
My thoughts right now?

The last Harry Potter movie is coming out soon! :D
Can't wait. Can't wait. Can't wait. :D :D :D :D
I am thinking about my life in general. See, I'm done all of my diploma exams in Grade 12 and my Grad is in a week, and I realize that I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I'm considering options and none of them appeal to me at this point in time. So, I'm thinking about what the hell I want to do with the rest of my life.
I can distribute the Togepi if needed, too. My broodings lie in my future after high school. I just finished my juniot year, but I am greatly worried and disturbed by the prospect of college applications because I am going to have to choose between applying to academic colleges and performance-based ones. I have always been an A student, but recently, I have gotten into the performing arts, especially musical theatre. I made it into the same studio that Lady Gaga went to for a time, but I am worried that I am doomed no matter what my path. There will always be someone more intelligent than me or a better actress. I feel like a jack of all trades master of none. As a child I thought I was destined for greatness, but I couldn't feel further from it right now...
I'm thinking:
"Ooh, a Togepi giveaway, nice!"
"No more school, yeeeeaaaaahhh!!! I wonder what to do during the holidays..."


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My brooding:

Well high school is just about over, and I'll be graduating this Friday. Also I just purchased a copy of Pokemon White so I can't wait to play that over the summer and beat down my friends. Then I'm going to work on getting my drivers license so I can finally drive around instead of being a pedestrian for the rest of my life. Then I'm still trying to finalize my college decision, but I think I'll be fine.
Mexico has to win to go to the finals in the soccer game! They just have to! USA vs Mexico is gonna be epic! Please win!

Thats my boarding :)

Edit: They Won yes!
Right Now I am waiting for Summer School to Finish Finally... And to begin then finish my Senior Year next year!

I have been trying to teach myself RNGing with no avail... + I am trying to learn how to work with GIMP program to learn how to do digital artwork... Which shouldn't be that difficult since I am the best artist in my high school as stated by my whole class in a art show!

And trying to get comfortable EV training in 5gen cause there is no satisfaction without a effort ribbon!
My thoughts at the moment are on my us nats team. I already know I have the paid trip but I'm worried about my team. It does good, really good put I really want to figure out how to perfect it. I'm also really looking forward to nats, meeting other smogoners and skarmblissers going to places I know are great from last year. Those are my thoughts.
my brooding:

I'm currently trying to think of team ideas for a local doubles tourney. I'm new to competitive pokemon all together and i have no experience in doubles at all. Im trying to find a doubles tutor as well as get better at singles. I'm doing all this while at work also lol
I'm ready to receive Buckeye for distribution, luc

EDIT: I have Buckeye on both Gens 4 and 5! Contact me for distribution.

1 Dragon-Shinobi
2 xJasonAlonzox
3 rubixlx0
4 czechm8
5 xtr3m3
6 mr_br_kill
7 felix
8 tag3r
9 Kaasoljoyyx
10 legendarymaster
11 mannyfanaz
12 Chill
13 Patchy
14 Cereza Received! 4th Gen
15 ~Golden Emp
16 Almgandi
17 Daena
18 Neotornado
19 assasinfred
20 Cipher Admin Lovrina (maybe distribute??)
21 Jiovaine11
22 SnakesOnAPlane
23 tinytyranitar_t
24 Luxpluff91
25 Mega_Metal (distrubeut)
I am thinking about how I am going to do at the Pokemon Tcg Nationals this year in Indianapolis, Indiana. I will be my 5th TCG National tournament and I will be playing in the Tcg tournament in masters division. I am also thinking about what to use on a Vgc team if I end up wanted to play in it last minute.
Hope I win! :D It would be great to get one of these togepi :)
My one of my pet goldfish recently caught ick (a highly contagious fish disease) and died of it. A short while later a second fish died. Now there are 3 fish remaining. One of which has signs of the disease, a second which is impossible to verify due to it's unique coloration, and a third with no symptoms. After debating a long while, I decided to euthanize the infected and possibly infected fish. I feel terrible but I thought it's be better to save one fish than allow all 3 to suffer and perish.
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