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Partner Monothreat Tournament (PMT)
As the name describes, this Monothreat Tournament will be a partnership with the bracket posted on Challonge. Each round will have a full week to complete each set. (Time may change depending on the number of entrants for this event). The bracket is not a seeded Tournament. Each team will be #1, #2, etc based on which team signs up on that number; basically a first come first served method. If there is no replay at the end of the given week, I will randomly select a winner. The replay must be posted and it is the winners' responsibility to save it. Each round is a Bo3, best of 3. One match is between Partner 1 of each pair and then the other match will be fought between the Partner 2's of the same pair. The Partner 2 match does not have to begin after the Partner 1's match has finished. If the score is 1-1, the winners will battle it out and they may make a new team or bring the same one from their previous match. Pairs do not have to use the same exact team; it is advised to change sets accordingly. The Bronze Match, where the losers in the semi-finals battle for third place, will be the same type as the finals round. Refer to the 5th type on the post below for the Bronze and Gold matches.
(From the OM page on the Monotype Website)
Easily one of the most recognizable tournament types to have been recently developed in the room - Monothreat requires every player to use the same type team as declared by the tournament host. For example: If the host says that the tournament is “Mono Water Only” or “Monothreat Water” that means participants may only enter with a water monotype team. The overall idea is to outplay your own type-matchup.

PMT Rules
- Each partnership must have two Smogon accounts for both participants. One participant may NOT, under any circumstances, play both, or all three, matches for a single set.
- Ghosting is inevitably going to appear in each round but any obvious or blatant cases will result in a Monotype Room ban and disqualification from future Monotype events.
- Flaming from anyone in this thread is strictly prohibited. Flaming is drama started by one or more parties.
- Battles for future sets will not be counted until that set is live.
Ex: Two pairs of partners finish round 1 early, so if they battle before round 2 starts, their matches will not count towards the event.
- Partners are not required to join every match but may spectate.
- Report to Ticktick any changes to the Challonge bracket.
- Battles are to be done ONLY on the Main PS server to count for this event. Replays posted from an alternate server will not be counted.

PMT will begin the week of Monday, January 30th, 2017
Team Cap: 32

Q: Where will the Tournament take place?
A: Sign-ups and battle replays will take place on this thread. The PMT's bracket will be located on Challonge.
Battle replays are to be done ONLY on the main PS server.

Q: How will we know which type each week is?
A: There will be a master type list for each week posted beneath this post. Because the team cap is set to 32, there will only be 5 different types throughout the entire event.

Q: Are Subs allowed if my partner can not continue?
A: Player substitutions are allowed if and only if the discontinued participant posts who will take their place. The new participant can not be a person who has already lost in a previous round or on an existing team somewhere else on the bracket.

Q: What happens if a replay is not saved?
A: The partner of the participant who lost must verify. If no conclusion can be made, the battle will have to be restarted.
If replays can not be recorded, period, screenshots will suffice.

Q: Why do a partner event rather than another Type Expert?
A: Both are critical elements on the drafting of players for the MPL season. Type Expert tests individual determination and drive for the Monothreat metagame while a partner tournament will show the managers who work well with others.

Example for Signing Up:
Team Name: _______ (No inappropriate or racial names)
Partner 1: Ticktick PS Usernames: Ticken, Lavish Lotad, Luretad
Partner 2: Zukushiku PS Usernames: Zukushiku, Piiiichu

I will NOT accept a pair if there are complications existent.
Ex: Known ghosters, ineligible to participate in Monotype events, etc...

By random, the first 5 types are chosen:

Week 1: Steel
Week 2: Normal
Week 3: Fairy
Week 4: Dark
Week 5: Ice
Week 6: Psychic

Magearna is not allowed to be used on Fairy Monothreats because it's banned! On Steel, it's fine.
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Ticktick hey i'd ask you on ps but you're not on so can you explain why it's banned? and is mag also banned in roomtours or just for this
Ever since X/Y when Monothreat was started people have been complaining about Pokemon that have an obvious advantage in a particular type such as Zapdos for Flying or Mega Swampert for Ground. The key distinction between Magearna for Fairy and any other threat is a number of checks they have. The most likely questioned threat outside of Magearna for Fairy is Mega Pinsir for Bug. Mega Pinsir has access to Stone Edge / Rock Slide, Aerialate Return / Frustration, and Quick Attack / Feint but Pinsir has checks. These checks consist of Forretress, Armaldo, hazards, etc... Because Fairy-Type Pokemon were released only in the last generation, their type complexity is not as diverse as the others. Ask yourself this. "What is a good check to Magearna in Fairy Monothreat where it gets a Spatk boost even when Healing Wish is used?" Some answers are SpDef Fini who will do like 30% or Tapu Koko with a strong Electric move only to lose an S class threat, maybe even more. Banning Magearna in this event is a test trial to see how the Fairy metagame will continue. And no, this is not a permanent ban where even room tournaments have it banned. As previously stated, this is a test run to see if the metagame is better with or without it.

P.S. Heart Swap Magearna is literally broken in this format. If you want to see it in action click this link.
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