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quick updates:

shiny Zeraora done by TheAetherPlayer on deviantart. i didn't ask him for anything he just wanted to then surprised me with it lol. AMVictory will work on the other shinies
stakataka looks exactly the same except for the position of the eye so i just edited the front sprite

Hi I know I'm not a spriter here or anything but I also felt that Magearna's sprites were a little... off. So I recoloured them without making them too bright (I hope). I also gave the eyes little crosshairs because those were missing.
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I also felt that Ash greninja's sprite should change pose like it does in the game, and that it has a slightly different shiny from regular greninja by keeping a pink tongue instead of a red one and the fleshtone webbing etc instead of black, so I made sprites for those too.
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I also noticed that the Dawn Wings and Dusk Mane necrozma sprites on the spreadsheet didn't match the lunala or solgaleo, so I made sprites that do... Although the main things with these is that they are 111x111 like White Kyurem's back sprite. But I'm trying to shrink them down a bit to fit into 96x96. But here are the 111x111 sprites.
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Even if you don't use them, could you perhaps give some advice for making better sprites?
hi there! thanks for the feedback. i like the ash greninja sprites, but u cool if i spruce up the lines on your sprite a bit? other than that i love your greninja sprites. as for SolgaLuna and Magearna, those are the old sprites you're using. not sure if you saw the updated ones. posted them a few months ago, but you can check in the google spreadsheet. i do like the eyes though, i'll edit the magearna sprites with those eyes

and advice for better sprites? tbh you just gotta keep practicing and analyzing official/pro-level fansprites. check where each pixel goes and why it's there specifically. just start off with tracing drawings then work from there :) for colours, i noticed your magearna edits had rather muted colours. DS styled pokemon sprites tend to use more saturation and contrast, so keep that in mind too :)
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