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moawling here you go, it's on the exact time frame

also i think that the part ono the backsprite where the left arm connects to the upper back makes it seem like the chest is too broad imo :) just that small thing for now

Pikafan2000 i know you used the 3d model, i just wasnt sure why you didnt try to shrink it down more is all. or change the pose a little so it'd fit better, yknow? also the reason you didnt' see anyone make that sprite yet is because people here are usually really busy or are in the process of making other sprites. just gotta be a bit patient. a project takes time to process things so that the output is as great as people expect it to be. we cover all the sprites eventually anyway
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probable (?) final changes to Alolan Raichu, separated the brown colours of the tail and inner ears from the body outlines to make it more accurate

leparagon Forgot to mention this, but Incineroar's arms seem somewhat "tiny" relative to the rest of the body. The finger looks fine.

moawling I love how Salazzle looks! Something I'd suggest, though, is adding black outlines to the main body, since the shiny version is white and would look quite garish with only two different tones.
hi guys, i couldnt work too fast today cuz i was too bummed out about Trump winning + i have the flu. only two sets of sprites today cuz i gotta finish two papers and study for an exam

here are Decidueye and Incineroar View attachment 73025View attachment 73030 (i'm not sure if Incineroar looks like it's flipping you off or not, so just let me know and i'll change it)

Layell if it's all right with you, once i'm done with my requirements for this week in my classes and have updated wtfcrab, would you be okay if i tried to sprite all the remaining mons on the list that havent been claimed? i think i can get them done in time. then i'll work on some QC on old stuff after i finish the mons. you cool with that or do you have something else in mind?
Great quality as usual, love the Decidueye in particular! For Incineroar however, I do have some things to say. I think the snout looks too prominent, making the face look larger than it should be. Just thin it out a bit and adjust the lower jaw accordingly.
leparagon Thanks as always for providing references! I really appreciate it. I've been having trouble navigating YT out of fear of spoilers, haha.
Tweaked the shoulders a bit according to your suggestion! Also made the arms a bit slimmer on the back sprite. Hopefully that's a bit better.

princessofmusic Thanks so much for the suggestion! I added another colour so there's not just two tones! Whipped up a shiny sprite really quickly, took the whites from the Reshiram sprite and tweaked them a bit. I don't really know what the exact colours are for Shiny Salazzle, most of my references have been fanart, so sorry in advance! I'll be sure to revisit it later (of if someone else wants to take a stab at it, be my guest).

Finally got around to whipping up Shiny Alolan Persian! Neato!
We're back in the game folks!
Vikavolt da.png

Tapu Lele.png

Next up I think I'm going to do Tapu Fini's front sprite since it's the current hardest remaining piece to make for the Tapus (backsprite being mostly covered with the shell after all) and then proceeding with backsprite creation for both it and Lele before finishing off with Bulu.
moawling Cosmoem looks lovely! However, I do feel that it's a bit on the small side (official heights aside, Cosmoem's in-game model seems to be slightly larger than Cosmog's), and most of the "ridges" along the spines shouldn't be visible from this angle. Also, in keeping with BW style, the blue/purple outlines on the yellow parts ought to be black. (btw I totally feel this tweet of yours! Gen VII most likely will be live on Showdown on the 18th or the days following)


Steenee took me ages ): lazy back sprite syndrome strikes again


I'm not Pikachu; I'm Mimikyu!

Set out to do QC but ended up spriting a new and slightly smaller Mimikyu after noticing that its official height is just eight inches. I wanted to try spriting the deflated head pose for when Disguise breaks but it didn't look very good


Vikavolt shiny. Had to adjust some outlines to avoid the "corners on dark bgs" phenomenon and ended up taking away a colour to aid the wings' translucency


My own take on Cosmoem which I decided to finish for fun

I'd like to try Marshadow before Friday but no guarantees ): I doubt that I'll be able to get to Pheromosa before release (I'm going Popplio and Moon for Lunala, Pheromosa, and reversed nighttime hours. What version is everyone getting?)
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Behold! Mega Surskit Araquanid!
Sorry, I didn't claim him before hand...this was sort of a spurt of the moment thing.

When the leaks were first revealed, I was less than impressed with Araquanid's design. But the more I looked at it, the more I started to love it. I consider the front sprite nearly complete, but I'll touch up anything that people suggest. The back sprite is still pretty sloppy admittedly - I rushed it before class. I also don't have any good references for the back sprite as of now, so before those come out I won't be able to take a good jab at it.

Despite me loving his anyone else bugged by the fact that his name is based off arachnid, yet he only has six legs? I'm grateful, because fitting eight legs would have been a pain, but still.


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I did it I sent a sprite update

poms pink entries will be updated by her later on the chart

anything we didn't have that leparagon didn't sprite on DA I used icons 3x bigger

I did use Pika2000's geodude line but if backs aren't made they will surely be temporary.
i actually sprited Geodude and Golem but no backs yet and Graveler is coming soon. i'll send my updates as soon as i get home and some followups in stuff i had to do. sorry, school stuff has been hectic lately
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Above is a ZIP archive containing 29 sets of sprites (116 images) in PNG format with transparent backgrounds. yay for national dex numbers!

Important notes:
  • Obviously, the download pack above isn't comprehensive. The next pack (v1.1) will likely be available around Christmas and include the vast majority of sprites.
  • As shown above, the first glimpse of Gen VII is live on Showdown, and so are this project's sprites. New Pokémon are unplayable but viewable by searching the teambuilder. Stats and new abilities are implemented, but not moves as of this posting.
  • The question I (probably) hated getting most in the XY Sprite Project was "when will [insertspritehere] be done??" because the answer is we'll get to everything eventually. "Why doesn't [insertspritehere] have a back/shiny?" belongs in a similar category.
  • Productivity probably will drop while we focus on enjoying the games rather than spriting. Finals are also around the corner for many. )':
  • Any sprites that aren't on the sim already (everything on the chart as of Nov. 17 9:00pm EST) won't appear there until the next time Layell sends in an update.
  • NO STORY SPOILERS PLEASE. As not everyone will be able to pick up or play the game immediately, please avoid sharing story-related spoilers here until December 1st to give everyone a fair chance at beating the game spoiler-free. This means no text discussions, screenshots, or videos. References of new Pokémon for spriting purposes are still welcome.
  • This project has been around for four months and received just over 52,000 hits or over 3,000 views per week on average. Cool!
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While I overall like this, I think the colours look somewhat too saturated compared to its official artwork:

Also why the unusual Tapu Fini pose?
Colors can still be changed easily enough, so I might play with Lele's pallet a bit more in the future.

Fini seemed like a dismissive sort, so I gave it a pose that I thought worked with its personality. Also, shading the shell from that angle is more visually interesting.

hi i uhh sprited guzzlord cuz i loved it so much and cuz the sprite on showdown really bugged me at how inaccurate it was
its below 15 colors and its 96x96

oh and Falgaia, i think your sprites have a bit too much dithering, i understand its kind of a wood shell but idk if pokemon uses that much amount
maybe its the colors which has been adressed already but it feels awkward to me
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I used pom's great original set for this one. Head now in a different position. Polished the starfish accessory as well as the spikes. The general body pose was edited to match the back. Big credits to fishbowlsoul90! I based the new pose off of his Primarina sprite, since the back sprite would be identical to his if it were translated into a front sprite.



Also, lookie here!



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hi i uhh sprited guzzlord cuz i loved it so much and cuz the sprite on showdown really bugged me at how inaccurate it was
its below 15 colors and its 96x96
i sprited Guzzlord waaay before there was any actual art of it xD hence the inaccuracy lol. but hey i like your sprite :D cant wait for the back :D
new Toucannon w back:

Golisopod back

filling in some missing mons:

alolan forms that i made last week but didnt get to make backs for yet:
Geodude and Golem:
alolan geodude.png
alolan golem.png

i'll make Graveler soon as well
shiny forms:
shiny zygarde.png
shiny toucannon.png
shiny dhelmise.png
shiny golisopod.png

i was thinking the fronts for missing mons were more important. then i'll work on their backs. remaining qc will come last. couldnt upload some of these sooner because school, sorry :c
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Leperagon's sprite is good but is very small, compared to dex size and other sprites
I may sprite Xurkitree, unless someone reserved it.
Working on Guzzlord's Back Sprite
i made it small on purpose cuz i thought it would work xD but i think the size you made looks good. although i think it woulda been better if you rotated Dhelmise before you sprited it over. plus imo the way you made the circle makes it seem like Dhelmise is facing directly forward instead of the supposed slight angle, yknow? looking great so far though

edit: Menshay mentioned that bulbapedia updated their image archives. check Dhelmise's new dream art. i think that's better for spriting than the in-game model from serebii
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ok so um i was a bit bored recently and i wanted to sprite so badly, but um..

i really like how this came out...
Beat Moon yesterday. I lucked out and caught a shiny Bounsweet for my in-game run and noticed that it shares that weird off-white colour with its evolutions (sprites edited here)


Regarding Mimikyu's alternate sprite, I remember Layell saying that he'd rotate the regular sprite 90 degrees as a placeholder lol, but I guess he didn't do it

Welcome to the project, Modeling Clay. My main concern about Guzzlord is how the width of the body doesn't leave enough room for the claw and causes it to look quite awkward. I feel that something more similar to fishbowlsoul's sprite would work better. The new Dhelmise looks good but seems a bit too large imo.

leparagon Golisopod's front and back are somewhat flat-looking (is aXl still interested in spriting it later?). New Toucannon looks solid, but having used one on my in-game team, one inconsistency between these sprites and the model is that the red tail feathers actually form a "ring" around the tail as opposed to looking like they're pasted on. There are also yellow, oval-shaped cheek markings on both sides of its face, below and behind the eyes. iirc you mentioned on Discord that you won't be getting the game for a while, so I can post reference photos if needed.

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