Sunday Mafia - Signups

Sunday Mafia - Signups
Acknowledged by billymills & LightWolf!

1) You may only talk about the game in the game thread.

#ffm is not this game's channel, you may not talk in it or anywhere else for that matter. The only form of outside communication will be host-made topics that are exclusive only to those who were linked there via Role PM.

1.1) You may not talk about the game once you are removed from the game.

This may be new to some of you, but lynches and kills remove you from the game. No "bah" posts, no deadtalking, no talking in host-made topics that are accessible to you. (yes, no scheming with dead scumbuddies, deal with it)

1.2) You may not post in the thread during Night phases.

Don't do this. You're too busy sleeping at night.

1.3) You may not edit or delete your posts.

Quadruple post if you have to. I don't want to catch players doing this.

1.4) You may only quote from the game thread.

No quoting host conversations, conversations in host-made topics or PMs of any sort. Paraphrasing is allowed. This rule extends to screenshots of anything outside the thread and other similar offenses.

2) Day periods last 48 hours and will be extended by 24 hours if relevant. Day 1 lasts 72 hours.

You're going to have to earn those extensions as town. Show me you need the extra time and you'll get it. Day periods will last 48 hours by default. Don't count on these extensions, play like they don't exist.

2.1) Vote with ##Vote <user>. Unvote before every new vote with ##Unvote.

This system is only here to make votes clear. I'll count votes that stray from the system's format if the intention is clear. Do stick to this system though, it helps players and host alike.

2.2) Day periods end with a "hammer" vote, the majority vote. No majority at deadline will result in a randomized Vanilla Town lynch. No No Lynches!

There is no "twilight phase", so no talking after the hammer, even if the host isn't there to say it. Don't be afraid to get majority early; the punishment for no majority is quite undesirable.

2.3) LYLO/MYLO will be announced when it happens. Day periods have no deadline during LYLO/MYLO.

LYLO = Lynch or Lose, MYLO = Mislynch and Lose. Town would want to avoid reaching these phases.

3) Night periods last 24 hours. All eligible night actions are to be sent to Blue_Tornado during this time.

No extensions. If you can't plan nightkills in advance as a scumteam and fail to submit a target in time, you deserve to idle.

4) Flips include rolename, allegiance and a description of that slot's actions and restrictions.

No Role PMs will be posted, but the descriptions should tell you everything you need.

Other Comments:

This is a No Outside Contact game that is expected to run for no more than three weeks. There are 13 slots. As a player you're expected to devote time and be a good sport. I shouldn't need to specify as to what this includes. I have the right to replace players on the spot if I find that they're not up for the task. If you plan on lurking, be careful not to overdo it. If players complain that you're holding the game back and ask for a sub, I won't stand in their way.

Compared to last game, this game is toned down and will not include as many power roles. There will be unorthodox roles, however, so don't forget to be open-minded. There will also be some posting restrictions (global and private) that are there for fun and shouldn't disrupt the game in any shape or form.

The host's color is blue. Do not post in blue font unless you're hosting.

Signups close at 8:00 PM GMT on Saturday. Game starts at 9:00 PM GMT on Saturday. By then, 13 players will be selected and then randomized into the 13 slots using this randomizer.

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