Sunflora[QC 0/3]

eww @ current analysis

  • sucks
  • uhh should only be using sunny day sets bc it sucks
  • wtf arent you using eggy/shiftry lol
name: Sunny Day
move 1: Sunny Day
move 2: SolarBeam
move 3: Hidden Power Rock / Hidden Power Fire
move 4: Earth Power
item: Heat Rock
ability: Chlorophyll
evs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
nature: Timid

  • garb
  • sunny day lets it double speed/ have gud powa
  • solarbeam is good stab for it
  • hp rock hits CHARIZARD and co.
  • earth power provides good coverage
  • chlorophyll bc solar power is too slow
  • LO can be used for more powa
  • what you do w/ this set is hit and then die + let another sweeper sweep under sun
  • teammates that abuse sun after flower is dead like zard eggy shiftry make for good partners
  • pokemon that deal with scarf jynx like uhh metang are good partners
  • sr mons like golem golurk etc are good partners+deal w/ fires
[Other Options]
  • encore lgi
  • growth lol
  • sunny day+focus sash
  • endeavor
[Checks and Counters]

  • scarf jynx
  • braviary mandibuzz flyings
  • fires like magmar
  • roselia
  • etc really tbh
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Sunflora shouldn't be trying to set up sun itself because it's way too slow and frail. Chlorophyll also shouldn't be slashed because it's 100% outclassed by Eggy. I think a Specs set with Solar Power and SolarBeam / Earth Power / HP Rock / Sludge Bomb is probably the best way to go because it's actually really strong (though it still sucks). In the sun it's capable of OHKOing Mush and Missy with Solar after rocks, which is actually pretty impressive.


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Random idea but how about mentioning TR setters in AC? I know that TR + Sun is a lot of setup, but if you can set both up and get Sunflora (Solar Power variant) in, then it'll definitely wreck :o
OK, so it's been sitting around for a while. I'm still not sure on what sets I should add because it isn't really decided, so I'd like to know before moving on. I will remove the mentions of Jynx and Scolipede and probably rewrite this, as there's not much content...
Tried out a few variations of Sunflora.:pirate: So far, the most useful set was the set you already have now. However, Encore should really be the second move as it is imo the key move that makes Sunflora worth using as an offensive Sun setter and non-negotiable. It either locks the opponent into a harmless move like Stealth Rock, Toxic/Will-O-Wisp for a free switch into a Sun Sweeper (that won't be harmed too much by these moves ofc) or else locks them into an attack that will probably KO Sunflora (if the first attack didn't already do so) and let you bring in a sweeper safely regardless. Exeggutor and Charizard are just plain better offensive Sun setters, and Volbeat/Liepard/Illumise/Regirock/etc are just better supporting Sun setters. Encore seems to be the only move that makes Sunflora unique from the offensive mons, while its decent 105 Sp Atk and Solarbeam helps differentiate it from the supporters. The set should probably be Sunny Day / Encore / Solar Beam / HP Rock|Earth Power. It really looks to be Sunflora's only effective niche, unless someone surprises me with a crazy cool combo.

Specs Solar Power Sunflora is just too slow, and it most likely will only switch in once and get a kill. OHKOing Mushy after Rocks is great, but at best you can only hit a slow/defensive mon and then Sunflora will have trouble hitting anything else before the rest of the opposing team KOs it after the Solar Power recoil and hazards damage. If anything, this set should make both Sun support AND Trick Room support a top priority for its teammates to set up. With only one or the other Sunflora is depressingly mediocre at best. When I actually mananged to set up both, that was probably the only time I DIDN'T regret using Sunflora over a better Sun/slow mon. At best, I would say this is OO material, but I am really tired of testing Sunflora so QC will have to decide what will happen.


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^I'm fine with the above set (even though Victreebel does it better :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:)

You should emphasize though that Sunflora has absolutely no niche in the meta (you pretty much already did, but don't try and save it during the writeup either). Also Scarf Jynx is mentioned once in AC and in C&C so remove pls
Oh yeah, i forgot that Victreebel is the better user of Sunny Day + Encore. But I the role is more of a suicide Sun setter that can provide both support and offense. Victreebel is probably better off sweeping with Sun already set up since it just works better in that role. Sunflora sucks, so this is the only small role it has any use at filling (and being a mostly suicidal one at that). Honestly I wish it has a better suicide move, but this was the best I could come up with.
Lol, Sunflora sucks way too much. I don't really feel up for this analysis b/c it's just way too outclassed, so if someone wants to take over, please do so.

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