Sunny days and Christmas trees, an Arizona winter.


Uangaana kasuttortunga!
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I was praying that you wouldn't let Abomasnow attack Ninetales with an unboosted, no-stab Earthquake but you went ahead and did it anyways. That was a poor move, but you got extremely lucky when Ninetales switched back in and died before it can set up weather. And why didn't you Bug Buzz against Latios the first time? You had a QD boost meaning you outsped and had what's basically a Specs boosted super effective hit against Latios, who is surprisingly frail (well, not frail but you know what I mean).

edit: I'm surprised he kept Latios in against +1 +1 +1 Venomoth. That was a terrible mistake on his part when he could have just sent in Ninetales who resists anyways. Also, the grammar is still pretty bad. Lots of run-on sentences and misplaced punctuation that made it confusing to read. At least it was entertaining though; I'm looking forward to something else from you, but with a better battle and more work put into the writing. If English isn't your first language, read through the Warstory archives to see what's expected in your writing. Please try again when you can meet those criteria!

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