Super Smash Bros 4 (Spoilers ITT)

Goku, Naruto, and Superman were considered for Brawl, right?

Layton's perhaps not that ridiculous though. Wasn't Phoenix Wright playable in a fighting game? Layton used a sword once I think.
Guys every pokemon has been removed, even the ones that were already confirmed. The only pokemon in the game will be Magmar. My dad works at Nintendo.
It's from Captain Rainbow. There's a part where you have to help with Little Mac's training, and if you fail, he either becomes severely malnourished (which he already should be, since he's 5'7" and still somehow a junior flyweight), or he gets really fat.


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A Layton + Luke character playing similarly to ice climbers would be wonderful ,yet leave me with the extremely hard decision of choosing either them or Megaman as my main...
I always said that I'd main Charizard in an instant if he wasn't tied down to Ivysaur. Also, Greninja looks good, glad they picked the best starters this gen.

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