Pet Mod Super Smash Stereotypes (Slate 17: Steel/Dark, Normal/Fighting, Ice/Fairy)

I heard y'all were divided about anime girls. How about an anime "girl"?

Pokémon: Mare Bello Fiore
Mod of Origin: Crossover Chaos Expanded
Stats: 95/95/105/110/110/85 (600 BST)

Abilities: Cloud Nine, Bulletproof, Terraforming*
*Upon switching in, the user summons a terrain depending on SpA and SpD IVs: Misty if both are odd, Psychic if SpA is even, Electric if SpD is even, Grassy if both are even
Movepool: Earth Power, Earthquake, Land's Wrath, Energy Ball, Wood Hammer, Grassy Glide, Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Lava Plume, Nature Power, Terrain Pulse, Weather Ball, Leech Seed, Worry Seed, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Grassy Terrain, Electric Terrain, Misty Terrain, Psychic Terrain, Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Sandstorm, Hail, Defog, Stealth Rock, Spikes, Foresight, Calm Mind, Coaching, Acupressure, Helping Hand, Wish, Protect, Wide Guard, Heal Pulse, Life Dew, Purify, Rototiller, Teleport
Overview: Jack of many trades: terrain setting, hazards, special tanking, clerical support, and discount Rillaboom shenanigans.

(Sure there's already a move called Terraforming, but Metronome is both a held item and a move.)


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Name: Afloof
Typing: Normal/Dark
Mod of Origin: Restrictions
Stats: 90 / 90 / 56 / 129 / 70 / 80 | 515 BST
Abilities: Hyper Cutter / Fluffy | Adaptability (HA)
Notable Moves:
*learns universal TMs
Special: Hyper Voice, Dark Pulse, Snarl,
Physical: Fake Out, Quick Attack, Body Slam, Double-Edge, Sucker Punch, Knock Off, U-turn
Status: Parting Shot, Trick, Work Up, Agility, Hone Claws
Description: Adaptability + 129 SpA pushes the power of Hyper Voice and Dark pulse through the roof. Even it's 90 attack becomes punishing with moves like Sucker Punch and Double Edge boosted by Adaptability. In Restrictions it often ran Fake Out / Sucker Punch / Hyper Voice / Dark Pulse @ Life Orb, working as a pretty versatile wall breaker. Work Up, U-turn, and Agility are all options over Fake Out, and it can also run Choice Scarf pretty effectively.

Mod of Origin: Megas for All V5
Creator: Emergence

Ability: Unaware
Stats: 93 / 120 / 140 / 60 / 120 / 87
New Moves: Topsy-Turvy, Darkest Lariat

A very nice Wallbreaker and defensive Pokémon that is able to wear down some of our Pokémon, while still being threatened by Machamp, Machamp-Mega and Grimmsnarl-Alola.

:swsh/seismitoad: :swsh/torterra:
Mod of Origin: Pokémon North & South OU
Creator: Gravity Monkey

Abilities: Vibrato* (Ground-type Liquid Voice), Chlorophyll, (Solar Power)
Stats: 65 / 80 / 60 / 85 / 80 / 105
will update here in the future, just cant list all from teambuilder right now.

Description: A cool special wallbreaker that has Ground Boombursts but is kept in check by Pokémon like Peasmaker and has a not perfect Special Attack.



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* = Custom Element
View attachment 385835(white background moment)
Pokemon: Cadbunny
Mod of Origin: Two Step ‘Mons
Stats: 90 / 50 / 90 / 110 / 90 / 90 [BST: 510]

Abilities: Pickup / Regenerator

Viable Moves:
- Knock Off
- Dark Pulse, Earth Power, Flash Handoff*, Hyper Voice
- Stealth Rock, Wish
Movepool can be found here.
| 60bp | 100% acc | 16pp
User switches out. The replacement's next move has perfect accuracy.
Priority: 0 | Targets one adjacent mon
A very versatile Dark, Cadbunny can either be used offensively or defensively, with decent bulk and an incredible ability in Regen. It also comes with a great (albeit small) movepool and an extremely unique gimmick in Flash Handoff, allowing it to support mons like Ringo Ando and Hypnosis Gengar, if not sillier options like Inferno Heatmor.

Pokemon: Sombraloe
Mod of Origin: Braviary New World
Stats: 95 / 65 / 77 / 132 / 82 / 89 [BST: 540]

Abilities: Dancer* / Sand Rush / Storm Drain*

Viable Moves:
- Bounce*
- Dust Storm*, Earth Power, Giga Drain, Grass Whistle*, Overheat, Petal Dance*, Weather Ball
- Chili Powder*, Mosh Pit*, Spikes, Synthesis*
Movepool = Maractus' Movepool + Chili Powder*, Dust Devil*, Dust Storm*, Earth Power, Mosh Pit*, Mud Shot*, Overheat, Scorching Sands, Sticky Sap*, Terrain Pulse, Wilting Wish*
Dancer - User's dancing moves have +1 priority when it is at or above 1/2 max HP
Storm Drain - User is immune to Water type attacks; User's Atk and SpA are raised 1 stage each when hit by a Water type attack

Chili Powder
| 75% acc | 24pp
Burns the target.
Priority: 0 | Powder | Targets one adjacent mon

Dust Devil
| 70bp | 100% acc | 8pp
Sets Sandstorm for 3 turns when used.
Priority: 0 | Targets one adjacent mon

Dust Storm
| 120bp | 70% acc | 8pp
20% chance to lower the target's Acc 1 stage. Can't miss in Sandstorm.
Priority: 0 | Secondary | Targets all adjacent mons

Mosh Pit
| - acc | 32pp
Prevents all active Pokemon from using status moves for 5 turns
Priority: 0 | Targets the field

Sticky Sap
| 60bp | 100% acc | 32pp
Lowers the targets' speed by 1 stage.
Priority: 0 | Secondary | Targets all adjacent mons

Wilting Wish
| 250bp | - acc | 8pp
Causes the user to faint.
Priority: 0 | Targets all adjacent mons

Aerial Ace - 70bp,100% acc, high crit ratio
Assurance - 70bp, power doubles if the target is below half health instead of old effect
Bounce - 100% acc, 24pp, Paralyzes the target if the user moves last this turn.
Bullet Seed - 95% acc, 24pp
Cotton Spore - - acc, 32pp, targets the field, effect replaced with setting a Sticky Web clone
Frustration - 24pp, bp maxes at 100
Grass Knot - damage scales differently, dealing more damage
Grass Whistle - Special, 80pp, 100%acc, 30% chance to sleep the target, secondary
Grassy Glide - 16pp
Hidden Power - 80bp, 10pp, type no longer changes, always deals neutral damage
Hyper Voice - 10% chance to lower targets' SpDef, secondary
Ingrain - no longer traps the user, raises the user's SpDef by 1, lowers the user's Spe by 1
Knock Off - 60bp
Mega Drain - 60bp, 32pp
Needle Arm - 70bp, 16pp, flinch change removed, power doubles if the target is below half health
Petal Blizzard - 120bp, 8pp, lowers user's Atk and Def by 1 stage
Petal Dance - single-turn, still confuses the user after use
Pin Missile - 95% acc, 24pp
Return - 24pp, bp maxes at 100
Screech - Special, 80bp, 100% acc, 24pp, hits all adjacent mons, 30% change to lower targets' SpDef by 1, secondary, no longer drops def
Seed Bomb - 16pp, 50% chance to inflict Leech Seed on the target, secondary
Snore - 120bp, 16pp, targets all adjacent mons, flinch chance lost
Solar Beam - 70% acc, 8pp, single-turn, can't miss in sun, 20% chance to burn the target, secondary
Sucker Punch - no longer fails if the target switches
Synthesis - weather synergy removed, heals 2/3 in Grassy Terrain and 1/3 in other terrains
Uproar -120bp, single-turn, confuses the user after use, effect on sleep removed
Wood Hammer -16pp, has 1/4 recoil instead of 1/3, 10% chance to flinch the target, secondary
Worry Seed - Special, 65bp, nullifies the target's ability instead of replacing it
Wacky special attacker with a billion different options. Dancer + Petal Dance is insane priority, while Sand Rush can be used to great effect with Dust Storm and support from Sandaconda/Silvally, and Storm Drain is still solid if you're not going for synergy with its other abilities. It also has a bunch of utility, from status spreading to hazard stacking to a really weird anti-wall anti-setup move in Mosh Pit. Should be a unique addition, at least.

Pokemon: Herascarab
Mod of Origin: Mega Revolution
Stats: 90 / 165 / 75 / 50 / 115 / 55 [BST: 550]

Abilities: Swarm / Justified / Skill Link

Viable Moves:
- Bullet Seed, Close Combat, Drain Punch, Earthquake, Knock Off, Pin Missile, Rock Blast, Stone Edge
- no
- Bulk Up, Recover, Spikes, Swords Dance
Movepool = Heracross' Movepool + Drain Punch, Recover
Strong physical breaker with some great special bulk. Annoys Salaos, spams some hazards, has some great coverage with Skill Link or Justified to make it even more punishing to Darks. Neat mon.

The 120 BP STAB Priority is very concerning to me. Especially since it has Fire Coverage and Ground STAB to nail every possible resist we have so far. I am feeling very pensive towards keeping this addition.

Anyway dropping a 48 hour warning for submissions!

Pokémon: Pheromosa
Mod of Origin: Ubermons

Abilities: Beast Boost
Stats: 91 / 117 / 67 / 117 / 67 / 121 | BST: 570
Movepool Changes: -Triple Axel, Blizzard, Quiver Dance

This Pheromosa is alot more balanced in this metagame, by virtue of no QD, no physical Ice coverage and not having nuclear offensive stats. Bless abismal for not knowing prime numbers thougg, as its new statline means it probably can take one resisted hit.


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Pokémon: Peccarious
Mod of Origin: Generation X
Stats: 80/135/94/50/86/40

Abilities: Reckless / Vigilante / Grass Pelt
1 - Tackle
1 - Growl
5 - Mud-Slap
10 - Defense Curl
15 - Razor Leaf
20 - Magnitude
25 - Revenge
30 - Assurance
35 - High Horsepower
40 - Seed Bomb
45 - Double-Edge
50 - Earthquake
55 - Wood Hammer
60 - Terra Charge
65 - Close Combat

Eggs Moves
Egg Group: Field
Wild Charge (Zebstrika)
Heavy Slam (Copperajah)
Odor Sleuth (Stoutland)
Body Slam (Tauros)
Head Smash (Emboar)
Thrash (Lycanroc)

01 - Work Up
05 - Roar
08 - Bulk Up
10 - Hidden Power
11 - Sunny Day
15 - Hyper Beam
21 - Frustration
22 - Solar Beam
23 - Smack Down
26 - Earthquake
27 - Return
31 - Brick Break
32 - Double Team
37 - Sandstorm
39 - Rock Tomb
40 - Aerial Ace
42 - Facade
44 - Rest
47 - Low Sweep
52 - Focus Blast
53 - Energy Ball
69 - Rock Polish
71 - Stone Edge
78 - Bulldoze
80 - Rock Slide
86 - Grass Knot
87 - Swagger
88 - Sleep Talk
93 - Wild Charge

Tutor Moves
Iron Tail
Giga Drain
Iron Head
Zen Headbutt
Seed Bomb
Drill Run
Stomping Tantrum
Earth Power
Vigilante - Fighting-type Steelworker
Terra Charge - Ground-type Double-Edge
Description: Peccarious is the definition of a wallbreaker. A great Grass/Ground offensive typing, a beefy 135 Attack stat, and 2 great abilities in Vigilante to boost Close Combat and Reckless to boost both of its STABs and Head Smash. You come in, push damage button, and do big damage. It's hilariously powerful but Grass/Ground is a pretty bad defensive typing and Peccarious is slow and has meh bulk, so you have to be careful when using it
Beats: Algalisk, Cofazor, Corsola, Garbodor, Pincurchin, Ringo Ando, Sandaconda
Can't switch into but Beats after: N/A
Loses to: Chillyte, Cummulus, Magroach, Peasmaker

Pokémon: Linoone-Punk
Mod of Origin: Alternatium
Stats: 73/70/81/100/71/150

Abilities: Punk Rock
Movepool: Linoone's Galar movepool
Snarl - If used by Linoone-Punk, 80 BP
Description: So, this thing is really fast. Having 150 Speed with a pivoting move in Parting Shot is already enough to give it a niche, but it can also launch Punk Rock-boosted Hyper Voices and Snarls at the opponent off of a pretty good 100 SpA stat, making Linoone-Punk a scary cleaner and offensive pivot. Just don't let it get hit or you won't be getting an encore performance.
Beats: Spectrier,
Can't switch into but Beats after: Cofazor, Heatmor, Machamp-India
Loses to: Corsola, Grimmsnarl-Alola, Machamp, Magroach, Salaos
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Ledacle (MTRB), Beetilient (STypes), Herascarab (MRev)
Obstagoon (MfA v7), Cadbunny (2SM), Afloof (Restrictions)
Johtonese Froslass (Regional Variants), Mare Bello Fiore (CCEX), Akanalud (STypes)

Reminder that this slate has two MfA Obstagoon submissions, so it's necessary to specify the MfA version (v7 or v5).
Bug/Fighting: Beetilient (STypes), Ledacle (MTRB), Herascarab (MegaRev)
Normal/Dark: Cadbunny (2SM), Slashowa (STypes), Obstagoon (M4A v5)
Grass/Ground: Peccarious (Gen X), Sombraloe (BNW), Froslass-Johto (Regional Variants)


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My creations shall subsist.

Normal/Dark: Obstagoon (M4A v7), Linoone Punk(Alternatium), Afloof(Restrictions)

Grass/Ground: Akanalud(Stereotypes), Mega Torterra(M4A v7), Otamatoad(North and South OU)

Bug/Fighting: Pheremosa(Ubermons), Beetilient(Stereotypes), Herascarab(Mega Revolution)


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Beetilient (STypes), Pheromosa (Ubermons), Herascarab (Mega Revolution)
Cadbunny (2SM), Afloof (Restrictions), Obstagoon (M4A v7)
Mare Bello Fiore (CCEX), Peccarious (Gen X), Torterra-Mega (M4A v7)


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Bug/Fighting: Herascarab (Mega Revolution), Beetilient (Stereotypes), Pheromosa (Ubermons)
Normal/Dark: Obstagoon (Megas for All v5), Cadbunny (Two Step Mons), Slashowa (Stereotypes)
Grass/Ground: Peccarious (Generation X), Froslass-Johto (Regional Variants), Torterra (Megas for All)
Bug/Fighting: Herascarab (Mega Revolution), Pheromosa (Ubermons), Ledacle (MTRB)
Normal/Dark: Cadbunny (Two Step Mons), Obstagoon (M4A V7), Linoone-Punk (Alternatium)
Grass/Ground: Torterra (Megas For All), Peccarious (Gen X), Mare Belle Fiore (CCEX)


Ability: Light Power
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Beetilient (STypes), Herascarab (Mega Revolution), Pheromosa (Ubermons)
Obstagoon (M4A v7), Afloof (Restrictions), Cadbunny (2SM)
Peccarious (Gen X), Torterra (M4A v7), Otamatoad (North and South OU)


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Bug/Fighting: Beetilient (Stereotypes), Pheromosa (Ubermons), Herascarab (Mega Revolution)
Normal/Dark: Cadbunny (Two-Step Mons), Afloof (Restrictions), Slashowa (Stereotypes)
Grass/Ground: Peccarious (Generation X), Mare Belle Fiore (CCEX) , Otamatoad (North and South OU)


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75 / 110 / 135 / 40 / 70 / 70 [500 BST]

Shell Armor / Stamina | Mirror Armor



90 / 50 / 90 / 110 / 90 / 90 [BST: 510]

Pickup | Regenerator



80 / 135 / 94 / 50 / 86 / 40 [BST: 485]

Reckless / Vigilante | Grass Pelt

Congratz to the winners! Next slate will go up immediately!


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Slate 12: Fire/Electric, Ice/Dragon and Rock/Psychic

You know what to do.

After this slate is complete we will be taking a playtesting break to see what our meta needs to prioritize moving forward. Slate ends on Friday. Good luck to all patrons!


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Pokémon: Fluxtape-Stereo
Mod of Origin: Stereotypes
Ability: Flame Body / Rock Head / Volt Absorb
Typing: Fire/Electric
: 110/129/100/105/80/76 (600)
Weight: 42 kg
Notable moves: Flare Blitz, Wild Charge, Earthquake, U-Turn, Dragon Dance, Bulk Up, Rapid Spin
Description: Why would you vote against Stypes's mascot and top tier come on it's gotta get in here (full movepool + desc coming later)

Pokemon: Spacegodzilla
Mod of Origin: Crossover Chaos Expanded
Type: Psychic/Rock
Levitate/Photon Shield*
*Photon Shield: If the user is hit by a non-contact move, the attacker loses 12.5% of their max HP.
Stats: 130/50/80/130/110/80 (580 BST)
Notable Moves: Corona Beam**, Power Gem, Meteor Beam, Stealth Rock, Psychic, Psyshock, Expanding Force, Calm Mind, Magic Coat, Recover, Thunderbolt, Aura Sphere, Focus Blast, King's Shield, Dazzling Gleam
Signature Move: Corona Beam | Rock | Special | 5 PP (8 max) | 110 BP | 95% Accuracy | Heals 1/4 of the user's max HP if successful. If the move fails to damage the target, the user will receive -1 Special Attack.
Description: SpaceGodzilla serves as a bulky special attacker, with either Levitate to remove its Ground weakness or custom ability Photon Shield to chip down special attackers while stomaching hits between recovery and good special bulk. It can take on an offensive CM set or a bulky Rocks setter.

Pokemon: Glaciallo
Mod of Origin: Stereotypes
Ability: Vital Spirit/Skill Link/Clear Body
Typing: Ice/Dragon
: 95/117/93/45/70/85 (505 BST)
Weight: 107.9 kg
Relevant Moves:
Physical: Crunch, Earthquake, Icicle Spear, Iron Head, Scale Shot
Status: Dragon Dance
Flavor Moves:
Physical: Aqua Tail, Assurance, Avalanche, Bite, Body Slam, Bulldoze, Dragon Tail, Headbutt, Ice Fang, Iron Tail, Outrage, Retaliate, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Stomping Tantrum, Thrash
Special: Ancient Power, Aurora Beam, Blizzard, Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse, Ice Beam, Icy Wind, Shadow Ball, Water Pulse
Status: All Universal TMs, Hail, Roar, Rock Polish, Scary Face
Description: Skill Link dual STAB is definitely the main draw of this mon, hitting just hard enough off 117 Attack to clean house once bulky mons are weakened or out of the picture; Scale Shot also has the perk of boosting Glaciallo's speed. It gets solid coverage, namely Earthquake for Steel types and Iron Head for Fairies. Finally, Dragon Dance gives it some option for boosting, letting Glaciallo be a scary sweeper late game.
Pokémon: Amplifire
Mod of Origin: Pupumons
Ability: Turboblaze | Punk Rock (HA)
Typing: Fire/Electric
Stats: 60 | 80 | 82 | 121 | 91 | 86 (520 BST)
Weight: 100 kg
Notable moves: Overdrive, Clanging Scales, Bug Buzz?, Fire Blast, Overheat, Volt Switch, Sharp Scrape?
Custom Elements: Sharp Scrape: special, steel, 60 bp, 100 accuracy, 8 pp, 100% chance to lower target's spdef, sound
why would you not vote for Amplifire, the cooler tape

Pokémon: Arctyrant
Mod of Origin: Regional Evolutions
Ability: Strong Jaw | Overcoat (HA)
Typing: Ice/Dragon
Stats: 82 | 101 | 89 | 89 | 59 | 101
Notable moves: Deafening Roar? Psychic Fangs, Chomp Down, Ice Fang, Ice Shard, Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Fire Fang, Iron Head
Custom Elements: Deafening Roar: Dragon-type Boomburst clone. Chomp Down: Dragon-type crunch clone. Biting Chill: ice type fishios rend. (banned lmao)
why would you not vote for Arctyrant, the cooler ice dinosaur with a banned move
Gonna keep it simple this time.

Pokémon: Rampyre
Mod of Origin: Break This Team
Ability: Static / Rock Head / Steadfast
Typing: Fire / Electric
Stats: 130 / 115 / 90 / 70 / 85 / 110
Description: A physically-oriented pseudo-legendary with a balanced stat spread and setup potential, but a critical weakness to bulky Grounds and Earthquake in general.


Pokémon: Karazhan
Mod of Origin: GPT2mons
Ability: Turboblaze
Typing: Ice / Dragon
Stats: 80 / 105 / 105 / 105 / 70 / 110
Notable moves: Fusion Flare, Recover, Blizzard, Swords Dance, Flare Blitz, Dragon Tail, Leech Seed, Thunder Wave, Freeze Shock, Stomping Tantrum, Sludge Bomb, Iron Tail, Crunch, Brick Break, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute (Full movepool here )
Description: A pretty versatile mon all around. If you don't want to hold AV, you can pull off Swords Dance or a defensive set, since it has all the tools it needs in order to accomplish the latter. Its SpD is not good however, so holding an AV is pretty necessary unless you wanna pull off what I just said earlier.

Pokémon: Noze-Dawn-Wings (Ultra form is banned)
Mod of Origin: Fusion Evolution UU
Ability: Olfactory Armor (Prevents adjacent Steel-type foes from choosing to switch. This Pokemon receives 3/4 damage from supereffective and Steel-type attacks.)
Typing: Rock / Psychic
Stats: 73 / 79 / 127 / 113 / 113 / 61
Notable moves:
Photon Geyser, Outrage, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Explosion
Meteor Beam, Photon Geyser, Earth Power, Heat Wave, Volt Switch, Power Gem, Thunderbolt
Calm Mind, Stealth Rock, Substitute, Swords Dance, Dragon Dance, Trick Room, Rock Polish
Description: Steel-trapper! This thing is mighty stronk, utilizing Meteor Beam to break through walls. Otherwise, it can utilize some different sets, mostly being your special wallbreaker, however, its 7 weaknesses in additions to things like Knock Off, EQ, and a bunch of other things can make it mainly difficult to get set, however it can beat the steels it can trap (mostly) because of their weaknesses to Heat Wave and Earth Power, even though there are only 3 Steel-types in the meta rn. Might get better over time if this gets in but we'll just have to see.
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Pokemon:Magmar(no Eviolite/Everstone)
Mod of Origin:Random Pool 0
Ability:Flame Body/Static(Adaptability)
Notable Moves:Thunderbolt,Thunder,Volt Switch,Flamethrower,Fire Blast,Lava Plume,Overheat,Will-O-Wisp,Substitute,Focus Blast
Full Movepool:Magmar's Movepool+Thunderbolt,Thunder,Wild Charge,Volt Switch
Description:Strong breaker with Adaptability+101/101/95 offenses.
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Mod of Origin:Random Pool 0
Ability:Flame Body/Static(Adaptability)
Notable Moves:Thunderbolt,Thunder,Volt Switch,Flamethrower,Fire Blast,Lava Plume,Overheat,Will-O-Wisp,Substitute,Focus Blast
Full Movepool:Magmar's Movepool+Thunderbolt,Thunder,Wild Charge,Volt Switch
Description:Strong breaker with Adaptability+101/101/95 offenses.
Can this use Eviolite / Everstone?


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Pokémon: Rotom-Heat
Mod of Origin: PKMN YB v2
Stats: 50/65/107/105/107/86

Abilities: Levitate / Flame Body
Movepool: Rotom-Heat's movepool + Bit Trip, Incinerate
Bit Trip - 4 BP, 95% Acc, 10 PP Special Electric-type move that hits 4 times, each hit can miss but power increases exponentially per hit (The power goes 8 -> 16 -> 32 -> 64)
Disarming Voice - +1 priority
Volt Switch - 60 BP
Description: Other than Delcatty and Arbok, Bit Trip is probably my favorite thing from PKMN YB. It's a Triple Kick clone that hits 4 times and despite having the lowest base power in the game, it's actually a great 120 BP Special Electric-type move with a respectable effective accuracy of 81.5%. This does wonders for Rotom-Heat, who's probably the best user of it (that isn't the probably broke Normal/Electric Adaptability Porygon-Z), whose Nasty Plot and Scarf sets get a power boost from this. Otherwise, it's just normal Rotom but early Gen 8 OU when Rotom-Heat was everywhere was a fun time, so let's bring that back.
Beats: Melmetal, Chillyte, Cofazor, Cummulus, Magroach, Shaymin
Can't switch into but Beats after: Peasmaker, Slowcone, Peccarious
Loses to: Corsola, Salaos

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