Pet Mod Super Smash Stereotypes - Slate 18: Flying/Ghost, Water/Dragon, Fire/Ground


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Pokémon: Kyurem-White
Mod of Origin: Ubermons

Abilities: Teravolt
Stats: 125 HP / 80 Atk / 75 Def / 110 SpA / 90 SpD / 120 Spe
Movepool Changes: N/A
Move Changes:

Ice Burn | Special | Ice | BP: 85 | Acc: 90 | 30% chance to burn target.

Sheer Cold | Ice | Special | BP: 85 | Accuracy: 100 | PP: 10 (Max: 16) | Contact?: No | Secondary Effects: Does 1.5x damage in Hail.

Fusion Flare - 85 BP | 10 PP | 100% Accuracy | Special | If a Pokémon in the user's party knows the move Fusion Bolt, this move's power is multiplied by 1.3 and gains a 20% chance to paralyze.

Description: 120 speed is pretty fast for the metagame right now, while still not being exactly super sonic. 125/75/90 is good bulk for an offensive Pokémon, and having what is essentially Ice type Scald can be a bit annoying for switchins.

Pokemon: Regieleki-Saboteur
Mod of Origin: Micrometa Mafia

Abilities: Flash Fire / Static
Stats: 75/115/80/70/110/85 | 535
Movepool Additions: Flip Turn, Fire Lash, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Will O Wisp, Solar Beam, Pain Split, Fire Punch, Taunt
Movepool Removals: Extreme Speed, Explosion, Ancient Power
Custom Elements: Thunder Cage - Physical, makes contact
Justification: Basically, you use Thunder Cage to trap your opponent and then use Fire Lash's defense drops to continually break your opponent's defenses down (before inevitably KO'ing them, of course). Bullies the hell out of defensive builds, but struggles versus Pokémon it may actually seem to have the one up on and most offensive builds thanks to it's slower speed and exploitable x4 weaknesses.
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Pokemon: Kyurem-White
MoO: Ubermons: The Solomod
Type: Ice/Dragon
Abilities: Teravolt
Stats: 115 / 120 / 90 / 130 / 100 / 90 (BST: 645)
Movepool: Kyurem-White's Movepool
Other: Needs to hold the item DNA Splicers
Description: Kyurem-White but with altered stats and forced to hold a useless item.

Others might come later


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Pokémon: Aurantrum
Mod of Origin: Fusion Evolution Over Used

Ability: Absolute Zero - Biting and Normal moves 1.5x power; Normal becomes Ice.
Stats: 112 / 109 / 105 / 95 / 85 / 74
Movepool: Tyrantrum's + Aurorus'

Aurantrum functions best as a devastating breaker with really strong Ice STAB such as 127 BP Body Slam and 180 BP Thrash. Can otherwise set up with Dragon Dance, and stuff such as Earthquake andThunder Fang coverage really helps its Ice STABs with coverage. Held back by poor initial Speed and boot reliance.


Pokémon: Magmovire
Mod of Origin: Fusion Evolution Over Used

Ability: Flame Drive - Effects of Flame Body and Motor Drive
Stats: 85 / 119 / 77 / 120 / 100 / 99
Movepool: Magmortar's + Electivire's
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Pokemon: Therese Alexandrite
Mod of Origin: Crossover Chaos EX

Abilities: Bejeweled* / Dazzling / Appraisal* (both its custom abilities are banned lmao)
Stats: 70/55/100/145/90/60 (BST: 520)
Movepool: Power Gem, Psychic, Psyshock, Dazzling Gleam, Flash Cannon, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Hidden Power, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Heat Wave, Mystical Fire, Fire Spin, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Discharge, Hurricane, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Sparkling Aria, Will-O-Wisp, Thunder Wave, Rain Dance, Hail, Defog, Purify, Recover, Refresh, Flash, Protect
Custom Elements:
Bejeweled- Whenever the user uses a non-Rock type move, the user's secondary type changes to that type
Appraisal- If the user holds a Weather rock, on switch in, that weather will be summoned. The user's secondary type is changed to match the associated weather (fire, water, ice, sand is not counted)

Bejeweled Meteor Shower- Rock, Special, 195 BP, Hits All foes, Allies heal 25% max HP. Requires Power Gem and Theresium Z
Description: both its custom abilities are banned lmao, so its stuck with dazzling. Therese has massive special attack, combined with a colorful coverage pool, which also features Defog and Recover.

Pokemon: Aurontrum (lol the 1 letter difference)
Mod of Origin: Fossil Mashup

Abilities: Strong Jaw / Refrigerate / Snow Warning
Stats: 100/85/95/75/85/65 (BST: 505)
Movepool: Gargantufang*, Head Smash, Draco Meteor, Crunch, Poison Fang, Roar, Ice Beam, Freeze Dry, Thunder Wave, Discharge, Nature Power, Blizzard, Breaking Swipe, Calm Mind, Charge Beam, Dark Pulse, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Tail, Fire Fang, Flash Cannon, Frost Breath, Hyper Voice, Ice Fang, Outrage, Psychic, Psychic Fangs, Reflect, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Ancient Power, Earth Power, Rock Polish, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Attract, Facade, Protect, Rest, Round, Snore
Custom Elements: Gargantufang- Dragon, Physical, 85 BP, 100% Acc, 16 Max PP, Contact, Biting, 30% Flinch opponent
Description: wow a tyrantrum and an aurorus combined into one, what an original concept. this thing clicks strong jaw stabs or sets hail (but no veil. sad!) or runs fridge facade if ur a weirdo. might be a bit weak for the powerlevel but i like it so i don't care.
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Pokemon: Lavos Pod
Type: Rock/Psychic
Ability: Protective Pod (Friend Guard clone)
Stats: 45/100/100/100/100/105
Custom Move: Unholy Light
- Type: Dark
- Category: Special
- Power: 60
- Accuracy: 100
- PP: 10
- Effect: Light based (not that it matters). Inflicts -1 Speed. Targets all adjacent foes (not that it matters)
Moves: Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Flame Burst, Power Gem, Ancient Power, Meteor Beam, Stone Edge, Rock Tomb, Earthquake, Earth Power, Draco Meteor, Doom Desire, Double Edge, Mimic, Copycat, Stealth Rock, Cosmic Power, Camoflage, Roar, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Claw, Flash Cannon, Fiery Dance, Inferno, Dark Pulse, Psycho Cut, Gastro Acid, Corrosive Gas, Curse, Night Shade, Ominous Wind, Poison Gas, Toxic, Heal Pulse, Life Dew, Spite, Light Screen, X-Scissor
Overview: Might as well sub this thing. A moderately fast attacker and support mon. Sets up Rocks, clicks Toxic, and it can use its good coverage to break specific threats or use Unholy Light for speed control. You might be wondering why this gets Draco Meteor and Inferno, and to make a long story short, it gets the movepool of a Fire/Rock mon which turns into a Fire/Dragon mon which becomes this mon (and two other mons, one which is a different type and one of which is just straight up an Uber or beyond).
Solomods carry once again.

* = Custom Element

Pokemon: Dragulanche
Mod of Origin: Pupumons
Stats: 90 / 80 / 105 / 137 / 80 / 58 [BST: 550]

Abilities: Levitate / Magic Guard

Viable Moves:
- Prehistoric Frenzy*
- Draco Meteor, Focus Blast, Ice Beam, Surf, Thunderbolt
- Calm Mind, Defog, Roost
Movepool can be found easily on DH, I'm too lazy to type it all out here.
| - acc | 16pp
Raises user's Defense by 2 stages on turn 1. Heals the user by 50% of its max HP turn 2.
Priority: 0 | Two-Turn | Targets the user
| 70bp | 100% acc | 32pp
Super effective on Fairy.
Priority: 0 | Contact | Targets one adjacent mon
Slow but hard-hitting Magic Guard breaker, kinda like Reuniclus with a good typing instead of Recovery. Life Orb is probably the set every time unless you want Specs, which leaves room for utility in Defog or Roost. Calm Mind is also pretty decent here, you just need to be careful about its low speed considering how awful its typing is defensively.

Pokemon: Lunatone
Mod of Origin: Miasmons
Stats: 90 / 55 / 75 / 105 / 85 / 80 [BST: 490]

Abilities: Levitate / Unburden

Viable Moves:
- Self-Destruct
- Earth Power, Ice Beam, Meteor Beam, Moonblast, Power Gem, Psychic, Psyshock, Shadow Ball
- Hypnosis*, Moonlight, Nasty Plot, Stealth Rock
Movepool = Lunatone's Gen 8 Movepool + Hidden Power*, Return*
Hidden Power - 65bp, type varies depending on held item instead of IVs (usually Normal-type, check Miasmons sheet for coding info)
Hypnosis - 70% acc
Return - Fixed 90bp
Stomping Tantrum - 80bp
One Lunatone is not enough, we need ALL of the Lunatones. Miasmons' Lunatone may be a one-trick pony, but Unburden Meteor Beam is a damn good trick. With options like Moonlight, (buffed) Hypnosis, and Nasty Plot easing setup or dealing with switchins, and a colourful array of coverage, Lunatone can be built for a wide variety of matchups, making it pretty scary on preview, though as long as you keep your checks healthy it shouldn't be an issue.

Pokemon: Rotom-Heat
Mod of Origin: Plutonium
Stats: 50 / 65 / 107 / 105 / 107 / 86 [BST: 520]

Abilities: Levitate

Viable Moves:
- none
- Discharge, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Volt Switch
- Defog, Nasty Plot, Strength Sap, Toxic, Will-O-Wisp
Movepool = Rotom-Heat's Movepool + Blaze Kick, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Heat Crash, Heat Wave, Strength Sap
I know Stereotape's practically a lock here, so I'm taking this as an opportunity to show off a mon that I really like, because it deserves a bit of attention. Strength Sap and better Fire moves take Rotom-Heat from a somewhat niche Plot mon to an extremely effective bulky pivot, allowing its excellent defensive typing (with Levitate) to shine despite its still-subpar bulk and extreme Knock vulnerability. Seems VERY strong, but definitely has answers, including Salaos, RA, Silvally, and EQ MegOdor.
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Pokémon: Kyurem-Black
Mod of Origin: Ubermons
Stats: 125/135/105/85/65/85 (600)

Abilities: Teravolt
Fusion Bolt: Electric, Physical, 85 BP, 100% Accuracy, 10 PP, If a pokemon in the user's party knows the move Fusion Flare, this has 1.3x power and gains a 20% chance to burn the target.

Freeze Shock: Ice, Physical, 85 BP, 90% Accuracy, 5 PP, Has a 30% chance to paralyze the target.
Notable Moves: Freeze Shock, Fusion Bolt, Dragon Claw, Roost, Dragon Dance, Icicle Spear, Dual Wingbeat

Descriptions: Kyurem is back in black and it has its dangerous Ice/Electric coverage to go alonside its good attack stat and Dragon Dance. Its good physical bulk allows it to tank a hit in a pinch and fight back. It struggles against bulky Pokemon since it needs multiple boost to break through them.
Fluxtape-Stereo (STypes), Regieleki-Saboteur (MMM), Magmovire (FEOU)
Karazhan (GPT2mons), Kyurem-White (Ubermons), Aurontrum (Fossil Mashup)
Lunatone (Miasmons), Spacegodzilla (CCEX), Lavos Pod (CC)
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Fire/Electric:Regieleki-Saboteur(MMM),Magmar(Random Pool 0),Magmovire(FEOU)
Ice/Dragon:Aurontrum(Fossil Mashup),Kyurem-White(Ubermons),Karazhan(GPT2mons)


Ability: Light Power
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Rampyre (BTT), Magmar (Random Pool 0),Regieleki-Saboteur (MMM)
Kyurem-Black (Ubermons), Arctyrant (Regional Evolutions), Dragulanche (Pupumons)
Spacegodzilla (CCEX), Lunatone (Miasmons), Noze-Dawn-Wings (FEUU)
Magmovire (FEOU), Fluxtape-Stereo (Stereotypes), Rampyre (BTT)
Kyurem-White (Ubermons), Kyurem-Black (Ubermons), Glaciallo (Stereotypes)
Noze-Dawn-Wings (FEUU), Luntone (Miasmons), Spacegodzilla (CCEX)
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Fire/Electric: Fluxatape-Stereo (Stereotypes), Magmovire (FEOU), Regeleki-Saboteur (Micrometa Mafia)

Ice/Dragon: Kyurem-Black (Ubermons), Aurantrum (FEOU), Glaciallo (Stereotypes)

Rock/Psychic: Spacegodzilla (CCEX), Noze-Dawn-Wings (FEUU), Lavos Pond (CC)
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Fire/Electric: Regieleki-Saboteur (MMM), Magmar (Random Pool 0), Fluxtape-Stereo (Stereotypes)
Ice/Dragon: Kyurem-Black (Ubermons), Karazhan (GPT2Mons), Aurantrum (FEOU)
Rock/Psychic: Lunatone (Miasmons), Therese Alexandrite (CCEX), Noze-Dawn-Wings (FEUU)


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75 / 115 / 80 / 70 / 110 / 85 | 535

Flash Fire / Static



125 / 135 / 105 / 85 / 65 / 85 (600)




90 / 55 / 75 / 105 / 85 / 80 [BST: 490]

Levitate / Unburden

Congratz to the winners! As stated prior, we will be taking a playtesting break. So have fun playing, we got a 36 strong meta to explore!
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Pokémon: Mediscend
Mod of Origin: Mega Revolution
Stats: 70/75/80/65/80/100 (470)

Abilities: Pure Power / Telepathy (HA)
Movepool: Medicham's movepool
Notable Moves: High Jumpkick, Zen Headbutt, Bullet Punch, Trick, Bulk Up, Thunder Punch

Descriptions: Mediscend is really powerful with its Pure Power ability and its good 100 speed gives it many oppoturnities to mess offense up. However, its main strength comes against bulky teams with can't take its boosted STABs and coverage or they hate getting tricked.

Good Matchups: Arcanine, Bastiodactyl, Beetlilient, Chadbunny, Chillyte, Garbodor, Melmetal are common physically defensive Pokemon which all loose to Mediscend with its STABs alone.
Decent Matchups: Cummulus, Gengar, Kokovoir, Magroach, Slowclone are Pokemon that makes its life more difficult. Some of them only loose to Mediscend when it runs Thunder Punch or get crippled by Trick, Gengar and Kokovoir fear Bullet Punch otherwise they win the 1v1 against none Scarf sets.
Bad Matchups: Lunatone-Apple and both Cofazor forms resist both of its STABs and the former resists Thunder Punch while the latter resists Bullet Punch (noteable in a Bullet Punch exchange)

Pokémon: Moltres-Galar
Mod of Origin: Perfect Galar
Stats: 90/85/90/100/125/90 (580)

Abilities: Pressure / Berserker (HA)
Movepool: Moltres-G's movepool + Bulk Up, Flamethrower, Power Trip, Roost
Notable Moves: Fiery Wrath, Hurricane, Flamethrower, U-turm Roost, Nasty Plot, Agility

Descriptions: W.I.P.

Good Matchups:
Decent Matchups:
Bad Matchups:

Mod of Origin: Alternatium

Pokémon: Ludicolo
Mod of Origin: Clean Slate: Micro
Stats: 80/60/70/100/100/75 (485)

Abilities: Swift Swim / Rain Dish / Thick Fat (HA)
Movepool: Ludicolo's Movepool + Recover & Rapid Spin; - Leech Seed, Hydro Pump
Notable Moves: Energy Ball, Giga Drain, Scald, Rapid Spin, Knock Off, Recover, Focus Blast, Ice Beam, Rain Dance

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Pokémon: Latios-Saboteur
Mod of Origin: Micrometa Mafia
Ability: Levitate
Typing: Psychic / Fighting
Stats: 85 / 100 / 80 / 105 / 80 / 110
Movepool Additions: Brick Break, Drain Punch, Superpower, Seismic Toss, U-Turn
Movepool Removals: Draco Meteor, Outrage, Earthquake, Light Screen, Reflect, Magic Coat, Mystical Fire, Future Sight
Description: A balanced Saboteur mon from MMM? Count me in! This guy's main role is to be a sweeper or an offensive pivot, since it's pretty damn fast and can throw out a Superpower before pivoting away. It's not completely unstoppable, however - notable threats like Kokovoir and Peasmarker-Mega are faster than it, and it doesn't have beefed up defensive stats. It's still a great threat tho.

Pokémon: Patient Hummingbird
Mod of Origin: Randommons
Abilities: Forewarn / Blaze / Mega Launcher
Typing: Dark / Flying
Stats: 124 / 106 / 102 / 81 / 34 / 6
Movepool: Acrobatics, Aerial Ace, Autotomize, Brave Bird, Clangorous Soul, Curse, Dark Pulse, Dragon Claw, Extrasensory, Flame Charge, Flamethrower, Horn Leech, Memento, Moongeist Beam, Oblivion Wing, Reflect Type, Roost, Spacial Rend, Sucker Punch, Thunder Punch, Transform, Absorb, Attract, Charge Beam, Defend Order, Double Slap, Frenzy Plant, Hyper Fang, Kinesis, Lick, Payback, Simple Beam, Smelling Salts, Stockpile, Stuff Cheecks, Sweet Kiss, Teeter Dance
Description: I think you all knew that a Randommons Pokemon was coming. It's pretty much just a mixed Trick Room abuser, but physically bulky as well. It can utilize one move that is boosted by Mega Launcher, and that is Dark Pulse. It has recovery in Roost / Oblivion Wing, or it can run Memento if you really feel like it. Unfortunately, it does have a few problems. It only has 34 SpD, which is painfully low, and only 6 speed, which everything can pretty much be faster than it and land a good blow. While it does have Autotomize, it's probably not enough to save it from the "everything outspeeds it" group.


Pokémon: Troupple King
Mod of Origin: Crossover Chaos V2
Ability: Dancer
Typing: Water / Grass
Stats: 130 / 120 / 70 / 110 / 70 / 70
Movepool: Grav Apple, Dive, Earthquake, Attack Order, Outrage, Apple Acid, Surf, Sludge Bomb, Heal Order, Sweet Kiss, Life Dew, Decorate, Dragon Dance, Heavy Slam, Waterfall, Liquidation
Description: Yup. He's here. Troupple King is pretty much just a bulky attacker that can utilize Dragon Dance and catch Quiver Dance users with Dancer, however this guy has a very small movepool that is limited to 16* moves. I'm not sure if this is too strong, but probably pretty strong.

*Edit: Was told in the Pet Mods discord that Troupple King got Heavy Slam, Waterfall and Liquidation in revision slates, so that's fixed
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Name: Gorilax
Mod of Origin: Stereotypes
: Aroma Veil / --- / Sniper
Typing: Psychic/Fighting
: 116/61/101/83/117/122 (600)
Weight: 193 kg (monkey)
Relevant Moves: All universal TMs, Shore Up, Toxic, Wish, Lunge, Night Shade, Psychic, Psyshock, Aura Sphere, Blue Flare
Full Movepool:
Drain Punch, Hammer Arm, Ice Fang, Ice Hammer, Lunge, Power Whip, Rock Slide, Sky Uppercut, Wild Charge, Zen Headbutt, Aura Sphere, Blue Flare, Earth Power, Night Shade, Psychic, Psyshock, Sludge Bomb, Morning Sun, Shore Up, Wish, Double Slap, Rock Climb, Skull Bash, Smelling Salts, Spark, Steamroller, Tackle, Triple Kick, Wing Attack, Fire Pledge, Flame Burst, Leaf Tornado, Ominous Wind, Amnesia, Gastro Acid, Magic Room, Mean Look, Power Split, Quick Guard, Spotlight, all universal TMs
Description: Today I bring a message to all who inhabit Super Smash Stereotypes. For your own sake, you must hear my plea. You have all but failed every necessary duty of this land. You have rejected the balloon of physical impassibility, you have accepted a woman of an accursed art form, and perhaps worst of all, you have rejected my fire mixtape. You have but one chance to redeem yourself, and that is with the great monkey of unforseen bulk. In the land of which this derives, the great monkey was known as a powerful being capable of destroying all who expected it to sit idly and watch as its opponents struck it. In the land of unknown monsters, it possessed such great resilience that it was capable of putting a stop to some of the most powerful beings known to this multiverse. I give you this gift, and it is now your duty to see which of these two paths the great monkey will follow for its third new adventure. Ignore my orders and the consequences will be harsher than your feeble minds can perceive.

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