Pet Mod Super Smash Stereotypes - Slate 53: Dragon/Grass, Fire/Steel, Ground/Poison

We wanted Tera in Gen 9 SSS. But super Shedinja is the Bug/Ghost slot. What should we do?

  • Implement Terastilization, but redo Bug/Ghost.

    Votes: 5 26.3%
  • Keep Bug/Ghost, do not implement Terastilization.

    Votes: 14 73.7%

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Approved by AquaticPanic

Super Smash Stereotypes

This Pet Mod is a hybrid of the two popular formats, Super Smash Mods and Stereotypes, and aims to emulate the former using the layout of the latter. This mod will create a brand new meta containing a previously existing mon for all 171 possible types, from any of the listed metagames to choose from.

Submission Process:

- Each slate will consist of three given typings. Users will then be able to submit one Pokémon from another mod for each typing.

- Submission phase will last a week.

- Submission Format

[img] [/img]
[B]Mod of Origin[/B]:
[B]Type[/B]: [img][/img][img][/img]
[B]Notable Moves[/B]:
Voting Process:

Voting phase lasts for around a day or two. In the voting phase, users vote for their preferred submissions and the winning submissions are added to the role compendium and spreadsheet.
The voting format is as follows:

Role in question: 1st preferred option, 2nd preferred option, 3rd preferred option.

Note: These self voting rules and the explanation are from good user lyd, slightly adapted to fit this pet mod
If you want to vote for yourself now, it gets slightly more complicated. You can always keep voting for yourself as second, but you can change the order a bit, for as long as the number of self-votes equals 2x the number of submissions you made. Let's use some examples to make it more understandable:

Stallbreaker: Yoshiblaze, Lyd, Ludicrousity
Special Wall: Ludicrousity, Lyd, Yoshiblaze
Defensive Pivot: Ludicrousity, Lyd, Yoshiblaze

So this voting format is good, cuz' Lyd voted for himself as second three times, and when you add everything up, he gave himself 6 votes, which is fine, as it is exactly the number of submissions he made for the slate x2. However, say he liked his Stallbreaker submission a lot, and he really wants it to win, he can play around with his votes a little bit:

Stallbreaker: Lyd, Yoshiblaze, Ludicrousity
Special Wall: Ludicrousity, Lyd, Yoshiblaze
Defensive Pivot: Ludicrousity, Yoshiblaze, Lyd

So to make his Stallbreaker first vote, he moved his Defensive Pivot self-vote to last. Makes sense, right? And when you add up the votes, 3 + 2 + 1 = 6 which is exactly what he wants. Let's say that he likes his Special Wall and Defensive Pivot submissions more, and he didn't like his Stallbreaker submission too much. He can do this:

Stallbreaker: Yoshiblaze, Ludicrousity, G-Luke
Special Wall: Lyd, Ludicrousity, Yoshiblaze
Defensive Pivot: Lyd, Ludicrousity, Yoshiblaze

3 + 3 adds up to six, so he's good to that. Small note that this can't be done if he made no Stallbreaker submission because if that was the case, the number of submissions he made x2 would actually end up as 4, which isn't enough. Also, had he only made a single submission, he'd always have to self-vote as #2 or lower because making only one submission gives him only two self-vote points. We hope that was clear, if you had any trouble to understand this, feel free to PM anyone from the council and we'll explain it as best as we can.

Protean/Libero, Color Change and other derivatives are banned, as they go against the core concept of the mod. If a Pokémon has a form change that changes its typing, the form change is banned. Naturally, if the form change is an unavoidable aspect of the mon (for example Meloslash from FEUU), then the entire Pokémon is banned.
Pet Mods without any thread representation (Usually Past Gen Mods)
Extreme Roulettemons
Nat Dex BH v3
Brokenmons Unchained
Hoenn Gaiden (for now)
To the Gigantamax
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Slate 1: Grass, Fire and Water

Grass - Shaymin by Yoshiblaze (SylveMons)
Fire - Heatmor by Regic Boat (Perfect Galar)
Water - Slowclone by ViZar (Mega Revolution)

Slate 2: Dragon, Steel and Fairy
Dragon and Fairy - Mytheon and Kokovoir by Tapler (PKMN YB / Fusion Evolution UU)
Steel - Melmetal by G-Luke (Perfect Galar)

Slate 3: Dark, Psychic and Fighting
Dark - Salaos by Tapler (Generation X)
Psychic - Machamp-India by Squawkerz (Nativemons)
Fighting - Machamp by Yoshiblaze (Missing Links)

Slate 4: Rock, Flying and Ground
Rock - Silvally-Rock by Moretto (Alternatium)
Flying - Cummulus by ViZar (Alternatium)
Ground - Sandaconda by Tapler (Metamorphosis)

Slate 5: Electric, Ice and Ghost
Electric - Pincurchin by PalpitoadChamp (Micrometa Mafia)
Ice - Chillyte by Squawkerz (Roulettemons)
Ghost - Spectrier by G-Luke (Ubermons)

Slate 6: Bug, Normal and Poison
Bug - Magroach by Mossy Sandwich (Stereotypes)
Normal - Exploud-Meow by Yak Attack (Breeding Variants)
Poison - Garbodor by Squawkerz (Megamax)

Slate 7: Dark/Fighting, Steel/Ghost and Grass/Flying
Dark/Fighting and Grass/Flying - Grimmsnarl-Alola and Peasmaker by Tapler (DLCmons v1 / The PokeDex Redone v2)
Steel/Ghost - Cofazor by Regic Boat (Fusion Evolution RU)

Slate 8: Rock/Fairy, Poison/Dragon and Water/Electric
Rock/Fairy - Corsola by Regic Boat (Alternatium)
Poison/Dragon - Algalisk by Yoshiblaze (Branched Potential)
Water/Electric - Rindo Ando by Mygavolt (Crossover Chaos)

Slate 9: Fire/Normal, Ice/Bug and Ground/Psychic
Fire/Normal - Arcanine by AquaticPanic (SylveMons)
Ice/Bug and Ground/Psychic - Frosmoth and Lunatone-Apple by Tapler (Megas for All v5 / Pupumons)

Slate 10: Steel/Flying, Water/Fairy and Ghost/Poison
Steel/Flying - Bastiodactyl by Tapler (Fossil Mashups)
Water/Fairy - Ribombee-Primarina by Squawkerz (Impersonators)
Ghost/Poison - Gengar by Yoshiblaze (Ubermons)

Slate 11: Bug/Fighting, Normal/Dark and Grass/Ground
Bug/Fighting - Beetilient by Mossy Sandwich (Stereotypes)
Normal/Dark - Cadbunny by Tapler (Two Step 'Mons)
Grass/Ground - Peccarious by Yoshiblaze (Generation X)

Slate 12: Fire/Electric, Ice/Dragon and Rock/Psychic
Fire/Electric - Regieleki-Saboteur by G-Luke (Micrometa Mafia)
Ice/Dragon - Kyurem-Black by ViZar (Ubermons)
Rock/Psychic - Lunatone by Tapler (Miasmons)

Slate 13: Psychic/Fighting, Dark/Flying and Water/Grass
Psychic/Fighting - Miemie by G-Luke (Fusion Evolution UU)
Dark/Flying - Shadowing by Magmajudis (Journey to Kirthy)
Water/Grass - Ludicolo by ViZar (Clean Slate Micro)

Slate 14: Ice/Fire, Rock/Poison and Bug/Ghost
Ice/Fire - Shoto Todoroki by G-Luke (Crossover Chaos EX)
Rock/Poison and Bug Ghost - Cinnastar and Shedinja by Tapler (Restrictions and Cool Funky Mode)

Slate 15: Fairy/Steel, Ground/Electric and Normal/Dragon
Fairy/Steel - Gallade-Kalos by KeeganSkymin4444 (Regional Variants)
Ground/Electric - Stunfisk by Tapler (Metagame Madness)
Normal/Dragon - Kommo-Tot by Ema Skye (Fusion Evolution RU)

Slate 16: Poison/Grass, Rock/Electric and Bug/Psychic
Poison/Grass - Toxily by Tapler (Break That Team)
Rock/Electric - Corundell by Scoopapa (Stereotypes)
Bug/Psychic - Crazefly by Low-Key (Roulettemons)

Slate 17: Steel/Dark, Normal/Fighting and Ice/Fairy
Steel/Dark - Bisharp by Tapler (Megas for All v7)
Normal/Fighting - Undagoose by Samtendo09 (MonoThreat Rebalanced)
Ice/Fairy - Boreastra by Mygavolt (Blindsided)

Slate 18: Flying/Ghost, Water/Dragon and Fire/Ground
Flying/Ghost - Matsura by Tapler (Pokemon North and South)
Water/Dragon - Dolphena by DuoM2 (Blindsided)
Fire/Ground - Typhlosion by Yoshiblaze (JolteMons)

Slate 19: Dark/Dragon, Ghost/Ice and Bug/Ground
Dark/Dragon - Hydreigon by G-Luke (Micrometa Mafia)
Ghost/Ice - Froslass by Squawkerz (Multiverse)
Bug/Ground - Vespiquen-Terra by Mygavolt (Breeding Variants)

Slate 20: Electric/Poison, Fairy/Flying and Fighting/Water
Electric/Poison - Milotic-Alola by Tapler (DLCmons v2)
Fairy/Flying - Enamorus-Therian by Ema Skye (The Ema Mod)
Fighting/Water - Grapploct by G-Luke (OptiMons)

Slate 21: Steel/Psychic, Fire/Rock and Grass/Normal
Steel/Psychic - The High Priest by Mygavolt (Crossover Chaos)
Fire/Rock - firerock by Low-Key (Anaconja's Mod)
Grass/Normal - Jungape by Squawkerz (Stereotypes)

Slate 22: Steel/Dragon, Psychic/Fairy and Ground/Fighting
Steel/Dragon - Dinodily by Revenge of Depressed Gay (Roulettemons Ubers)
Psychic/Fairy and Ground/Fighting - Hatterene and Primeape by Tapler (Megamax and Pokemon Grey Platinum)

Slate 23: Dark/Ghost, Poison/Water and Grass/Electric
Dark/Ghost - idk by Tapler (Blindsided)
Poison/Water - Octapex by Squawkerz (Fusion Evolution)
Grass/Electric - Telsaple by G-Luke (Restrictions)

Slate 24: Ice/Flying, Bug/Fire and Rock/Normal
Ice/Flying - Articlaus by Tapler (The Complete Pokédex Project v4)
Bug/Fire - Mothim by Squawkerz (Fresh Takes v3)
Rock/Normal - Rampardos-Cretaceous by G-Luke (Paleomons)

Slate 25: Grass/Dark, Steel/Fighting and Ice/Ground
Grass/Dark and Steel/Fighting - Boarassa and Panthee by Scoopapa (Restrictions and Roulettemons)
Ice/Ground - Abomasnow by analysis geek (Clean Slate 2)

Slate 26: Flying/Poison, Water/Rock and Normal/Electric
Flying/Poison - Cramorant-Alola by G-Luke (Regional Evolutions)
Water/Rock - Drednaw by analysis geek (Megamax)
Normal/Electric - Xurkirat by AquaticPanic (Fusion Evolution RU)

Slate 27: Fire/Psychic, Ghost/Fairy and Bug/Dragon
Fire/Psychic - Mesflame by anaconja (Fusion Evolution UU)
Ghost/Fairy and Bug/Dragon - Gourgeist-Fae and Odonaga by analysis geek (Alternatium and Pupumons)

Slate 28: Grass/Fairy, Normal/Flying and Ice/Fighting
Grass/Fairy - Anti-Swampert by Squawkerz (Dopplegangers)
Normal/Flying - Banjo Kazooie by Mygavolt (Crossover Chaos Ex)
Ice/Fighting - Polbearab by analysis geek (Restrictions)

Slate 29: Rock/Ground, Dragon/Psychic and Electric/Dark
Rock/Ground - Stalagmitar by G-Luke (Mega Revolution)
Dragon/Psychic - psychicdragon by anaconja (I forgot)
Electric/Dark - Elicrhic by PalpitoadChamp (Blindstrictions)

Slate 30: Fire/Poison, Bug/Steel, Water/Ghost
Fire/Poison - Toxicargo by ViZar (Fusion Evolution RU)
Bug/Steel - Escavalier-Eiscue by Squawkerz (Impersonators v1)
Water/Ghost - waterghost by anaconja (I forgot)

Slate 31: Grass/Steel, Normal/Ghost, Rock/Fighting
Grass/Steel - Heatloom by G-Luke (Fusion Evolution)
Normal/Ghost - Drampa-Schrödinger by anaconja (Breeding Variants v2)
Rock/Fighting - Gigacrab by AquaticPanic (Fusion Evolution UU)

Slate 32: Electric/Ice, Dragon/Fairy, Flying/Ground
Electric/Ice, Dragon/Fairy and Flying/Ground - Cougaquil, Latias and Landorus-Therian by Tapler (Generation X, OU Theorymon and Randommons Ubers)

Slate 33: Water/Bug, Fire/Dark, Poison/Psychic
Water/Bug - Golisopod by lavarina (OU Theorymon)
Fire/Dark - Chatot by Squawkerz (Fresh Takes v4)
Poison/Psychic - Gastrodon by G-Luke (Paleomons)

Slate 34: Grass/Rock, Fire/Fighting, Water/Psychic
Grass/Rock - Lycanperior-Dusk by Mygavolt (Fusion Evolution)
Fire/Fighting - Yoshiblaze by Tapler (Pet Mod All Stars)
Water/Psychic - Xatuskweda by Squawkerz (Fusion Evolution UU: The Imposter Cut)

Slate 35: Poison/Dark, Dragon/Ground, Normal/Fairy
Poison/Dark - Stuntank by ViZar (Yoshiblaze's Greatest Hits)
Dragon/Ground - Garchomp by G-Luke (JolteMons)
Normal/Fairy - Munchlax by Yoshiblaze (Multiverse)

Slate 36: Bug/Flying, Ice/Steel, Electric/Ghost
Bug/Flying - Vi by Mygavolt (Crossover Chaos)
Ice/Steel - Ninetales-Alola by ViZar (Alternatium)
Electric/Ghost - Porygon-Z by Squawkerz (AbNormal)

Slate 37: Normal/Psychic, Electric/Flying, Fire/Fairy
Normal/Psychic and Fire/Fairy - Vulclairis and firefairy by anaconja (Blindsided and i forgor)
Electric/Flying - Thundjust by zxgzxg (Blindsided)

Slate 38: Ice/Dark, Poison/Fighting, Water/Ground
Ice/Dark - Ninjoth by G-Luke (Roulettemons)
Poison/Fighting - Croakorode by RedwoodRogue (Generation X)
Water/Ground - Yellow Wollywog by Mygavolt (Crossover Chaos)

Slate 39: Ghost/Dragon, Bug/Grass, Rock/Steel
Ghost/Dragon and Rock/Steel - Serpaint and Salamalix by Mygavolt (Restrictions and Scootopia)
Bug/Grass - Butterfree by PalpitoadChamp (Chaos Chaos Chaos)

Slate 40: Grass/Ghost, Water/Steel, Fire/Dragon
Grass/Ghost - Aegislash-Ancient by Bloopyghost (Paleomons)
Water/Steel - Pepsiman by Mygavolt (Crossover Chaos Expanded)
Fire/Dragon - Draxplosion by anaconja (Break This Team)

Slate 41: Bug/Electric, Flying/Fighting, Ground/Fairy
Bug/Electric - Blastor by Mygavolt (Regional Evolutions)
Flying/Fighting - Valcondor by Rasdanation (Signature Restrictions)
Ground/Fairy - Sylveon by lavarina (OU Theorymon)

Slate 42: Poison/Normal, Dark/Psychic, Ice/Rock
Poison/Normal - Norn by anaconja (Fusion Evolution Alpha)
Dark/Psychic and Rock/Ice - Orc Eye of Gruumsh and Aurorus by Low-Key (Crossover Chaos Expanded and FnF Showdown)

Slate 43: Grass/Fighting, Water/Normal, Bug/Poison
Grass/Fighting and Bug/Poison - Breloom and Abhornet by G-Luke (JolteMons and Mega Revolution)
Water/Normal - Aquazelle by anaconja (Roulettemons)

Slate 44: Steel/Ground, Dragon/Electric, Rock/Ghost
Steel/Ground - Yacian-Crowned by Squawkerz (Fusion Evolution UU)
Dragon/Electric and Rock/Ghost - Golevish-Alola and Balammit by Beaf Cultist (Fusion Evolution RU and Quintessence)

Slate 45: Ice/Psychic, Fire/Flying, Dark/Fairy
Ice/Psychic - Manicuno-Galar by anaconja (Fusion Evolution UU)
Fire/Flying - Talonflame by Squawkerz (Dex Reversal)
Dark/Fairy - Anti-Dragapult by G-Luke (Dopplegangers)

Slate 46: Grass/Ice, Poison/Steel, Electric/Fairy
Grass/Ice and Poison/Steel - Frozalisk and Nihilego by Squawkerz (Blindsided and Two Step Mons v2)
Electric/Fairy - Mimikyu by anaconja (Alternatium)

Slate 47: Fire/Water, Bug/Normal, Ground/Ghost
Fire/Water - Laveel by anaconja (Karen's Dex)
Bug/Normal - Hyperoach by Squawkerz (Roulettemons)
Ground/Ghost - Golurk by G-Luke (ViAbilities)

Slate 48: Psychic/Flying, Dragon/Fighting, and Dark/Rock
Psychic/Flying - Lugia by PalpitoadChamp (Ubermons)
Dragon/Fighting - Galldrake by Rasdanation (Stereotypes)
Dark/Rock - Tyranitar and Mega Tyranitar by Squawkerz (Dex Reversal)

Slate 49: Fighting/Electric, Fire/Ghost, Dragon/Flying
Fighting/Electric - Eelektross by anaconja (Two-Step Mons)
Fire/Ghost - Baskiron and Mega Baskiron by Squawkerz (A Golden Experience)
Dragon/Flying - Starietta by G-Luke (Mega Revolution)

Slate 50: Steel/Normal, Bug/Rock, Grass/Psychic
Steel/Normal - WALL-E by Squawkerz (Crossover Chaos Expanded)
Bug/Rock - Kragg by Mygavolt (Crossover Chaos)
Grass/Psychic - Orchile by Scoopapa (Scootopia)

Slate 51: Ice/Water, Ground/Dark, Fairy/Poison
Ice/Water - waterice by anaconja (I forgor)
Ground/Dark and Fairy/Poison - Carracosta-Leatherback and Fairysnale by Bloopyghost (Paleomons and Generation X)
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Each and Every Day
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Pokémon: Slowclone
Mod of Origin: Mega Revolution
Stats: 120/100/100/75/75/20 (490)

Abilities: Shell Armor / Oblivious / Water Veil (HA)
Movepool: Slowpoke's Movepool + Rapid Spin, Twister, Knock Off, Foul Play, Coil, Heavy Slam, Flip Turn, Ice Punch, Body Press, Drain Punch, Gunk Shot

Descriptions: Slowclone fulfills the same roles as its counterpart in Mega Revolution. A physical tank that as great utility in Teleport, Trick Room, Thunder Wave and Rapid Spin. It has the options to utilise Coil and Calm Mind too and become a bulky set-up sweeper. Its abilities are also useful, Shell Armor gives it immunity to crits, Oblivious gives it a Taunt immunity and Water Veil a burn utility. It's slow and its special bulk isn't great when it is uninvested or unboosted.

Pokémon: Silvally-Fire
Mod of Origin: Alternatium
Stats: 95/95/95/115/105/95 (600)

Abilities: RKS System (becomes Flash Fire in this case)
Movepool: Silvally's Movepool + Recover, Stealth Rock, Nasty Plot, Stone Edge, Shadow Sneak, Earthquake, Giga Drain, Drain Punch, Wild Charge, Psychic, Triple Axel, Earth Power, Aura Sphere, Calm Mind, Fire Blast, Thunder, Taunt, Superpower, Magma Storm, Knock Off

Descriptions: While not a flashy Pokemon in its debut mod, it has some really nice traits such as a colourful movepool and solid stats. It's coverage is really good with Fire, Ground, Fighting and Electric moves on both sides of the spectrum and both sides have set-up moves in Swords Dance, Calm Mind and Nasty Plot. Utility moves in Taunt, Knock Off, Defog, Stealth Rock and Parting Shot are really useful.
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Name: Torkoal
Origin: DLCmons
Type: Fire
Abilities: White Smoke/Drought (H: Shell Armor)
Stats: 70 / 85 / 140 / 85 / 70 / 20 (BST: 470)
Noticeable Moves: Body Slam, Clear Smog, Curse, Double-Edge, Earth Power, Earthquake, Eruption, Explosion, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Gyro Ball, Heat Wave, Hidden Power, Iron Defense, Iron Tail, Lava Plume, Misfire, Overheat, Protect, Rapid Spin, Return, Rock Slide, Shell Smash, Sludge Bomb, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Substitute, Superpower, Toxic, Will-O-Wisp, Yawn
Misfire - Fire/Physical/120 bp/70 acc/16 pp/If this move misses, the user switches out.
Description: Arcanine wasn't that strong so now we have this! Misfire was added to DLCmons and Torkoal was one of the mons that got it. This pokemon is a drought setter with good defense and an even better movepool filled with lots of utility and great options.

Name: Aquatopus
Origin: Roulettemons
Type: Water
Abilities: Grass Pelt/Unaware (H: Flame Body)
Stats: 48 / 103 / 185 / 54 / 90 / 120 (BST: 600)
Noticeable Moves: Counter, Cross Chop, Head Smash, Ice Hammer, Liquidation, Megahorn, Sacred Fire, Shadow Claw, Superpower, Waterfall, Earth Power, Lava Plume, Nature's Madness, Oblivion Wing, Surf, Calm Mind, Slack Off, Stealth Rock, Sticky Web, Wish
Description: An interesting defensive mon with access to slack off, stealth rock, wish, sticky web, 48/185/90 bulk and a fairly good speed stat, this pokemon can take hits decently well and can hit back fairly well as well with 103 att and 120 spe + good coverage.


You died

Name: Creeper
Origin: Crossover Chaos
Type: Grass
Abilities: Supercharge (Supercharge - if this Pokemon gets hit by an Electric-type move, turn into Creeper-Charged
Stats: 95 / 120 / 50 / 55 / 50 / 50 (BST: 420)
Charged Stats: 95 / 180 / 50 / 55 / 50 / 50 (BST: 480)
Noticeable Moves: Creeper Blast
Creeper Blast - Grass, Physical, 500 BP, 100%, 8 PP, User faints after use.
Description: Aw Man. Yes this is a joke sub, come on, did you really think I'd sub this as something viable?
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Pokemon: Ferapod
Mod of Origin: Nativemons
Stats: 129 / 78 / 103 / 82 / 107 / 31 [BST: 530]

Abilities: Chlorophyll / Solar Power / Harvest

Viable Moves:
- Body Press, Trop Kick
- Air Slash, Giga Drain
- Aromatherapy, Defog, Leech Seed, Protect, Roost, Substitute, Toxic, Whirlwind
Tropius' Movepool + Focus Blast, Grassy Glide, Heavy Slam, High Horsepower, Ingrain, Rock Blast, Solar Blade, Trop Kick, Weather Ball, Wood Hammer, Dual Wingbeat, Dragon Breath, Aromatherapy, Body Press, Sludge Bomb, Venoshock
Nativemons' take on a Tropius evolution, Ferapod is a solid bulky Grass with Roost and some great utility, though its high defensive stats are held in check by its plethora of weaknesses, passivity, and lack of useful abilities unless you commit to a Harvest set. It's a safe first-round pick that won't be useless at a higher power level or overbearing at a lower power level. There also aren’t that many good Nativemons reps in general so it’s now or never lol.


Pokemon: Tentacury
Mod of Origin: GPT2mons
Stats: 137 / 80 / 100 / 131 / 53 / 80 [BST: 581]

Abilities: Misty Surge / Telepathy

Viable Moves:
- probably not
- Focus Blast, Heat Wave, Moonblast, Prism Water Spray, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Thunderbolt
- Pain Split, Prism Cell, Roar, Spikes
Ally Switch, Amnesia, Attract, Avalanche, Battery Charge, Body Slam, Brine, Brutal Swing, Dark Pulse, Dig, Discharge, Dive, Dragon Claw, Dragon Rush, Electroweb, Endure, Facade, Fire Fang, Focus Blat, Gastro Acid, Giga Impact, Growl, Hail, Hail (yes, it's in there twice, blame the random generation), Heat Wave, Helping Hand, Hyper Beam, Hyper Voice, Ice Fang, Ice Shard, Icy Wind, Iron Tail, Light Screen, Mega Drain, Mirror Coat, Moonblast, Muddy Water, Pain Split, Prism Cell, Prism Water Spray, Protect, Psychic, Rain Dance, Razor Shell, Reflect Type, Shadow Ball, Sleep Talk, Sludge Bomb, Snore, Spikes, Substitute, Superpower, Take Down, Taunt, Thief, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thunder Fang, Tickle, Water Gun, Water Pulse, Weather Ball, Whirlpool, Work Up, Zen Headbutt, Zygarde Strike
Battery Charge
| - acc | 32pp
+1 SpA, user's Electric move next turn 2x power.
Priority: 0 | Gen: 8 | Targets the user

Prism Cell
| - acc | 32pp
Sets a screen that halves damage from foe's attacks for three turn; six if the user holds Light Clay.
Priority: 0 | Gen: 8 | Bypasses Protect | Targets the user's side of the field

Prism Water Spray
| 100bp | 100% acc | 8pp
Physical if user's Atk > Sp. Atk. Ignores Abilities.
Priority: 0 | Gen: 8 | Targets one adjacent mon

Zygarde Strike
| 100bp | 100% acc | 16pp
Ignores the target's type-based immunities to Dragon.
Priority: 0 | Gen: 8 | Targets all adjacent opponent
GPT2mons is a really weird mod but it accidentally created the perfect first-slate pick so I’ll take it. In case you couldn't guess by this mon's bizarre custom moves, nearly every element of this mon is randomized, from the sprite to the movepool, and yet it comes together into a surprisingly coherent package that brings in a ton of utility early on: A physically bulky water, a hazard stacker, a terrain setter, and a potential screen setter thanks to Prism Cell. It also has a ton of coverage in the back, though its lack of reliable recovery keeps it balanced.

Pokemon: Magmortar-Mega
Mod of Origin: Megas for All (V5)
Stats: 75 / 120 / 77 / 175 / 130 / 63 [BST: 640]

Ability: Volcanic Haze (Intimidate but for Speed)

Viable Moves:
- eh
- Earth Power, Energy Ball, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Psychic, Thunderbolt
- Teleport
Magmortar's movepool + Earth Power, Energy Ball (this applies to base as well, base is otherwise unchanged)
Magmortar-Mega is one of the original M4A megas, having been created in V4 and reappearing in gen 8 with V5 before disappearing forever in V6's reset. Volcanic Haze combined with its incredible special attack stat makes for a great revenge killer that forces a lot of switches, where it can either try to nail the switchin with its excellent coverage or keep up the momentum with Teleport. Unfortunately, its speed tier does kind of leave it in a rough spot, as it's only really outspeeding the first mon it's up against, and repeatedly switching in and out as a pure-Fire type isn't ideal. Support this mon by keeping hazards off and creating opportunities for it to switch in, and it can take over a game.

Oh, base exists too. The new coverage is a huge buff for it so it could be funny with Scarf or Specs, though I doubt it'll be anything more than mid-tier.
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Pokémon: Samurott-Mega
Mod of Origin: Megas For All
Stats: 95 | 153 | 100 | 100 | 70 | 110 (628 BST)

Abilities: Heavenly Techniques> This pokemon's blade moves have priority if at Full HP. if at between full and 1/3 HP, blade moves raise Defense. if at 1/3 HP, blade moves always crit.
Movepool: Samurott's Movepool + Slack Off, Flip Turn, Psycho Cut
Description: Mega Samurott hits incredibly hart with its STAB Razor Shell, along with 153 attack. not only that, but its ability, Heavenly Techniques, although seeming complicated, is its biggest advantage. letting it take advantage of its Blade coverage moves and STAB razor shell. it also has Recovery on top of that, and flip turn

Sacred Sword, Razor Shell, Psycho Cut, Aerial Ace, X-Scissor, Air Slash, Slash, Secret Sword, Razor Wind, Behemoth Blade, Cross Poison, Cut, False Swipe, Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Fury Cutter, Slash, Solar Blade

Pokémon: Silvally-Grass
Mod of Origin: Alternatium
Stats: 95 | 115 | 95 | 95 | 95 | 105 (600 BST)

Abilities: RKS System: changes to match User's type. Silvally-Grass: Grassy Surge
Movepool: Silvally's Movepool + Recover, Stealth Rock, Nasty Plot, Stone Edge, Shadow Sneak, Earthquake, Giga Drain, Drain Punch, Wild Charge, Psychic, Triple Axel, Earth Power, Aura Sphere, Calm Mind, Fire Blast, Thunder, Taunt, Superpower, Grassy Glide, Leaf Storm, Apple Acid
Description: Grass Silvally accomplishes the role of better rillaboom priority revenge killer with its very wide movepool. you could also go special, or use a bulkier set with stealth rock, swords dance and all of its physical coverage.
(silvally dos not have to hold Grass Memory to become Silvally-Grass.)
Pokémon: Heatmor
Mod of Origin: Perfect Galar
Stats: 78 | 102 | 61 | 102 | 61 | 80 (484 BST)

Abilities: Gluttony | Flash Fire | Stakeout (HA)
Movepool: +Spikes
Description: WIP

Name: Alilat
Origin: Fusion Evolution Alpha

Ability: Diamond Dust (This Pokemon takes halved damage from Fire, Ice, and Dark attacks, and raises its Attack by 1 stage when hit by one.)
Stats: 105 / 95 / 95 / 95 / 105 / 76
Notable Moves:
Earthquake, Leaf Blade, Stone Edge, Close Combat
Giga Drain, Apple Acid, Sludge Bomb
Recover, Toxic, Leech Seed, Taunt
Description: Alilat is a pretty cool mixed wall, having balanced stats, a resistance to Ground and Dark, a neutrality to Fire and Ice, and an assortment of coverage.

Name: Fluxtape
Origin: Stereotypes

Abilities: Flame Body / Competitive / Flash Fire
Stats: 60 / 89 / 50 / 115 / 60 / 126
Notable Moves: Fire Blast, Flamethrower, U-Turn, Earth Power, Focus Blast, Rapid Spin, Will-o-Wisp, Thunder Wave, Lava Plume, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance, Flare Blitz, Earthquake, Hyper Voice, Dark Pulse
Description: A fast, utility-oriented pivot where it has enough of an offensive presence to be threatening and can use that to spread status if they need to. Knock Off ruins this Pokemon though, unless it can keep up hazard control.


Name: Basculin-Basculin
Origin: Fusion Evolution OU

Ability: Fusion Powered (This Pokémon's STAB moves do 2x damage rather than 1.5x. Recoil and STAB moves deal 1.2x damage.)
Stats: 80 / 102 / 75 / 90 / 65 / 108
Notable Moves: Aqua Jet, Double-Edge, Flip Turn, Head Smash, Liquidation, Scale Shot
Description: TBA
Notable Moves:
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Ema Skye

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Pokémon: Kyogre
Mod of Origin: Alternatium
Stats: 100 / 100 / 85 / 100 / 85 / 80 (550)
Type: Water
Abilities: Drizzle / Swift Swim
Movepool: Kyogre + Flip Turn, Spikes, Earth Power, Hurricane, -Water Spout
Description: Gets in a cool pivot with access to hazards early on that could also be an offensive breaker, and it helps start archetype building in later rounds.

Pokemon: Cinderace
Mod of Origin: Ubermons
Stats: 80 / 116 / 75 / 65 / 75 / 119
Type: Fire
Abilities: Libero (New Effect: Bounces back ball and ballistic moves)
Movepool: Cinderace
Description: Cinderace has always been a cool offensive mon with a lot of coverage and a neat move in Court Change. With the changes to Libero, it is both not broken and now legal for this mod!

Pokemon: Amzodulan-Ancient
Mod of Origin: Generation X
Stats: 110 / 125 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 105 (580)
Type: Grass
Abilities: Natural Cure
Movepool: Forest Rage, Grassy Glide, Leaf Blade, Power Whip, Dragon Claw, Outrage, Leech Life, Pursuit, Knock Off, Wild Charge, Body Press, Close Combat, Acrobatics, High Horsepower, Facade, Return, Frustration, Rapid Spin, Stone Edge, Steel Roller, Aromatherapy, Grass Whistle, Leech Seed, Strength Sap, Dragon Dance, Sticky Web, Taunt, Bulk Up, Defog, Protect, Substitute, Wish, Toxic, Rest (Forest Rage: 85 BP Grass physical, ignores Grass resistances)
Description: The name sounds like its a form change but as far as I can tell from the mod, it's an out of battle one so I think it should work. It brings utility through hazard removal, cleric support and Sticky Web and it's an awesome offensive breaker due to its unresisted STAB, which is pretty cool for a Grass breaker and affords it the option to run a lot of utility moves.
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Name: Eldegoss
Origin: OptiMons

Ability: Cotton Down/Regenerator/Fluffy
Stats: 90/50/90/110/120/60 [BST 520]
Notable Moves: Rapid Spin, U-Turn, Mystical Fire, Sludge Bomb, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Giga Drain, Body Press, Cotton Guard
Description: Honestly I went with this one because I have a feeling no one was probably going to go with an OptiMons pick and it just sort of fit. That aside it's a fairly typical bulky grass type with a decent enough movepool.


Name: Carratops
Origin: Fossil Mash-Up

Abilities: Swift Swim/Battle Armor/Solid Rock
Stats: 65/100/110/75/80/75 [BST 505]
Notable Moves: Shell Smash, Knock Off, Liquidation, Stone Edge, Stealth Rock, Earthquake, Superpower
Description: Carratops here is simple. You smash and then you bash. Smash and bash baby.
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Pokémon: Blastora
Mod of Origin: Roulettemons
Stats: 63/126/102/99/131/79
Type: Fire
: Light Metal / Forewarn / Aerilate
Notable Moves: Blaze Kick, Spectral Thief, Autotomize, Coil, Defog, Glare, Healing Wish, Parting Shot, Sticky Web, Swords Dance, Synthesis, Substitute, Toxic, Return
Description: I will sub so many Roulettemons to this mod lol. This is just a Pokemon I think is super cool though, it's got a cool set of resistances to abuse its special bulk with and a lot of good status and utility moves, but not a lot of great attacking options outside of Blaze Kick, Aerilate Return, and Spectral Thief. It's just a really fun thing to use, it's got a lot of options for how you go about building with it and might make a decent sub to start on for that reason. I'm honestly just subbing this because it's a Roulettemon and because it's cool but who cares

Pokémon: Falcola
Mod of Origin: Roulettemons
Stats: 116/52/92/114/119/107
Type: Water
: Propeller Tail / Flower Veil / Overgrow
Notable Moves: Discharge, Energy Ball, Heat Wave, Steam Eruption, Surf, Clangorous Soul, Draco Meteor?
Description: I admit this one may be a bit much, but I mean it can't hurt to sub it, right? Hope not. It's really bulky and moderately fast, but it does lack a bit of power and its coverage notably completely misses out on Dragons. Its coverage felt really weird for other reasons when using it in its base mod but being honest I can't remember the exact reason for that and the format is of a very high power level anyways. Tell me if there's issues with this one especially but it might be okay depending on what power level is envisioned for this mod.

EDIT: It does get something to hit Dragons but I don't know if it'd want to sacrifice other coverage for it. It's forced into only two slots then, and one of those is likely Water, where it loses really hard to some other type if it runs anything else. Grasses if it chooses Energy Ball or Discharge, Waters if Heat Wave, although the latter isn't really an issue except in the mirror match until the mod progresses some.
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Pokemon: Flabade
Mod of Origin: Assemble
Stats: 150/74/115/90/55/80 (BST: 564)

Abilities: Intrepid Sword
Movepool: Magby's Movepool
Description: I had to search into the depths of Solomods to find a replacement for Flareon, and I found Flabade. Flabade takes aspects of Drifblim, Zacian, and Magby, and combines them into one pokemon. Flabade has monstrous physical bulk, but it will mainly be used for tanking attacks before dishing them back out with Physical Belly Drum sets backed up by Intrepid Sword (~135 Attack). Flabade's main weakness is its poor movepool.

Pokemon: Patrick Star
Mod of Origin: Crossover Chaos EX
Stats: 115/100/85/75/85/60 (BST: 520)

Abilities: Gluttony / Regenerator / Unaware
Movepool: Wumbo*, Slack Off, Curse, Liquidation, Rest, Belly Drum, Gunk Shot, Toxic, Hammer Arm, Waterfall, Surf, Scald, Outrage, Ice Punch, Ice Beam, Water Pulse, Hydro Pump, Flip Turn, Amnesia, Recycle, Stealth Rock
Custom Elements: Wumbo- Water, Physical, 100 BP, 95% Acc, 16 PP, Non Contact, 2x damage to Minimized opponents
Description: Patrick Star is the definition of a bulky water. It has solid bulk, and more importantly, two of the best defensive abilities in the game with Regenerator and Unaware. Alongside that, it has access to reliable recovery, a hazard, and pivoting.

Pokemon: Meganium-Mega (base same as vanilla besides movepool additions)
Mod of Origin: Megas For All
Mega Stats: 80/117/110/118/120/80 (BST: 625)

Mega Ability: Flower Gift
Movepool: +Calm Mind, Dragon Dance, Rock Slide, Solar Blade, Weather Ball
Description: Firstly, Meganium will most likely be used for its mega. While CM and DD are welcome additions for base, I don't think they are enough for it to be viable. As for the mega, the all around high stats, in addition to the aforementioned Calm Mind and Dragon Dance, allow for Meganium to have diverse options. Currently, Meganium-Mega would not be at its full potential, as it needs a sun setter in order for Flower Gift to work.

replaced Flareon with Flabade :blobsad:
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Pokémon: Leafeon
Mod of Origin: Sylvemons
Stats: 65/110/130/60/65/95 (525 BST)

Abilities: Leaf Guard / Grassy Surge / Chlorophyll (HA)
Movepool: + Storm Strike, All-Terrain Blast, Leafage

Storm Strike (Normal / 50 BP / 100 Acc / Physical / Does double damage in weathers and becomes the same type of the weather)
All-Terrain Blast (Same as above but Special)

Descriptions: :Rillaboom: 2, except it comes with higher physical bulk and a solid recoil-less STAB in Leaf Blade in exchange for U-Turn and Superpower, turning it into a quite viable pure Grass type in the long run.


Pokémon: Darmanitan-Alola
Mod of Origin: Regional Evolutions

Abilities: Water Bubble / Inner Focus (HA)
Stats: 105 HP / 100 Atk / 65 Def / 50 SpA / 65 SpD / 95 Spe (480 BST)
Removed Moves: Ember, Fire Blast, Fire Fang, Fire Punch, Fire Spin, Flame Charge, Flame Wheel, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Heat Wave, Incinerate, Overheat, Sunny Day, Will-O-Wisp, Burning Jealousy, Mystical Fire
New Moves: Aqua Jet, Aqua Ring, Brine, Bubble Beam, Dive, Life Dew, Liquidation, Muddy Water, Rain Dance, Scald, Soak, Surf, Water Gun, Water Pulse, Waterfall, Whirlpool, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Ice Punch

Descriptions: While Water Bubble means that it's going to hit pretty hard and all, it's also quite reliant on that out of only having a single STAB, but it still is worth to consider out of its offensive usability to wallbreak and pivot.


Pokémon: Rapidash
Mod of Origin: CFM
Stats: 80/110/70/80/80/105 (525 BST)

Abilities: Flame Body / Flash Fire* / Quick Feet**
*Flash Fire: Highest offensive stat is raised by 1 after taking a Fire-type move, Fire immunity
**Quick Feet: User's speed is raised by x1.5 if statused, burns and poisoning are locked to 1/16 of damage per turn
Movepool: + Horn Drill*, Drill Run**, Wild Charge***

*Horn Drill (Normal / 140 BP / 90 Acc / Physical / High crit chance, Fire type if used by Rapidash, lowers user's Atk by 2 after use)
**Drill Run (Ground / 85 BP / 100 Acc / Physical / 10% chance to lower the Def of the opponent by 1 stage)
***Wild Charge (Same as before but 10% chance to paralyze)

Descriptions: Running a Toxic Orb not only means it has no initial firepower, it also is pretty easy to wear down even if it isn't going to be exactly put on a timer by bad poisoning, but it does pack a punch with solid coverage and isn't easy to switch into, being able to sweep after a Swords Dance and all.
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Cookie Butter

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Pokémon: Arcanine
Mod of Origin: AbNormal
Stats: 90/110/80/100/80/95 (555)

Abilities: Intimidate / Flash Fire / Justified
Movepool: Arcanine's movepool + Hyper Voice, Noble Roar, but all Normal-type moves are retyped to something else (See here)
Important changes competitively include:
-type Extreme Speed,
-type Return,
-type Frustration,
-type Double Edge,
-type Facade,
-type Body Slam,
-type Strength

Description: It's Arcanine but with Fire-type Extreme Speed, and more coverage. A pretty strong wallbreaker and revenge killer. It's not as strong as Grassy Glide Rillaboom, but that's probably a good thing.
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Pokémon: Maroram-Alola
Mod of Origin: Fusion Evolution V6
Stats: 80 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 108 / 80

Abilities: Turbo Head - Effects of Rock Head and Turboblaze

Reasoning: Gets a ton of interesting utility. As a single-type Fire type, it needs something to stand out from its future competition. Here what it gets is a culmination of balanced stats, versatile movepools and really strong ability to allow it to run multiple sets. It is almost as bulky as Mew for reference, and hits pretty hard thanks to STABs being Blue Flare and recoil-less Flare Blitz. Has pretty wide coverage such as Earthquake/power, Thunderbolt and Ice Beam, some set-up such as Swords/Dragon Dance, lots of utility in SR, WoW and Knock Off, and the Turboblaze portion of the ability allows it to break through future Flash Fire, Magic Bounce and whatnot. Overall it feels like a very balanced versatile choice.

Pokémon: Vaporeon
Mod of Origin: Sylvemons
Stats: 130 / 65 / 60 / 110 / 95 / 65

Abilities: Water Absorb / Drizzle / Liquid Voice
New/Changed Moves: Rinse Off, Storm Strike, All-Terain Blast, Bubblebeam, Double Kick, Mud Slap, Dig, Dive

Relevant Changes:

Rinse Off - Rain clone of Shore Up
Liquid Voice - In addition to old effects, also boosts Sound moves by 1.2x

Irrelevant Changes:

Storm Strike - Physical Weather Ball
All-Terrain Blast - Terrain Pulse clone that existed before Terrain Pulse
Bubblebeam - 25 BP, hits 2-5 times
Double Kick - 50 BP, hits twice
Mud Slap - 40 BP Priority
Dig/Dive - Executes in one turn under Sand/Rain respectively

Reasoning: Its your good old Vaporeon, now with Drizzle and Recovery. While regular Vaporeon is NU, I believe these two changes should be enough to make it a considerable choice for our Water. Its pretty easy to see where this one goes, bulky mon that hits hard thanks to ability and keeps itself healthy.
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Pokémon: Shaymin
Mod of Origin: SylveMons
Stats: 100/100/100/100/100/100

Abilities: Natural Cure / Dispersal (HA)
Movepool: Shaymin movepool + All-Terrain Blast, Leafage, Shed Leaves
Dispersal - Boosts the power of Seed-based* moves by 1.2x and Leech Seed deals 20% more damage and heals 30% more HP each turn.
All-Terrain Blast - Terrain Pulse clone
Leafage - +1 priority
Mud-Slap - Ground-type Quick Attack clone
Seed Bomb - Now has a 50% chance to leech seed the target
Shed Leaves - Grass-type Status move, Removes the user's Grass-type, resets negative stat changes, and cures the user of status, Fails if the user isn't a Grass-type, 16 PP

*Seed Flare, Bullet Seed, Seed Bomb, Leech Seed, Apple Acid, Grav Apple

Description: Out of most things from SylveMons, Shaymin isn't the craziest thing in the world, but it's one of my favorite mons from the entire mod thanks to the combo of Dispersal and Seed Flare. Thanks to the 1.2x power boost Dispersal gives it, Shaymin becomes a deceptively powerful breaker, spamming 144 BP Seed Flares with a chance to drop the opponent's SpD. Plus, Dispersal also makes SubSeed a more viable option. Other than some potential funny business with SD + Seed Bomb plus your choice in priority with Leafage or Mud-Slap, it's basically Shaymin, but stronger and cooler

Pokémon: Lumineon
Mod of Origin: Perfect Galar
Stats: 89/69/76/89/86/101

Abilities: Swift Swim / Storm Drain / Regenerator (HA)
Movepool: Lumineon movepool + Moonblast, Power Gem, Thunder Wave (loses Toxic)
Description: Fast Regenerator pivots are cool, so here's a fast Regenerator pivot. Lumineon's Speed and movepool lets it grab momentum throughout a game, burning stuff with Scald, Defogging away hazards, U-Turning out, TWaving stuff that doesn't care about Scald, and generally making your life easier and your opponent's life harder
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Ok, first thing is first, we will be just having a blacklist of mods you cannot submit from onstead of a list you can. If the mod is not listed in the list and has a thread in here, its fair game.

Now to check on certain mons.
Mod of Origin:Roulettemons

Abilities:Turboblaze/Anger Point(Gluttony)
Relevant Moves:Fire Lash,Bonemerang,Bullet Punch,Hammer Arm,Crabhammer,Glare,Roost
Description:Tigire has some nice offensive coverage and is quite a fearsome wallbreaker with the coveted Fire Lash alongside 125 Attack.129 Speed is quite nice and it has good special bulk to use.Glare is also an extremely useful tool for slowing down faster threats.That said,it's not without weaknesses.It has mediocre physical bulk and is weak to SR,meaning that it can't use the power boost of Choice Band or Life Orb without taking 25% every time it switches in,a problem augmented by its lack of set-up moves.

Pokémon: Darmanitan-Alola
Mod of Origin: Regional Evolutions

Abilities: Water Bubble / Inner Focus (HA)
Stats: 105 HP / 100 Atk / 65 Def / 50 SpA / 65 SpD / 95 Spe (480 BST)
Removed Moves: Ember, Fire Blast, Fire Fang, Fire Punch, Fire Spin, Flame Charge, Flame Wheel, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Heat Wave, Incinerate, Overheat, Sunny Day, Will-O-Wisp, Burning Jealousy, Mystical Fire
New Moves: Aqua Jet, Aqua Ring, Brine, Bubble Beam, Dive, Life Dew, Liquidation, Muddy Water, Rain Dance, Scald, Soak, Surf, Water Gun, Water Pulse, Waterfall, Whirlpool, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Ice Punch

Descriptions: While Water Bubble means that it's going to hit pretty hard and all, it's also quite reliant on that out of only having a single STAB, but it still is worth to consider out of its offensive usability to wallbreak and pivot.
Pokémon: Entei
Mod of Origin: AbNormal
Stats: 115/115/85/90/75/100 (580)

Abilities: Pressure / Inner Focus
Movepool: Entei's movepool + Hyper Voice, Take Down, Noble Roar, but all Normal-type moves are retyped to something else (See here)
Important changes competitively include:
-type Extreme Speed,
-type Return,
-type Frustration,
-type Double Edge,
-type Facade,
-type Body Slam

Description: It's Entei but with Fire-type Extreme Speed, and some coverage for once. A pretty strong wallbreaker and revenge killer, with a pretty solid and unique move in Sacred Fire. It's not as strong as Grassy Glide Rillaboom, but that's probably a good thing.
I believe these submissions artifically raise the power level of the mod too high for my taste, putting too much pressure on later buildsand rapidly accelerating power creep. I ask that these submissions be changed eith something else.


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Consider this a 48 Hour Warning to wrap up submissions.
Pokémon: Suicune
Mod of Origin: Metamorphosis

Ability: Pressure
Stats: 100 HP / 70 Atk / 115 Def / 100 SpA / 115 SpD / 85 Spe ( +10 SpA, -10 Atk )
New Moves: +Flip Turn, +Night Shade, +Heal Bell, +Will-O-Wisp (Sig Move would be banned due to transformation)
Description: Now this is a bulky water! It's slightly stronger Suicune with a host of new moves that give it big buffs in usability points in Will O Wisp and especially Flip Turn.
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Consider this a 48 Hour Warning to wrap up submissions.
Guess that means it's time for a sub review, huh?

:slowbro-mega: Slowclone (Mega Revolution)
Cool mon with some decent utility for a first-slater, if you want an early defensive water this is your mon.

:silvally: Silvally-Fire (Alternatium)
There have been a lot of very versatile fires subbed, but this one stands out to me thanks to options like PShot and Plot.

:arcanine: Arcanine (Random Dex)
It's just Natdex Arcanine, or Gen 8 Arcanine with dexited moves. It's cool if we end up at a RU/UU-power level but most subs aren't aiming for that and it's kinda boring regardless.

:volkraken: Aquatopus (Roulettemons)
Most Roulette subs are weird but this one's especially weird, an unaware mon with speed, great physical defense, and tons of utility. Wouldn't be opposed to it's such a bizarre setup that I don't really know how to judge it.

:cacturne: Creeper (Crossover Chaos)
Probably the weakest sub this round, which is quite the accomplishment when it's up against slightly-better Flareon and barely-better Rapidash. To make it clear to anyone who hasn't dug up the original mon, Creeper Blast isn't just it's only notable move, it's its only move period. 1 for 1 at best, hits a resist and dies at worst. Despite no meta having been established yet, I can confidently ay that this mon is useless in the meta.

Regic Boat:
:samurott: Samurott (Megas for All)
Easily the least egregious of the many priority spammers subbed this slate but even if it's only active at full health (which is pretty easy to get to considering the defense boosts and Slack Off), I just don't want any of that kind of thing early on after the disaster that was Beheeyem getting in in Slate 1 of Melee. I think we should hold off on priority-spam and similar things until a bit of a meta has been established rather than trying to build the entire meta around them, because while an early un-outspeedable mon didn't necessarily hurt Melee play-wise, it made it a lot less fun to sub for. Also base exists too ig but it's bad.

:silvally: Silvally-Grass (Alternatium)
See above, priority spam bad. At least this mon has the movepool to do different things but at the same time that just means that it can spam priority while also doing different things so lol nah.

:heatmor: Heatmor (Perfect Galar)
This mon is absolute fire in PG and I'd expect it to do the same here, forces switches and capitalizes on them with Stakeout and Spikes. I love it.

:Virizion: Alilat (FE Alpha)
Probably the strongest not-dumb Grass-type sub this slate power-wise, for better or worse. It's dominant in it's home mod, which has a power level quite a bit higher than modern OU, and while that's partially due to a lot of good matchups it's still a menace. Cool bulky Grass if you want a super-high-but-barely-attainable-for-most-mods power level rather than the previous 2 Smash Mods' more flexible power level that fell somewhere between OU and UU.

:lampent: Fluxtape (Stereotypes)
It's a neat special attacker with a solid toolset. Idk why it's considered below-average in the fairly-weak meta that is Stereotypes but it seems solid at a glance, my favourite fast Fire this slate.

:basculin-blue-striped: Basculin-Basculin (Fusion Evolution)
Very potent water-move spammer, underwhelming with its other attacks. It's way too restricting for a first-slate mon imo, since it's going to need some VERY dedicated checks to be balanced.

Ema Skye:
:kyogre: Kyogre (Alternatium)
It's neat, as is a first-slate Drizzle mon, hits pretty hard with one type like the Basculin^2 but it's not really geared towards spamming Water moves as much as superfish so I'm ok with that in this case, solid mon.

:cinderace: Cinderace (Ubermons)
Even if it probably runs Blaze and ballistic moves are fairly uncommon, I just really don't like abilities that bounce back damaging moves, they tend to be super obnoxious. There are cooler Cinderace-alikes with other type combos anyways, I'd rather hold off on this one.

:zygarde-complete: Amzodulan-Ancient (Gen X)
The Zygarde next to this thing is only there because I picture this mon looking vaguely similar to it, but it's also rather fitting because I can see them playing similarly as well. It's probably a more annoying Zygarde despite the worse typing thanks to recovery in Strength Sap, better utility, a better speed tier for DD sets, and most importantly, a signature STAB move that is completely unresisted instead of almost-completely-unresisted like Tarrows. I feel like this mon getting in is a recipe for disaster.

Revenge of Depressed Gay:
:eldegoss: Eldegoss (Optimons)
It's a strong bulky Grass with Regenerator, and while I'm personally not too big on mons like Tang or Amoonguss, they definitely have a strong niche, which this mon would fill similarly. Objectively a great pick but not my thing.

:kabutops: Carratops (Fossil Mash-Up)
A funny dedicated setup sweeper, and while it's a bit weaker than your average sub this slate, I can see it retaining a niche long-term as long as we don't let a better physical smasher in.

:infernape: Blastora (Roulettemons)
Funny Fire-type with the stats of a breaker and the movepool of a pure-utility pick, definitely an interesting option.

:tomohawk: Falcola (Roulettemons)
Potent setup sweeper, the achilles heel of Dragon mons is cool since we're inevitably getting a solid number of them. Probably very strong early on but it should settle into place as the mod goes on.

:flareon: Flareon (Z-Revival)
Evoboost is great for it but it's still a Flareon. Idt any of our Water subs are weak enough to lead to a power level where this is viable tbh.

:starmie: Patrick Star (CC EX)
It's solid, but I don't think this offers much that a sub I find more interesting doesn't do beyond its versatility. Kinda like Goss ig, good sub but not my thing.

:meganium: Meganium (Megas for All)
This thing looks extraordinarily weak for a mega, even in Sun, and we all know how good base Meganium is lol. This kinda falls into the same pit as Flareon for me where it would be cool at a low power level but idt any Water subs so far are weak enough to make that happen.

:leafeon: Leafeon (Sylvemons)
See my thoughts on Silvally-Grass after reading my thoughts on Samurott, and then tone down my hate for Silv-Grass by around 10%, and you have my thoughts on this mon. Also I'm pretty sure you got All-Terrain Blast wrong.

:darmanitan-Zen: Darmanitan-Alola (Regional Evolutions)
This one's just really stupid tbh, see Basculin-Basculin but this is way more problematic, and now I'm just gonna copy what I said about this in the Discord and leave it at that:
"I've been looking at it like a Dracovish that trades Strong Jaw for much better coverage, pivoting, not needing to outspeed for rends to double in damage, burn immunity, and an 80bp aqua jet
is it as good as Dracovish?
probably not, but the fact that that's even a question that needs to be asked should be sending up some red flags"

:rapidash: Rapidash (CFM)
CFM's changes hardly benefit this because it's built for CFM's PU, same lack of a low-power-level Water that messes with Flareon applies here too.

Cookie Butter:
:arcanine: Arcanine (AbNormal)
Honestly, this mon looks even stronger than the vetoed Entei to me thanks to its better utility and Intimidate for easy switchins. Probably the strongest priority-spammer this slate, see the latter half of my thoughts on Samurott.

:Reshiram: Maroram-Alola (Fusion Evolution)
Doesn't interest me as much as most of the other bulky Fires this slate but it's still cool, solid fat attacker.

:shaymin: Shaymin (SylveMons)
This one's pretty neat ngl, kinda like Kyogre where it's got a very hard-hitting and spamamble STAB but isn't overbearing because it like to go for other options as well, I like it. Lurantis was still cooler tho.

:lumineon: Lumineon (Perfect Galar)
Perhaps the weakest Water this slate but still a good and decently-strong pick, fast regen with reasonable bulk and all of Lumineon's often-slept-on utility is really fun. I'm absolutely biased considering Lumineon's one of my favourite mons in general but idc this one's cool.

:suicune: Suicune (Metamorphosis)
It's fine, and the changes are good for it, but I really don't like the idea of a Metamorph mon getting in and then having the mod's entire gimmick banned from it; It would be like voting in an Ubers mega from M4A exclusively for the movepool changes on base. There are also much cooler Suicunes going around imo, check out Sylve's or CFM's or (if legal) Aegislash'd's.

Anyways, remember that this slate is going to affect the path of the mod for the rest of its existence, so try to aim for a power level you want with your votes (remember that most mods won't have mons at Ubers or NU power levels) and try to avoid choosing mons that heavily restrict future subs this early on, like those that are only balanced if we vote very specialized checks into the mod, or those that can revenge things super easily with especially strong priority or Time Warp or what-have-you. TLDR vote responsibly.
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