Super Staff Bros Tour - Round 2


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Super Staff Bros Tour
Can't wait for Smash Bros Ultimate to come out?
Do you not want to bother making a team?
Want to use moves, abilities, and items that don't exist in the regular games?
Need your holiday dose of friends beating each other up?
Want to beat up HoeenHero for being bad at naming tournaments?
Then this is the tournament for you!​

Notice: Super Staff Bros Brawl has an update pending, the most notable part is that Earthbound Mistfit changed names to Zyg (the set itself is unchanged). Other than that theres just a few bug fixes. The guide will be updated with the name change soon.

The deadline for Extended matches is Friday December 14th, 2018 at 11:59 PM UTC which is one minute before 7 PM EST on the same day.

The deadline for Round 2 is December 19th at 11:59 PM UTC which is 1 minute before 7 PM EST on the same day.

Also, a reminder to use smogon profile walls for scheduling! Good luck everyone!
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