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Read the rules before joining because this is far from your typical mafia game, it only has minor mafia elements, as it is mostly based on Survivor.

The game needs 21 players and will use the priority system during signups.

Useful links:

Not everything there will apply to this game but a lot of it will, I'd recommend reading up, as if you can expect what is coming, you will be better equipped to handle it.

1. Game Basics:
-There will be 3 random tribes of 7 people.
-During the Day phases of the game there will be immunity challenges. Immunity challenges decide who is safe and who has to go to tribal council.
-During the Tribal Stage of the game, challenges will be won and lost as a whole tribe. The tribe that comes in last in the immunity challenge will have to go to Tribal Council and vote someone out.
-During the Individual Stage of the game, challenges will be won and lost by a single person. The winner of the immunity challenge cannot be voted upon, but (s)he will be able to vote.

2. Tribal Council:
-Tribal Council will occur at the Night phase after the Immunity Challenge.
-Private Vote to see who is eliminated from the game.
-The vote total will be revealed to the tribe at the end of the night, but you will not know who voted for who.
-In case of an initial tie, there will be a re-vote where you can only vote for one of the people with the most votes. For example, if there are 3 votes for Player A, 3 votes for Player B, and 1 vote for Player C in a 7 man tribe, you may only vote for Player A or B during the re-vote.
-In case of a second tie, the player who leaves will be determined by a random number generator. The players who tied for the most votes both times will be safe from this tiebreaker. In the previous example, players A and B would be safe.
-After the votes are cast, a player is able to play a hidden immunity idol (HII). The HII makes all votes cast for the user of the HII count as zero.
-The player who leaves the game will be entitled to one “fuck, gg guys” post but it may not contain any substance. Basically, no dead-talking.

3. Role PMs, Stats and Abilities:
-Each player has a Role PM. The Role PM contains a player’s stats, abilities, and tribe. A player’s Role PM is not revealed upon death. Role PMs can be shared at any point in the game. No screenshotting, but fake PMs are allowed.
-Each player has stat points that are distributed between Strength (Str), Puzzle Skills (Puz), and Balance (Bal).
-Your point values are never told by the host to the other players, but the other players will know what segments of challenges you compete in.
-Str, Puz, and Bal are used in the immunity challenges.
-Different abilities may be used at any time in the game. Your Role PM will tell you when you can use your ability. Most abilities are used during the Night phase.
-Abilities will be “mafia-like”, but will follow the “Survivor” structure of the game.
-An example role PM:

Dear zorbees,
You are Anon Ymous.

Your Stats are: 7 Str, 9 Puz, x+1 Bal.

x is equal to the Balance stat of the user immediately before your challenge post. If the user immediately before your post is not using Balance in the challenge, x will be equal to 0.

You have the ability to remove players from the game. When a player is voted out, you may send a PM to the host saying “Day X - Remove <user>”. This will eliminate the targeted user from the game.

You are the lone member of the Host Tribe.
4. Challenges:
-At the start of the Day phase, the details of the challenge will be posted.
-To participate in the challenge, you must post I am in this challenge(, in Segment [#]). You only post this once, even if the challenge uses multiple stats. Posts with this purpose cannot be edited or deleted.
-If a tribe fails to field the required number of members for the challenge, all additional users will count for 0 towards the challenge.
-The user or team with the highest stat total being used in the challenge wins. If there is a tie, the user or team with the earliest post will be deemed the winner.
-An example team challenge:
7 members from each tribe compete:
Segment 1: 4 members compete in a 1x Bal portion
Segment 2: 2 members compete in a 1x Str portion.
Segment 3: 1 member competes in a 2x Puz portion.
-Some challenges or segments of challenges require multiple stats, sometimes one stat more heavily than another.
-During Tribal (Team) challenges, some players will have to sit out some of the challenges. Players cannot sit out during two consecutive challenges.

5. Winning the Game:
-The goal of the game is to reach the Final Tribal Council, which typically occurs with just two or three people left in the game. You cannot win the game unless you make it to the Final Tribal Council.
-At a certain point in the game, players who are voted out will join the jury. You will not be told how many jury members there are going to be.
-At the Final Tribal Council, the remaining players in the game speak to the jury and try to convince the jury that they deserve to win the game.
-Each finalist is allowed to make an opening statement on why they deserve to win the game.
-Following the opening statements, each member of the jury gets to ask one question to each remaining castaway, if they so choose. Alternatively, they may make a pitch to the other jury members on who they feel should win the game and why.
-When everyone is done speaking, the jury will vote privately on who wins the game. Whoever gets the most votes wins.
-I will ask for reasoning from the jury members to prevent collusion, but will not require very much depth in the reasoning.

6. Forum Mechanics:
-Each Day and Night phase will last 48 hours. Activity will be very important in this game. Since each Day+Night cycle will take 4 days, and most players will be eliminated, once per cycle, by game's end, This game will probably last over two months. Do not sign up if you cannot handle this.
-During Tribal Council, if you do not get a vote in by the deadline, it will be randomly decided for you.
-During Tribal Council, if you wish to play a HII, you must indicate so before Night ends.
-IRC will be very important to this game. It will greatly help in streamlining the game and making it easier to communicate. If you cannot be at least somewhat active on IRC, you may have trouble in the game, and I would recommend not signing up.
-I will accept votes, actions, etc, over IRC. Note that you still have to post in the thread for challenges. There will be official game channels, but they aren’t made as of yet. However, note that there is a small chance that I may miss your action should you send it over IRC. If I do not respond, I likely missed your action.
-You may not communicate outside the thread with anyone who has been eliminated or who is on another tribe. Each player is allowed to send one outgoing Forum PM to a current member of another tribe during the game. IRC is not allowed for this particular task. I must approve your PM before you send it, and I retain the right to prevent you from “gaming the system”.
-No anonymous nicks will be allowed for the purposes of this game. No impersonating as well.
-The update posts may contain useful information in the flavor.

7. FAQ:

-Q: So this game draws a lot from the TV show?
-A: Yes. A basic knowledge of the format of the game will help you.

-Q: When is the merge, When does the Individual portion start, etc?
-A: You won’t be told until I make the merge update.

-Q: Final 2 or Final 3?
-A: One of those, but again, you don’t get to know.

-Q: Will there be twists?
-A: Yes, but since they are by definition surprises, you don’t get to know about them.

-Q: What does the jury base their votes on?
-A: There is no specific criteria. They vote on who they think should win the game. For example, some players may take pride in their honor, so they will not vote for anyone who back-stabbed. I may request reasoning if I feel your vote isn’t backed by any sound and visible reasoning.

-Q: Should I communicate my thoughts to the host?
-A: Yes! There will be a postgame, so any insight I have into the thoughts of the players will help.



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