Gen 3 Survivor Series - OU Doubles RMT

First post and my first foray into making teams for double battles in any generation! I tried to stick with a general team that can hopefully support each other and survive well in an environment where fast, deadly attacks are prevalent.

I tried to stick to the general rules of 'Smogon's double battle primer', by including plenty of support such as fake outs, helping hands and screens to ensure my Pokes survive. I tried to make sure they didn't get in the way of each other (protects and earthquakes abound!) as well. So without further ado, my team:

FYI I tried messing around with a few EV spreads in Pokemon Online, just as I heard that investing a few into defensive stats makes more of a difference in doubles. So some of them may seem a bit unconventional. Do please let me know if they should be changed I'm open to any and all suggestions.

Marowak @ Thick Club (Rock Head)
176 HP/200 Atk/28 Def/104 Sp. Def

Rock Slide
Double Edge

A pretty standard set for Marowak here, investing in Sp. Def and HP to hopefully ward off the slew of special moves that could head its way. Protect for lack of a better 4th slot (I didn't want to go with sing - I love my status spreading but I thought it way too inaccurate here). Bonemerang for the obvious sub-breakage, and the other two as filler/playing off the ability.

Starmie @ Petaya Berry (Natural Cure)
52 HP/ 24 Def/ 212 Sp. Atk/ 32 Sp. Def/ 188 Spe

Ice Beam

What, no psychic or recover? I figured I'd use Starmie to hit hard and fast and provide one half of the screens for the battle. Otherwise, standard boltbeam and STAB fare. This was originally a slot for a physical Latios, but ice weakness and nothing to counter any dragons specially was a tad worrying.

Zapdos @ Lum Berry
252 HP/ 32 Def/ 220 Sp. Def/ 4 Spd

Light Screen
Drill Peck

The latter two moves for STAB, protect for...well, protection from any errant selfdestructs from Snorlax. Light screen for the sp. def boosts my team may need. I considered Toxic but decided the role should go to Umbreon. I chose to go with a relatively bulky set here so I could make sure Dos sticks around for a while, defensively speaking.

Umbreon @ Leftovers
252 HP/ 120 Def/ 136 Sp. Def

Helping Hand

My first supporter, wish can help most teammates or itself recover (as opposed to Rest which only benefits Umbreon), while substitute can keep it safe enough to do so (and generally just annoy the opponent). HH for the boost teammates may need to pull off their assaults and toxic for a status spreader. Since switches aren't as common here, toxic would be perfect for residual damage here I think.

Snorlax @ Choice Band (Thick Fat)
28 HP/ 196 Atk/ 88 Def/ 196 Sp. Def

Shadow Ball
Body Slam

Standard choicelax set here, body slam over return because I just love my status spreading.

Hariyama @ Lax Incense (Thick Fat)
20 HP/ 36 Atk/ 212 Def/ 212 Sp. Def/ 28 Spe

Helping Hand
Fake Out
Brick Break
Body Slam

Cross Chop is illegal with HH here, hence why I chose Brick Break for the STAB. Body Slam again for status spreading and Fake Out and Helping Hand to support the rest of my team (pinch hits and setting up screens). I have no clue what to put as an item (provided item clause is active) so I've just stuck a Lax Incense on him for now.

As I said, I'm welcome to any and all suggestions, advice and constructive criticism, I look forward to seeing how the team can be improved.

Thank you in advance,
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