Suspect 4 Nomination Stage (read: post 49)

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1. Retest Yanma
2. Misdreavus
3. Fletchling


Edit: I spoke to Macle and he brought up a good point. Grand Slam is just around the corner, and we can't be risking the legitimacy of Little Cup by retesting Yanma right now. I feel its something that should be done at another time, so with that, my votes will change to
1. Misdreavus
2. Fletchling
3. Pawniard


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Voting as of Apollo77:

Mienfoo: 10
ChloroDrought: 28
Fletchling: 75
Pawniard: 25
Drought: 3
SturdyJuice: 14
Misdreavus: 130
Unban Yanma: 51
Arena Trap: 2
Leftovers: 10
"hophip": 3
Knock Off: 15
Gale Wings: 3
"Chinchou switching into other Chinchou": 2
Scarf Clause: 3
Regenerator: 1
Small Children: 1
Berry Juice: 3
Assault Vest: 1
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