Non-official SV AAA Suspect #1: Terastallizing

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Come one come all, it's happening again
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Elligible Voters: 51
Votes: 43

Unban: 17 (33.33%)
Keep banned: 26 (50.98%)
Haven't voted yet: 8 (15.69%)

With 26 keep banned votes, Terastallizing cannot reach the 50% threshold required to be unbanned. As a result, Terastallizing remains banned in Almost Any Ability!

This thread will remain open until the voting deadline for the remaining voters to make their votes; if this puts you over the six or ten vote threshold, pm me or another tier leader the links!

Tagging Kris to implement Terastal Clause on main, please and thank you!

edit: with all votes in, the final vote is 31 Keep banned to 20 Unban, for a 61% majority.
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