Project SV DOU Teambuilding Competition: Week 5 (Kingambit)


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Congratulations to Actuarily for winning!


This week's pokemon is Kingambit! Bisharp's new evolution has impressive stats and a number of helpful resistances, along with supportive options like Quick Guard and Stealth Rock

Building ends on March 2nd and Voting on March 4th
Kingambit Hail Psyspam

:Abomasnow: :Iron-Bundle: :Armarouge: :Indeedee-F: :Kingambit: :Iron-Hands:

After testing AV Kingambit I felt like it either didn't tank hits quite as well as I wanted or didn't do enough damage, so I tried to solve this with SD + veil. I also think Kingambit isn't actually very good as a dedicated TR mon because it loses to common TR abusers like Torkoal and Iron Hands, so I tried to fit it on a more flexible semiroom team. Indeedee + Armarouge rips through fighting types that scare Kingambit, and veil allows Weak Armour Armarouge to have a bit more longevity. Bundle is obv nice for the fast mode and proccing Armarouge, and AV Iron Hands is probably the best glue mon in the tier as well as synergizing with the TR mode well.

- Aboma really appreciates ground coverage, could also drop protect for energy ball.

- Could swap freeze dry for icy wind on Bundle if you really want to, spread stolen from Ratpacker's psyspam team.

- Arma outspeeds pult at +2, tera grass is still nice even without flash fire, especially with stab energy ball.

- Pretty standard Indeedee, could go sitrus berry but I've found that I don't pivot with the mon too much and the extra special bulk is clutch.

- Kingambit lives headlong rush from 252+ Great Tusk, Tera Fire to own Arcanine which can really give the team trouble, and the team has enough tools to deal with Tusk. Also lives heat wave from non boosting item Chi-Yu. Can't 100% live life orb heat wave without +spd nature so not worth imo.

- The standard AV spread I've been using to live stuff + speed creep (and nice balanced atk investment lol). CC + Wild Charge to deal the most damage up front, fake out is still useful cause terrain won't always be up. Volt switch is nice to help position for Armarouge in particular, as well as transitioning between fast and slow modes

Replay v Eragon where Kingambit puts in some good work:
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Kingambit Rain

This is a Kingambit team that's been working well for me. It's a rain team with a couple off-meta choices that I think match-up well with some of the teams going around. This team gains underrated special-bulk without losing out on offensive power due to Ting-Lu + 4 physical attacking threats.

Pretty standard set. I like air balloon + tera-flying to switch into Ting-lu EQ as well as dodge various ground moves going around. This could be defiant, testing was mostly supreme overload however. Important to note that this is the only pokemon on this team with protect.

GenOne Hariyama ( . GenOne explains this one pretty well. I think Hariyama is a good in the current meta. Something not mentioned in the GenOne post is the matchup against Iron Hands. Even without the guts boost, headlong rush can do crazy damage to Iron Hands, with facade + close combat also doing massive damage. Due to it's matchup against Amoongus and Iron Hands, I think Hariyama is a good off-meta choice. Love me some Fake-Out pressure as well.

A niche pick but I think it provides good support for the team. Immunity and a boost from heat wave + hurricane is very nice for this team. Also benefits from Pelipper tailwind. If this guy ever gets a boost, his damage is very underrated. It can deal massive damage to Ting-Lu and water types. Curse is nice to put pressure on boosting or slower mons. This is one of the teams Spore-immunities as well.

Ratpacker Wo-Chien is my favorite pokemon of the format and this is the Ting-Lu version. It is less of a tera-hog than Wo-Chien and provides good support damage. In addition, playing under special-intimidate is very beneficial for this team, as Pelipper is the only special attacker.

Rain boosts Palafin and dampens fire moves for Kingambit. Eject button can safely switch in many of the strong mons on this team. Mid speed tailwind and icy-wind are good speed supports. Due to the limited rain support on this team, you can use this guy as an anti-weather option to great effect.

Standard Banded Palafin. This guy is really good. I run max speed which works well with the Pelipper speed-control.


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Kingambit Rain
:pelipper: :palafin: :garchomp: :tsareena: :iron jugulis: :kingambit:

I built this team with LuBiStar20 and it's honestly pretty good. This is mostly a pretty standard rain team, but I'm using Kingambit here for a mon that can eat hits from Iron Bundle, which rain generally struggles with. It's not a massive optimization, but it makes a lot of matchups easier. Mystic Water Palafin allows you to switch moves and also run Protect which is nice. Every other set is pretty much standard. Swords Dance Garchomp is an option but Stealth Rock makes a lot of rolls more comfy, and Swords Dance isn't supported very well here.

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