Tournament SV Kickoff Tournament - Won by Xrn

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Round 1 has concluded. Outside of the extensions granted for subbed matches and one other extension, the below games are going to activity, as no extension was granted and there were no winposts. If there is further information on these matches please let me know ASAP.

Uxilon vs kaori - Players had a scheduled time, but neither player posted a winpost or called activity. Game is flipped.

Lucky-Sama vs KeshBa54 - Both players made weak efforts to schedule, not picking a time and instead trying to say “right now” or “tomorrow”. Game will be flipped. (PLEASE SCHEDULE A TIME AND DATE)

Sage vs Resurgentrex - Resurgentrex did not respond to Sage’s attempts to schedule. Activity win awarded to Sage. (Please post on the thread requesting an activity win in the future).

Tenzai vs sneakyjeans - Sneakyjeans awarded Tenzai the win. (Please post on the thread requesting an activity win in the future).

Round 2 to follow.


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Round 2 is live! Shadow Tag has been banned and will be ineligible in this round. If it has not yet been implemented on Pokémon Showdown, then anyone using the Shadow Tag ability will forfeit the game it is used in.

Here is the challonge for the bracket:

LTG vs GenOne
TyCarter vs That Dude
Fangame10 vs mammalu
JRL vs gorex
Freezerman vs K3ppr
Celever vs Alpha1013
blksun vs Yoda2798
Huargensy vs Bless
Voltix vs Gatubraz
Mack Knife vs ICE 3M
qsns vs Uxilon
Frania vs YoBuddy
SingleThunder vs Test Bots
Mr.Bossaru vs Chris32156
luisin vs Yellow Paint
(Winner of Estarossa vs Paraplegic) vs Expulso
anique vs KeshBa54
Licenciado Pan vs bage1
Maxisc23 vs Crunchman
big pichu vs Yourwelcomethanku
Pwndkthnx vs (winner of Shaneghoul vs RoyalReloaded)
jcbc vs Gilbert arenas
giove97 vs PurpleDolphin
Enzonana. vs AtmosphereVGC
Xrn vs Sage
Chloe vs hunternoooob
KennyJ vs jeronipuff
papiloco vs Amir
MXF vs RelicanthPrimal
ImDoneThrowing vs One Last Kiss
VGCsavant vs martinvtran
iKiQ vs John1240
dnagerbdager vs Grandmas Cookin
EviGaro vs HaxBro.K
ComputerWhiz vs Meminger21
Chish vs DreamPrince
natu vs Nido-Rus
lemonstre1 vs Slip
Lemurro vs umbry
AIRedzone vs Toxigen
Acehunter1 vs Tenzai
Nichalho vs TrainerPla
Animation Uprise vs Éric
Memoric vs Akaru Kokuyo
MZB vs ChrystalFalchion
Mom Lover vs raf
wyler5activision vs SiceXV
xqiht vs Ara
ratpacker vs Actuarily
Raxman vs eragon11145
GasaiYunoSan vs MADARAAAA
Qazoo306 vs Iguana
Fleeting Memories vs Z Strats
Feyy vs Gangsta Spongebob
Ruby4 vs robjr
Fraise vs FloristtheBudew
Magikarp_Is_AG vs Nephtyrix
Mdraa vs poke bw
Leo vs miltankmilk
DaAwesomeDude1 vs SpaceSpeakers
yuki vs MultiPokemon
ECPkmn vs Lunala
(Winner of damien the genius vs jonas) vs PandaDoux
Arcticblast vs shaian


Reminder: ALL Replays are required for all matches

The round will end on Sunday, December the 4th at 10:00pm gmt -5.

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