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Art by Brumirage
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This team tournament gives an opportunity to further develop the Generation 9 Monotype OMs post-DLC by showcasing LC, CAP, Terastal, STABmons and Monothreat in a Bo5 series. More information regarding the individual OMs can be found here.

The tiers are as follows:

SV Monotype LC
SV Monotype CAP
SV Monotype Terastal
SV Monotype STABmons
SV Monotype Monothreat

To join:

Have the team captain submit a list of five names, what tiers they will play, and your team name. Make sure the team name is appropriate. If your desired teammates do not have Smogon accounts, please make sure that they register as soon as possible and tag them appropriately in your signup post. Or I can help pair you up if you just say in / free agent.

Rules of this Tournament:
  • You must have exactly 5 total players on your team including the captain.
  • Like normal team tours, you will play Bo1 versus your opponent, and the team is playing to win the best of five between the players. You do not need to play all at the same time, so schedule individually like usual!
  • You must play on the main Pokemon Showdown server or on the Smogtours server. Replays posted from any other server will be ignored.
  • This tournament is about developing Monotype OMs. As a result, you must abide by the following:
    • Save your replays
    • And post your replays
  • Extensions don't exist in team tours, so don't request for extensions.
  • Don't be too rude to each other. The usual Nice User TM discussion can go in the Monotype Discord tournaments channel.
  • The number of teams and groups will be dependent on how many teams sign up.
The tournament structure is not decided yet and will be finalised based on the number of signups.

Signup format:

Team Name:



Here is the SS Monotype OM-Thread for those who are new and would like a reference:

Signups will close Sunday, September 24th 11:59 PM EST (GMT-4).
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