Announcement SV National Dex Suspect 11 - Voter Identification Thread

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aged like 10 years in a single match right here

Screenshot 2024-04-30 232604.png

used this team at the start

swapped to this much more awesome team for the final bit
also please stop suspect testing random pokemon when you could do the community a huge service by suspect testing Mega Banette and thus eliminating the shittiest cheese strat ever created. BW OU Riolu and FEAR Aron are Landorus-I in comparison.
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confirmed -:sealeO:
Confirming as ND9PON Spinarak 2.

Unfortunate does not begin to describe my series...

Aegisol used Scale Shot!
The opposing Glimmora avoided the attack!
The opposing Glimmora used Stone Edge!

I flubbed my first run because my Gouging Fire missed one too many Scale Shots. I hate 90% accurate moves.

Ogerpon-Wellspring Suspect.png

That's it for my first suspect test!

confirmed - :swablu:
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Rather ban broken Cornerstone with him critting Ivy Cudgel everytime....
confirming as ND9PON Rainer
Screenshot 2024-05-04 153118.png

a few shoutouts:
shoutouts to hidin for your team dump, rly appreciated it. Used your rain team once again for the lowladder. Used another of your team at the end for the last 5 games or so (should have def used it a lot earlier)
shoutouts Oculars for your HO team
shoutouts adem for the stall team, im too dumb to play stall apparently
also shoutouts natdex room for all the nice advices and team sharings you gave
and another big shoutouts to JereXo for mental/moral support, looking forward to the next 3am suspect session bro
(and shoutout Wernher for last game support)

confirmed - :swablu:
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Confirming as ND9PON Delta
Hope everyone enjoyed their suspect run
Above all else, remember to have fun :{D




Ogerpon-Wellspring: "It wasn't me! It was the Lousy Three!!!" :'{(

One like = One tear shed for our framed hero

confirmed -:magearna:
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