Announcement SV National Dex Suspect 3 - Voter Identification Thread

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it'll pass
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got reqs

steal my swag :azelf::ceruledge::volcarona::dragonite::kingambit::scizor-mega:

looks familiar? yea ive been using variations of a single team for every single suspect test we've had
why is it consistent?
it's not
i'm just using mons that abuse tera, being niche set-up sweepers that cover their weaknesses thanks to terastallization

talking about that, and despite voting do not ban for the tera suspect test, i very much believe terastallization ruins this format
covering common metagame threats in natdex is already super hard, there are over 1000 available pokemon in the format, with mega-evolutions, zmoves, broken ass mons like Annihilape, Zamazenta or Dragapult, etc
Tera just puts another insane dimension of bullshit to the bullshit-fest that the format is
the current metagame is absolutely not competitive; in its current state, natdex is not a skill-based tier because of Tera.
there are a billion things to tackle to make natdex ou even remotely playable and suspect testing terastallization is the very first thing that should be done

anyway ban the dog its stupid as fuck
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