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one time the hazard control role in a team was:

latios (110 spe, can run defog, 120 stab, psyshock + a lure of thorn or tran)
latias (110 spe, supreme bulkyness even uninvested, healing wish)
excadrill (135 atk, can also set rocks, had toxic + mold breaker for bypassing mbounce, can double is speed under sand)
forretress (spin + spikes + rocks + volt switch)
starmie (115 spe, giant movepool, free life orb if hits last)
landorus (lol)

all these pokemons are good even outside the role of hazard control, compare the ones u listed to them.

Quaquaval really can't try to 1vs1 dengo if not full health and also scout for twave. Also need to be really careful on oger water switching and intercept wave crash, which is one of scariest thing in the tier right now. Pult is also immune to both spin and fight, even more problematic than dengo. If gamefreak gave him 120 satk over 120 atk was very solid, able to 2kho dengo with hpump even uninvested.
Gweezing if he was able to run 2 abilities at the same time was in every team.
Forretress is not on the same level as the rest of your hazard removal list. It's incredibly passive, weak, lacks recovery, and massive setup/Taunt bait. I wouldn't even consider Volt Switch a plus because it's super easily blocked by [insert meta-defining Ground-type here]. (Can't believe that's a category tbh.) (Mega) Scizor is effectively Forretress but way better.
I absolutely agree with the Tera takes on the previous page. I admit I didn't want it banned at the start of the generation but that was mainly due to how we just had a gen without its main gimmick and I thought we could adapt to it in time but it's become a miserable experience recently. The breaking point for me was a few days ago where I switched in my Ogrepon-W on a half health Manaphy as it Tail Glowed only for it to Tera Grass as I clicked Horn Leech and then knock out 4 mons on my team. As the ban list gets longer I'm starting to realise that its the mechanic that's the problem. Annihilape, Regieleki, Espathra and Volcarona would all be fine if Tera was gone and Gambit/Manaphy would be a lot less frustrating to deal with.
As the ban list gets longer I'm starting to realise that its the mechanic that's the problem. Annihilape, Regieleki, Espathra and Volcarona would all be fine if Tera was gone and Gambit/Manaphy would be a lot less frustrating to deal with.
I think that annihilape would still be broken without tera, but i do agree with the rest of the post. I even think that without adaptability chi-yu might be manageable, really forcing him to either lose speed and get revenge killed without scarf or being fast but not actually having OHKOs on resists.
That aside I am getting the same feel. I wanted to play with tera, I still think it's leaps and bounds better than dynamax, but now I feel it's really starting to take away far more than what it gives back.
I don't begrudge Game Freak for coming up with Tera. It is a fascinating mechanic and the game play ramifications are really interesting. The issue is I think the mechanic is more interesting on paper than it is in practice and between the high degree of unpredictability it adds to games, both in when they tera and what they tera into, as well as undermining a core balance point from a decade and a half of the games history it just isn't worth it.

Red Raven

He are the shifts guys, what do you think about it ? Ribombee OU, Heatran, Garganacl, Clodsire and Garchomp UU....

Also Landorus dropping next month could be funny
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Honestly, I'm not really too surprised at all when you consider that Garchomp was literally the 37th in last month's usage and a DLC just dropped and everyone wants to try out the new toys it brought. For Heatran, I always knew it was only a matter of time. Without its precious toxic, this mon is just utter shit. Hell, Garchomp walls the shit out of Heatran last gen if it wasn't for toxic being such a toxic presence in the metagame and I'm glad its distribution has been significantly cut

The one I'm honestly surprised that dropped is Garganacl. I'm just starting out in the tier again now that the chaos is starting to settle and well, I didn't think it would drop this fast especially when you consider how it was 24th last month. The only question in my mind now is how in the hell did Blissey manage to claw its way back up to OU again? I thought that stall is really bad this gen and Blissey lost its precious toxic as well? What the fuck is going on?
Roaring Moon going from UU to #13 in usage in OU is quite the rise. Obviously Knock Off is a big reason, but I suspect the rise of Ogerpon is big part of it.

Garg not even being OU anymore is blowing my mind, but it makes sense.

Empoleon making it to OU makes me happy. It'll probably just be for this month, but I love this mon dearly.

Gambit still being number one makes sense, but surprises me. It's harder than ever now to get a comeback sweep going with it since everyone's running encore and can revenge any sucker punch attempt with it. That said, it's still the best wincon in the tier, followed by Zam, and then Ursaluna-Bloodmoon.

Heatran falling is expected, but my hot take is that even with Oger running around, this is the best it has ever been in Gen 9 so far.

Sad that not even one of the Loyal Three was good enough for OU. Lousy Three indeed.
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