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A couple questions:
- Will Sleep moves be automatically banned in further generations?
- If a large meta shift were to happen (on the level of Terastallization or a Boots ban or something), would Sleep moves potentially be re-allowed in OU?
- Will lower tiers also have sleep moves potentially removed?

This is potentially a historic moment for Smogon, banning sleep has been a loooooong time coming.
I really think something as significant as sleep should warrant a suspect test on principle, and I definitely take issue with Yawn being included on this list. If I'm not mistaken, the problem identified with the meta was specifically fast sleepers like Darkrai being oppressive. Hence, even if we take it as read that re-banning Darkrai is not a sufficient solution to that problem when things like Hypnosis Iron Valiant are running around, banning Yawn is completely off base and needlessly punishing slower mons. Dire Claw and Relic Song being exceptions makes this choice particularly bizarre.

Personally I would advocate for not banning Spore either, as its distribution keeps it comfortably in check and its 100% accuracy minimises uncompetitive randomness on a handful of slow mons, though that may be deemed splitting hairs.
I'd say the biggest W about this is that this thread won't be unbearable to read again but I wouldn't be surprised if it goes back to dropping ubers discussion
Oh thank god, we can finally talk about actual things. Though there will be that one person who brings it up over and over again like dude, it was banned, just accept that (I think we all know a certain archen profile pic that will do that).

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I'm very confused as to why Yawn was included on the list. It felt like there was enough people arguing that the way the move functions make its different enough from other Sleep moves, and that it really shouldn't have been lumped in with the rest of them.

Apart from that, no complaints from me. Sleep is a stupid mechanic.

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