SV OU No Johns Release Tournament Round 2 [BRACKET B]

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Hello everyone. I hope you all are enjoying the first days of Scarlet and Violet Overused. Please remember to be appreciative of the thankless contributors that made this playable so quickly on Pokemon Showdown!

We will be having a release tournament in SV OU! Regarding the ruleset and format:
  • This tournament will be NO JOHNS! Every round will last 3-4 days and there will be no extensions.
  • It will follow the SV OU banlist to a tee. Bans that happen during a round will only impact the following round. Flutter Mane, Houndstone, Palafin, and Iron Bundle are already banned and will not be allowed.
  • Every series will be best of 3
  • Replays will be mandatory -- if you win and do not post replays, you will have your set coinflipped :smogduck:
  • Standard Smogon tournament procedure applies.
  • There will be no extensions -- if your game is not played, it will either be awarded via activity or coinflip with no exceptions. Extensions clash with No Johns.

Round 2

Hatternity  vs  Fc
Delta4  vs  Feaniix
Hurtadoo  vs  Cam
cheesesir  vs  Savouras
queso  vs  sasha
umbry  vs  Kaneki-san
dragonite6  vs  TDR
sonoclover  vs  Azamat140499
ArcticBreeze  vs  Bhalal
BoomBoomBoo  vs  Trout In Space
Roller K  vs  Latias
Banana Dee  vs  sensei axew
RichardMillePlain  vs  MassiveDestruction
Inder  vs  Chaitanya
Banbadoro  vs  Empo
TheKingKarp  vs  talah
Medeia  vs  dragonitenb
AlejanDraco  vs  Cousiin
Srita Kaguya  vs  spatulakun
KiwiCarnivore  vs  Emptymap
iKiQ  vs  mushamu
Outrageous Fortune  vs  HikozaruGG
skimmythegod  vs  Klng Harry
Edgar  vs  Chloe
Ewin  vs  Creeperman129
Triangles  vs  Slip
So Noisy  vs  Z Strats
Blui  vs  LNumbers
spoo  vs  tyrtle li
Ikaishi  vs  Enzonana.
Ampha  vs  LittleBigPlanet2
tlenit  vs  urrgh
Typical_bastard  vs  Achimoo
su1p  vs  Hiro'
yovan33321  vs  termi
Runoisch  vs  scionicle
ElStefano  vs  Fablle
TSR  vs  Xeris33
Beetrootman  vs  false
nis298  vs  Michielleus
bdov  vs  jay
Myozarine  vs  Sificon
m1les  vs  Shogeki
damien the genius  vs  Luigi
Welli0u  vs  Scoptile
procorphish  vs  Sheilwood
Tace  vs  Swagata Mitra
velvet  vs  Lusa

The deadline is Friday, December 2nd, at 10pm GMT-5. Remember that there are NO EXTENSIONS AT ALL -- if you do not play, activity or coinflip will decide your match.

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