Announcement SV OU Suspect Process, Round 6 - Voter Identification Thread

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Tri Attack will freeze
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could've been a perfect run but i messed up and i got crited like 3 times
(the secret to reqs is running stall at 2am while a friend forces you to watch heathers, thanks blanca)


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negative shoutouts to finch for making this suspect test shorter so I had to play 6 games a day instead of my doctor-prescribed 3-4 games a day. Overexposure to showdown can do bad things to your brain, take heed people. make sure you guys go touch some grass unless you're an ursaluna-badman with grassy seed I used this team from Roller K but I invested some speed in the hatt so I outsped pex, and also nicknamed the mons, making it my team until blood moon gets hit with the 90% ban vote
in my last game I clicked ice spinner w great tusk vs a 9% ursaluna-badman and did 8% cause it tera poisoned. Nintendo has some real sickos cooking up these new mons


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