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Hello everyone! Welcome to SV OU Theorymons! This is a continuation of the SS OU Theorymons project that can be found here. The goal of this project is to "fix" niche and unseen Pokemon in the SV OU Metagame with small buffs. For the purposes of this Pet Mod, I will be looking almost exclusively at Pokemon at C+ rank or lower on the SV OU Viability rankings, linked below. (including unranked pokemon). The goal of this Pet Mod is not to make lesser seen Pokemon broken or more powerful than the current S Ranks, its just to provide them with a semi-stable place in the metagame, and, in doing so, maybe shake the meta up in a fun way.

How It Will Work:
Every slate we will put up 5 suggested buffs to Pokemon C+ Rank or lower on the SV OU Viability Rankings.. After a few days of discussion on the 5 suggested buffs, there will be a voting stage on which of those 5 buffs deserves to be made part of this Pet Mod. The two winning buffs will be added to the metagame, and we will start a new slate with 5 new buffs to 5 new Pokemon. Pokemon and buffs that do not win may be considered for future slates, but are not guaranteed to be brought up again.
The buffs must consist of Typing Changes OR Ability Changes OR 1 Move Addition OR a small stat increase (+20 total at most). A typing change may also add a STAB move, but this is not required. Ability and stat increases should be standalone, but this rule may not apply if the Pokemon in question is unranked.
Unranked weaker mons can also get a small stat increase + another buff
Absolutely no custom elements will be added. No clones of existing abilities, no new moves, no new evolutions/pokemon. This is 100% going to work within the bounds of what is theoretically possible in game.
After ~4 slates, I would want to get this meta coded and playable. All future slates would be based off the Theorymon metagame rather than the SS OU meta.

Do NOT post submissions in this thread. All submissions must be DMed to me or posted on the submissions channel in the discord.
- The buffs must consist of Typing Changes OR Ability Changes OR 1 Move Addition OR a small stat increase (+20 total at most). A typing change may also add a STAB move, but this is not required. STAB moves MUST be damaging moves. Fairy/Grass Toedscruel with Moonblast is a legal sub, Fairy/Grass Toedscruel with Moonlight is not. Ability and stat increases should be standalone, but this rule may not apply if the Pokemon in question is unranked.
-For Typing Changes, only one type can be changed or added. For example, you could sub Rock Type Blissey, Rock/Normal Blissey, or Fire/Fairy Armarouge, but you could not submit Fighting/Fairy Armarouge as a legal sub. This holds true even for the next rule, as only 1 type change may be included per sub.
- Unranked mons can have upto two buffs instead of one for ranked mons.
- Absolutely no custom elements will be added. No clones of existing abilities, no new moves, no new evolutions/pokemon. This is 100% going to work within the bounds of what is theoretically possible in game.
-Lastly, the Theorymons council has the right to veto any sub we think is too weak or too strong for the Theorymons meta.

Flavor is appreciated, but not necessary, and will not be given special consideration over a stronger submission with less flavor justification.
Creativity is important. Bringing lesser-seen strategies and abilities to the foreground will be given stronger consideration, but dont forgo viability for creativity, especially on unranked mons.
Lastly, I am primarily an offensive player. As such, I will greatly appreciate people DMing me with defensive submissions, as that is something that would be hard for me to think of.

You may only vote for 2 submissions on a slate.

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SS OU Theorymons thread
SV OU Viability Rankings

Beaf Cultist
First slate!

:sv/iron-thorns: + Shift Gear
:sv/toedscruel: +20 Sp.Def
:sv/tyranitar: + Knock Off
:sv/rotom-heat: + Lava Plume
:sv/Tinkaton: + 20 Attack

There will be around 5 days of discussion! Please discuss which of these buffs you think would be strongest and benefit the metagame the most. Again, feel free to DM me with submissions for the next slate, or post them on our discord server!
it returns. wish we’d waited until after the tera suspect (more like tera ban please please please) but until then, i’ll just not think about it. anyway,

:iron-thorns: This sub ages terribly in a meta without Tera, but until then it’s solid enough. Not sure if it’s really that good even with Tera though, since Speed is nowhere near the biggest of Thorns’ problems. Inoffensive sub overall.

:toedscruel: I’m not seeing the vision here. Why would I run this over Tusk besides Spore? It matches up terribly into Gholdengo unless you’re running like, Knock+EP, and outside of that matchup it’s just kinda bad. The SpDef is nice ig but what are you even walling in OU? Is Grass/Ground really that valuable as a specially defensive typing right now? Anyway, yeah, I think this sucks.

:tyranitar: Based change. Mon is still niche but the added utility is greatly appreciated. Now let’s add a Sand abuser please and thank you.

:rotom-heat: Also a solid change. Not sure what this mon is doing in OU though. I guess you check choicelocked Bax pretty well? idk

:tinkaton: This is huge. Making Gigaton Hammer actually hit hard is very big for the mon, and would make it way more justifiable in OU. Also I hate Sneasler, so anything that can check that is a win in my book.

:tinkaton: > :tyranitar: > :rotom-heat: >> :iron-thorns: > :toedscruel:
Go join the discord and post subs in there... you guys should post there

:sv/iron-thorns: + Shift Gear

I never thought that was the problem with it in the fact it got outsped... its more so the fact that its held back by its horrible typing that has weaknesses to a lot of things and its bulk is even worse because it has no sand and its worse sp. def. Even then it struggles absolutely into ground types and many pokemon can take its attack at +1 because they just arent powerful esp its coverage

:sv/toedscruel: +20 Sp.Def

ok... toedscruel was commonly used as a lead which can spore and setup spikes... but how does that fix its problem? I dont see how it makes it able to utilize its bulk to fire off status moves that cannot be blocked. I find that this change doesn't reall make it better at all... its still moving last and it doesnt really check much rn. It also doesnt help that it sucks vs meow, hydreigon, and just in general taunt leads

:sv/tyranitar: + Knock Off

Its a really cool sub, because on offensive sets you can use this on CB sets to displace items such as lefties on great tusk, kingambit leftovers, ting lui leftovers, dondozo leftovers, etc. And no defensive sets it makes it much less passive as knock off can be a big progress maker and make it much less passive into great tusk which will eat it for breakfast otherwise

:sv/rotom-heat: + Lava Plume

Personally I like this, esp since on NP sets it allows for spammability and lava plume in general is a big threat to a lot of ground types since they dont want to eat a burn. But idk if that is the problem with it... like im sure its now a better pivot esp now that u can fit tera blast instead of WoW but idk...

:sv/Tinkaton: + 20 Attack

this is pretty good for it ...

252 Atk Mold Breaker Tinkaton Gigaton Hammer vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Great Tusk: 144-169 (38.8 - 45.5%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
252 Atk Mold Breaker Tinkaton Gigaton Hammer vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Great Tusk: 166-196 (44.7 - 52.8%) -- 25.8% chance to 2HKO (with 95 base attack)

it makes it 15% stronger which allows it to do some decent damage ... but without bulk its pretty frail and its still only hitting hard with gigaton hammer. It has merit in my opinion being able to do damage with its moves such as play rough, knock off, ice hammer, etc esp with a swords dance and now doesnt hit like a wet noodle outside of gigaton hammer and makes it ohko smth like amoonguss at +2

+2 252 Atk Mold Breaker Tinkaton Gigaton Hammer vs. 252 HP / 172+ Def Amoonguss: 414-487 (95.8 - 112.7%) -- 75% chance to OHKO

LOrd Fernado

:iron-thorns:: this is not very necessary due to the fact it alr had ddance and has bad coverage, but shift gear has a little bit of my respect. (just a little tho)
:toedscruel:: ok this sub SUCKS. it alr had good sp.def, the fact the ability wasn't changed saddens me (and probably others) greatly and is weak as hell. i do not see what they were thinkin with this sub
:tyranitar:: i honestly do not have much to say about this - just made a decent mon good with utility
:rotom-heat: i like this quite a bit. reliable and spammable fire stab just made this really good. also i quite rotom in general so this sub interests me
:tinkaton: the most hyped and arguably the best sub in this slate that might be a little bit too strong. this it huge for tinkaton as it had shameful attack that it could not utilise. nothing more to say, just made tinkaton actually good
order of subs: :tinkaton: >> :rotom-heat: >> :tyranitar: >> :iron-thorns: >> :toedscruel:
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:iron-thorns: 2/10: Great, now instead of dying to Earthquake while setting up Ddance, it dies to Earthquake while setting up Shift Gear! :D I suppose it's an improvement since it's less likely to be outsped after one turn of setup, but this does not fix ANY of Iron Thorns' issues and in no way will make it viable.

:toedscruel: 3/10: Unlike others I can kind of see the vision here as a special, status-focused variant of Great Tusk... also a strictly worse Tusk but ya know. Idk it's a start I guess, but Toedscruel needs a better buff in order to be good (cough cough Myceliyum Might)

:tyranitar: 6/10: Not enough to make it OU viable imo, but any Dark-type appreciates knock and Ttar is no exception. I agree with Beaf that it needs some sand-abusing friends before it sees notable usage.

:rotom-heat: 5/10: Kind of a sidegrade more than anything - you trade the firepower of Overheat for the moveslot compression and utility of Lava Plume (unless it still has access to Overheat, in which case it's a small but pure buff). Still not enough to be OU viable though when Tusk is RIGHT there and outspeeds Rotom by exactly one point.

:tinkaton: 9/10: Easily the best change this slate, Tinkaton no longer having the attack stat of a wet fart is HUGE. While I don't think it will be a high-tier OU mon, thanks to its wide array of utility moves and dank Steel/Fairy typing it can fill the shoes of the banished Magearna well enough.
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:sv/iron-thorns: + Shift Gear

ehh it's alright. it doesnt fix many of thorns' issues, since it's basically better ddance, but you would outspeed a lot with +2 speed in one go compared to +1, so it would be a nice change for it to avoid being outsped as often

:sv/toedscruel: +20 Sp.Def

barely anything would change with this. sure it gets great special bulk, but 1) it still gets blown up by every ice move in existence, 2) mycellium might is as bad of an ability as ever, and 3) it doesnt have any sort of recovery outside of leech seed (which would still go last anyway!!)

:sv/tyranitar: + Knock Off

a small change, but a welcome one. tar would get some very useful utility and extra firepower out of knock that it otherwise wouldnt have

:sv/rotom-heat: + Lava Plume

im a bit on the fence with this one honestly. lavaplume as a more reliable fire move with a chance to burn is a nice addition and saves a slot, but u miss out on not only overheat's firepower, but also willo's more surefire chances of burning. it feels like more of a sidegrade to having the combo of overheat + willo in a moveset.

:sv/Tinkaton: + 20 Attack

best change this slate, hands down. giga hammer hits even more like a truck, but its other attacks (mainly play rough + knock) wouldnt hit like a wet sock anymore. tink gets good with this change :blobthumbsup:

:tinkaton: > :tyranitar: > :iron-thorns: =:rotom-heat: > :toedscruel:
:sv/iron-thorns: + Shift Gear Iron Thorn already has ddance and speed isn't its main issue.
:sv/toedscruel: +20 Sp.Def Does nothing with the mon's main issues, grass round isn't that great of a sdef typing in this meta anyways.
:sv/tyranitar: + Knock Off Gives tyranitar some actual utility, but it still significant other issues.
:sv/rotom-heat: + Lava Plume not missing overheat is ok i guess but this change is just boring and doesn't help rotom heat at all with its current issues. Imo just buff base rotom by giving it moves rather than just buffing individual ones.
:sv/Tinkaton: + 20 Attack Decently good change, makes its hammer do actual damage and it can still do stuff like setting up hazards which actually helps the meta.
Iron Thorns= Ok change, it does make the Mon better without breaking it. Main draw here is allowing it to run Adamant nature. Defensive Checks will be pretty much the same, but they will be worse at it. 7/10 change.

Toedscruel: This does almost nothing, it improves literally the only Stat Toed doesn't need to improve. 1/10.

Tyranitar: Big offensive threat now, since checks certainly don't enjoy losing items. I would however do something different to this Mon, Meta doesn't need more Knock Off users. 5/10

Rotom-H: Restalk is now a real option. Rotom is one of the best Enamorus checks but couldn't run Restalk since Fire Stab was bad. It still has the same problems (forced to use Boots, no other recovery) but the Mon improves. 8/10.

Tinkaton: Fuck it, we Gigaton Hammer! 10/10.
Five days have passed, so it's voting time! Choose two subs you'd like to be in the mod, and the top two overall will get in!

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