Announcement SV RU Suspect Process, Round 1 - Voter ID Thread

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Use this thread to identify your qualifying alt for the Toxtricity suspect.

The following is required:
  • Your alt must follow this format: "RUT9 (nickname)"
  • Screenshot of your alt’s ranking
  • Proof of ownership of the account
  • No draw/ties as part of your ranking
In addition:
  • The minimum game requirement is reduced by 1 game for every 0.2 GXE you have above 78 GXE, down to a minimum of 30 games with a GXE of 82 or above
  • Larger screenshots must be put in hide tags
  • You may be asked to provide additional proof of ownership if what you gave is insufficient
  • If you are caught cheating the suspect in any way, your voting privileges will be stripped, and you will be infracted
Use the following chart to make sure you meet the suspect requirements:
GXEminimum games

The deadline to qualify is Friday, March 31st. 11pm - 5

:klawf::klefki::rotom-heat::slowbro::krookodile::oricorio-sensu: - Team used, RegenVest Klawf + Wincon Klefki
Double dance Klefki is cracked, won me over half the games. Tera Fairy boosting Draining Kiss to 60 BP on top of boosted STAB bonus is a pretty fun niche mechanics to use. Our lord and savior Klawf will save us from Toxtricity's wrath (though I only faced like 3-4), it actually came in handy against various threats like Charizard, Salazzle, Kilowattrel (without rain), Heatom and Dragalge as well, and with Tera Grass, Mowtom, non-Gunk Shot Krook, Mudsdale to some extent and various Water-types. I don't want to make a VR nom post though so I'd nom Klawf to B+/C- (depends on whether Toxtricity gets banned). Changed Weakness Policy on Klefki to Leftovers and Future Sight on Slowbro to Calm Mind halfway through.

Regarding Toxtricity itself, I definitely think Choice is the best set, since Shift Gear requires setup, can be slow at times and overreliant on Tera to actually get going against the likes of Mudsdale (one turn to Shift Gear, another to activate Throay Spray). Now while Choice Specs has tremendous breaking power, it's not the easiest to get in (usually from Flamigo's U-turn or Rotom's Volt Switch), and even then due to its strongest moves having immunities, it's prone to prediction and Protect scouting. I don't think it's as bad a breaker as Heracross, which is slightly faster, has more coverage to choose from, not as reliant on Tera and can freely switch moves, or others like Dragalge (way slower but much more usable defensive utility) and Gardevoir (less prone to prediction). Scarf is splashable bug doesn't even really melt offense that hard due to myriad options that discourage it from just clicking moves (Froslass and Klefki against Boomburst, Krook agaisnt everything else). In fact, I didn't even have to always send out Klawf to deal with it since the pivots to send it in themselves have to make the correct predictions, and Toxtricity can't really switch in safely against stuffs like Altaria and Slowbro without scouting first (EQ for Altaria, Psyshock/Psychic for Slowbro). As such, I will likely vote DNB
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