Official SV Ubers Suspect Process - Round 3 Voting (Last Respects)

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Although not everyone who achieved the requirements to vote have voted, their vote will not affect the outcome of the suspect test.

Eligible voters: 88
Votes: 64

Ban: 61 votes
Do Not Ban: 3 votes

Ban Percentage: 95.3%, with a minimum of 69.3%.

Even if all remaining votes were for Do Not Ban, it would not change the outcome of this thread, as Last Respects would not dip underneath the maximum of the 66.6% threshold required to keep it. As such, Last Respects is banned from Ubers. Tagging Marty and dhelmise to implement please.

This thread will remain open until Sunday night for people who haven't yet to cast their votes to count towards the tiering contributor badge. If this vote gave you the requirements for the tiering contributor badge, please DM myself or Fc with your votes. We will not process these until then, so please be patient if you already have.
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