Metagame SV Ubers UU Metagame Discussion (Ditto, Lunala, Iron Treads and Terapagos Dropped)

Good to see Ubers UU being turned into its own unofficial metagame on Smogon + Showdown. Maybe in a couple gens time, depending on how many mons end up being too strong for OU, this tier will become an official metagame? Time will tell.
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"UUbers will never be a thing stop asking for it" my arse
I've been around to see a lot of "OUBL"-caliber metagames come and go, and frankly I've always been skeptical of councils and communities trying to make it work due to the inherent volatility involved with Pokemon that typically get banned from OU in the first place and wind up running these types of metagames. In fact that's often why it hasn't been entertained in the past; the metagames are super unstable and people just don't enjoy playing them, causing them to die out over time. So, it's pretty cool to see a fresher and more nuanced take on it that actually addresses those problems and actually gets people excited. Congrats to y'all for the subforum and here's to continued growth for your community!

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