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Ubers UU Role Compendium
Only Pokemon currently ranked on the Viability Rankings will be listed here. This is a guide for what moves Pokemon can viably run, and for you to look through to find Pokemon to fill roles you need filled. Pokemon are not currently ordered within roles. Base Arceus :Arceus: implies every ranked form of Arceus can viably fill this role, otherwise, the corresponding plate will follow Arceus's sprite.

1. Utility
Entry Hazards
Spikes: :Magearna::Skarmory: :deoxys: |:meowscarada: :garchomp: :ogerpon-wellspring:

Stealth Rock: :Arceus: :deoxys: :skarmory: :great tusk: :Dialga: :Blissey: :Landorus: :garganacl: :torkoal:| :Garchomp: :Quagsire: :Tyranitar: :Scream Tail: :Sandy Shocks:

Sticky Web: :galvantula: | :Masquerain:

Toxic Spikes: :toxapex::Slowking-Galar: | :Meowscarada: :Iron Moth: :Quagsire:

Hazard Control
Court Change:

Defog: :giratina: :corviknight::Mandibuzz:

Rapid Spin: :great tusk::Cyclizar::regieleki:

Spinblocker: :Gholdengo::giratina: :Dragapult: :Spectrier: :Ceruledge:

Healing Wish: | :arceus: :enamorus:

Wish: |:clefable::alomomola:

Screens Setters: :regieleki:|:ninetales-alola:

Heal Bell: |:Blissey:

Salt Cure: :Garganacl:

Spore: |

Thunder Wave: :Magearna: :Arceus::giratina: :Palkia-origin: :Dialga: :Gholdengo: :Blissey: :Clefable: :Dragapult: :Slowking-Galar: :Tyranitar:

Toxic: :toxapex: :Slowking-Galar: :quagsire:| :Amoonguss:

Trapping: :Gothitelle: | :Heatran: :Dugtrio:

Will-O-Wisp: :Arceus::giratina: :Dragapult: :Moltres: :Torkoal: :Cinderace: :Spectrier: :Volcarona: :Heatran:

Grassy Terrain: :Rillaboom:

Rain: :Pelipper:

Sand: :Tyranitar:

Snow: :Ninetales-Alola:|:Slowking-Galar:

Sun: :Torkoal:

Trick Room:
:Magearna: :Dialga: :Slowking-Galar::solgaleo:

Knock Off: :Cyclizar::solgaleo: :Rillaboom::great tusk: :Ogerpon-Hearthflame: :mandibuzz: |:Meowscarada::Roaring Moon: :Azumarill: :Tyranitar: :Ogerpon-Wellspring: :Clefable:

Encore: :Magearna: :ogerpon-hearthflame: |:Dragonite: :Ogerpon-Wellspring::Clefable:

Taunt: :Arceus: :Cyclizar::deoxys::landorus-therian: |:Palafin: :Chi-yu: :Roaring Moon: :Meowscarada: :Cinderace: :Spectrier: :ogerpon-wellspring:

Trick / Switcheroo: :mewtwo::Gholdengo::sneasler:

2. Offensive Roles
Physical: :arceus: :Zacian: :Palafin-hero::kingambit: :great tusk: :ogerpon-hearthflame::Baxcalibur: :rillaboom: :roaring moon: :ursaluna: :zamazenta-crowned: | :gouging fire::azumarill: :dragonite: :tyranitar: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :ogerpon-wellspring: :zamazenta: :garchomp:

Special: :arceus: :Palkia-Origin: :dialga::mewtwo: :kyurem-white: :spectrier: :landorus::chi-yu::gholdengo: :walking wake: :dragapult::regieleki: | :ursaluna-bloodmoon: :iron moth: :palkia:

Mixed: :Palkia-Origin: :dialga::deoxys:

Choice Item Users
Band: :Zacian: :Palafin-Hero::Rillaboom: :Roaring Moon: :urshifu::Sneasler: |:meowscarada: :azumarill: :cinderace: :dugtrio:

Specs: :mewtwo::kyurem-white::gothitelle: :Dialga: :Chi-yu: :Walking Wake: | :Dragapult: :Palkia: :spectrier:

Scarf: :mewtwo::kyurem-white::Landorus::Chi-yu::gholdengo::gothitelle: |:Cyclizar: :Palafin-Hero: :Spectrier::urshifu-rapid-strike: :zacian::sneasler::reshiram:

Setup Sweepers
Belly Drum:

Calm Mind: :Arceus: :lugia: | :Espathra: :Ursaluna-Bloodmoon: :giratina::Blissey::Magearna:

Cosmic Power: :Arceus::dread plate: ,:toxic plate: ,:fist plate: ,:mind plate:

Curse: :dondozo: | :garganacl:

Dragon Dance:
:Arceus: :Baxcalibur: | :Dragonite::Dragapult: :Roaring Moon:

Iron Defense: :Garganacl::skarmory: :Zamazenta-Crowned:| :Zamazenta::corviknight::Magearna:

Nasty Plot: :Gholdengo: :mewtwo::Spectrier: :Landorus: | :Chi-Yu:

Quiver Dance: :Volcarona:

Shift Gear: |:Magearna:

Swords Dance: :Arceus::Zacian::Ogerpon-hearthflame::Baxcalibur::Rillaboom::Sneasler::ursaluna: |:Garchomp: :Urshifu::iron boulder: :Ogerpon-Wellspring: :Cinderace:


Aqua Jet: |

Extreme Speed: :Arceus::deoxys: :Dragonite:

Grassy Glide: :Rillaboom:

Ice Shard:

Jet Punch: :Palafin:

Sucker Punch: :kingambit::Dragapult: :Urshifu:| :Cinderace:

Weather Abusers
Grassy Terrain: :Magearna: :Dialga: :Sneasler: | :espathra:

Rain: :Palkia-Origin: :Palafin: | :Palkia:

Sand: :Arceus-Rock::excadrill::garchomp:

Snow: :Baxcalibur: | :Arceus-Ice:

Sun: :Arceus-Fire: :Chi-Yu: :Roaring Moon: :Walking Wake: | :Iron Moth: :Volcarona:

Trick Room: :Dialga: :kingambit: :Ursaluna: | :Ursaluna-Bloodmoon: :Dialga-Origin::torkoal: :urshifu:

3. Defensive Roles
Physically Defensive: :magearna::giratina: :arceus::dondozo: :dialga: :gholdengo::clefable: :solgaleo: :skarmory: :lugia: :landorus-therian: :great tusk: :garganacl: :mandibuzz: :corviknight: :zamazenta-crowned: | :amoonguss: :zamazenta: :moltres: :quagsire:

Specially Defensive: :magearna::giratina: :arceus: :dialga: :gholdengo: :solgaleo: :lugia: :toxapex::blissey: :clefable: :garganacl: :slowking-galar:| :amoonguss: :tyranitar: :deoxys-defense: :heatran:

Mixed: :magearna: :giratina::arceus: :dialga: :gholdengo: :lugia: :solgaleo::clefable: :garganacl:

Stat Resetting

Clear Smog: | :amoonguss: :torkoal:

Dragon Tail: :arceus: :Dialga: :giratina::garchomp: |:tyranitar::lugia: :dialga-origin::palkia-origin:

Haze: :toxapex:

Roar: :Arceus: :Dialga::giratina: :solgaleo::Zamazenta-Crowned: |:Dragonite: :Tyranitar: :Zamazenta: :Dialga-Origin: :moltres: :Ninetales-Alola: :Palkia-Origin:

Whirlwind: :skarmory::Mandibuzz: | :lugia::Iron Moth:


Volt Switch:
:magearna: :regieleki: | :galvantula:

U-Turn: :cyclizar: :landorus: :dragapult: :pelipper: | :ogerpon-hearthflame: :ogerpon-wellspring: :Roaring Moon: :urshifu: :rillaboom: :sneasler::corviknight:

Flip Turn: :Iron Bundle: :palafin: :walking wake: |:alomomola:

Chilly Reception: :slowking-galar:

Teleport: :Solgaleo:

Shed Tail:
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Could there be a label for each arceus form? I can't for the life of me understand what arceus form is in the sand abuser category

(I assume it's rock but its sprite isn't doing any favors to its readability)
Kommo-o for mixed, sometimes it runs drain punch but i get that its not very relevant. Weird oversight considering its in special though.

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